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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Oxalates and Migrants: a Metaphor podcast

 As illegal, unwanted migrants swarm across our borders, we can compare what happens to our country and civilization with what happens within our own bodies by bad interlopers.  Just as our country has been being invaded for decades by demographically dissimilar to us peoples, destroying and overcrowding our systems of schooling, policing, health care, housing, and every other facet of our political system- so too has your body been invaded for many years by a bad chemical chiefly produced by plants- oxalates!  

We have been brainwashed into thinking that, like Popeye- “We’re strong to the finish if we eats our spinach!”  Unfortunately, this is not true, not true at all!  Spinach has been pointed out of ages as being loaded with iron, numerous vitamins like vitamin A and K, and is low carb and loaded with fiber and Vitamin C!  What’s not to like?

Well, plenty!  Almost all of the nutrients found in spinach (and in all vegetation, actually) are not bioavailable to us.  They are ‘frozen’ as it were, unassimilable by animals such as us.  And they come packaged with a huge amount of oxalates, which are a compound that steals the very nutrients we are hoping to get from the vegetable (like spinach) that we are consuming, and actually takes these same nutrients from out body and other foods, giving us a net loss of nutrients.  

But the oxalates are even worse than that, in that they build up in the body, in joints, organs (like the kidneys that try to neutralize them) and can wind up causing incredible damage over time- stiff joints, leaky gut, all kinds of nutrient deficiencies, and a marked inability to heal in soft tissue injuries, causing seemingly lifelong aches and pains.  In fact, I have come to believe that most of the aches and pains, poor digestion and many other problems that are normally attributed to simple old age and wear-and-tear are actually caused in actuality by this long-term build up of oxalates!  They are that harmful.

Ironically, we get these harmful compounds by eating foods (like spinach) that we have been told are ‘healthy and virtuous’, and so inadvertently slowly poison ourselves with the best of intentions!  But really: should we be surprised?  These recommendations from organizations like the US government, that advocates eating mostly whole grains (which are also loaded with oxalates), and to eat sparingly of things like red meat and eggs. (Both of which are probably the very healthiest foods we can consume).

And, of course, they also tell us to eat plenty of vegetables, most of which are also loaded with oxalates, and other plant chemicals that are in actuality anti-nutrients.  Meaning compounds that harm us, not help us.  The various government agencies, you should know by now, are not in place to help the average citizen any longer- they have become a part of the Government Swamp as Trump so accurately puts it.  They function to help big agriculture to sell more subsidized grains, and to mislead us into thinking certain things are bad for us that aren’t, and also to help continue the profits of big Pharmaceuticals (who only benefit when we get sick by selling us more drugs), and big Medicine, which is their middleman by way of expensive health care for largely preventable diseases and maladies.  

Once again, we are back to the metaphor of endless migrants coming to our shores, and making all of our systems less efficient until finally the point of total failure.  Islamic migrants?  A people that is sworn to our destruction, and our government has been welcoming them within our cities and states?  And to what benefit?  Just like human oxalates, they are dedicated to our destruction, and we are told to welcome them regardless!  

“Eat your spinach!  Welcome Muslims!!  It’s all good!!”

It’s not, none of it.  We should not eat spinach, or beets or beet greens, or rhubarb, or whole grains, or sweet potatoes, or white potatoes, fries and chips.  At least not much..  At the very least, we will get kidney stones which are very painful, and that is just an indication of the worse problems to follow if we don’t stop!

Similarly, by opening our borders to Muslims and other peoples who are very unlike the majority of us, we are setting up our very society, country, and civilization itself for future pain, destruction, and long-term ruination.  

So- close the border on Oxalates!  Start tracking how much you take in- go to and see her tables of oxalates in various foodstuffs.  Start being mindful, and slowly cut back on these harmful foods loaded with oxalates.  

And similarly, close our nation’s borders!  Keep harmful people OUT.  Vote for Trump this election- that alone should be obvious.  In fact, vote ALL Republican- the party that ended slavery!  Take back control of our government by the people themselves, not the Big Government that also gives us the Food Pyramid, and Big Agriculture and Big Pharma and Big Medicine!!  

In our government, just as in our health- we should be assuming control over our own health and well-being.  Do not assign such weighty matters to BIG ANYTHING- do it yourself.  Remember- government should be small, and it should be made up of people just like ourselves.