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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Paleo Quick Tips #12 up and ready!

Paleo Quick Start #12

Straight legged situps- best ab exercise ever?

Bodyweight exercise for real world strength

Appetite is the best sauce

Have you ever done really straight-legged situps?  They are probably the best ab exercise ever- along with simultaneously efficiently stretching out your entire spine and neck with each repetition!  How you perform them is key, however:

Lay flat on the floor, and raise yourself until your elbows, cradled behind your head, come as close to your outstretched legs as possible- and do not anchor your legs under anything!  Your legs should stay down through abdominal power alone; this is what makes this exercise so very effective!  At first, you’ll probably only manage a few, but , done regularly, the progression is quite fast (as is the strengthening of your abs)...
Done eventually in “sets” of, say, 30-50 or even more, they are another form of “intense interval training”, just as are pushups done in such a manner.  In fact, it’s great to alternate the two exercises in opposing sets... Before very long at all you will find you are knocking out a couple hundred of each in surprisingly short periods of time- this is akin to sprinting!, in that it is strenuous in the extreme, for short “bursts” of time- the ideal exercise protocol for simultaneously building muscle and building up your cardio system at the same time!  Add in some planks and some hindu squats, and your whole body is worked to the max, quickly and very efficiently, not to mention naturally- nothing like “machine isolation” and such.  Perfectly Paleo exercise indeed!

Speaking of which, I don’t really mean to bad-mouth weightlifting, but, well, someone has to come out on the other side!  I really think that heavy, dedicated, long hours of weight lifting, just like endless, long sessions of cardio is ultimately... harmful!  There, I said it!  In the old days, weights were used to demonstrate strength.  Lifting platforms full of people, carriages, huge boulders- to demonstrate just how strong they were!
But the strength they were demonstrating was generally gained by... body weight exercises, visualized resistance type exercise, isometrics, and such like exercise!

Lots of heavy squats, for instance, really can give you a bulky, chunky type of physique- is this what you really want?  Also, the strain on your neck and spine can be damaging, as is also the effect on your knees.  I mean, why do them, if you only want to be strong and healthy, and are not in the NFL and need to be really big, strong, bulky, and even somewhat fat to achieve your goals?  Do natural exercises, the types of exercises that animals like tigers and lions do instinctually, and build a cat-like, strong and functional body rather than a bulky travesty that will be lucky to survive past the 50 year mark...  You can build a FAR better physique, man or woman, if you stick to Perfectly Paleo Exercise!

If you have not yet gotten yourself a Vitamix blender, please do so!  This is the mainstay of the Paleo Jay’s Smoothie Cafe, and the bedrock of Paleo Quick Start ultimate nutrition and health.  All the enzymes, anti-oxidants, fiber, vitamins, and other health benefits raw, Ancestral types of eating are unlocked with this “wonder tool”  Order from the link on, and your shipping will be free- (best deal anywhere on a Vitamix), new or reconditioned.    And just remember- as the Spartans used to say “appetite is the best sauce”.  I bring this up because today is Sunday, my “fasting/relaxing” day of the week.  I’ve only had a cup of coffee with coconut oil dissolved in it and whipped cream on top so far today, and it’s almost 3PM now!  After this podcast is done, I will do my basement, most intense workout of the week for about 30 minutes, and then “carb backload” for the rest of the night- I have some fried rice, and some sweet and sour chicken, beef and broccoli planned, along with popcorn, and maybe some Vitamix made ice cream made with whole cream and cocoa powder, raw honey and stevia...

Not even a Paleo Smoothie this morning!!

And I will say, that by the time I eat, I realize the Spartans were right:

“Appetite IS the best sauce!!’‘    EVERYTHING will taste AMAZING!

Oh, and that is daughter Holly singing with me on “Newborn Paleo”!
Isn’t she amazing??  Thanks Holly!


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