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Saturday, June 1, 2024

The Beginner’s ATG Lifting Routine

Rush Predicted ALL OF THIS Then Gives Inspiring Message

Workouts as We Age


As you go through life, some things are constant.  Working out is one constant: your body needs to work out, consume healthy foods, and get ample sleep every day of your life.  These things remain the same!

I have found that working out for strength and flexibility actually become more important as you progress into your 50’s, 60’s and beyond.  But the amount of stimulation your muscles need for strength decreases, while the stretching required actually increases somewhat.  

Actually doing a strength session can be very intense, and productive, in less than a half hour!  It is the intensity that matters most.  Also, recovery from an intense session of strength training needs to be longer than when you are younger.  

I have also found that really draining movements, like heavy squats and deadlifts need to be far less frequent.  In your senior years, you probably have all of the sheer bulk you would want, anyway!  To be strong and yet defined is far more desirable as you get older.

I have pretty much eliminated, at age 72, the barbell back squat, the deadlift, and the bench press.  Pushups on the gymnastic rings, along with flies and other movements are preferable to bench presses, and can be done at many angles.  Single leg or ‘sissy’ squats using the rings for balance are also much better for your knees, and take the emphasis off of your glutes and put it on to the front thigh.  Substitute the squats for these..

I also do kettlebell swings instead of deadlifts now, for high reps.  Quite exhausting, and targets the lower back without overstraining the nervous system to the point where recovery suffers!

Dips, pull-ups and rows are always good, and are improved by doing them on the rings as well.  As we age, it is great to avoid spinal compression by loading the body excessively by means of barbells.

Walk backwards, resisting with a heavy band anchored against your movement, and then walk forward.  I do this as my warmup before my strength sessions, for about 10 minutes- this will forestall knee problems very effectively.  Credit to the Knees over toes guy Ben Patrick for this!  Truly wonderful inspiration from him.

I used to work out for hours at a time.  I was young, and I was kind of stupid, well, uninformed at least.  Now I know better:

Workouts can be short, but yet intense.  Results do NOT suffer; in fact they can be BETTER!  

But, be sure to prioritize stretching.  Each morning I stretch, and do Virtual Resistance, first thing.  In front of the television= a win-win.  Wake up your body productively, and stretch it out for the day to come, and you are setting yourself up for a wonderful day.

Then, follow through with your diet: Eat protein, and make that your priority.  If you want some carbs, go with sour dough bread, but minimally.  Have a paleo smoothie (PLEASE) like I do daily- but now I consume a small one, of veggies, kefir, some berries and citrus, and sour cherrie juice that is spiked with iodine, vitamin D, and cod liver oil.  This is your “insurance” nutritionally speaking, and should be adhered to religiously!

These are the basics.  After these are fulfilled, just live a good, balanced life, as our founding fathers decreed.  Religion, conservative politics, and observing the golden rule along with your neighbors….

Life can be quite simple, and wonderful.  Just adhere to the basics of Western Civilization!!  All else is dross.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Our Medical System is BROKEN! podcast


Most Americans nowadays are severely overmedicated, malnourished, and sick!  

This sounds like an extreme statement, but is nevertheless true.  

Most adults are on a number of drugs, from anti-depressants, statins, high blood pressure drugs; drugs to help you sleep, and drugs to wake you up.  The average number of drugs the average American is on at any one time, are 7.  At a cost of $1200 dollars per year, per person.  

Of course, this is excluding the cost of going to see the medical doctor, and whatever procedure he decides you should have… Oftentimes, procedures and tests are given that result in huge bills for the patient, and those expensive tests are totally unnecessary.

Also, you can be prescribed drugs for which the doctor receives a ‘kickback’ of commission for prescribing them.  All of this is ethically highly dubious, but it goes on regardless.  

Is it any wonder that medical bills are the number one reason for bankruptcy?  Perhaps this is why anti-depressants are one of the biggest drugs to be prescribed!  

 How many drugs should  a person be on?  NONE!  But this does not seem to be the goal of the doctor at all anymore.  They just keep on prescribing, and never get around to weaning you OFF the drugs, which ALL have side effects, which you get another drug prescribed to to treat THOSE effects.  This is a pernicious system, that feeds endlessly on itself, making us sicker, and more dysfunctional as time goes on.

Drugs are just treating our messed up lifestyles!  A calorie restricted, low fat diet of processed and fast foods. A lack of good exercise, sunshine, and good sleep. Fulfilling relationships and conversation with the TV OFF are the best “prescriptions” you could ever have in your life.  Getting out in nature with your bare feet in the grass and strolling down a woodland path will do more for your health than any stupid cholesterol drug can ever do!  

Be a stoic!  1 Moderation in All Things: Adopt a balanced lifestyle, incorporating healthy eating, moderate exercise, and ample rest.

  1. Mindful Awareness: Practice mindfulness and self-awareness to understand and control impulses related to diet and exercise.
  2. Acceptance of the Uncontrollable: Recognize that certain health factors are beyond our control. Embrace acceptance and focus on how you respond to these circumstances.
  3. Mind-Body Symbiosis: Understand the profound link between mental and physical health. Nourish both aspects through positive thoughts and self-care practices.

Rely on yourself, in other words.  Be your OWN doctor!  Drugs are usually NOT the answer.

The only real breakthrough of Western medicine was the discovery of penicillin and the whole class of antibiotics. Alexander Fleming discovered that this type of  fungus had an antibacterial property.  This led to discovery of the drugs that could treat deadly diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis and many others that wiped out these heretofore untreatable diseases!  

This gave western medicine and your medical doctor a halo effect; such that now doctors are regarded as near god-like in their wisdom.  No, they just gained access to a form of drug that is amazingly effective!

And what was the treatment of choice for Tuberculosis in the old days?  

 Doctors could only advise their patients to rest, eat well, and exercise outdoors.

This is still the very best advice you can give to people today.  It’s the very best we can do, overall!

Friday, March 1, 2024


What you need for Health podcast

 I know, you’ve heard it from standard medical advice your whole life:

‘You don’t need supplements!  Everything your body and mind needs is in the food you eat!’

Well, this might have been true, even a couple of hundred years ago, to some extent.  But nowadays, when the majority of the ‘fake, engineered foods’ most people ingest; things like seed oils instead of real animal fat, and soda pop and fruit juices instead of actual water, and fast food fake meat and white buns instead of real pastured meat- well, most of us don’t really eat real food anymore!

A good first step for most of us at this point is to make a real commitment to health and wellness- commit to eating a carnivore diet!  This means that you forget all the junk you’ve been eating, and just eat meat, salt, seafood, and eggs for awhile.  Nothing else!

I know, I’ve preached a good paleo type of diet for a long time now: meat, eggs, seafood, along with full fat dairy, fermented yogurt and kefir, and even a bit of sour dough bread from time to time, along with veggies and fruits, mainly berries and citrus… 

And I still stand by that, long term.  But this is a ‘reboot’ if you are a SAD standard American Diet person.  You need to ‘reawaken’ your whole body and mind to reality.

So, you go carnivore for two weeks, say.  Suddenly, your body will reawaken to what it really needs; not pizza, and tacos with Mc Donald’s crappy hamburgers and seed oil-drenched fries.  Just meat, and salt!  And eggs and seafood, that’s all pilgrim.

Two weeks, that’s all, and you’ll be a new man/woman.  (Not trans!!  That doesn’t really exist anyway…)

I guarantee you will feel great- but you will also be happy that now you can embrace a true diet for the rest of your life- the Paleo Diet!  The diet of your ancestors, ALL of them.  Not vegan (NO ONE ever followed that diet in the past), not vegetarian (ditto), and definitely NOT the SAD modern American fast food crap and fake food diet of misery!

NOW you can include not only meat, eggs and seafood, but you can include full fat dairy like butter, yogurt and kefir, vegetables in your smoothies along with raw eggs, apple cider vinegar and cod liver oil and fruits.  Occasional sour dough bread and nut butter- you are now living large!

Just keep out all the modern crap.  And supplement (I use liquid vitamin D and liquid iodine  (lugal’s solution) in my smoothie), but you can go with tablets if you’d like.  For, in our modern depleted soils, especially here in the goiter belt of the upper midwest, iodine and vitamin D are musts!!

Iodine is an utter must, and in addition to fluoride being dumped into our municipal water supplies, that poison makes iodine even more unavailable to us.  Iodine is an utterly necessary supplement!

As is Vitamin D- get your vitamin D checked; I guarantee you are deficient.  You need to supplement; you need to go outside without sunscreen when you can, and you need to not wear chemical sunscreen!

You also need to eat lots more butter, and animal fats, fatty fish like sardines and salmon, and things like cod liver oil to replenish your dietary vitamin D, since that vitamin/hormone is stored in FAT.

And so, there you go, my prescription for you: go carnivore, and wake up!  Then, commit to paleo for all time, and supplement to regain your natural, God-given health.  And, as you enjoy your newfound health and vitality, avoid any government mandates, such as covering your face with cloth, getting horrid injections over and over, and hiding out and avoiding people.  Ignore the government edicts, and avoid the medical establishment whenever possible.  

Both are largely drug pushers, and deniers of healthy nutrition and good food from nature and agriculture.  The government and the medical elite are all about power, and then money.  I’d like to say that then it’s you;  but you’re not even in their equation at all.  

We, Westerners, are to be used in their games, and have no value really at all.  Our survival is a net negative nowadays to those in the elite.  We are too smart, and have our own opinions.  We’re too hard to control, always have been!  

With us gone, they can just dominate the 3rd worlders that replace us…


Thursday, January 25, 2024

2024. New Year- New You podcast


New Year New You

Now I don’t mean that each year you should try to become a brand new person!  Not at all.  What I expect of each of us is to gradually learn about ourselves and our environment, and by self-observation and gradual study, to improve ourselves steadily, both physically and mentally.

I’m not kidding; I know this sounds pretty crazy in a way, but I really do mean it.  While we do age and deteriorate in some ways, we should also learn going forward, and progress in any way we can.  I mean, it’s not like we forever get stronger and faster- no, we do not!  We should just change our focus…

I used to do heavy single lifts to my max- now, I don’t.  In my 70’s, I don’t want huge mass, either on my body in the form of muscle, or on the barbell itself.  I can achieve what I want nowadays better with repetitions, and usually better on gymnastic rings than with the bar.  

I’ve also discovered that shorter, although quite intense workouts, work better than long, marathon types of training.  I’ve found that shorter, and less frequent workouts are actually more effective, and less draining as well as less prone to injury!  Now, my twice or three times per week heavy basement workouts are 30-40 minutes MAX.  

My meal planning has also become far simpler.  My daily paleo smoothie has nutrients galore, including kefir, vitamin D and iodine liquid, along with ginger and turmeric, coconut milk and cruciferous veggies and lower sugar fruits like berries and citrus.  But now, I no longer feel the need to slam down 8 oz or so at a time- 1/2 that is plenty, along with real food like meats and eggs, yogurt and a few well-chosen vitamin supplements like B1 and C.  Mostly, I consume good meat, cheese and dairy.  

Also, I do like to hike!  In the winter, I hike in boots through the snow, and assist myself with ski poles through my woods.  Again, this is so intense that not a lot of time needs to be spent- 15-20 minutes is plenty!  I see people walking for an hour and more, and while that’s fine for entertainment, that’s how it should be regarded.  Playing games like racket sports, touch football, softball, basketball, and ballroom dancing, for instance, might be fun for you, and that’s fine.  But, it’s NOT exercise!  It’s similar to watching spectator sports- football, basketball etc.  It’s fun for many folks (not me), and more power to them!  But, it doesn’t improve your body, not even a little bit, sorry.

Visiting your local library, and choosing really good books to read will definitely improve your mind.  This includes fiction books as well as non-fiction: fiction books can transport you into other worlds and times, and from different perspectives.  This is probably the most educational and transformative type of activity you can pursue!

Also, watching good YouTube videos can improve many skills that you would find difficult to learn elsewhere, and for free!  And hobbies should be pursued avidly- nothing is so satisfying and rewarding as improving your musical skills, or archery or shooting sports.  Things like gardening and landscaping, along with animal husbandry and artistic pursuits of all kinds develop both you, and your property as well.

Also, don’t forget your spiritual side!  A good church with a like-minded congregation and pastor can enrich your like like nothing else.  It’s sad and mistaken that this is so often ignored and overlooked: EVERY culture throughout history had a strong religious side.  Every One.  Just as they were also all meat eating!  It is a part of being a healthy human.  

When religion is lost in a culture, or a civilization, that group will not last long.  This also holds true for the individual himself!  Atheists are like vegetarians; headed quickly for extinction.

Be a complete, self-realized individual, autonomous and yet a part of the greater group.  Think, read, and listen to YOURSELF.  Things aren’t that hard to figure out, really, as long as you ignore passing trends, and don’t try to be ‘fashionable’.  This holds true in politics as well;  follow eternal truths, not the trend of your friends and deluded folks who try desperately to look “caring”, while ignoring the good of your own people!