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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Abandon Religion at Your Peril- on PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe podcast

Religion!  So Medieval, right?

Well, yes- and ancient, and paleolithic, and well- every other time bar none!

Religion is baked into our DNA!  You can be ‘trendy’, you can deny it completely: but you really can’t, not really.

Neanderthals had a religion, possibly moon worship, but we can’t be sure.  They certainly laid their departed to rest, bedecked with flowers for the next world).
 What we can be certain about is that any people who denied a higher power (think NAZI’s and COMMUNIST’S) - well, they wound up in a nihilistic NIGHTMARE, where in the Nazi’s case they started to worship strange paganistic rituals,  and in communism (and Nazi socialism too, come to think of it) they started in on dictator worship instead: (Stalin and Hitler and Mao to name a few worthies).

Our very species evolved with a notion of a higher power- a GOD.  Usually  matriarchal in the beginning, (the Moon), but then evolving into a patriarchal, SUN god over time.  It is in our very DNA- deny it at your peril.  

Go ahead: deny that there is anything other than man and random chance in the Universe.  Go ahead…

It’s a lie, a lie that is built within us to detect: from the Earth Mother, to Zeuss, to Mithra and the Son of God himself- they are all here, they are all US.  Your fake, climate change denial, hedonism and multiculturalist diversity nightmare all outline it in bright colours:  there is a God, or else there is nothing.  And our evolutionary dictates tell us that there IS.

If there is not a God, what is there?  

This has been answered, time and again.  

If you deny there is any god, it sucks you dry, from the inside.  All is nothing, there is nothing but blind chance, and life is nothing.  

This destroys you, personally.  You are nothing…

Then, you try to substitute, out of desperation:  You read fantasy stories where there is meaning, you watch movies where there is meaning as well (never realizing that the subject and plot lines of these movies and stories is taken from Christian and ancient Western archetypes), pretending there is meaning where your cynical, liberalized mindset prohibits you from looking overall-

And then, as your culture at large adopts this attitude of Liberal Thought writ large: you begin to notice the overall cultural rot.  Without an overarching, cultural program of a God Centered Universe-  


Nothing to live for, nothing to aspire to-
Total hedonism, and then, ultimately- oblivion..

And it’s all a lie. 

Through our very evolution, we know this to be untrue .  We in the Western tradition have built a civilization that is second to none, that has transformed the world.  And we know what happens when there is- nothing.

When there is no belief, when everyone in a society, or the majority, believe in nothing: 

History has shown godless societies to be unfit for survival. Time and again, they have been outcompeted by both gods-fearing and God-fearing societies. 

When God’s law is not observed, the law can become whatever the ruler wants it to be: Ultimately there are no human rights, let alone property rights, as totalitarianism reigns. When religion becomes ascendant, so too does the rule of law. 

And human animals, when given free reign through the idea of no absolutes, meaning the horrid ‘anti- human credo’ of moral relativism- and NO GOD: 

We have here entered the realm of hell on earth.  Where rulers can determine who lives and who dies- whatever they decide, whimsically or whatever.   Where children die en masse, and so do the elderly- 

Like in any African Country nowadays!  We are talking HELL on Earth!  

But don’t say so!  Because, well since they’re from Africa they are a protected species...

BS- Africa is now, officially once again since the fall of South Africa: 


And sadly, major American cities, like Chicago and Detroit, Philadelphia, St.Louis, and many others..

No GOD, no ascendant Western Civilization and culture: 


Sunday, June 23, 2019

Money is NOT the Main Goal! Podcast on Paleojays smoothie cafe

I have never focussed on making money as my primary goal.  Never.

It’s not that I didn’t need money; of course, I acknowledge that we all do!  And, like all of you, I usually wish I had just a little more…  But, when I am so distracted, I try to see the big, Paleo picture if you will:  
‘If I make a pile of money, after working many, many hours, sacrificing my home life, my relationships with my child and my grandchildren- would that make me any happier at all?’

This question always makes me see the big picture clearly.  Family, or TRIBE of family and friends- this always trumps money.  ALWAYS!  Time spent with your tribe, nurturing and simply bonding with them, is really all we have.  Of course, we need to make a living, but we don’t need to sacrifice our present for a nebulous future of riches.  

Most of the time, it doesn’t even work out that way!  Ignoring your tribe usually results in really bad outcomes, like divorce, children resentful and rebelling, and us dying early from ignoring true riches (like our health and the health and relationships between us and the many members of our tribal family).  

I’m now 67, and consider myself to be abundantly healthy and happy!  I’m just middle class, but enhanced my material status by moving and remaining in a rural area, where land and housing costs are quite low by national standards.  I had to learn to do many physical tasks by myself, since hiring them done is expensive, even here.
I found out that I actually enjoy things like cutting firewood and trees down, maintaining my chain saw and tractor and other machines is grounding and keeps me down to earth.  And while I am tending my land, whether garden or lawn, paths through my woods, or working on a stubborn piece of machinery- occasionally, I get a feeling, a revelation perhaps: Wait- I think I am, right now, completely happy and satisfied.  

I cut through the base of a backwards leaning, giant maple tree, then hear a slight ‘crack’.  I loop my chain around the trunk, and step back to my tractor.  I look back as I rev the engine and move slowly away- and that huge tree falls with a whump exactly where I wanted it to!  At that moment, all is right with the world.

Would I feel the same if my tiny suburban yard was immaculate, and my rosebushes, trimmed by a lawn care company, were perfect?  And my expensive sports car was shining in the driveway, on the shiny blacktop, as the lawn care mower went quickly across my small yard, which was perfectly weed free, since they had poured glyphosate liberally over it- would I be pleased that now, with no effort on my part, my grandchildren could scamper over that small lawn with no effort on my part at all?  

Old 67 year aged PaleoJay walks barefoot across his yard, not lawn.  It is green, except for the various dandelion, or creeping charlie.  Plantains are in abundance in certain areas, since he never uses any herbicides, or insecticides.  His   1962 Ford F100 sits in his driveway, shining slightly, which makes him smile.  He thinks of the grandchildren coming over for the weekend, and grins.  It will be tiring, chasing a couple of little toddlers all over the yard and garden and farmhouse:  but he wouldn’t trade it for millions!

If I owned that tiny suburban yard outside of a big city, and had maybe a million or so in the bank- would I be happier?  Would I smile if my grandkids ran barefoot over my poisoned lawn?  Or would I be too busy to even notice, since I had to check online for my investments, and my high powered executive job’s demands?  And would I still even be married at all?

Family and Tribe trumps job, salary, and prestige.  Place, where you live, is far more important than income and possessions.  And health beats wealth!  

So go thou and do likewise.  Make money, but for a real purpose, not just as if it is a big game.  Money is good if used to buy tools you need, real foods that fulfill the health needs of your tribe, and things like tractors and old trucks.  
If money is used for exotic vacations to impress Facebook friends, fancy cars, stupid one-trick ponies like zero turn mowers, and expensive restaurant meals- that is wasted money, buying disappearing mirages of smoke and mirrors.

It really doesn’t matter how much you save and accumulate, how much you get!  What matters is your life, how you lived it, what you did with it, how much you shared- both money and time and effort both- and the health, both of mind and body, of those you nurtured and should have been responsible towards.  


Saturday, June 15, 2019

Real Work Matters! on Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast

I am a long time Paleo aficionado! I love hearing how sleep is ultra-important, how you should reduce stress and exercise daily, with stretching, meditation, and strength training specifically!

However, I do differ in some matters:  

SLEEP- no difference; just get a good 8 hours per night, in a blacked out room! OR MORE!!  I do best on 9 hours.  Your mileage may vary: just don’t fall into the trap where you think “If I only need 5 hours, I am better…”  
No, you’re not.  You are probably only delusional!

Reducing stress and meditation:  Well, this is a no-brainer- meditation is wondeful, and reducing stress can only help your life in a major way.  Just sit in a chair and meditate- don’t take drugs to achieve this otherwise laudable goal!

Exercise:  The older I get, the more I differ from standard, ancestral/Paleo doctrine here! 
Lift Heavy Things!  No.  Although this is standard dogma, it is just not so…
Do strength exercise YES- DAILY!!  Do Virtual Resistance Exercise, where you flex the muscles against themselves.  Do bodyweight exercises (pushups and pullups, especially on gymnastic rings to minimize joint damage).  Also, do isometrics against the resistance of a band or other immovable resistance- this beats heavy weights by a long way!  Situps and unweighted squats are wonderful, as is sprinting in brief ‘wind sprints’, particularly barefoot…

Heavy weights are completely unnecessary, and ultimately counterproductive.  Isometric pulls and pushes against resistance build real, functional strength- heavy weights are dangerous, leading to injury and joint damage ultimately- and are only superior in producing musle bulk.  
And this muscle ‘bulk’, while appealing as a skinny teen boy, for the remainder of your life is a detriment.  Later on, you want to live in the thinnest, yet strongest body you can!  Isometrics especially, but also virtual resistance, and bodyweight exercise can achieve this handsomely- and with a minimum investment of time.  
Weight training can bulk you up, but  should be abandoned within a year or two at most…
After that, it is a dead end- Bulk Bulk Bulk- there is no end!  And it does not strengthen the tendons and ligaments, as does bodyweight and isometrics exercise especially.  Those are the REAL DEAL.

You know what else is the real deal??

Nope, it’s definitely not aerobics/cardio/fake exercise.   STRETCHING is essential.  
Proper Paleo Diet is ESSENTIAL!     I’m not talking Keto, or Carnivore, or any other trendy diet:  Just Paleo- a smoothie heavy on veggies daily, and moderate protein also daily.   No grains!  Simple, and very, very effective for health.

And, there is one other thing that I recommend.   I know you won’t like it:

Hard Physical Work!!

It really does matter.  

I know a man who was a desk worker.  He was in his 30’s, and before he knew it his weight approached 300 pounds, although of average height.  
He started working in his families’s traditional business, which was masonry.  This involved crawling around the foundations of homes in the area, packing mortar within the stones that made up the foundations, and also lifting and fitting stones within the structure.  Isaac found that he thrived in this work, and that he really enjoyed it, hard as it was!

Within a year, his weight was 200 pounds, and this was without any change of diet at all!!

There is a strong lesson here.  Yes, diet is important.  Exercise is also very important!!  

BUT:  REAL, actual, PHYICAL WORK can transform you into what you would like to be.  
There really is no substitute for actual physical WORK, performed under duress- to get a job done!  It not only achieves the exercise stress needed for muscular and bodily improvement- it also builds the character and grit that transform you inside and out!!

Real work makes you a real MAN, or WOMAN!!  
There are no substitues.  

Just Do It!

Monday, June 3, 2019

WE Live in Clown World! PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast

Periodically, throughout time and the evolution of man, things unravel.  For instance, during the fall of the Roman Empire: civilization had reached a peak!  So, as always happens after long periods of sanity and well-organized civilization, with law and order, prosperity, and everyone pretty much used to living well within certain parameters of behaviour- everything went off the rails!

German barbarians were allowed to become citizens, while native Romans had slipped into extremes of decadence, not even wanting to serve in their mighty legions any longer.  Slaves were bought in abundance, since the noble Romans wanted to enjoy their debauchery extreme luxury, valuing such above their old republican values.  
The old small farmholdings had all been bought up by the ultra-rich, who farmed them with slaves taken from conquered lands- and those roman soldiers, who used to make up the formidable legions that conquered the world?  Well, they were now obsolete, much like our own small farmers today, and forced to move to Rome and live on the dole, or welfare, and watch circuses and gladiatorial battles to drown their sorrows and lack of real purpose.
We all know how that played out, in the Clown World of the Roman empire, when those who ruled were clueless, and let the Germans barbarians into the country, where they even enrolled in the roman military, and learned how to fight in an organized, planned way…  
All while the Roman elites took their privilege for granted, rioting in excess while the Germans took note, and planned their takeover of this clown world- this viper’s nest obsessed only with luxury and obscene consumption and dissipation; who all conspired against one another instead of against the real threats…

We know how that played out: Rome was sacked and plundered, and the world plunged into the Dark Ages for centuries.  Civilization had to re-boot.

Right now, we are living once again in Clown World: the last days of Rome if you will!  We live with nonsense all about us: 
Transgenderism (there are only two sexes, science says so)
Borders are immoral (Without borders there is NO civilization)
Free speech is hate speech (No- free speech in the foundation of civilization and freedom, whether you like it or not!)
Weapons are Evil (Obviously just a gun grab by government takeover Marxists)
Climate Change/Global Warming (again, a pure government takeover by big elites like the empire era Romans to solidify their power by faking a ‘problem’ and then pretending to ‘fix’ it on the backs of those lowly Romans from whom they had already stolen their land)

And so it goes, on and on: this happened in Greece, and then Rome; and now it is Britain and German and Sweden.  They reach a certain level of prosperity and vaunted strength, and maintain it for a time- until their pampered youth reach a point where they become so naive and witless that they start to agitate on behalf of their enemies: in the Roman’s time, that would be the Germanic barbarians.  “Let them in!” they said.  “They are just like us- don’t discriminate!”  Again, we know how that worked out…

Nowadays, history repeats itself, as it always does in some form. 
“Let the Muslims into our northern countries!  The Africans too- we can’t discriminate!  South Americans deserve our wonderful Welfare state and healthcare too!”

The liberal left, who paint themselves as ‘the party of science’, deny science at every turn, when it doesn’t serve their agenda. AND IT NEVER DOES!
All races are equal (IQ’s vary widely between races, as does outcome of their lives and the place in which they live.  Real science supports this, and has for over a century)
Men and women are the same. (Men and women have totally different strengths and weaknesses, and so do boys and girls.  Again, real science bears this out).

Well, I could go on and on in the same vein, but I won’t.  As I said previously: now, we are just in that phase where the CLOWNS rule!  
The Clowns of the Left: those Liberals who see themselves as ABOVE the evolutionary laws of Nature.  The very foundation of the ancestral life that we all ascribe to!  
Once you ignore nature, ignore tribes and races, and pretend that things like family and neighbors are meaningless- Nature will soon discard you.

Look at conventional, western medicine and clinics: they now prescribe endless drugs, with no attempt to even cure disease anymore- just ‘manage’ it!
In hospitals and clinics:
They prescribe insulin endlessly, with no advice to cut carbs and sugars
Preach bariatric surgery, without real dietary (low carb) advice
Drugs over diet, endlessly
Drugs over all facets of health, period.


OK- now you know we are in the last phases of real civilization crumbling, as the corrupt, marginal element takes over, flaunting their new-found deviant celebrity in the face of those of us who are law abiding adherents to the tried and true values of western civilization.  They scream nonsense at you like ‘White privilege” and “Western Civilization is racist!” while you can see the very foundations of that civilization that keeps these accusers from living- in the very mud huts of their ancestors -now in danger of collapsing!!

These are very daunting times indeed!  

But, rest easy, my paleo/ancestral tribesperson!  (I almost said comrade, but given the Marxist verbiage, that makes me queasy)…

The supposes thought leaders of conventional media, and the Democratic and much of the Republican party, sadly, are all now total CLOWNS. Emperors without clothes.  Self-important windbags that have no idea how fragile, how empty, how pathetic they really are.  

So- your job, Paleo Person, is to become a Truth Teller- a Court Jester!!  
One who continually just tells the truth!  About EVERYTHING!

Tell the truth about science, and health. Point out their fallacies- point out the lie of “Climate Change”, tell them that Trump really HAS fixed the economy that Obama decimated (while telling us it had no hope for the future).  Tell them that modern medicine is mainly a LIE, a shill-game to sell drugs and false information in order to bleed us dry of money, and that feminism is a fake ploy to turn men and women against one another, rather that them being the strongest team to fight leftism (or anything else) that has ever existed.  Tell them, show them- over and over- that Diversity is Weakness!  And insist on bringing back the nation state!  

Nations are diversity!!  Globalism is NOT!

I hate to go all political on you, but in these times, I believe it is essential.  After all, Civilization is collapsing, and only thus can it be reborn.  Your job is to be a truth-teller, a court jester, who points out the facts, and thus hasten the collapse.

If we do our truth-telling job properly, we can cause a collapse of the ruling elite without a total collapse, that brings us down as well as them.  Another Dark Ages!  
Let’s just bring down the elite, pampered, brainwashed, Marxist ‘useful idiots’ instead.  Then, with the civilization structure that our own pregenitors built, we can simply replace the Hollywood/celebrity, leftist political morons that are the parasites now infecting it, with actual, working, Paleo people!  

Loren Cordain for President!!