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Monday, December 31, 2012

Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe now on Facebook!

Come on over and "Like" Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe on Facebook! 

It's just one more way we can stay in touch about our Paleo way of eating, moving and living in harmony with our Ancestral background and evolution...  

Although our bodies and minds are virtually unchanged from the Primeval, we do now have myriads of technology to connect us all into a Paleo Tribal family- and that's what I intend our "Smoothie Cafe" to be- a down-home place where we can all connect, reinforce our commitment to eating real foods as they were created by God, not man-made horrors of fake nutrition, and just get back to basics.

So, Happy New Year's to all of you Paleo People out there, and let's commit to making this New Year of 2013 the healthiest, and the happiest year of our lives!  

2012 was Great- 2013 will be even better-
Come along for the ride!


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