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Monday, May 27, 2013

PaleoJay podcast #32- Paleo Diet, Dairy, and make your own Kefir!

Add in the above kefir to smoothie maximum health...
Paleo Diet, Dairy, and make your own Kefir on PaleoJay podcast #32- 

There is a lot of confusion in the Paleo sphere about dairy:  is it OK?  Sometimes?  Often?  WHAT!?

I have found that, at least in my case, dairy is a fine addition to my Paleo diet!  Granted, I rarely drink milk; the bulk of my intake is in the form of Kerrygold (i.e. pastured/grass fed butter), full-fat Greek style yogurt, and- ta da!-homemade Kefir.

I purchased some kefir "grains" via eBay, is a really reputable source,  and added them to a quart jar of whole, organic, raw local milk. This milk has to be tasted to be believed- kind of like what was available from the "milk man" when I was a wee lad...  And they also sell organic cream (in glass)- YES!

If you don’t have access to raw milk, goat’s milk, even if pasteurized is a close 2nd.  Now, I have two quart jars going of kefir, one of raw whole milk, the other of goat milk!  Actually, 1-3  days after adding about a Tablespoon of the grains to a jar filled with milk, the kefir is perfect!  I just let it sit on the counter at room temperature ( leave the lid jar loose- the effervescence of the fermenting could break the glass otherwise) - nothing could be easier!

When I purchased my kefir, (it's rather expensive), I would only use about 1/2 of a cup in my Paleo smoothie... Now, though, with fresh, active, cheap, really tangy and tasty kefir, I use about a cup and 1/2 in each smoothie!  

What a difference in the taste of the whole smoothie!!

Really, this is the way to go- get some grains, and make your own kefir.  Very easy, and the benefits of the fermented beverage are so good in terms of gut health and repair.  The probiotics, or intestinal bacteria that kefir affords your system are incredibly valuable, especially in this modern age of damaged intestines with permeable membranes, insulted by having been subjected to high levels of grains, legumes and sugars over a lifetime of poor, Big Ag eating.

And, these probiotics, or gut bacteria that we are putting back into our guts where they belong, help us in so many ways!  They help us to digest (we don't really do most of the digesting of our foods- our friendly bacteria do that for us).  They also are potent cancer fighters; we all have cancer and other "predator" agents within us at all times- the only thing that protects us is our ability to fight them off!  
Gut bacteria, or probiotics are one of our first, and most potent lines of defense.

If you are of Northern European descent, full-fat dairy will probably not be a problem for you at all to digest!  (Northern Europeans have been consuming dairy for many thousands of years as a mainstay of their diet).  And, even if you are not, by consuming kefir daily for a couple of weeks, you will colonize the bacteria within your intestines...

and you will become able to digest dairy!
Or, rather, the kefir bacteria that you have introduced into your system will
digest it for you!  

So, give kefir a try!  This is the first real change I've made to the Paleo Quick Start smoothie, tripling the amount of included Kefir, and it's a big improvement, both in taste and in nutritional value!!

Let’s say, though, that either YOU or some friends or relatives really, really want to get healthy, but they just aren’t motivated enough to actually follow through and prepare and make their own healthy kefir- actually, for them there is a solution that is even (gasp!) better!  Just costs a bit more, but is very, very convenient and accessible...

Amasi is the name of this beverage, and it is produced by Beyond Organic- Here is the link:

This beverage is fermented from the milk of A1 dairy cattle, which is the ancient strain of cattle that our ancestors domesticated over 10,000 years ago!  So, it is completely digestible and natural for our systems, and since it is fermented as well, is a wonderful source of probiotics, which are the wonderful bacterial creatures that live in our guts, digesting things FOR us, and fighting back the BAD bacteria all around us that are always looking for things like SUGAR, and are our enemies...  

To have a healthy gut is paramount in our health!  You could even eat a perfect diet, and if your gut is inhabited by bad bacteria, it would do you no good at all- gut health is that important!

What about conventional dairy?

In a word, it’s horrible!  

Anything that is high heat processed (pasteurized) destroys the bulk of the nutrients in the milk- add in the antibiotics fed the cattle that produced the milk, the GMO feed loaded with pesticides that that cattle had to eat, and then is loaded into the milk, and then the fact that the FAT in the milk is almost always skimmed off- this same fat that contains all the fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients that make this dairy so valuable...

and you have a travesty.  Milk without fat is “sugar water” with pesticides and hormones that spikes your insulin like candy, and gives no satiety or nutrients as well...

Eat raw dairy when possible, NEVER drink skim or low fat milk (or anything else low fat for that matter!) - low fat means “high sugar”...

Get yourself some raw cheese, raw milk, raw free range eggs ( in your Paleo Smoothie!) and you are good-to-go!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Coke keeps you thin!

Or, maybe not...

I thought you'd all enjoy this brief video from 1961 about the "benefits" of Coca Cola, which is just water loaded with sugar and chemical flavorings... but, with marketing, it sounds just great, 
doesn't it?

Here's another- just makes you want to swill down some sugar water, doesn't it!!???

The thing is, nostalgia aside, this is evil marketing!  Telling people that they should drink sugar water is evil- BAD- unconscionable!!  

This is unnegotiable: if you tell people to drink something that will damage their health, make them more prone to disease (cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease)- well, you need to be 

called out!

Because, truth be told, you are evil.  

Here is my PaleoJay recommendation, with NO marketing attached:

Do NOT drink soda pop, at all, ever.  It will NOT make you thin, it will only make you fat, sad, and unhealthy.  

Eliminating this pernicious substance from your life, FOREVER, will be a HUGE step in reclaiming your God-given Paleo Health heritage.

So do it: make your first step on the Paleo lifestyle be just eliminating ONE THING:  

Soda Pop- just do it!  In every way, this is a BAD THING.  

This will sound crazy, but I'd rather you drink WHISKEY than soda pop... REALLY!

I hope that convinces you that SOFT DRINKS ARE REALLY BAD!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bare Feet are made for walking!

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So, here I am, forest bathing to beat the band! AND recording on my tiny recorder- what a wonderful thing this Roland recorder is!  

I recommend that you take a little "forest bathing" walk as well:

Sheer enjoyment is only a PART of the equation!~


Friday, May 10, 2013

Do maintenance on your own body- Becoming A Supple Leopard PaleoJay podcast 30

PaleoJay podcast #30            iTunes PaleoJay podcast link!

It’s a big day for the podcast- number 30!  Live voice messages are now on the paleojay site!

Do maintenance on your own body- Becoming A Supple Leopard

First off- I have a new app on my website, that enables you to call and send me a voice message right from your computer!  Wowzer- it’s fast, easy and free- PLUS, I can play your comments and questions back, and answer them right on the podcast- how very cool is that?  Just another way that PaleoJay makes your life better...  Call me!  

My other point is this- the new hardback book, Becoming a Supple Leopard is out, and man this is a book you should add to your collection!  Kelly Starrett is the author, and he is a Physical Therapist’s physical therapist- he covers every joint, muscle, and connection in the body in exhaustive detail- telling you just HOW to do maintenance on your own body. To quote the book cover “The ultimate guide to resolving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing athletic performance”.  

I love the do it yourself approach to most things, like becoming your own fitness coach, taking responsibility for your own health and nutrition, your own fitness program, and now you can be your own coach, chiropractor, doctor, physical therapist, and masseur!!   is the link to his website- Kelly’s site name is from the Crossfit WOD, or “Workout of the Day”, and he has lots and lots of mobility videos, from many moons of doing a video per day about keeping your own mobility.  This back catalog is well worth checking out as well

His motto is that “all human beings should be able to do basic maintenance on themselves”, and that is a worthy goal for each of us.  And, if you do have a particular area that is painful, you can go right to that section of the book and go to town- there will be  a whole bunch of exercises, stretches, and explanations of proper body mechanics that can really help you out- and some that will surprise you!  You might even lose a nagging, debilitating pain of long duration, right away! There really is that much valuable information wrapped up in this big book, which is kind of a Rosetta Stone of the human body- explaining its workings in detail, and just HOW to address certain problems.

There is also a long section dealing with proper lifting mechanics, and this would definitely be worth the price of the book in and of itself!  Very detailed information, and the book is packed full of illustrations and photos showing just how to do each and every movement!  

Did you know that 98% of all dysfunction in athletes is caused by 
Overtension (missing range of motion)
Open-circuit faults (moving in a bad position)

Here is the information that you need to deal with that 98%!

I dealt with plantar fascitis awhile back, and a video on MobilityWOD helped me out a lot, using nothing other than... a La Crosse ball!  You just CRAM your foot down on that rock hard little ball, and roll it around- really loosens up the fascia of your foot, and relieves the pain right away!  Now, I can use that ball all over my body- my shoulders the other day, my back, the back of my legs- just with a La Crosse ball or two, and perhaps some of his Voodoo Floss bands that you can wrap around any part of your body for compression, or for stretching and resistance as well... and you are set!

This really is rather exciting information, and so I recommend it highly- A long lasting reference book you will turn to again and again.

So, go ahead and send me a voice message, either on my facebook page 

And, if you haven’t already, go ahead and rate me on iTunes- I’m like Tinkerbell, in that if people don’t believe in me, I start to fade away...  Thanks, I appreciate it!

And last but not least, go ahead and order a Vitamix blender using the link on my site.  This is really the #1 Fitness tool you can get- it lasts almost forever, and is a fool proof way to make your own “supplements”, by incorporating all the green veggies you would find difficult to consume otherwise, and giving you that Green Paleo Smoothie that covers all of your nutritional bases each day- free shipping from my link, which is the best deal anywhere on a Vitamix!

See you all next week, and hear you via voicemail all throughout!  Whee Doggies!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Make Health Last!

I want you all to see, and internalize the message from this video!  A lot is said in a short time, and the message is very important: How we end up in our later years is entirely up to us!!

So, there it is.  Your choice!  Take charge of your health, or not...

I know that I am inspired to make a particularly green and uber-healthy Paleo Smoothie tomorrow!  

Also to do my morning round of Perfectly Paleo Exercise, which is necessary for total health as well!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The ultimate natural workout!

OK, today I had a busy, busy day... OFF!
Your body is a TRACTOR- keep it running strong!

That's right, I had the whole day off, and I spent the morning running errands.  Actually, I find it quite enjoyable to spend time driving around while everyone else is working- nothing is crowded, I already got my Perfectly Paleo Exercise in during the early AM, along with my Paleo Coffee, which is just organic coffee, run through the Aerobie Press, and with a tablespoon or so of added coconut oil... and, ala Bulletproof coffee, you can add pastured Butter as well- but I prefer to add that to my smoothie... here is more about that-Splendor from the grass! My 100th blog post- wowzer!!

Anyway, my point is the REAL WORK, as in actual, physical, taxing WORK, is also the ultimate workOUT!  When you are performing real-world tasks, such as I was today here in rural Wisconsin, like freeing a frozen trailer wheel, and then taking your back blade (for snow) off of your 3 point hitch, and then using the aforementioned trailer to haul (literally) tons of firewood since the trailer is now available...

This is REAL WORK.  Something that is a rarity nowadays in modern America!!

Hard to believe, but very true.

Working out in a gym, or in your living room is also character building...


It is a necessary ingredient for self actualization.  In other words, to become the best YOU that you can be, you need to accomplish, on a regular basis, REAL, HONEST TO GOD PHYSICAL TASKS!  On your own, with no help, and really challenging on a physical basis.

So, I freed up that trailer wheel, and I was REALLY pleased with myself!  (It took grease, a hammer, a screwdriver, a lot of grease, and forcing the trailer in reverse afterwords, if you must know)- and then, I took off the snow blade, and thought "Hey- now I can use the trailer to haul firewood!"   And so I took off, driving up to wood pile after wood pile, and loading them up!  

Wow, do I know how to have a good time or what!!?"

And, do you know what?  I was having a good time!  But I was also working my core, my back, my entire BODY as it was meant to be used.  Even getting off and back on the tractor (just like mounting a HORSE!) was taxing- 

The point is that this is how we are MEANT to live!

God did not want us to be slumped over in some cubicle all day, and then drive home and sit in front of a TV- 



We are meant to move.  To lift, puzzle out crazy physical problems, tax our bodies, and then rest, recuperate, enjoy our tribe and family, sing and dance, and sleep...  

The dance of life, if you will!  

But what is lost in the modern world, most often, is the PHYSICAL component.

To stress yourself in the real world,
Solving real, physical problems
and taxing your own body to achieve that end...

Is NECESSARY to realize self actualization, or:


So, go on out and do what needs to be done!  Do your daily visualized workouts, and rejuvenate yourself daily!  Sleep for a MINIMUM of 8 hours per night!!  

But do NOT neglect to accomplish REAL WORLD TASKS!  

This is what really taxes, strains, and MAKES YOU WHAT YOU ARE!  

It's not easy, but is SURE beats living in a nursing home!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to go paleo- easily! PaleoJay podcast #29

How to “go Paleo” - Easily!

Think of “going Paleo” as returning to your roots- because you are!

The so-called Paleo diet is NOT just that of our primeval ancestors, chasing wooly mammoths with spears and flint knives (although it is that as well!) ... it is the diet of our great grandparents, Pa and Ma Ingalls Wilder in the little house in the big woods.  It’s the diet of the cowboys, and the American colonials who revolted from King George in England and set up this great nation.  It’s the diet of EVERYONE in our past- the Knights of the Middle ages, the Romans, the Greeks, the Sumerians- it goes ALL THE WAY BACK!  

They all ate REAL FOOD!  We are the FIRST few generations in HISTORY that have eaten... LARGELY PURE UNADULTERATED CRAP! 

Sorry to be so graphic, but the processed stuff we ingest today is hardly worth being called food!  

Things were not that horribly bad even 40 years ago... by the 1980’s and 1990’s, processed fake food like substances from factories and labs and fast food “engineers” and food flavor chemical “scientists” had reached the point that, through marketing and political lobbying- they got increasingly huge subsidies for modified GRAINS that were not even natural foods anymore!  AND the government and the FDA and the ridiculous Food Pyramid and now My Plate all followed in lockstep, telling us all to _

“Just Eat Lots of this Crap!  Real food is dangerous!  Eat heart healthy GMO grains and plastic margarine, put chemically extracted oils on everything, and drink lots of skimmed (nutritionally barren sugar water) milk- ALL WILL BE WELL!

Well, we’ve by and large followed this rotten advice for 50- 60 years, progressively getting more and more behind the whole idea, reinforced by the AMA and the ADA actually BACKING it...

And, as a nation, and increasingly as a WORLD-


What should we do?

“Go Paleo, young man! (or Woman)!

It may seem overwhelming to overturn a lifetime of brainwashing.

But never fear!  PaleoJay is here!!

The best thing to do is to go to  I will always try to steer you right, my friend...

But, to my mind, PODCASTS are the single best way to “reconfigure your marketing/manipulated brain” back into reality!  Think of them as a way, whilst you are driving, walking, working around the yard or walking, to GET YOUR MIND BACK IN SYNC WITH YOUR ANCESTORS!   Also, to get up to date with the real RESEARCH that is out there, since the powers-that-be only try to hush all of that up- 


I will give you here a list of podcasts (and they all have accompanying blogs, as well!), that will give you ample information to REFORMAT YOU MIND from the BIG BROTHER SWILL you have been fed since birth, by the government, Big Ag, Big Pharma, and Big Advertising...

I suggest you just, even if you are now doubtful, just LISTEN to what they all have to say.  Over time, I think you will gradually be convinced, because the SCIENCE all backs up what they say, and your own common sense will evaluate, and realize TRUTH when you hear it.  SO, here are your Podcasts to listen to:   This can be your new “commuting hobby!” (Or other task-oriented activity wherein your mind was previously wasted...)

God bless!  See you next week-