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Sunday, January 26, 2014

PJSC Podcast #67 The importance of Gut Health for Mental Health!

Cook- reheat- voila!  Resistant Starch!  Gut buddy food!!

This whole subject of gut health, or of a healthy, diverse flora of colonies of diverse microbes within the human intestine is becoming a subject of huge interest- almost a Paleo Microbe Diet in and of itself!  Sure, WE need to eat healthy, real, nutritious foods...

But so do our gut buddies!  And they need food that we can’t even digest, so that they can continue to help us in our mutual symbiotic relationship- they do so much for human health and wellness, both physical AND mental, that this is a huge new realm of largely uncharted potential!

Everything is not, and probably will never be known about these bacteria that live within us, but very much already IS, and what they do for us is irreplaceable!  Some bacteria produce butyrate, which is a crucial ant-inflammatory agent.  Others produce vitamins, and digest short chain fatty acids, prevent the growth of harmful, infectious bacteria, and actually can determine whether or not we are lean and fit or fat!

And all of this is just some of what we already know- there is very much that we as of yet do not.  But suffice it to say that, the importance of a healthy gut is every bit as much important as, say, any other healthy organ in the body!  In fact, the gut and its biome are every bit as much important as our liver, or kidneys, or... you name it!  The gut can be thought of as a forgotten organ.

There have been experiments where fecal transplants are performed- a bit of healthy bacteria from the gut of a healthy subject is put into that of a fat one...

And the fat person becomes slim and healthy!

This has been done repeatedly with mice, and now also with humans!  And this transplantation of bacteria is also very effective against disease as well- ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and my main point of this post is- autism and other forms of mental irregularities.

In case you’re thinking “Oh well, this is just nut-case PaleoJay speaking...” here is a link from the Mayo Clinic backing me up-

Children with autism is a new epidemic, with 1 in every 50 children afflicted.  Just 10 years ago it was 1 in 1000, and 15 years ago, 1 in 10,000!  We are talking huge, growing epidemic here- think Black Plague or something along those lines.

It appears that the guts of children, exposed to a bad, modern Western diet of processed foods and sugars, lots of gluten that destroys their gut lining, allowing undigested food particles to migrate right into the bloodstream and triggering autoimmune diseases along with mental problems, are largely to blame.  The guts of Autistic children have been shown to have just a few strains of gut bacteria- naturally, they would be the less beneficial strains that thrive on sugar- and autistic children also have lots of gastrointestinal distress.

What to do?  A Paleo diet consisting of real foods, as made by God, not man will feed the child the best.  But the GUT needs special consideration- harken we back now to, the subject of resistant starch that has consumed me, and other folk like Richard Nicholey and Tim Steele at

Adding in some resistant starch, which is easily done with Bob’s Potato Starch in your daily green Paleo smoothie, will feed the good bacteria in you and your child’s guts in the form of a prebiotic, meaning that it encourages those good gut microbes to thrive and multiply, rather than simply a probiotic, which is those microbes themselves.  The problem with probiotics, besides that they are sometimes expensive in pill form, is that they often don’t survive the stomach to get to the gut alive!

Doubly beneficially for potato starch is that if you take probiotics along with the prebiotic of the resistant potato starch, (say by having kefir in your smoothie along with potato starch), the starch seems to protect the living probiotic microbes by combining before reaching the acid of the stomach!  Talk about a double whammy!!

It’s like the old Certs tv commercial from my ancient youth-

“It’s two- two-two mints in one!!”

Well, it’s not a mint- but it is two great things in one!  Have some potato starch, my friend, and wash it down with some kefir.  Have Greek yogurt for dessert!

Your brain will thank you, from the bottom of it’s...GUT.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe #66- MORE on Resistant Starch! EEEYAYUH!

The more I look into this resistant starch thing, the more I think it is a really big discovery!  It could be the one, single, most important ignored component of human health, both in conventional Big Medicine (no surprise there), but also in the Paleo, or ancestral health movement.

It makes sense it you think of it... we have been concentrating on the most nutrient dense, the most pure of toxins types of foods we could find- trying to replicate a diet as it would have been eaten in our primeval past, pre-agriculture- when we were taller, stronger, far fitter, and had a 10% larger brain capacity!  And all the children were above average...

In other words, we have been on a quest to find those foods that best nourish us- the human part of us.  But we have paid scant attention to the microbes in our gut that help to nourish us and keep us healthy and happy- and they are a larger part of our own bodies, by far, than WE ARE!  To quote from the upcoming title of a book by Richard Nicholey of freetheanimaland Tim Steele of North Pole, Alaska...

You’re Only 10% of Who You Think You Are

Or- 90% of each is non-human!  Yikes!  I guess we shouldn’t have been ignoring that other 90%, and be sure to give all of them, our little buddies, some nutrient dense, paleo/microbial food as well...  And so, we come to Resistant Starch.

Our paleolithic ancestors ate LOTS of indigestible plant matter, pretty much all day long, to get to the parts of the plant they could digest- stems, raw tubers, leaves, unknown little plants, and of course dirt all wound up in his mouth, and eventually, his gut!  The microbes that already resided in his gut in symbiosis used all of this plant material for food and drink, and more beneficial microbes were often introduced through the soil and other incidental dietary “additions”.

Fast forward to today, and we, uh, are not exactly partial anymore to stems, leaves, bits of nutshells, etc.... and so, we have- potato starch!!  Ta da! Bob’s potato starch is... a resistant starch!  Resistant to our own stomach digesting it, that is.  And so, it can pass right on through our stomach, unmolested, and not raising our blood sugar at all, making us feel really full and satisfied, however.  Into our intestine or gut it ends up, and our little bacterial gut buddies say “Hurrah”, and start eating it like crazy, and then...
Multiplying!  More good gut buddies!  Add more potato starch, and repeat cycle.

So, what good does resistant starch, easily added in the form of Bob’s Potato Starch available in bags almost everywhere, including at Amazon- see PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe recommended products!- what will this do for me, if I add the recommended 4 Tablespoons per day to my daily smoothie, whipped up in my Vitamix blender?
Well, it will help you lose weight!  I mean FAT; weight is somewhat irrelevant...  Anyway, this stuff is really filling, and takes away hunger.  But at the same time it’s not digested, and won’t add to your dietary calories.  And, it seems to assist your body in burning fat stores, and resist fat storage!  There are so many studies that have gone on, and so many currently happening, that it seems over the top, but resistant starch is being implicated in:

Lower glycemic index (blood sugar)
Increases insulin sensitivity
Lessens need for insulin in diabetics
Protects entire digestive system, helps regularity
Cuts colo-rectal cancer rates by 50%
Helps in eye health, particularly macular degeneration
Promotes brain health in aging individuals
Cuts risk of breast cancer dramatically
Very helpful in ulcerative colitis

So, why wouldn’t you buy a $4 bag of potato starch and start adding it into your daily, green, Paleo smoothie?  I mean, you could go out and eat raw, wild potatoes, bark, raw grains, green bananas (another good source that I will add to some smoothies!), and stems... but, spooning out a little potato starch from what used to be your flour bin is so much easier, and effortless, and tasteless too!  Just do it!  Try it out!!

This is the most exciting thing since I first added coconut milk to my smoothies and almost instantly lost 5 pounds I didn’t even think I had to lose!

I can’t wait for You’re Only 10% of Who You Think You Are: The Tim & Richard Book on The Gut Microbiome, Resistant Starch and More

Stay tuned to freetheanimalto find out when it’s available!

Or else just stay tuned to; I’ll let you know...


Friday, January 17, 2014

A New PaleoJay podcast- Paleo Quick Tip of the Day! Episode #1 available NOW!!

This is a new podcast I am doing!  I get SO MANY
requests to explain just HOW to "go paleo"...

So, this series will take the serious, fitness minded
person from a S.A.D. standard American diet, and teach them, week by week, one day at a time, just how to do it!  First things first, and so we go, on to complete health and wellness, one simple step at a time!!

I have a new website just started, at Paleo Quick Tip of the Day   You can listen to the new podcast right there- a player is available on your right- and it also just got accepted to iTunes, so that too is an option to sign up for, since it is an ongoing podcast...

For now though, I will also include a player on the right of this site, just under my PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe player, for your convenience.  The Cafe is more for the Paleo intermediate and advanced afficianado, and waxes on for about 10-12 minutes each week.

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day will be weekly as well, but will be UNDER 5 minutes, direct and to the point- the whole idea is to transform your lifestyle and diet, piece by piece, in a very simple and easy to achieve manner!  

Be sure to recommend this podcast to friends and family that are curious about your "crazy paleo caveman thing you do", and maybe they will finally understand, and join you in health and sanity!

Thanks for listening, my paleolithic friends and tribespeople!!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

PaleoJay introduces the new Mascot to the Cafe- Vity!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast #65 Shorten your eating window, and Have a Green, Paleo smoothie- EVERY DAY! AND, listen to simple, basic, calming folk style music to get back in touch with your inner you...

I did an experiment the other day, actually- yesterday!  Although I prepared a MORE than adequate lunch to bring to work, including not just ONE, but THREE quarts of the incredibly nutritious Paleo Smoothie (including resistant starch, gelatin, and TONS of green veggies, kefir, and everything else that Ponce De Leon used to dream about to rejuvenate his life via the “fountain of youth”... I decided to eat, instead- nothing!

Well, I did have a big cup of what I call Paleo Coffee- organic coffee made in my Aerobie coffee press, which you can find on my list of recommended Amazon products at  It is similar to Bulletproof coffee, as touted by Dave Asprey of, but it only contains coconut oil, and whipped cream...

I prefer to put my pastured Kerrygold or Organic Valley butter in my Paleo Smoothie!

But anyway, that is all that I had in the morning, after my Perfectly Paleo workout in front of the TV.  I wanted to see how long it would be until I got hungry, since I normally have a BIG breakfast, including a big green Paleo smoothie, several eggs, and of course, my coconut and whipped cream laden coffee!  And, as per usual, I usually don’t have supper, confining my meals to breakfast and lunch.  Then, I fast until the next day, unlike most paleo folk, who skip breakfast.  That can also be a good strategy, to shorten your “window of eating”, but I believe skipping SUPPER is usually the better idea.

But, regardless, I did NOT get hungry!

As Gomer Pyle, one of my favorite character from old television would have said:

“Surprise, surprise, surprise!!”

I just never got hungry!  It was 9, 10, 11, 12... finally, although I still didn’t feel hungry at all, at around 2 PM, I decided I should eat.  This means I hadn’t eaten at all since about 1:00 the previous day...

I had a tin of sardines... some herring and onions in a cream sauce- delicious!...and I was very full!  So, I left, and had an 8 ounce jar of Paleo smoothie later, not because I was hungry, but because I wanted to MAX OUT MY NUTRITION, just like I maxed out my workout that morning in front of the television!

I think the moral of the story is this:

We live in a world of depleted soil- it is recognized now that foods grown in our present day soil have much less in the way of nutrients than they did even 50 years ago, much less 100.  When our ancestors came to America, the soil was built up to unbelievable levels of fertility- buffalo had roamed and fertilized that plains for eons!  The topsoil was dozens of feet thick with a rich, fertile loam; teeming with life and minerals- earthworms were in their glory, leaving rich castings of nutrients for plants to assimilate...

Fast forward to today, 60 some years after World War 2-

Our soil, especially in the AG BELT of Central Illinois, and Iowa (the corn and soybean belt: Aka “AG LAND”) has been decimated.

That topsoil I spoke of earlier?  It has been reduced to a mere growing medium...

An inert medium (like sand or peat moss) that can support agricultural life, if nutrients are ADDED IN- like nitrogen and potassium, via fossil fuel fertilizers...

But, without those added DRUGS...  this soil is just about cooked!

We have largely, and continue to, destroy our birthright- the fertility of our very land.

Wait- and then- what is the MORAL of this story, again?

If you want to MAX out your nutrition, you will have to eat MORE vegetables than people did in the past!  Our crops don’t have the nutrients anymore that Fonzies did; much less Gomer, or Matt Dillon!  And SO, we have to...  Use LOTS of veggies in a Big Green, Paleo Smoothie to MAX our nutrition to the levels that were easily achieved in the times before the last 50 years!

THIS is why a Vitamix is your best friend, my friend!  Using this simple tool, you not only get the 2 servings of vegetables that you needed 60 years ago- you get 10 or more servings of RAW veggies, that EXCEED the nutrients you would have gotten in the old days, since they are so ground up and BIO-AVAILABLE!  Meaning, of course, that your body can actually USE the nutrients in the food.

This is the #1 way to improve your health, in my opinion, and in that of many others in the Paleo community-


So simple, and yet... so easy!  Just get a Vitamix to “get ‘er done!”

And the other moral?

We don’t need to eat so darn much!!
I mean so many times throughout the day!  If you eat according to the Paleolithic template, meaning hey- you’ve killed a mammoth!  Hurrah!  Let’s eat a lot of (grass fed) meat, lots of (grass fed) organ meats and fat and marrow and brains...(sorry to be graphic, but this IS the PALEO template!)...

You will NOT be hungry for AGES!!

This is just the way it works!  If you are NOT used to eating at McDonald’s, and dosing yourself with bread products (sugar) and sugar products (soda) every hour or so during every waking moment...  you are not broken- you are NOT a “sugar burner”!  A Paleolithic person did not HAVE this option- they were, by default- FAT BURNERS!

So, when they had nothing to eat (NO MC DONALD’S OR CRISPY CREME), they just...


For hours... or days... or even WEEKS!

And it didn’t hurt them a BIT.  Because they could live off of their FAT, which YOU, and I...


The only difference is, their bodies were ADAPTED to it!  They could go without food for long periods of time, since their bodies were TRAINED to use fat for fuel- their bodies did not EXPECT constant streams of SUGAR to be available.

And so, our paleo ancestors (meaning from 50 years ago, really!) could just go on, and on, until they killed another mastodon... NO PROBLEM!

The lesson here?  Eat in brief windows-

Breakfast and lunch? Then a fast until morning?  This works best for me, providing the breakfast and lunch are FULL of Nutrient Density like a Paleo Smoothie, loaded with veggies and ALL that your body could possibly need or want!  Also plenty of good FAT like coconut milk and oil to SATE your appetite so you don’t even think about food!

OR, lunch and supper?  This is another option, and one I use occasionally when I have a day off.

OR... JUST SUPPER?  This is actually quite do-able, if you want to be like the ancient Spartans, and follow the “Warrior Diet” program.  It is quite, uh, SPARTAN, but, if  you want to go this very simple, and yet very productive route- IT WILL WORK VERY VERY WELL!!

Your call, given your goals.  For me, at 61 years old?

Just breakfast and lunch. Easy Peasy!

Lastly, I want to recommend that you listen to simple, rootsy, basic, calming “folk-style” music to get you back to basics!

By this I mean music that is without special effects, synthesizers- all the accoutrements that have taken over modern popular music, to it’s detriment!

I was driving home tonight from work, in the dark, and was listening to our good friend and neighbor John Smith, an acclaimed folk artist on Pandora.  Although I have his songs on mp3’s, Pandora shuffles in similar basic, unaffected, folk music types of performers, and this is really cool!

Many younger folks have never heard music, EVER, that is just- simple, real music!

I mean like one person, their guitar, and a voice!  Or maybe just a VOICE!

And I think that, in a tribal sense, this is very important.  Listen to REAL, basic music!

I don’t care that it’s electrified- that’s fine- I like that quite a bit!  Mine surely is, mostly!

But try to keep it as real as possible.  Listen to
This is simple, and real.

Think Hank Williams.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe podcast #64- How to get Really Fat! AND-You really can’t resist- Resistant Starch!

PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe podcast #64-

How to get Really Fat!

You really can’t resist- Resistant Starch!

OK, here is the answer you’ve been searching for- just HOW can you reliably get really, really big, sloppy, jiggly FAT?  Everyone wants to know how to do this, right?  Well, let me tell you right now- your old friend Pale
oJay has the answer!  I can tell you exactly how to get real fat in record time, easily and quickly!

First off- count your calories!  They are all that matter, after all, right?  So, count your calories closely, so you can start to consciously limit them.  Because, if you limit your calories to less than your body wants, you’ll lose weight, correct?  Some of that weight, perhaps even most of it will be muscle and bone, but hey- the weight is all that matters- the scale.

Next, limit your fat intake!  Fat has more calories per ounce than any other nutrient source, so you must try to eliminate fat from your diet!  Eat lots of healthy, whole grain products- processed cereals, low fat processed foods of all types, and lots of industrial seed vegetable oils.  Don’t even think about butter or bacon or, God forbid, coconut oil!  High fat all!

Exercise for long, long periods of time, extremely slowly and preferably on a metered cardio machine that counts exactly how many calories you burn each session.  ! hour per day is good; 2,3, or 4 hours daily is even better!  Move more and eat less, right?

Ignore food quality!  A calorie is a calorie is a calorie!  And so, you are better off eating a 100 calorie snack pack of cookies, rather than that avocado with over 300 calories!  Wash those yummy cookies down with a big Coca Cola, (100 calories), and you have saved 100 calories by not eating that evil avocado- pat yourself on the back.

Don’t train intensely, for strength!  Muscle weighs much more than fat, and your scale weight will look really bad- so stop doing resistance training!  NOW!

Also- don’t drink your calories- things like smoothies are LOADED with calories, and useless things like nutrients, that will NOT help you get really fat.  Instead, concentrate on  probably the most important tool in your “Get Fat” toolbox:

Eat LOTS of grains and sugars!   These two items will pack on the FAT better than anything else.They are low fat, even NO fat for the most part, and so they will spike your insulin after your blood sugar is driven way up high.  You will then have your blood sugar drop from the insulin, triggering new appetite for... more carbs and sugar!  This will repeat the cycle, over and over... and you will never feel full, because your blood sugar keeps rising and falling!

So, there you have it!  How to get really fat, and sick, and diabetic, and disease prone.

What?  You’d rather get lean, fit, and super healthy?  Well, there’s no accounting for taste, but that’s easy- just do exactly the opposite of all of that conventional wisdom!

Eliminate grains and sugars from your diet as much as possible.

Drink a large, green Paleo Smoothie, loaded with every nutrient you can pack into it, every single day.

Train intensely, for strength and strength-endurance- do you Perfectly Paleo Exercises daily- visualized resistance, self resisted, pushups, straight legged situps, hindu squats and pushups; bridging.  Buy a set of gymnastic rings, and make or buy a kettlebell!  Sprint.

Pay close attention to food quality, and nutrient density.  You are what you eat, and in the case of animals, you are what you eat ate!  Eat wild caught seafood, and grass fed animals whenever possible.  Pastured dairy products are also immeasurable better for you.

Exercise in brief, intense working sets!  FEEL your muscles working, and learn to relish the feeling- your body craves such work.

Eat LOTS of fat, to get lean!  This is key- fat will satisfy your appetite like nothing else, and there is good reason- your body needs good quality, natural God made fats more than any other category of nutrients.  Fat is needed to run our brains, and every cell in our body.  Fat- it does a body good!

And lastly, NEVER count, obsess, or limit your calories as a means to control your body weight or composition.  This just teaches your body to panic, and hold onto every bit of fat it can, and store even more, since it thinks you are starving.  Eat until satisfied, with plenty of real God made foods, and you won’t be hungry again for a long time.

And so, that’s how to get fat, or get lean; your choice!  But, I do have a couple of more tips for you on the leanness side:

This thing with Resistant Starch just keeps getting bigger and bigger in Paleo Land!
You really owe it to yourself to get a bag of Bob’s Potato Starch, either online or at the store.  It is under $5 a bag, and if you work up to 4 Tablespoons per day in your Paleo Smoothie, that alone will make you leaner, have lower blood sugar, and be healthier!  It really is that cool, and simple.  Read up on it a Richard Nikoley's site

So, there you go!  Fat or lean, sick or healthy, happy or depressed... it’s your choice!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year from PaleoJay and the whole Paleo Smoothie Cafe!

I woke up late this morning, since I had greeted the New Year and stayed up until midnight with family last night!  Had a great workout of visualized resistance first, which is my warm up and base of exercises, covering the whole body finishing with hindu bridges; next, it was ab wheel roll outs, side planks, elevated leg pushups in shoulder width, wide grip, and narrow grips- supersetted to 5 sets.

Feeling great and energized, I took my shower, laved my body with coconut oil, and then made Hollandaise sauce recipe included in this post!, and we put it onto canadian bacon topped with poached eggs- YUM!!

I then just checked the computer, and saw... THIS-

This is an amazing ranking for little old PaleoJay from the hinterlands of rural Wisconsin!

Anyway, thank YOU for listening- I could not do anything without YOU and your greatest gift to give- the gift of your time and attention.    I will continue to strive to give you the best content I am capable of, weekly, and will continually learn more to share with YOU, since your are part of MY TRIBE- The PaleoJay Smoothie Cafe!!