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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Asian squat... or the Grok Squat- whatever you call it, this is the "go-to" resting position for humankind!  Ironically, in our modern, man-made world in which we are divorced from Nature and live in a "zoo" environment of chairs, car seats, desk chairs, lawn chairs, sofas etc. etc...most of us cannot even get into our natural resting posture, much less maintain it!  We have truly, as Erwan Le Corre puts it, become "Zoo People".
How to do the Asian Squat

See how it goes?  It may take awhile to work into holding this, but work at it.  This is the perfect morning (and throughout the day) stretch for your entire lower body and back- this is for humans what the raised back is for the cat- stretches them out many times throughout the day, so they are ready to move...
like a cat!

Are you ready to move like a human??

Well then, check out the aforementioned Erwan Le Corre's blog on -MovNat

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coconut oil is AMAZING!

Each day, as I put the full can of coconut milk into my Paleo Quick Start Smoothie, I think to myself:
"THIS is the HEART of my drink!"

And it IS!!

The coconut milk has ample amounts of the OIL, which is key, and the ketone bodies this directly produces within us is priceless- our brains RUN best on ketone bodies!  The satiety factor is one of the best features of coconut oil- we feel full, satisfied, and content, both mentally and physically.... At last, we have consumed what our bodies have wanted for SO LONG!

Personally speaking: when I first added coconut milk to the Paleo Quick Start Smoothie, I lost 2 or 3 pounds, ALMOST OVERNIGHT!  I wasn't looking to lose weight- with me, health is my motivator, so, the weight loss was a surprise!  But to go from 180 pounds to 177, without even trying, was an eye-opener!

And that was just coconut milk!  Coconut oil is probably even MORE impressive!  It has a concentrated form of ketone bodies; in the modern SAD (Standard American Diet), that means that your body is actually STARVED for an oil such as this.  And when it finally gets a good dose- it is just NOT HUNGRY!  Your body finally has the nutrients it needs- HALLELUJAH!
Those frozen pizzas were just not doing it, nutritionally...

Here is a photo of my mom, Carolyn Bowers,  whose age belies her youth:

She drinks coconut milk in her smoothie on a daily basis- and NO, I am NOT the face to her right!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Barefoot Sprinting!

Barefoot sprinting!
I have to say, barefoot sprinting, in the yard here, takes me back to the way I felt when I was 8-10 years of age better than anything!  There is just something so childlike, so inherently joyous about running as fast as you can, or nearly so, just for the sheer fun of it.  Plus, you realize how great it feels on your feet, as you pass over grass, pine needles, dry crackling leaves, and then back to grass again...we are meant to feel all of those sensations!

First I did my basement workout, where I do varieties of free squats (no weights), interspersed with leg raises, pushups, hyperextensions, chins and dips.  Then, "aerobic isometrics", where I slowly do chins, then dips and military presses, assisted by my legs just enough to make me able to slowly move for a minute or so...  VERY effective!  Then, I finish up outside with the barefoot sprinting, no shirt on, for maximum vitamin D!  I really feel great right now- AND, I have a chicken and sweet potato fries on the grill.  Life is good!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Visualized resistance.  Most of us have never, or only briefly heard of, or understood the term.  Charles Atlas, and the old "kick sand in the skinny guy's face" comes to mind...

The truth is, this is the best, simplest, and most natural way to get and stay in shape!

You simply FLEX, just like those comic-book like bodybuilders do, but you do it in motion, for instance you do a slow biceps curl, without weights, but supply the resistance internally, as you slowly curl your arm up towards your shoulder, you flex really hard every inch of the way!

This is actually harder, believe it or not, than actually curling a barbell of dumb bell!  (If you do it correctly!)  Because you supply the resistance, there is no cheating- you work to the max every inch of the way up, and down!!

Try a few reps this way- I usually do 6 or 7, curling both arms at once...

I guarantee you will feel every inch of the exercise, and there will be NO danger of cheating, or of back injury from "swinging" and cheating the weight up - only pure, productive effort!

This manner of exercise can be repeated, easily, anywhere you choose, to great productive effect!

Just do exercises for each muscle group, and your total body will be energized, exercised to the max, and stimulated to greater strength and hypertrophy!

I will add exercises soon, in a sequence that I follow, that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.  I promise!!

For now, just go to

The exercises are all there, and discussed, dissected, and just plain Done!