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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Leptin- the Master of your Brain!

First off, I recommend you listen to this excellent interview via podcast with Dr. Ron Rosedale on Jimmy Moore Presents.
EXCELLENT overview of the role of Leptin in your body!

Leptin. Live call-in pod cast with Jimmy Moore today 7pm EST

‘All Things Leptin (Leptin 101)’ | Dr. Ron Rosedale Come join us and hear all about Leptin live with Dr. Ron and Jimmy MooreIf you have a question about leptin that you would like for Dr. Rosedale to address, then feel free to send it to the email below, e-mailing your name, question, and put in the subject line “Dr. Ron Rosedale” to You can also ask your question LIVE on my show by calling (712) 432-0900 or Skype the show for FREE by calling the username freeconferencing.7124320900. Whether you call or Skype, be sure to use the access code 848908.
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Ok, done that?  Good- let's talk leptin!
Bottom line:  A high fat, low carb, low sugar diet will keep your leptin happy.  When your leptin is "happy" it will keep your appetite perfectly regulated, and keep you healthy and happy as well!

"Your brain is a servant of your fat, your brain is what fat uses to do its bidding, and your fat’s bidding will determine your lifespan. 

Here’s a very brief review. Leptin was discovered about ten years ago. Produced by fat. It’s supposed to tell your hypothalamus how much fat you’ve got and whether to produce more fat. And whether you should keep eating to produce more fat or get rid of some excess. In our evolutionary history, it was good to store some fat. All of our ancestors encountered a famine. You needed to have a good energy source. Fat’s a good, efficient energy source, but it wasn’t good to be too fat, because if you were too fat, you were going to end up as a meal for another organism. Because if you are running from a lion in a group of people, which one is it going to catch? If you got too fat, the lion catches you, because you can’t run up a tree. And those genes would have been eliminated from the gene pool. Leptin tells the brain how much fat there is, and whether you should get more fat or you shouldn’t..
Which means, leptin controls whether or not you’re hungry."

Ron Rosedale

It really is amazing how powerful the role of leptin is in the human body.  Leptin, if kept at natural, low levels by eating a Paleo type of diet, with no grains (which turn to sugar in the mouth!), and of course very little sugar itself, and moderate protein and high levels of good, natural fat.  (Think of avocados, coconut oil, full fat butter, etc.)  

Did you know that it is quite possible, and actually rather common to be "skinny fat", or "metabolically obese"?   There are plenty of non-overweight people who are afflicted with "fat people" diseases:
Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and a host of others...

Their fat is stored "viscerally", meaning it is around and within the organs themselves.  It doesn't show up much on the outside, but it sure raises the leptin levels that destroy them from the inside out!

"How can one hormone make a difference in all these different things? It has to do with leptin’s ability to control the rate of aging. Aging, or the lack of it, is determined by proper communication. When that communication goes awry, all kinds of things go wrong."  Ron Rosedale
In other words, if you allow your leptin levels to rise, by eating the Standard American Diet or high carbs, high sugar, and low fat, you are setting yourself up for bad signals from the master hormone, leptin:

  1. Metabolic syndrome, or Syndrome X
  2. Increasing fat, which results in even higher leptin levels
  3. ALL of the modern diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, acid reflux, etc.
  4. Vastly increased rate of aging

So, it is in your best interests in every aspect to follow a High Fat Low Carb diet!  HFLC, or in other words a Paleo type of diet!

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