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Thursday, March 28, 2013



Wouldn't you like to eat real food, and all you desire, and simultaneously improve your health and lose body fat??

I know, it sounds too good to be true, but eating an Ancestral, or Paleo type of diet is the way of eating we evolved to exist with, and modern science proves it to be correct!  There is no weighing measuring of food, no pills and potions, and no products you need to buy: there is just real food!  What a concept...

You might also call the Paleo diet or lifestyle a low carb high fat diet, since that is what it generally comes to be in actual practice-
by minimizing your intake of sugars and starches, you automatically increase your eating of delicious, satisfying real foods such as coconut oil, butter, eggs, and all the other myriads of wonderful, real natural Paleo types of food-

And you eat until you are satisfied, losing fat weight in the process!  


Just as we are all meant to be, designed to be, created to be!

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Angela!

Check out the video in the link above- simply by going along with her family's change to a real food type of diet, Angela (who was born with Down's syndrome) transitioned like a phoenix into what she was always meant to be- a slim, athletic, competent young woman!

I've seen a lot of Paleo diet before and after photos... they are all impressive; some are astounding!  This is one of the latter.

I think we should all just stop being amazed by the trasformations that are possible simply by eating a real food based diet, and just go along with it...

Just do it- adopt a real food, God made food, 

What is your own true potential, and that of your family??

You will never know unless you actually follow through and do it!  

So do it!  

Sometimes I feel like a pestering gadfly that won't let anyone off the hook, and perhaps I am!  So, just do it- EAT REAL FOOD!

You will be so happy you did, and so will all around you that follow in your path.


Shakeology or Paleo Smoothie? PaleoJay Podcast 23


Shakeology or Paleo Smoothie?

Or even (gasp) Real Food??!!  Is that even an option?

You bet it is!

I recently read about this Shakeology guy in a business magazine.  It appears that this young, model-type of guy, Darin Olien, is the spokesmodel for this multi-level marketing powdered shake mix, that is affiliated with the much-hyped on TV P90X exercise DVD outfit.

I was curious, since it was a "shake" or smoothie type of deal... so I checked it all out online.

Bottom line?

Darin travels the globe, looking for rare, and probably magical fruits, tubers, nuts, whatever, and then cutting deals with the locals to provide them for his dehydrated Shakeology drinks!  This enables you, the consumer, to purchase these powdered shake-things to mix up in your blender, and replace meals with!  (Sounds eerily like the Paleo Quick Start Smoothie, right?)  Just mix it up with water, almond milk, or extra-sugary juice (it doesn't really matter, does it?) and voila- Shakeology!

I include the ingredient list below; nothing in it is really bad.  Wheat grass, Barley grass, Wheat grass- not so great.  Whey protein, hey, OK.  But at $120.00 for 30 servings... YIKES!!

Here is my own Paleo Smoothie ingredient list, replete with nutrition, that you can easily make yourself.  The nutrition levels are about as good as it gets:

Quick Paleo Smoothie ingredients list:
My current recipe- variations are not only possible, but encouraged! But the base outlined here is very representative of a transformative replacement meal/ultimate real food supplement in one tasty drink!

Coconut Milk- 1 can
Coconut oil and/or red Palm oil- 2 Tablespoons
Carlson’s or Nordic Naturals Cod liver oil- 1 Tablespoon
Powdered kelp- 1 teaspoon
Unsweetened kefir- 1/4 cup
Organic, unsweetened lemon juice- 1 teaspoon
Apple cider vinegar- 1 teaspoon
1-2 cups of green tea
cinnamon- 1 tsp- also great on coffee and whipped cream! (Fresh ground is best-
I use a coffee grinder)
Frozen organic spinach- approximately 1 cup
Frozen mixed organic vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots), ~1 cup
Frozen organic mixed berries- blueberries, raspberries, strawberries- 1 cup
1/2 banana (I freeze mine so they don’t over-ripen) optional
1 peeled orange
2 raw, organic free range eggs (optional)
grass fed Whey protein powder (Optional)

Since publishing my ebook, I have begun adding the dried, powdered varieties of:
turmeric 1 tsp
ginger 1 tsp
Both are strong anti-inflammatory agents, among many other benefits.
I have also started substituting dried coconut milk powder for the canned coconut milk..
This is optional, but is cheaper, and more convenient as well!
ALSO, magnesium powder and Vitamin D powder are great adjuncts as well-
And NOW, as a PREBIOTIC to help my gut microbes, I have begun adding in:
4 Tablespoons of Bob's Potato Starch
This last is a real improvement for your health!
Also, I often add in an avocado as well...

As you can see, one of the great advantages of a drink like this is that you can constantly vary, tweak, and otherwise enhance the nutrition of your smoothie!  Use seasonal veggies and fruits in the summer months, add vitamin D liquid in the winter, 1/4 of a peeled lemon when feeling a cold coming on... experiment!

That’s it! You can also “mix and match” with fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables you have on hand- cranberries are a favorite of mine, as is liquid vitamin D in the Winter months!

The beauty of this drink, besides its being economical, real food, is that it has everything that your body and mind need to thrive!!  Nothing exotic, but really, exotic is really not just makes good marketing.

Save your money!

It's a multi-level marketing scheme, and I believe P90X is right in the same ballpark-home grown versions of exercise (see are even more effective, and do-able long term.

With all the money you save by avoiding these bogus fitness schemes, you can buy a real fitness tool- a Vitamix Blender, to make your own Paleo Smoothies!!

And, you can also get a Weber Grill and a slow cooker to make...  real food!!  (What a concept!)

You may have enough money left over to buy a chin-up bar, a set of perfect pushup devices, and make your own kettlebell- now you have all you will ever need for fitness AND nutrition!!

Forget the multilevel marketing versions of health- Do it yourself!
Try Perfectly Paleo Exercise, which also has a LARGE section on nutrition.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

PaleoJay App Available!

PaleoJay App for iPhone!

Yes, my Paleo Friends, this is a red letter day for the Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe-

A new iPhone App, for FREE!

Keep up to date with all things Paleo, simply and easily, just by clicking on your new App for your iPhone.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast 22- My Personal Vitamix Story!

Listen now, and subscribe for free on iTunes!

I was a long time weight lifter, having been a really skinny kid in the 1960’s, I was determined to “bulk up”.  Health was always important to me as well, but I wanted to be BIGGER.  I started out with standard weightlifting protocol of 3X per week, and that really worked in my 20’s!  I rather rapidly put on 20-30-40 pounds of muscle- but that wasn’t enough!  I ate- all I could!  But indiscriminately: I ate lean meat, but I also ate pizza, and ice cream, and just about anything I wanted...  

And I started training MORE- I’d train for an hour or two, HARD, and then go out and RUN a few miles.  I stretched religiously as well (thank God), but my cortisol levels must have been through the roof!  I literally reached the point where, even in Church!, I would be thinking about my workout later that day...  

My priorities were WAY out of whack.  My bad diet had me top out at 220 pounds, on a very small boned frame!  I started having migraine headaches, my back hurt, my shoulders hurt, my feet hurt, and my knees hurt.  I had bony protruberances growing out of my elbows- this really irked me- what was this?  I was HEALTHY!

I did try to eat “low fat, high protein”, and I started having hemorrhoids too- 

“What was going on???” I asked myself.  I am all about HEALTH!!”

My wife was starting to have health problems too, and I wondered “what the heck- we are very health conscious!  How can this be?  I bake all of our own 100% whole wheat bread, and we eat it constantly- we should be super healthy!”

I was in my 50’s here, and knew I had to figure this out.  I didn’t want to be sick, something I had ALWAYS tried to avoid.  I had always revered the ancient Greeks, and their credo of “A healthy mind in a sound body”.  So, I went to the newest version of SCROLLS for learning, the rather newish INTERNET.

I found the Paleo Diet, via Loren Cordain!  

Immediately, I knew this guy was on to something.  It all made sense!  I had always hated the “low fat” mantra- I mean, old time bodybuilders that I had read for years always lauded butter, and cream, and steak, and eggs...  the difference was, the whole wheat thing, that I had swallowed hook line and sinker from Rodale Press and the mainstream was...BULL!  

For one thing, WHEAT had CHANGED!  Dr. Cordain never pointed that out- he just maintained that grains, especially wheat, were ALL bad!  What a mind changer!  I even sent him some questions, which he graciously answered- I knew this guy was a game changer as well.
I really thought about all of this, and wondered how I could implement it, as effectively as possible into my family.  I researched, I thought, I read Weston A. Price, and every Paleo guy there was at the time (not much!)...

I thought about what would be the MOST efficient, easy, effective, and just plain DO-able way to do this thing in the modern world- eat lots of GREEN vegetables, good FATS, and healthy PROTEIN, while eliminating most starchy carbohydrates and sugars and all grains??

First, I tried a juicer.  I thought it would be perfect- reducing fruits and vegetables to juice... but, it was a MESS!  And throwing away all the pulp seemed INSANE to me.

And then, finally, I found the Vitamix Blender!

Finally, I knew I had it all figured out.  I could add anything, I mean anything and it would be liquified; meaning ALL the cell walls of the vegetables, and fruits, and anything else I might want to include (Golf balls, anyone??)  would be broken down and ready for my body to assimilate readily.  ( I was kidding about the golf balls, but it probably would liquify them as well...)

So, I began assimilating every super healthy Paleo ingredient (meaning anything our ancient forebears would have revered as healthy foods!) into a wonderful drink that would nourish anyone that drank it as much as what Ponce de Leon was searching for in his Fountain of Youth- and I FOUND IT!  As near to the “fountain of Youth and Health” as there is allowed to us here on this mortal plane- 

The Paleo Smoothie!  

Basically, making a green vegetable, green tea and kefir based smoothie with loads of coconut milk, oil, butter, organic spices, and berries and citrus will revolutionize your total health.  It will literally reverse (I’m speaking personally here) : migraines will disappear, Fat will melt away, aches and pains in you joints and fingers and knees stop happening- I mean, this is all just personal experience, but Personal Experience is the most important determinant in all of our lives; and trust me: this experience seems to cure  just about everything.  And, I am not exaggerating!

Rosacea, crohn’s disease, acne, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome- I mean anything you can think of, up to and including cancers and heart disease- this is the best preventative I can think of.  That is how powerful the Vitamix is, in incorporating the foods, easily and effectively, into our bodies where they can do what they have through all of time to protect and nourish us to be incredibly healthy and disease free!

I mean, it would be enough to say the this simple machine could make us slim and healthy, wouldn’t it?

But the fact is: it will give us the capability, by maximizing our nutrient intake, to achieve our ultimate health and wellness, and reverse most modern diseases by the same avenue of maximizing our nutrient intake, making us replete with nutrients that our bodies are screaming for!

And that is what the Vitamix blender did for my family and myself. Paraphrasing the great John Wesley- 

“Be as healthy as you can, and as helpful as you can, for as long as you can!”

A Vitamix helps you to do just that, easily!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grilling to make LIVER palatable! (GOOD)!

I know- it might not look that good...

But trust me- it is!!

I have been searching for a long time to make liver, grass-fed beef liver in particular a regular part of my diet.  But the taste and the texture were just...  deal breakers!

I am proud to say that as of now, that is no longer the case- since I've tried grilling the beef liver from my usual grass-fed source, flavor is no longer an issue- 


When you grill the liver, right along with your lovely bacon and steak, the flavor is the charred one you like, and the nutrition, if you are not aware, of liver is off the charts- a vitamin IV in a piece of meat!!

I ate some plain- it was amazingly mild, and good!  But, for the faint of heart, I thought I'd devise yet a better method of introduction:  I slipped a large portion of grilled beef liver into my previously made chili!  

If you slip it in with tomato sauce, grass fed beef, and even (gasp!)
a few lonely beans- you don't even notice the liver!

Next stop:  Liver and eggs in the morning!

Food aversion:  CONQUERED!!


Monday, March 11, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast #21 up NOW on iTunes- Paleo On the Go!


Travel Paleo
Traveling paleo style doesn’t have to be tough- there are many ways to eat well away from home:
Pack a good amount of food- an insulated cooler bag is a no-brainer.  Get one like a small suitcase- I got one called an eBag on Amazon, and it is the cat’s meow- holds just a ton of stuff- several mason canning jars of paleo smoothie, put in a ceramic lidded or glass bowl full of chili or bone broth soup to microwave- you can easily carry one whole day’s worth and more of good quality food.
For more extended trips, beef jerky and cans of sardines are wonderful!  A can of sardines, packed in olive oil, is probably the very healthiest thing you can ingest- I mean- omega 3 oils galore, low on the food chain for no mercury or other toxins, plenty of good protein, and also, since you are eating the entire fish- organ meats and bones!
It may sound a little bad, especially if you are 12 or under, but it really is quite tasty, and fills you up better than just about anything.
As for beef jerky- it lasts about forever, tastes great, and if from a grass fed source- as it would be if you made it yourself from your grass fed meat- it is a wonderful food!    I find it quite addictive, in a good way.
And hard boiled eggs are great, and quick to prepare.  Just get an automatic soft and hard boiled egg appliance - again, I got mine off of Amazon for about $20 or so years ago- you just plug it in, add a measured amount of water, and boil until the timer goes off, then rinse in cold water- drop dead easy!
Celery with almond butter on it, almonds and dark chocolate chips mixed together
Just remember- traveling is NOT a good time to “just give up and go with the flow- eat what is available, i.e. CRAP, and destroy your intestinal tract and by that avenue also destroy the rest of your body, bit by bit.
It really is that crucial!  Eat nutrient dense, natural foods as they were designed by God, not man, and your diet will enhance your health, not destroy it.  Think of the Golden Arches as a place to go to the bathroom and possibly buy coffee (black- bring your own coconut oil in a small glass jar in your cooler).  Don’t buy anything else there!  Or else just drive by and stop at Trader Joe’s...
There is no reason to eat non-Paleo, even when traveling!  Even if you travel mainly with a CAT in your bike basket!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

JUICE with a Vitamix Blender- NOT a Juicer!

The best "Juicer" you can have!
I know, you are intrigued with the idea of JUICING!  

I was too, years ago, and I researched the heck out of the whole subject!  I even bought a dedicated juicer- you know, it takes your veggies and fruits, "masticates" them (chews them up), and voila- a clear, shiny JUICE to drink!

Unfortunately, this dedicated type of juicer also spits out and wastes all the valuable fiber in the veg and fruit... 

In the old days, when that was all that there was, like before electricity when clinics would pound the vegetable matter into mush, and then strain it through muslin cloth to get the juice, well, that was the only option.   And it was great for its time, long ago...

But then, juicers were developed when electric power arrived.  Only trouble was, they did the same thing- pounded and/or ground up the vegetables and fruits into a mash, and then discarded the fiber.   This is a big mistake!

The fiber is one of the most valuable parts of the vegetables and fruits for your health!  It not only slows the absorption of the sucrose in the fruit, it fills you up, giving a feeling of satiety that lasts and lasts.  

It is not natural to eat fruits and vegetables
without the fiber they come "wrapped" in!

Not to mention the incredible mess and waste of discarding the fiber, and then having to clean out the juicer machine- yuck!

Forget the juicer- just get a Vitamix blender (with free shipping!)- it does it ALL!

With no messy cleanup, no waste, and FAST!  Besides, with a Vitamix you can incorporate so many more healthy ingredients, as outlined HERE, and in much more detail in my eBook Paleo Quick Start.   

But just get the Vitamix.  Don't waste your money on a juicer!
That, my friend, is the bottom line.


Saturday, March 2, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast #20- Exercise LESS and Eat MORE!

PaleoJay podcast #20      

To Diet properly, eat a LOT of food!

To Exercise properly, do a LITTLE!

I know, it seems counter-intuitive to say the least- eat LOTS of food to lose weight, i.e. FAT- but it’s true!  The idea of counting calories and eating smaller portions and using lots of will power is...just.....WRONG!  

Just like the idea that eating fat makes you fat is...wrong!  Flat out, no question about it, completely WRONG!  In fact, FAT, as in real, honest-to-God natural FAT as in pastured butter, coconut oil, avocados, and fat from pastured animals is your SECRET WEAPON in staying on a healthy, FAT LOSS type of diet!  The reason is satiety- eat enough real, natural fat along with your other real foods and you will never, ever be hungry- honest!

So, why eat a lot of food to lose weight?  The key is to eat the right foods- natural, God made foods- these foods, that we are designed to consume, will never make us fat.  They are real food, food that will sustain us, and give us all of the nutrients that we need to be happy, healthy human animals.  Grass fed meats, wild caught seafood, organic vegetables without loads of pesticides, grown on healthy soil, quality teas and organic coffee, dark chocolate with minimum sweeteners, pastured pork and poultry, fruits - keeping them within their natural season is best!  

It all makes perfect common sense when you think about it, doesn’t it?  Man made food-like substances, loaded with chemicals, highly processed and loaded with artificial trans-fats and even artificial sugars- how could ANY of that be healthy for us?  No wonder Jabba the Hut is the representative man of the future in Star Wars!  

And, for a great movie predicting the future, check out WALL-E.  It’s been out a few years, since 2008,but is very readily available as it is a WD and Pixar movie.  The premise is about how all of humanity now lives in little carts they drive around in, and they are obese and unable to walk and eat and drink artificial drinks in big cups on their carts all day long... you get the idea.  We are perilously close to getting to this state as a culture!  Don’t you go along with this horrible trend- eat REAL food!

And don’t forget the Spirulina in your Paleo Smoothie!

Exercise just a LITTLE- 

Less is definitely more with exercise.  The key is intensity- long, slow, mindless jogging or other aerobic activities does more to tear you down than to build you up, and if done daily over a long period, it can destroy your joints, make your muscles WEAKER, and actually put such stress on your system (particularly by loading your body with cortisol, the stress hormone), that you become more, not less prone to major diseases like cancer and heart disease.  The ideal is restorative exercise!

I just got back from a couple of long days of moving an elderly relative into assisted living.  I pretty much loaded up all of his worldly goods into a trailer and other vehicles, with help I might add, but still, it was quite a workout... but it was a workout like a chronic cardio or weight lifting session- long, endless from early morning to late night, with hardly time to eat at all, and quite a bit of stress from being away from home in a hotel, not enough sleep, and what meals we could get were like store eggs (not pastured), cooked in vegetable oil I’m sure, and lousy bacon from a micro-wave.

As an aside, I will mention here the irony of this situation: we were moving this person from a town in the heart of America’s farm belt- the entire area is perhaps the richest farmland in the world- and the only food available for the locals was the worst, most depleted and most fake foods you could think of, in both restaurant and store.  And what is this incredibly rich farmland being used to produce?

Crap!  Acre after acre of GMO corn and soybeans- virtually NOTHING ELSE.  What a waste...

But, that being said- I was really wiped out last night after this ordeal.  So, this morning I devoted a good 45 enjoyable, totally restorative exercise to make up for the depleting, draining exercise I had done in the move-

The most Restorative Exercise you can do is Virtual Exercise- just Flexing the muscles throughout their range of motion for 5-10 repetitions, and then holding them in an isometric flex for a few seconds at the end! 

I go into this in great detail in my eBook Perfectly Paleo Exercise, but there is also lots of information you can find at  Also, John Peterson and has a great tutorial on this subject- he calls the exercises Tiger Stretch exercises.  Whatever you call it, it is truly Restorative Exercise!  

This is the one form of exercise everyone should do, every single day!

It rejuvenates you, builds the muscles and restores the functioning of the joints, and will NOT injure you as it builds you.  And for pure aesthetics, meaning for a physique, man or woman, that will be the best LOOKING one possible for your own body type- there is no exercise that can compete!  

You can do it in front of the television, easily, and combine productive exercise with pleasure and instruction.  There really is nothing else like it in the field of physical culture!