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Monday, January 21, 2013

Do things for the good of the Tribe!

Altruism is important.  For the good of the "tribe"; we are all hard-wired for that.

In our history, to care for other members of the tribe was considered essential, and so it is that we all are wired up to want to help others.

This is a good thing!!

Go with your natural inclinations here:

Try to help others- do what you can!  Share your talents and abilities; if you can cook well, offer up some "Paleo Friendly" treats to those in need.

Daughter Holly and I, in the photo above, appeared at a local nursing home in our guise as the Coulee Cats.  It is really hard to say just who benefited more from this performance-

The residents, or US!!

The next day, really all I've been thinking of is the connections we made with these elderly "tribesmembers" of our community...

One old guy was blind, but sang along with every single song he knew. (He had been a member of his church choir for 50 years!)  

 Another lady, I was told later was 96, came up to the piano and played amazingly well, and we all sang along.  ( I was told later that she never plays in the home, and it was so surprising to the staff as well that she was so accomplished!)

I learned a lot from these elderly tribespeople:
1. I need to learn the old songs that they like more!  ( I like songs from the 50's through the 60's- they thought these were too "modern"!
2. The other thing is this: they mainly just want to "tell their own stories"...  The very best thing you can do for your fellow tribespeople is to just listen!  They have lots to say, and no one ever listens to them!!

So, if you have a chance to connect with folks at a nursing home, think of it as a Paleo Experience!  YOU will benefit as much as they will, and be sure to look each one in the eye, take their hand, and LISTEN!  You'll be ever so glad that you did.

Also, if you sing for them, think I Love You Truly, or 5 Foot Two, Eyes of Blue; and skip Good Rockin' Tonight and most 1950's songs... they like things even more.... Paleolithic!!


"We toast ALL of our tribe with WATER!"

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