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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eat Fat to LOSE Fat!

Probably the best way to lose fat; not just weight per se but real FAT, is to eat fat!

And no, I am not kidding!

Fat is what is lacking in the S.A.D. Standard American Diet.  The low-fat, high carb diet of modern America is the worst diet in history, with the glaring exception of starvation. Other than that, it is the worst, and stupidest of all time...

If you were only to add three things to your daily diet to make you healthier, and at the same time satisfy your hunger, and thus burn fat, here they are:

  1. Coconut oil- coconut milk, oil, powder, whatever!
  2. Pastured butter- Kerrygold from Ireland is the best!!
  3. Whipping cream- YUM!! 

It doesn't matter how you incorporate these delicious foods, just do it!

The best kept secret of losing fat is to eat good fats!
Coconut oil, pastured butter, and (preferably) non pasteurized whipping cream are three such wonderful fats!!@

My assignment for you this week to lose fat and become healthier??

Put real cream in your coffee!  Top it with cinnamon- and I mean real whipped cream- not that crap-in-a-can!  I even recommend adding some coconut oil to your coffee as well- you will stay really full, and feel very satisfied all morning, trust me!

Put coconut oil/milk/powder into a smoothie!  
Berries and coconut oil in a blender are good for a start on the paleo high fat low carb lifestyle!  

Put a ton of butter onto your vegetables tonight- have carrots, broccoli, whatever- and top with a LOT of good Kerrygold butter!  A sweet potato topped with lots of butter and cinnamon would also be great- 
just don't eat the skin!
And do not put butter on BREAD!  Bread is VERBOTEN!  BAD BREAD!

Wheat is the worst thing for your body, EVER!  Again, trust me on this!!

So, there you go- eat lots of good Fats!  Then, you will lose fat.  Guaranteed!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back to the Paleo Future!

You know the notion of "progress"?  The idea that we are forever moving forwards to a better future?

I believe that, for quite some time, we have been moving backwards, regressing rather than progressing, at least insofar as our health is concerned.  

Remember the movie "Back to the Future"?  

It was a singularly great movie, since it resonated with us all: we all knew that things had gotten gradually worse in America since the 1950's and 60's...

Think of how when Marty McFly is in the "present day", 1985:

His mother is a drunk- his father is a loser, his brother and sister are as well....

In a nutshell, this is 2012 America!  The lowest have taken over!  Big Pharma- Drug companies, Giant multi-national food Cartels, MONSANTO the -PRIMO ARCHITECT OF GMO, genetically modified food are all  
in charge!!
Again, my point is that in this scenario, BIFF,  a loser in every sense of the word is in charge!

I believe that this is what in effect has actually happened.  

Instead of the community-minded folks; well, let's again quote a classic movie- "It's a Wonderful Life"-

Now, we don't have the "George Bailey Savings and Loan" people in charge of society- 


See what I mean?  

We have all been so misled, via marketing since our infancy, that the real-life losers, that we would have easily recognized as such had they been living in our "tribe" or small town, have been credentialed via marketing to have the authority they have always been conniving towards...

and now they have it!   

The BULLY in the class, the most self-serving guy of all, the guy-who-needed-to-prove-himself-to-cover-up-his-own-obvious-inadequacies...


I don't want to get too carried away, maybe I already have!  But I will say this:

Things were definitely better in 1955- less governmental intrusion.  NO government telling us "what to eat"!  Exercise was Charles Atlas dynamic tension, aka Visualized Resistance as pictured above, and music was Elvis Presley and his ilk- the real deal- basic, simple chord progressions with heartfelt, simple lyrics that everyone could resonate with!

In 1985, when the movie was made...........

Aerobics was king!  Run until you drop!  Music- forget about it-  bad enough- not worth mentioning!

And NOW?

Really, BIFF is in charge- Big Pharma, Big Medical, Big Food- they run Big Government!

I sound so conspiratorial, but then again, it's all true!  

Bottom line: what are we all to do?

Well first, you could buy my ebook!  (seriously- cure thyself first!) perfectly paleo exercise 

Just eat real food, and do real exercise!  (simple, but oh-so-true!)

After that?   Not to sound like a 1960's hippie, but "Buy Local, Eat Local" would be the way to go.  Grow what you can, and what you can't, but from someone that you know and trust.  The local Farmers' Market.  A neighbor!

You know, that's old Herakles to the right- a real fitness icon, just like Charles Atlas above.  

Both had similar strategies for life and fitness:

Eat real foods, and perform real functional exercises.

I'd like to say both of them bought my my dreams!

But BOTH of them could have WRITTEN THEM!  


Friday, May 25, 2012

Don't count Calories- Count NUTRITION!


Enriched wheat floursugarcorn syrupniacinwaterhigh fructose corn syrup, vegetable and/or animal shortening – containing one or more of partially hydrogenated soybeancottonseed and canola oil, and beef fatdextrose, whole eggs, modified corn starchcellulose gum,whey, leavenings (sodium acid pyrophosphatebaking sodamonocalcium phosphate), saltcornstarchcorn flourcorn syrup, solids, mono and diglyceridessoy lecithinpolysorbate 60, dextrincalcium caseinatesodium stearoyl lactylatewheat glutencalcium sulphate, natural and artificial flavors, caramel color, yellow #5, red #40.[
And ONLY 150 calories!!  
This points out what I'm talking about here- calories are nearly a meaningless measurement.

NUTRIENTS, and micro-nutrients are what really matter!  Every time you eat a Twinkie, or a donut, or even a slice of supposedly healthy whole grain bread, you are denying your body the nutrition, the actual real, God-made food that you need to optimally run your body.

It's not just that you ate something "fattening"- you ate something that displaced real FOOD and nutrients.  This is a real problem for your body- it has really bad calories that it doesn't want to waste, crappy chemicals to deal with, and, in addition, your precious body has no nutrients, nothing of what it really needs to run your bodily machinery!

You have effectively poured sugar into your gas tank!

So, empty calories aren't just "fattening"- they are Poison.

What to do?

If I were you, I'd do what I do:  Eat a Paleo diet!  No grains, no sugars, no trans fats- just REAL FOOD-- veggies and fruits, meats and seafood, some nuts and fermented dairy...

But, have you ever thought about this:

Low Quality Exercise
Low Quality Food =
Low Quality HEALTH??

Twinkies, plus running on the treadmill for hours to "burn calories'... equals-

A health nightmare!

So, what should a person do?

Should you run out and buy lots of supplements, to make up for your horrible nutrition?
Should you buy fitness "gadgets" to exercise off all of those "empty, horrid calories??"

Make your OWN nutritional supplements- complete with macro AND micro-nutrients- 

FROM  REAL FOOD! (What a concept!)

1.  Just buy a Vitamix- (Link to the right for the best deal on the planet!)
2. Get my eBook, Perfectly Paleo Exercise

I'm really not trying to "sell you" on anything- just guide you along- it's my passion and my mission!

What I'm saying, bottom line is this:  

Just eat real food.  Food from Nature.  God Made Food- Meats, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds.  

NO processed foods!  

It's actually strange how completely we have been "brainwashed" by product marketing: 
We really, really, really don't need, nor should we eat, anything in a package, a box, or a packet from the store!  

We only need real, actual, God made, natural foods!  No margarine- no "skimmed" milk, no Pasteurized Milk even-


It's amazing how "un-hungry" you are when you eat real foods!  And exercise with real exercise-

No machines, no treadmills, no stairmasters, no "fake" exercises- 

Just real, actual, bodyweight and simple visualized and self-resisted exercises- 

20 minutes while watching Netflix (or just TV!) and channeling the exercise involved will be sufficient to


You really don't need a gym membership, or any other exercise "gizmos"...

But, unless you want to cook a LOT, and really get into Paleo cookbooks and learn about how to pack nutritious Paleo lunches and meals...

You do need a Vitamix.

Think of it as a "meal preparation/chewing machine"-

If there is one thing I would NEVER want to be without, health-wise- it's a Vitamix!  No Lie!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Restricting calories IN, won't make you THIN! Just ask Hercules...

That's right- the whole notion of calorie restriction is founded on lies-

The lie that calories are all the same.

The lie that if only you eat less calories, just a few less each day, and exercise more- just a little, to create a deficit...

Over time, you will gradually lose weight, and become lean and fit!!

I think the simplicity of this notion is what makes it appealing!

But it is a big, FAT, LIE!! 

 Do you really think someone like Hercules restricted calories to be lean and defined???

The human body is a chemical factory, not a machine like a car.  Food has numerous hormonal responses, it doesn't just burn fuel like a car.

If you eat fat, it doesn't turn to fat on you- if it is a good, saturated fat, like coconut oil or grass fed butter, it triggers signals in your body-

Satiety!  You do not feel hungry!  You are not starving!  Your body says "Thank you very much!"
Your body does NOT signal an insulin "spike" from good fats; quite the contrary- happiness reigns!

If you eat calories from a processed food meal- say, pizza?  HUGE insulin spike, and your body scrambles to store those "precious" calories from the dough, in the form of bodyFAT.  

As Gary Taubes has stated in his excellent book:  "Good Calories Bad Calories", that is about it-

There are calories that are good, wonderful, eat-all-you-want calories...

And then there are Bad, Horrible, spike-your-insulin-and-make-you-fat-and-sick-calories...
and never the twain shall meet!

Trust me- Hercules/Herakles ate copius amounts of good, nutritious food to fuel his physique- LOTS of meat, lots of fat, loads of vegetables, and some fruits.

He did NOT eat buns, bagels, bread, donuts, and drink "big gulps" of sugary soft drinks!  Wine, sure...and, although he occasionally lifted heavy things, like when he cleaned the Elysian stables and carrried around draft horses, slayed a horrible giant lion, and killed the 9 headed serpent HYDRA, he mainly trained with bodyweight exercise!

How do I know this?

Because BODY WEIGHT exercises are timeless- they preserve the body like nothing else!

If Herk had trained with weights and machines, he would have looked really bulky and impressive, but his actual fighting, strength and real-world power would have been... lackluster.
Bodyweight exercise, or self-resisted and virtual, visualized resistance has the ability to transform your body; just as "calories in and calories our" does NOT define how the human body deposits fat, so too does "overload the muscle with weights or bodyweight" really actually does define how the body develops in response to exercise stimulus!

Weight training will stimulate bulk muscle gains, true.  But it will not trigger tendon and ligament strengthening, nor will it build the strength of your "core", your spinal muscles, abs, and the many unseen "minor" muscles that are foundational for our overall health and fitness.

There is an innate body "wisdom" that infers from bodyweight training-

"Hey"  says your body.  "We are working really hard, and weight, i.e. FAT is really getting in the way of our pushups and chins and situps...  I guess we'd better finally lean out big time so we can do this stuff!"

This is how our body's think!  Our bodies are still 100% Paleolithic, since that has worked forever.

If YOU want to be Paleolithic, and in tune with what your own body wants for you
-= maximum health:

Perfectly Paleo Exercise eBook

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Perfectly Paleo Exercise eBook is available NOW on Amazon!

Here is the cover!  Wow- dynamite cover!!  Parisian Paleo Artiste "le-Jaymo" painting your future health with a natural dietary palette...

As of now, the eBook is only available on Amazon, via the Kindle app.  Using the Kindle app, or, if you have one, the Kindle itself, is a seamless way to view the book!

You can use the app on your iPhone, your iPad, your Android tablet- whatever!  It's a free download, just go to:

All devices free Kindle app download!

Anyway, my Paleo Quick Start Exercise friends: if you want to view this book in all of its paleolithic glory, you have only to go to this link:

Perfectly Paleo Exercise

I hope you enjoy it!  Paleo DIET has been done to death- Paleo exercise, natural Exercise has been given short shrift...

Up until NOW!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

100th blog! New addition to Paleo Smoothie!! Splendor from the grass!

Wow!  Here it is- my 100th blog post- who knew?  Not me; I just went to post and... it's number 100!

Let's celebrate with some Kerrygold grass-fed (pastured) butter!  

And I will send grass in thy fields for thy cattle, that thou mayest eat and be satisfied. — Deut 11:15

But, how to eat this amazingly nutritious foodstuff, crammed with good fats, vitamin K, and loads of beneficial nutrients?  We can't spread it on bread, obviously, because that would be like slathering Kerrygold treasure on snake venom and eating it... so, besides melting it onto vegetables, or putting it onto (Genetically modified) popcorn/snake venom, what to do??

I have the answer, and as usual it has to do with your Paleo Quick Start Smoothie!  Last thing, I added spirulina, a half-vegetable/half animal protein loaded with just about every nutrient know to man...

I don't add new ingredients lightly, I only want the Smoothie to be your "go-to" source of ultimate nutrition- a golden dream of nutrition.

Well, now it is also a Kerrygold dream of nutrition, because I recommend you add a good Tablespoonful of grass-fed butter to each and every Paleo smoothie you produce!!

Here is how Dave Asprey of the incorporates Kerrygold into his diet:
I like Dave, he knows his stuff, nutritionally!  And I like coffee too, but I like it even better with heavy whipping cream, topped with cinnamon and cloves (which are also really beneficial nutritionally!)

So what do I do?

I just add a healthy dollop of Kerrygold butter to the smoothie!

It just makes it really creamy when the Vitamix blends it up with all the other ingredients- it is worth it for the taste alone!  But it's really there for the nutrition- butter is not really a "hunter/gatherer" food; but hey- if they could have had it, they would have killed saber-tooth tigers for it!

I love coconut oil, but I think that deep yellow, grass fed butter has nutrients that a survival-oriented, paleo man or woman would gladly kill for.

Luckily, we don't have to!  Just go to the store, and buy Kerrygold butter, from Ireland.  Organic Valley also has a great butter, but the pastured version is only available in Springtime- and that is from my neck of the woods in Southwestern Wisconsin!  Their usual butter is grain finished, so go with Kerrygold-

I know you will be put off by the fact of putting butter, of all things, into your smoothie- I mean, isn't saturated FAT bad- evil- the worst thing ever??

In a word- NO.

Fats are crucial to your health, your sanity, and your longevity.  Every part of your body needs good fat!  We have been lied to by our government, and brainwashed, for years!

So, if someone questions you as to why you aren't eating healthy donuts and drinking Mr. Dew together with your co-workers, just remember what Steve Jobs said:

"It's more fun to be a Pirate,
Than to join the Navy!"

So, as they sip their wonderful Mountain Dew, and munch on their delectable donuts, you can respond by sipping butter and coconut oil drenched paleo smoothies, and biting off hunks of grass fed butter!

Oh, in closing, let me display the cover of my new book, Perfectly Paleo Exercise.  
I am very pleased with this ebook, and I think you will be too- finally, a real synthesis between proper Paleo diet and proper Paleo exercise- it has not been spelled out like this before!

It should be available within a couple of weeks, on Amazon, the iBookstore, and every other channel you can think of...  don't leave home without it!
Actually, I just thought: it's rather fitting, really- most of the paleolithic cave paintings are located in...


Au revoir,