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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Paleo- Just One Meal at a Time!

Lets say you are a busy person- 

NO, time to research starting a new diet, or improving upon your frenetic lifestyle...
You just want somebody to do the work for you!
Start with your next meal! Just eat good meats, eggs, vegetables, some fruit, a little
whole fat dairy like cream or greek yogurt, nuts (except for peanuts, which are a legume)and good fats, like real butter, coconut oil, and the aforementioned cream!
After you finish reading the blog entry, get up and head to your local grocery store!
Better yet, find a place that sells organic produce, grassfed beef and pastured pork, and free range eggs. You'll be pleasantly surprised at all that is available for you to eat on a Paleo or Ancestral type of diet. Variety will not be a problem!
Start your day with coffee and real cream if you like. (Green or white tea is also an
excellent option). Skip the orange juice, since the cartoned version is is chemical
flavors in a a huge, grey vat of sugar water. Eggs and bacon are a great idea for break-
fast, just as they were to our grandparents!
Have a big salad with veggies and meat or seafood for lunch, along with olive oil and vinegar dressing. How about a grassfed steak for supper? Add in a baked sweet
potato with real butter and vegetable of your choice for a side, slathered in pastured,
real butter!
Finish with a bowl of berries and real whipped cream for dessert..
Snacks? A good quality dark chocolate is loaded with anti-oxidants, and nuts go great with chocolate! Just make sure it is nothing packaged or processed-
Get rid of the colas and chips! FAKE FOOD ALL!!
The closer you can get to nature and original God made foods the better!
Shop the outer aisles at the grocery store. Fresh or frozen is best.
Just start with this.
Then, come back here, and read another blog post to "keep the ball rolling". Educate
yourself little by little, and make the choice to give up the grains and sugars that raise
your insulin, cause up and down spikes in your energy, and create long term health 
problems such as diabetes and heart disease.
We all like to stick to the "staus quo", and resist change... but, if you continue to eat the
pathetic, nutrient-poor Standard American Diet, your health will continue to decline.
You will go down the "modern" path of sickness and disease- so,
Just Do It!
Dump your old bad ways of eating, and delve into the world of top-notch nutrition.
Make your forebears proud! They ALWAYS sought out the BEST food they could!
Vow to make yourself healthier in one year than you are today. Write down the date,
make yourself accountable. Start NOW with your very next meal. And then...
Just one meal at a time!
You will feel so much better, in such a short time, that you will never want to go back
to your old, self-destructive ways.
And please feel free to send me a comment about your new adventure! And, while you are at it, subscribe to the feed for Paleo Jay's blog, to the right, and also to my weekly 
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