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Sunday, June 29, 2014

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe #80 Train Like...a Kitten!

PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe #80  Train like... a Kitten!

I know- you are going to think that I, your faithful PaleoJay, have gone off my rocker!  But I mean it- if there is ONE role model that we need in this fast-paced, sleep deprived, cortisol laden modern American and Western lifestyle that we have inflicted upon ourselves, it is the KITTEN!  Or the cat, or any version of any cat being, of any size...

How does a kitten live?  Or any cat, for that matter- they SLEEP about 20 hours per day!  GREAT START!  They get up, and they STRETCH methodically, and then get started on their day... usually, they will, if domesticated, go to their food bowl and eat.  If wild, they will start HUNTING.  When they find some game, they RUN IT DOWN, kill it, and eat it- starting with the organ meats.  (Great cat wisdom there!)

Kittens, in particular, are great role models, especially for those of us who have NOT followed an exercise regimen, or are definitely NOT “kitten” aged any longer-

Kittens know how to train to become cats; tigers or lions or panthers too!

They start by methodically exploring their own bodies and movement skills, and gradually expanding upon them.

First, they squirm and stretch- play act fighting and hunting with their little siblings, and with just random strings and reflections. (shadow boxing!)  And it works!

Their skills grow and grow- in a matter of weeks, and then a few months, a kitten becomes a fearsome CAT of whatever size it is meant to be, with gymnastic and athletic skills that are absolutely awesome to see!

“But Jay” I hear you saying, “How does this mean anything to me??”

Well, grasshopper, or preferably KITTEN: in a word- everything.

Go thou, and do likewise-

When you arise- STRETCH!  Religiously, every morning!  Have a regular routine, and   follow it- It is really important.

Next, eat a good, paleo-type of protein, and veggie rich breakfast!  Religiously, again, every morning!  Eggs, bacon, pastured steak and paleo coffee loaded with cream and coconut oil and cinnamon, a giant PALEO SMOOTHIE loaded with; well, with EVERYTHING a vital, strong human could possibly need or want!

EXCEPTION:  OR- if it’s a Sunday, or a day off, and you want to relax and don’t need to work, and want to emphasize your cat-like laziness and sleepiness-

Drink the Paleo coffee, and that is ALL!  You are going into your CAT hunting/fasting mode:  Lay around... stretch... enjoy the lethargy, the pure luxury of reveling in not having to RUSH!  Observe nature, pay real attention to it- the birds, the squirrels, the sounds of nature.  MEDITATE ON IT.  Your cat-like, primeval body is benefiting greatly- shutting down stress hormone (cortisol) production, revel in the very feel of the grass beneath your feet as you walk in the backyard.  Think about how you will spend the day- if Sunday, you can go to church and feel the spiritual recharge and exchange between you and the divine that will energize you- a real meditation!  Next, come home again, and, if hungry now, you can eat, but consider, just consider, kitten:  maybe you would like to work out now.  If you really listen to your body, you really just might feel this way- I often do...

A kitten knows when it’s time, intuitively.  You do too; you’ve just kind of... forgotten.

Last week, I knew I should NOT work out!  I didn’t feel guilty, I just KNEW that my body wanted to REST like a cat would.

Tomorrow, I know that I CRAVE a good workout!!  On the rings!  One the P-bars!!  Sprinting barefoot!!!

HARD but short!  It will feel fantastic- Like a cat running at top speed after hapless prey!!

And so, to get back to the EXCEPTION DAY:

Relax all morning, chill out.  Meditate. Pray. Stretch.  Enjoy the early morning (or late morning!)... Drink your Paleo coffee, loaded with ketogenic fats, and enjoy...

Go to church.  Meditate and pray again.  Enjoy the feeling!

Don’t eat- enjoy the feeling of not having to eat, to prepare or clean up, or anything but relax!  Prolong it!!

Converse, get in touch with family, read.  Maybe now you feel like working out?  I often do!!  SO DO IT!  Do your Perfectly Paleo Exercise!  Work your body, catlike, exploring all different was of moving and exerting yourself- NOT to “burn calories”, NOT to “get a pump”- just to move like a kitten or a cat- for pure FUN and the JOY of it!!

Afterwards, just like a Lion that has run down it’s prey, you will start to crave REAL, God made FOOD!  Because you now deserve it, and can make good use of it!!

So, DO IT!!

Let’s say it’s early, or mid-afternoon on a Sunday:  Fire up your grill!!  That’s what I do, routinely on these
exceptional Sundays!

Paleo Smoothie before blending
Put on a slab of ribs- (Imagine you just ran down the boar and killed it)

Add in some bacon- (from the same boar...)

Put on a roast of grass fed beef- (from a ruminant you killed after the boar)

And GRILL SOME LIVER from that same ruminant cow-like creature, to which you can add some Hollandaise sauce tomorrow morning for your workday huge paleo breakfast!!

I like to grill a whole weeks worth of meat on Sundays, and it is a blast to do so!!

Think about it: like a cat, you have relaxed, meditated, revitalized your feline body by stretching, contemplating, getting more-than-adequate sleep, and just plain getting in touch with your bad self!

THEN, you ran down your PREY, KILLED IT, (Figuratively speaking: you just bought it from your local farmer or rancher probably)- and now you are reaping the nutritional rewards for both yourself and your TRIBE of CAT-FOLK!  (Perhaps Catness is among them?  I don’t know...)

CRACK A BEER DUDE!  You have earned it!  It’s the Catnip equivalent of a human reward...

You need the carbs- and you have revitalized you, and YOURS!!

Party on, Catness.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #24 Be a Paleo Pioneer

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #24  Paleo is a Journey- Leave Your Scale, Barbells, and Processed Foods Behind!

A constant query you have probably received as you started your Paleo or Ancestral sort of lifestyle is this:

“How do you even know what Paleo is?  All paleolithic peoples didn’t eat the same diet!”

And this is very true!  And so, what is the answer?

This thing is, a Paleo diet and lifestyle is just a concept; a metaphor for returning to eating real, God made foods!  So what if the Inuit ate mostly meat and fat, since that was all that they had available in the extreme northlands- and other tribes ate mostly tubers and game meat, and others whatever!  The point is: NONE of them were ever eating McDonald’s or Taco Bell’s fake red-slime types of phony meat products, cooked in soybean oil, fries, and washed it all down with a sugary or chemically sweetened drink!  NONE!!  They all ate real foods, as created by nature, by default, and were all the healthier for it.

And all Paleolithic peoples exercised in a natural, healthy manner, again, by default, since there was no alternative... and, again, they were all the healthier for it!

And that is the point: although there are various versions of the Paleo diet, this does not debunk the concept that a real food diet is ideal-

Pioneer Woman's "Caveman Pop"
It just shows that YOUR ideal Paleo diet may be somewhat different from mine!

There are similarities, of course, that run the gamet of ALL Paleo diets:

Real, God made foods, NOT man made processed foods!

LESS carbohydrates, much less than in the modern, S.A.D. Standard American Diet that is loaded with sugars, industrial seed oils ala margarine and vegetable oils (fake fats)!

MUCH less sugar and other sweeteners than in the SAD Diet!

Wild caught animals, pastured animals and milk products, and much more seafood and cultured or fermented vegetable and dairy products!

FAR more green, leafy, and cruciferous vegetables than in the SAD diet- probably about 5-6 times more veggies than almost anyone- probably more than most vegans consume- veggies, counter-intuitively for people not in the know, are the MAIN component of a Paleo diet!    And, of course, this is easily done with a Vitamix blender,
which “chews” the veggies up for you, fresh or frozen, and makes them easily assimilable in a liquid form!  Easy to order with free shipping from

So, if you are trying to “lean out”; that is lose body fat initially- don’t eat much rice, or white potato or sweet potato- have a Paleo smoothie, have some more butter on another plate of broccoli, eat some more grass fed beef- even some good quality cheese!  Carbohydrates are not your friend right now...

But, when you have a good body composition, are training regularly in a natural, Perfectly Paleo Exercise sort of manner- well, then you actually NEED some God made carbs like potatoes, and rice, and even a green banana added into your smoothie for the Prebiotic function it gives to your gut microbes!

In other words, there is no one-size-fits-all PALEO DIET!

It changes as you continue on your Paleo Journey, back to the way our ancestors ate successfully for thousands of years!

Imagine your Paleo journey to be a migration across the American continent back in the 1800’s- your Paleo covered wagon carrying you along to the land of health and wellness, a happy mind in a strong, fit body.  As you travel, you leave non-essentials behind- the pioneers left books, pianos, and dishes...

You can leave behind your SCALE (Gravity acting on your body tells you nothing about your health!), processed foods, soda pop, all wheat and modern grains, your barbell set, gym membership...

Your journey will go so much better unencumbered by all of this useless BAGGAGE!
 You will arrive lean, healthy, fit, and UNINJURED or SICK!

Go West Young Man (Or Woman!)  Onward to PaleoLand!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #23 The Very BEST Ways to Exercise, Naturally!

Flies on the rings

If you’ve been following along with Paleo Quick Tip of the Day for the past 23 weeks, you are surely seeing and feeling big changes in both your body composition, (Less fat; more muscle!), and just feeling amazing!  It doesn’t take that long- usually 3 weeks is the point where folks start to really feel and see it making a difference!  Also, this is the point when your lifelong addiction to processed foods, wheat products and sugar is broken, and you no longer feel like you are in withdrawal...  because you really were an addict!  AND NOW YOU ARE NOT- HALLELUJAH!!

This first 23 weeks has been mainly about dialing in your nutrition and sleep- walking and some exercise, especially virtual and self-resisted exercise have been added into your early morning routine, right after you make your daily paleo green smoothie.  Also, you are probably progressing on your pushups and straight-legged situps...

But now it’s time to up it a notch- add in a weekly workout to really maximize your lean muscle, and build up a real, symmetrical physique that is not only attractive, but very, very functional and healthy!

I’m not big on exercise apparatus at all- I’ve tried most of it in my mis-spent youth, and I am quite anti-weight lifting!  It is just not necessary, and builds a physique that is really quite unappealing, but most importantly is fraught with injury, and I mean injury that is UNAVOIDABLE if you continue lifting heavy weights!!

So, what can you do to really build your body in an aesthetic, healthy, classically symmetrical and pleasing way?

Get some gymnastic rings!!

I have a set in my cellar; since my farmhouse is well over a century old, and constructed of giant blocks of stone, the cellar has ceilings over 10 feet tall with exposed joists above- so, simple to hang some rings!  If you don’t have a place to hang them, it is easy to hang them from a tree branch, or a swing set, or a jungle gym in a playground- there are lots of ways to make it work!  You could take them to the park on Sunday, do your rings workout, and take them home... no big deal! And you will feel GREAT!

Here is my Sunday Rings workout:

Pushups- pushups on the rings are MUCH more difficult than regular pushups, and MUCH more productive and beneficial than a bench press with weights- your scapula rotates completely as you go all the way down, and the handles rotate with your hands, taking all harmful stress off of your joints (elbow, wrist, shoulder) and maximizing the positive stress on your chest, shoulders, triceps, abs, and especially your tendons and ligaments, that are largely ignored in traditional weight lifting since all of the stress is linear; i.e. up-and-down- here, it is all around!

I do pushups, and then flies on the rings, and then pullovers by moving forward and lifting my torso with straight arms for reps, followed by triceps extensions by lifting my torso again with bent arms... you get the idea!

Blocky, bulky, short-lived weight lifter body

You can easily move from exercise to exercise- do rows, chins, dips, and my favorite- chins in an L-sit position, working your lats and abs to the maximum, all at once!

What’s that?  You can’t DO a chin up?  Not even one?

Well, my friend, man or woman- now you can!

You just set the rings low enough (they are easily adjustable), and assist with your legs just enough to complete your chin- or dip- or row...
Train like a CAT!

and, if you can’t do a full, down to the ground pushup on rings (most can’t, at least at week 23!), set the rings higher- as high as you need!  And do your reps!!

Perfect Pushup device- also very effective
There is something very satisfying and primal about rings training- It’s like barefoot sprinting on grass- it brings me back to my childhood, running around with my friends, little 8 year old Jay, out in the fresh air and sunshine, having a BLAST!

Rings are like that, too- basic movement, like playing on the monkey bars when you were a kid, climbing trees, pulling yourself up on branches- just plain experimenting with moving your body, like a cat!

Cats never give up on this movement training, why should you?

Get yourself a set of gymnastic rings.  Hang them up in the playground this Sunday.  After your fun, experimental workout, go for a few barefoot sprints across the park!

Isn’t it great being a kid again?


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Sunday, June 15, 2014

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe Podcast #79- Time Magazine admits that Fat is Good!

PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe #79- Time Magazine Admits that the War on Fat was WRONG!

Yes, that’s right- even the mainstream media conduit of Time magazine has come our with their latest cover story that— FAT IS NOT BAD!  (Gasp!)

For those of us in Paleoland, this might seem like a no-brainer, like a “duh” moment, but consider this:  90% PLUS of the general population, INCLUDING M.D.’s and other health professionals like NUTRITIONISTS would NOT AGREE!!

This is actually quite shocking, since all of the latest science supports the idea that FAT is NOT bad to eat, and that

Sugars and refined carbohydrates are the real cause of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and ALL of the host of modern day degenerative disease and illness!!

Actually, that last sentence should be inscribed on a mountaintop, and illuminated night and day like the HOLLYWOOD sign in… well, Hollywood!

The cause is that crucial: the health, and the health care system itself in the USA is breaking down.  This is because of the adoption of the low fat hypothesis, spearheaded by Ancel Keyes in the 1960’s, that led us down a path of bad research, cherry-picking of data, and a false conclusion!

Ironically, Time Magazine itself trumpeted this “triumph”, back in 1961!!

Since then, when Ancel Keyes FALSIFIED his data from a study, and convinced the McGovern commission to back him…



Sorry to be so extreme, but this is an extreme CRISIS!

We are looking at 53 years of LIES, FAKE Science, and Mis-information!  This is a travesty, and it MUST be righted, to save us all!
Don't eat fat! Instead...

“But Jay, but Jay!” I hear you crying- “How can we feed the world with good, pure, God-made food if we don’t have tons and tons of grains?”

Thanks for asking, Grasshopper!  The truth of the matter is that: our future is IN OUR PAST!

Small, local, family farms are the BEST way to ensure ample GOOD REAL food for EVERYONE!

Back in the wake of the bad science of Ancel Keyes, the idea of “progress” was to GET BIG OR GET OUT in farming- this was in 1971- Earl Butz was the latest incarnation of Ancel Keyes, and the US Department of Agriculture went from supporting small family farms, to being the agent of their destruction- GET BIG OR GET OUT!  REALLY??

Yes, that’s really how it went!  Thomas Jefferson is probably STILL spinning in his grave over that one!

And, from those two really bad decisions and conclusions, our family farms, the source of all of our food, and the economy of thousands of small farming communities,


Small family farms have DISAPPEARED- destroyed by Federal Government incentives to grow GRAIN crops that were not needed, at the expense of wholesome, nutritious crops like vegetables, fruits, and small and large animals and eggs…

The DIVERSITY of these small farms has been wiped-out, since competition from giant, corporate owned CAFO or confined animal feeding operations has been subsidized by the Federal Government by them offering grain subsidies to operations that grow GRAINS, and even subsidies to giant farms that DON’T GROW GRAINS (SO THE PRICE IS ARTIFICIALLY HIGHER!)…

What do we need to escape this catastrophe?

Simple- like in most of life!  Less; MUCH less GOVERNMENT!

Free markets- NO grain subsidies, i.e. taxpayer money going to pay giant corporate farmers to grow grain that no one needs or should even eat!

This ONE simple thing would give the incentive to farmers to grow real, God-made, nutritious foods; foods like broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, lentils, lettuce, raspberries, spinach, avocados, strawberries- the list goes on and on and on-

How much would that change the world?

Suddenly, Young people could MAKE A LIVING FARMING ON A SMALL SCALE!
They could raise real, nutritious, God-made foods, and raise cattle and chickens and eggs and pastured pork and raw milk and butter and cream…


And so, in a post-grain, subsidized Government-run misinformed micromanagement of farming, things would naturally revert to sanity:




And family farms, I mean family farms like those depicted in the Wizard of Oz movie from the 1939 Movie Musical would return in all their glory-

Young people could actually provide a life on the farm!

How cool is that??

We could actually go back to the future- but, this would be a future as presaged by Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms; utilizing MODERN technology to replicate a primeval, natural, God-made landscape-

Things like electric fencing, and “chicken  tractors”, where chickens are allowed to “roam” after herbivores like their ancestors, but confined in a moving vehicle to replicate the ancient pattern, but in control…

Technology could easily be our friend in this, rather than our enemy…

But Government policy and control IS, and will continue to be our undoing-

UNLESS we let technology help us as INDIVIDUALS, and ELIMINATE the Governmental Control that is just SCREWING everything up- both health-wise, and environmental-wise…

Let’s just go back to the future- back to the founding fathers!

Limited BIG Government.

LOCAL Government raised ABOVE BIG Government!!

Common sense over Ancel Keyes Fake Science.  Local Markets over the FDA!!  REAL FOOD OVER PROCESSED FAKE FOOD LIKE SUBSTANCES!!!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #22- Get Fit, Strong and Healthy- AND get a Natural Facelift in the Process!!!

Free shipping!
Free shipping on ANY Vitamix!
I know, this sounds like a crazy infomercial... but it is TRUE, and actually rather easily achievable- every last bit of it!  How?

As you know, following a Paleo or ancestral type of diet is key for health- but did you know that the easiest, fastest, and most sustainable way to achieve such results is...


It really is that simple!

Take about a handful, or a cupful, or whatever you shake out into your Vitamix blender (no exacting recipes here, thank you!) of mixed frozen or fresh veggies- I like the California Mix from Wal-Mart and most groceries- cauliflower, broccoli, carrots) and then add another handful of either collards, spinach, kale- a leafy green dude!  Whatever you have on hand- fresh or frozen- doesn’t matter!

When you mix this into an instant smoothie meal replacement by adding a liquid like green or white tea, coconut milk, and a little bit of citrus fruit like a lemon, orange, and a handful of berries, fresh or frozen- you are giving your body the most incredible source of nutrients that you possible could offer!  “Hurray YOU” says your body!

You see, most of us are vastly overfed and undernourished. This means that we get too many calories that are devoid of nutrients that our bodies need desperately...

And not nearly enough of the micronutrients that we need to be fit, strong, and healthy!  The GREEN VEGETABLES, primarily, that we need in GREAT QUANTITY TO BE OUR HEALTHIEST, FITTEST, AND BEST!

Quite frankly, it is difficult to follow the Paleo diet... if you do it without a daily Paleo Green Smoothie!  It’s almost impossible to get enough greens and veggies to make it really happen, like it did in primeval times when our ancestors would literally gather and chew these veggies, ALL DAY LONG!!

We don’t live like that today... but, we can accomplish the exact same thing, but even BETTER by putting our veggies into a Vitamix and blending them into an easily assimilable Paleo Smoothie that we can drink, easily and effortlessly.

And just why is this so great?

Because if we get all of these wonderful nutrients, in their natural form (not supplements!), from God-made veggies and fruits and pastured eggs and teas and butter and spices... WE ARE GIVING OUR BODIES EVERYTHING THEY NEED, AND HAVE BEEN LACKING, IN MOST CASES FOR YEARS AND YEARS!
When your body at last has all the nutrients it needs, it shuts off your appetite!

The reason you are probably constantly hungry is that your body needs nutrients to build, and maintain your body’s health and wellness!

If you give it nutrient poor food, like the Standard American SAD diet- it will say over and over and over again- I’m Hungry- EAT!

And, if you continue to give it man made food, i.e. CRAP; your body will STILL be hungry, although storing fat all over your body, and especially all over your FACE!

Give your body a Paleo Green Smoothie each day, and a huge change happens, and it happens FAST.

Almost immediately, your skin clears- hey- the body has enough nutrients now!

Next, fat starts melting away- hey- the body is no longer hungry- it has nutrients in plenty to build and repair with!  The body even says Hey- we should work out, since we have the nutrients available to build muscle- and let’s get rid of this worthless fat- we have enough nutrients coming in, this must be a time of plenty- let’s build up and be strong!

The thing I notice the most, in folks who start incorporating a daily Paleo Smoothie, loaded with greens and veggies is-

Besides the fact that their skin and hair look amazingly healthy and glowing, their face is WAY thinner, more defined, and without that BLOAT that is so typical of modern Americans- THEY ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE MODELS!

Cheekbones show up, the double chin disappears, and even wrinkles seem to be gone...

All from a Paleo Green Smoothie, made easily in a Vitamix blender, in your own kitchen??

Yes, it really is that simple and easy!

This is the ONE magic bullet that I recommend to ALL- and you can get it with free shipping at the link at

But, even if you don’t order it there, just get one, and more importantly use it on a regular basis!  NOTHING, and I really mean NOTHING is more beneficial to your health and appearance that this one simple step- NOTHING!


Check out this episode!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #21- Cook your own Food, Dude!

This may seem like a non-important kind of issue- maybe you are in the habit of “picking up” food for lunch at work, skip breakfast or eat something quick and processed, and go out several times per week to a restaurant, where you try to order “paleo” foods… not a big deal, right?
Au contraire, my friend!  There is no real way around it- nothing is better for you, both physically for your health and wellness, or mentally by putting you in a more intimate contact with the animals and vegetables that give their lives for your sustenance, than actually preparing, cutting, Vitamixing, and cooking them!  And, what you see it what you get!  No “red slime” mixed in your ground beef or chicken, no sick damaged animals from concentration camp feed lot meat laced  with hormones and antibiotics; not if you get it from a trusted local farmer as I do, and I suggest you do!
Check out if you don’t have a farmer friend as of yet!  Type in your address or zip code, and all the local farmers, their drop off points near you, and farmers markets will all magically appear!  It really is an amazingly useful service, and a great way to hook up with a local farmer or rancher who can be a great source of healthy food, and a good way to wean yourself off of the grocery store and processed fake food crap!

Not only will you get away from substandard corn fed, diseased meats that are loaded with every toxic medicine and disease brought on by substandard diet- you will also free yourself from all of the bad oils, like soybean and canola oil, ALL the vegetable oils that are sabotaging your health!  You can begin using real oils and fats like pastured butter (Kerrygold butter is great, from Ireland), coconut oil, olive oil, and along with the good meat you will be eating, you will correct the balance of omega 3 to omega 6 fats, of which the Omega 6 from standard meats and fats is WAY out of whack in your body, unless you’ve been truly Paleo for quite a while… which is what you want, and what you WILL BE after you follow this last Paleo Quick Tip of the Day step, along with the 20 preceding!
You can also use your trusted farmer source for organic vegetables, pastured eggs, and perhaps some wonderful pastured berries- YUM!  Maybe some raw cream???
The thing is- given the proper nutrients, your body can accomplish almost anything- fight off disease, build abundant health, shed fat and build muscle- just by being fed correctly, as God and nature intended!
It really is that easy!
We have just gotten so far off track, by NOT-
getting our meats from naturally raised conditions
eating unnatural, fake fats and oils
and by actually EATING-
processed, and fast processed fake crap foods from a drive-thru
soft drinks of any type, sweetened or chemical sweetened
Genetically modified wheat, corn and soy products
that we have destroyed our bodies’ innate ability to heal itself!

We then run desperately the Medical INDUSTRY, and beg to be “fixed” of our many diseases- and they gladly oblige…

NOT by fixing us- just by masking the symptoms with various drugs, and taking all of our money for the favor!
Don’t fall into this trap- you are your own physician-
Physician- heal thyself!

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Paleo is spreading steadily... GET ON BOARD!

Today I want to share a couple of inspirational videos that will inspire you!  Here is the story of Keli Kryfko, a formerly fat girl who adopted the Paleo diet and lost 100 pounds to become a beauty queen!  Eating real, God made paleolithic foods truly is the answer to health and fitness!  It's really not low fat, high carb, chemical sweeteners and unsaturated fake fats- really!  

We have been lied to, and misled, for over 50 years by fake science, and the profit of selling fake BIG AG processed foods, which leads to the huge profit of treating unnecessary diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease... the list goes on and on.  All can be eliminated just by eating a real, Paleo type of ancestral diet, and getting some natural Perfectly Paleo Exercise!

And here is my other great video for your inspiration and motivation: This kid is great at bodyweight exercise, and has really figured things out at a really young age!

Notice that both of these amazing young people have figured out that a strong relationship with God is key to their progress... no accident there!

Eat Paleo, exercise Paleo, Live Paleo!


PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe #78 The Neanderthal Diet!

Are we really following the Neanderthal Diet??  Now THAT is Paleo writ large…

Since I do these podcasts on Sundays, I really believe that I am becoming the Paleo Pastor- I usually begin them shortly after church, as well, and so I am creating my own “sermon” to compete with that of the Methodist Church which I attend… not really- but in it’s own way it is very similar!  I feel like a minister in that I am espousing a way of life that includes:

A healthy wholesome diet
A rich and full family and tribal community
Good sleep and positive interactions
Doing right both for you and yours, and for all around you
Fellowship and productive exercise and treating your body like the temple that it is, making it as healthy as you can!

Sounds like a sermon, doesn’t it?

So anyway, let’s start this Sunday sermon with a thought about our wonderful progenitors- the Neanderthal!  Did you know that EVERY person, with the exception of pure Africans, has the DNA of the Neanderthal within them?  Even American blacks, since they average about 30% European ancestry have a proportion within them.  And what does this mean?

It appears that Neanderthals, besides probably giving us blue and green eyes, blonde and red hair, and an ability to deal with the cold climate of the North, also gave us more of a sense of community and peacefulness than we had heretofore possessed!

I liken the Cro-magnon version of us, coming out of Africa, with hyper aggressive, violent giant tribes, intent on conquest and expanding territory.  We encountered Neanderthal groups, who were much less numerous, and living mainly in extended family groups… and with NO DIVISION OF LABOR.

Men and women hunted together, mainly for large animals.  Our African forebears, contrarily, had a division of labor- Women gathered- men hunted! It seems like a small thing; but this is a major difference- while it is much more efficient, the equality and total group-bonding in that we are all equal, and all in this together… is GONE.  Our African selves were very efficient, very aggressive, and bent on domination at all costs.

Doesn’t that sound like us, in modern America and the West, today??

And now, it has morphed into pretty near a psychosis: we are all running in a rat race- we all need a bigger house, new kitchen cabinets, a new car, a better college for our kids, fancier clothes, a new stupid tattoo to show how cool we are…

Let’s go back to our inner Neanderthal!!

We’re all in this TOGETHER!  Our family is our TRIBE!!  We can all hunt, OR gather, together!  Women don’t need to cover their faces, men don’t need to dominate!