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Friday, January 11, 2013

Go Paleo- at Panera "Bread"!!??

As a Paleo Persona, I have been granted advance notice of a wonderful event:

The Introduction of PALEO BREAKFAST items at Panera Bread franchises- NATION WIDE!

"Here's how you get the dishes -- just tell one of our associates that you're ordering from the "Hidden Menu", and they'll take care of it from there."

The above is a quote from the Panera site; so, just to reiterate, order from the hidden menu, and you will have access to ALL KINDS of "hidden" TREASURES to order!

Paleo foods that will POWER your day, and give you the ancestral type of nutrition that you have been lacking!  Bring your kids, and your reluctant spouse, and show them what is available!!

The bottom line is this:

Our health, and the health of our children has been vastly compromised, since we stopped actually preparing meals at home that were healthy, and nutrient dense.  Hopefully, this step by a Drive-up type of restaurant that is ubiquitous and "ok" by kid standards will INSPIRE ALL of us to graduate to actually making the step to having traditional, ancestral MEALS AT HOME that follow this restaurant template, and actually go it one better!!

This Paleo meal idea was concocted in conjunction with Tim Ferriss  "The Four Hour Chef" fame, and Scott Davis, Panera Bread's Chief Concept Officer, who requested Tim Ferriss' help on the effort...

Bravo, Tim and Scott!!

So, now all of you urban dwelling fast food junkies can go Paleo, easily!  DO IT!!

It just might inspire you to get more into this healthy lifestyle, the diet of our grandparents, and hopefully, all of our future generations!!  

They also have a "hidden menu" of Paleo meals for lunch and dinner as well!

 Power Steak Lettuce Wrap for lunch:


And not everything is steak!!  But I will say it tickles MY fancy!

Sure beats a bagel!


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