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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Go Paleo This New Year!

Start your caveman journey this year with a smile on your face, incrementally moving towards your goal bit by bit...

Say you are starting out as a budding cavewoman:

Some of us read about the Paleo diet, immediately grasp the principles behind it, agree with the theory, and grabbing the bull by the horns, immediately adopt the diet by:

Cutting sugar consumption dramatically (this includes orange juice and pop)
Eliminating grains and  industrial seed oils (Crisco, margarine, vegetable oils)
Adding LOTS of vegetables to the diet,(ideally in the form of salads and especially Paleo Smoothie blended drinks as outlined in Paleo Quick Start)
Getting rid of legumes, like beans and peanuts (Peanut butter is especially bad!)
INCREASING the consumption of good fats, (like free range chicken eggs, pastured butter, coconut oil and milk, avocados and fatty fish)
Eliminating pasteurized dairy (raw dairy is best; grass fed and fermented, such as in the form of kefir or Greek yogurt is better)
Eating significant amounts of grass fed beef and wild-caught seafood
Stopping of eating artificial sweeteners completely, such as in soda pop (raw honey is the best acceptable sweetener, followed by the herb stevia)
Limiting of fruit consumption to once or twice per day
Using good herbs and spices (such as a good sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and others such as cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, kelp and cayenne liberally)

Like I say, some of us can do all of the above, right away!

But, experience has shown me that, for most of us, such  an extreme change is unlikely, and leads to giving up on such a huge change all at once.

I'm here to suggest that you approach your Paleo journey "Back to the Future" by doing it incrementally...

What I did personally, was to first replace my morning daily breakfast with a good, green Paleo Smoothie!   This really got me going to a good place fast.  But, if you'd like, you can just replace your usual cereal and skim milk with eggs and bacon.  Do that for a week, and notice how much better you are feeling, how you don't "crash" early in the day...

Then, when you are ready, replace your afternoon sandwich and chips with a big salad topped with plenty of meat or seafood and plenty of olive oil and vinegar dressing, perhaps a hard boiled egg or two...

What about afternoon snacks?  Cookies, pie, chips, ding dong doritos, absolute crap like that?
Try taking a mix of almonds and dark chocolate chips along.  Hard boiled eggs.  Beef jerky.  All are great choices!

Supper?  Grilled or roasted meat, chicken or seafood.  Crockpots are GREAT!  Just limit the potatoes, or replace with sweet potatoes, and don't touch the bread!  I guarantee there is no need to EVER  get hungry eating this way!

Work on breakfast first... after awhile lunch, and then tackle dinner... It's incremental, and you will feel incrementally better each step of the way!

Add in some Perfectly Paleo Exercise along the way, and your Paleolithic Journey may have you arriving at your desired destination sooner than you think-

Just keep on with your destination in mind, and it will happen!


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