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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Comedy Comes to Paleo

On a recent episode of Jimmy Moore's "Livin La Vida Low Carb" show, I heard Dan French, the "healthy comedian"- what a find!  

This guy is really funny, and a great spokesperson for the Paleo community through the medium of comedy!  Just check out his promo above...

The best thing is, he lost 125 pounds eating paleo, and he was fat his entire life before that- so, we have a role model for the masses- who is also very funny!  A win-win for everyone interested in eating real food.  Like me, and you!  

He says he'll have a podcast up shortly- let's hope so!  Check him out.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Your Paleo Lunchbox

It may seem mundane, but getting (and using!) a lunchbox is crucial to your success at Paleolithic eating and nutrition!  If you eat out on a regular basis, I'm sorry, but your nutrition will be substandard at best.  Restaurants, especially cheaper ones that you can afford on a regular basis, will be using the cheapest ingredients that they can get away with!  This is the nature of the beast- they are in business to make a profit- and, the surest way to do that is to substitute the cheapest "filler" types of foodstuffs for the more expensive real foods that your body really needs, and can use to good purpose. (Rather than just storing what you just ate in a rather toxic form of body fat!)

So, get yourself a good, insulated, BIG lunchbox!  The big part is crucial, I've found- it is so nice to pack a couple of glass pint canning jars filled with a green, Paleo Smoothie; and also to have plenty of room for a can of almonds/macadamia nuts/dark chocolate pieces, a large, meat or seafood topped salad with plenty of real olive oil and vinegar in a glass bowl with a lid, and maybe some celery sticks with almond butter on top...  I mean, it's your choice, just so long as it is the type of real food your ancestors would have recognized as being food!

But the key is to have the lunchbox, and the plan to fill it each and every morning!  No one is going to take the care to ensure that your nutrition is maximal besides you. 

Here is the one I have now- ebags crew bag cooler, & it's a beauty!  I had another one, almost as big, that I wore out after years of daily use, and this one is even better (and bigger!) It's made for flight pilots and crew, and is quite heavy duty, with lots of pockets and storage compartments...

After awhile, you'll be like me- You won't leave home without it!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Selenium and Sleep- Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe podcast 15

Palo Jay’s Smoothie Cafe podcast 15  click to listen and subscribe on iTunes

Selenium and Sleep


A mineral, Selenium is important for making many bodily processes work correctly. It seems to increase the action of antioxidants.  

We are under assault from all directions in our daily modern life- stress takes many forms!  Job stress, relationships, too MUCH working out, mercury fillings in our teeth leaching mercury poison into our system, estrogens from plastic glasses and bottles, bad diets of grains, soy and wheat in particular, sugars of all sorts...

They all take their toll!  What to do?  

Besides getting all your health house in order via proper Paleo type of diet, restorative rather than overly stressful exercise (think endless cardio and obsessive weight lifting here) and good “tribal” relationships (think family and friends) there are a few other steps we can take-

Eat a brazil nut or two each day.  The selenium in brazil nuts is concentrated, and just one or two per day will ensure that you have enough to detox the mercury that is leaching into your body; also it will increase the potency of the super food nutrition you will get from your daily Paleo Smoothie!  It seems simplistic, but sometimes simple, easy solutions are the best of all, when done regularly and along with a strong, time-tested strategy of good, ancestral health practices.
And then there is:


What could be more natural and important than sleep?

The answer is: almost nothing is! 

Sleep is so important, that it is one of the most potent bio-markers of health itself.  If you sleep well, and long (at least 7 & 1/2 hours per night minimum), this shows that you are a basically healthy and happy animal! 

If you have trouble sleeping... uh oh!  This is a strong indicator, in and of itself, that something is wrong:

Too much stress?  Bad diet?  Not enough, or too much exercise? (Probably too much cardio type)
Soft drinks and other crap in your diet?

All of the above can mess up your sleep, which messes up your attitude, which messes up your health and your life!

Really, in a Paleo concept, how important is sleep?

1. Good, nutrient dense nutrition.  The maximum nutrients in every morsel of food you eat.
2. Sleep! 
3. Sun exposure, clean water, good family and extended family (i.e. "Tribe") relations and life.
4. Minimal toxins in environment and food and air.
5. Exercise  (brief, intense, invigorating, and throughout a complete range of motion, including stretching and all forms of exercise short of going to failure!)
And if you don't have all of the above, exercise will only add more cortisol, the stress hormone to the mix, and spiral you further down the hole!

So there you have it!  Sleep only comes after your nutrition.  Without good nutrition, good sleep is impossible.  And without good, quality sleep, your "tribal" or personal relations in life are hugely compromised, to the point where you are so stressed out that you don't even care about crucial things like good water, sun on your skin, or minimizing the toxins in your environment!
I am now writing an iPad Paleo book, called Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe natch; watch for it pretty soon- but not TOO soon!  I am walking my own talk, and though I'd love to get it out NOW, and help a bunch of folks save their health, I will take my measured time, and do it in a less stressful manner... I will only say that it will be really something, with demonstration videos, to-the-point instructions and ideas, and all on the intuitive platform of the iPad!  Stay tuned!

So sleep!  Make it a priority. Sleep is more important than exercise.

Much more important!  (and a heck of a lot easier too!)

Especially this Winter time of year, it is natural for us all in Northern climes to be more sedentary and reflective, to "hunker down" in the "cave" with our "tribe", and just chill out.

Not only natural, but beneficial!

So, just do it- go to bed early- really early!  Enjoy it!  Get up early too!  Enjoy the feeling of getting up early, and feeling fully rested, because you went to bed early enough.  Do your stretches, make your Paleo Quick Start Smoothie, do your perfectly paleo, visualized resistance, self resisted, isometric and body weight exercises (No strain- no pain- just enjoy the feeling!)---

And then, start your day:

Invigorated, happy, loaded with nutrition, and, above all, completely rested!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sustainable, LOCAL Agriculture KEY to our Survival

We have really gotten off of the straight and narrow in our modern food system!

I mean, would our grandparents have thought that Velveeta "cheese" and Margarine, i.e. congealed chemically derived vegetable oils were good and healthy???

We've been on a slippery slope for a long time, and just like a frog in a gradually heating pot of water doesn't know his peril, we are now like that frog- 

The water is near to boiling, and we still have not woken up!!

We need to totally revamp our food production system, to what it used to be.

Listen to Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms and "Yoooh- what's up Y'aaal!" Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness to get a good overview of the basic problem, and what needs to be done.

We all need to know what to eat- "Just Eat Real Foods" JERF...

But we really need to know that these REAL FOODS


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paleo Evolution- Incremental Improvement Through Ritual

Every now and then, it is a good idea to "mix it up" with your training!  I love the idea of a morning ritual, and follow a pattern on most days:

I get up, do my easy mobility movements first thing (about 2 minutes worth), then toddle on down to the kitchen.  I like to get up before anyone else, and so am completely undistracted, and focused on the good feeling of accomplishment that, when I'm done with my "morning ritual", stays with me for the rest of the day!

I start off by heating the water for my green tea and coffee on the stove.  While this water heats in the kettle, I assemble all the ingredients for my Paleo Smoothie, from kefir to green tea, and from spinach to cinnamon...Paleo Smoothie ingredient list is here, and I am always searching for variations on the theme of maximum nutrient density/health.  But, your own variations are not only possible, but desirable!  Just keep the Paleo Template in mind, and add in whatever is in season, on sale, or just sounds good to you.

It takes about 5 minutes of so to assemble my Paleo smoothie, and another minute or so to blend it... Now, I start my coffee!  I have written before about the fabulous Aeropress, and recommend you make your coffee with one of these little devices...  I dissolve a little coconut oil into the coffee; really, that makes it for me!  Also, it "jump starts" my system with a strong dose of ketones to kick-start my upcoming workout.

Then, my smoothie, coffee and tea all ready, I go into the living room and work out.  I really enjoy this part of my day, gradually moving through the visualized resistance moves I outline in my ebook Perfectly Paleo Exercise... I kind of think of this as a sort of moving meditation, although I do generally have the television on as I work out.  I almost can't watch TV anymore when I'm not exercising- it seems like a waste of time!  But, when I am exercising, especially with visualized and self resisted exercises, it is not distracting at all to do both.

But that is my daily ritual- once per week I go into my basement, and do my intense weekly workout- chins, pullups, dips, kettle bell swings, leg raises- stuff like that for 30 intense minutes- followed in warm weather by barefoot sprinting for about 10 more...

But now, see what I've added?  For several weeks now I have been doing pushups, dips, chins and more with these gymnastic rings, and they are great!  Really makes all of those exercises more intense, and used more stabilizing muscles as well.  I hang them from my old power rack from my misguided weight lifting days of years ago- it does work well for that, as well as chins and such.  Also great for isometric work!

Easy to set up, cheap, easy to move outside come summer to hang from a tree limb or swing set; what's not to love?  I heartily recommend a set of rings!  Kind of fun, too...

So, I guess the moral is this: rituals are great, and to have a daily ritual is essential.  But, it's also important to make minor changes and tweaks on a regular basis, while keeping the bulk of your routine the same.  The body and mind thrive on regularity: good, predictable sleep, highly nutritious food devoid of "anti-nutrients" like that in grains and legumes, and good "tribal" relations with friends and family.

But, just as our Paleo ancestors did- WE NEED TO EVOLVE!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Do things for the good of the Tribe!

Altruism is important.  For the good of the "tribe"; we are all hard-wired for that.

In our history, to care for other members of the tribe was considered essential, and so it is that we all are wired up to want to help others.

This is a good thing!!

Go with your natural inclinations here:

Try to help others- do what you can!  Share your talents and abilities; if you can cook well, offer up some "Paleo Friendly" treats to those in need.

Daughter Holly and I, in the photo above, appeared at a local nursing home in our guise as the Coulee Cats.  It is really hard to say just who benefited more from this performance-

The residents, or US!!

The next day, really all I've been thinking of is the connections we made with these elderly "tribesmembers" of our community...

One old guy was blind, but sang along with every single song he knew. (He had been a member of his church choir for 50 years!)  

 Another lady, I was told later was 96, came up to the piano and played amazingly well, and we all sang along.  ( I was told later that she never plays in the home, and it was so surprising to the staff as well that she was so accomplished!)

I learned a lot from these elderly tribespeople:
1. I need to learn the old songs that they like more!  ( I like songs from the 50's through the 60's- they thought these were too "modern"!
2. The other thing is this: they mainly just want to "tell their own stories"...  The very best thing you can do for your fellow tribespeople is to just listen!  They have lots to say, and no one ever listens to them!!

So, if you have a chance to connect with folks at a nursing home, think of it as a Paleo Experience!  YOU will benefit as much as they will, and be sure to look each one in the eye, take their hand, and LISTEN!  You'll be ever so glad that you did.

Also, if you sing for them, think I Love You Truly, or 5 Foot Two, Eyes of Blue; and skip Good Rockin' Tonight and most 1950's songs... they like things even more.... Paleolithic!!


"We toast ALL of our tribe with WATER!"

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Paleo Pirate Podcast- Now UP on iTunes!

Hear the Paleo Pirate Song: Click below
BE A PALEO PIRATE!                    Listen on iTunes!

Argggh!!  Here be Pirate Captain PaleoJay and his mighty buccaneers, takin’ you swabbies on a doughty journey through Ancestral lands, and windin’ up with a treasure chest of good health, plenty of non-scurvy like paleo foods, and, you will end up with a nice booty to boot!

O many times I’ve dreamed
Of sailing the bounding main
I’d be a Paleo pirate
Taking sugar, corn and grain

No one in the seven seas
Could stand against our crew
We’d pillage wheat and corn
And ruin sugar too

The Frankenfoods we’d take
From the ships that we had sank
T’would sink into the briny deep
As our vegan victims walked the plank

O many times I’ve dreamed
Of sailing the bounding main
I’d be a Paleo pirate
And destroy all the grain

The GMO’s that we stole
They would measure in the tons
The grain merchants that we’d plunder
Would surrender to our guns

We would sail across the oceans
Across the wine dark sea
We’d pillage and we’d plunder
All the Paleo pirates and me

O many times I’ve dreamed
Of sailing the bounding main
I’d be a Paleo pirate
And destroy all the grain

Pirates can be a good “Paleo Template”, if we look at them through the right “lens”. In this case, a “spyglass”...and, often through just ONE eye! (The other is covered with an eyepatch)

Pirates knew the importance of play, as they spent much of their days in lazy carousing, often with a few bottles of rum.  They would “exercise” by fighting one another, often with cutlasses, and the loser might end up down in Davy Jone’s Locker, but at least he had a stress free existence, right up until the end!  “Yo ho ho, and all that”...

Seriously, there was no FAKE FOOD back then, so, when the Pirates found a tropical isle, they could “heave ho” and go ashore, and eat wild tropical fruits, hunt wild boar, and get great exercise digging lots of deep holes, either:
looking FOR buried treasure
Burying their OWN treasure

Either way, they built their musculature in a very natural way, and with no more sophisticated a tool than a shovel!

They had happy parrots for friends, and spent lots of time “playing” in the form of music!
Seriously, I think making and singing music with your “tribe”, whether piratical or not, is one of the best forms of play that there is!  I’ll bet some pirates even went into island caves and painted boars (and skeletons, and Jolly Rogers, and chests of gold) onto the walls- we have only to wait for the archeologists to find them!

So, go be a Paleo Pirate!  Only, be a SAFE paleo pirate, and use rubber cutlasses, cap pistols, and only walk the plank (in your bare feet, of course, or Vibrams) for balance.  Not for real!  Unless it’s just a diving board, and you are “keel-hauling”, in your imagination, a particularly irritating client or customer...

Tell No Tales!!

Captain Paleo Jay

Paleo- Just One Meal at a Time!

Lets say you are a busy person- 

NO, time to research starting a new diet, or improving upon your frenetic lifestyle...
You just want somebody to do the work for you!
Start with your next meal! Just eat good meats, eggs, vegetables, some fruit, a little
whole fat dairy like cream or greek yogurt, nuts (except for peanuts, which are a legume)and good fats, like real butter, coconut oil, and the aforementioned cream!
After you finish reading the blog entry, get up and head to your local grocery store!
Better yet, find a place that sells organic produce, grassfed beef and pastured pork, and free range eggs. You'll be pleasantly surprised at all that is available for you to eat on a Paleo or Ancestral type of diet. Variety will not be a problem!
Start your day with coffee and real cream if you like. (Green or white tea is also an
excellent option). Skip the orange juice, since the cartoned version is is chemical
flavors in a a huge, grey vat of sugar water. Eggs and bacon are a great idea for break-
fast, just as they were to our grandparents!
Have a big salad with veggies and meat or seafood for lunch, along with olive oil and vinegar dressing. How about a grassfed steak for supper? Add in a baked sweet
potato with real butter and vegetable of your choice for a side, slathered in pastured,
real butter!
Finish with a bowl of berries and real whipped cream for dessert..
Snacks? A good quality dark chocolate is loaded with anti-oxidants, and nuts go great with chocolate! Just make sure it is nothing packaged or processed-
Get rid of the colas and chips! FAKE FOOD ALL!!
The closer you can get to nature and original God made foods the better!
Shop the outer aisles at the grocery store. Fresh or frozen is best.
Just start with this.
Then, come back here, and read another blog post to "keep the ball rolling". Educate
yourself little by little, and make the choice to give up the grains and sugars that raise
your insulin, cause up and down spikes in your energy, and create long term health 
problems such as diabetes and heart disease.
We all like to stick to the "staus quo", and resist change... but, if you continue to eat the
pathetic, nutrient-poor Standard American Diet, your health will continue to decline.
You will go down the "modern" path of sickness and disease- so,
Just Do It!
Dump your old bad ways of eating, and delve into the world of top-notch nutrition.
Make your forebears proud! They ALWAYS sought out the BEST food they could!
Vow to make yourself healthier in one year than you are today. Write down the date,
make yourself accountable. Start NOW with your very next meal. And then...
Just one meal at a time!
You will feel so much better, in such a short time, that you will never want to go back
to your old, self-destructive ways.
And please feel free to send me a comment about your new adventure! And, while you are at it, subscribe to the feed for Paleo Jay's blog, to the right, and also to my weekly 
iTunes podcast, also to the right- both are free.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

PaleoJay recommends Chris Kresser's High Cholesterol Action Plan

Let's say you've returned from the Doctor's office after a routine exam...

High Cholesterol!!!
You are going to DIE!
Take these STATIN DRUGS!!!!

Don't panic.  

Chris Kresser can take the confusion, and the deplorable scare tactics used by the medical industry these days that tries to coerce you into taking drugs-

 drugs with multiple, harmful side-effects!

There's more than a good chance that you don't need them at all!

But, how can you decipher whether or not?  

Don't be railroaded into taking potentially very harmful drugs if you don't have to-

Check out what Chris has to say- he has researched this subject to death, so you can follow his lead- after following the High Cholesterol Action Plan


And knowledge is power my friend!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is Pork Bad?

I have heard lately, and from people I respect greatly, that pork is a dirty, unhealthy meat, and is best avoided!  It provoked thought, and I researched it ad nauseum...

While it is troubling that CAFO raising of pigs, (CAFO is "Confined Animal Feeding Operations", or basically Concentration Camps for pigs) is as unsanitary and unhealthy as it sounds, to extrapolate this to all pork is wrong-headed.

Especially if you obtain your pork from a pastured, old-style pig raising farm as I do; if the pigs your meat comes from were happy and healthy porkers, the chance for contamination is small.

If your pork, in addition, is cured (as in BACON), the chance of disease goes down...

AND, if you cook it well, meaning thoroughly (NOT rare!), the chance goes down to...

almost nil!

Here is Chris Kresser, Paleo Guru extraordinaire, giving a brief synopsis of the Pork Principles:

So, that is the ultimate Pork Primer. 

I hope you all have seen the light, and are anxious to add some well cooked, delicious Pork; and especially BACON to your diet!   I know I will...


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Paleo Gadgets you MUST HAVE! and, Eat LOTS of Nutrient dense foods to lose fat!

Paleo Jay’s Smoothie Cafe #13

Paleo Food Prep Gadgets

Fill up with Nutrient Dense Foods to Lose Fat

Today, let’s talk about Paleo Food Gadgets, like the inimitable Vitamix-
Best way to incorporate whole raw foods into your diet
Maximum absorbability
Huge variety of antioxidants, spices and herbs- all in one convenient, tasty package!

Crock Pots!  Crock pots are the best and easiest way to COOK your food, slowly and delectably, breaking down all the fibers and cell walls of your ingredients- rather like a “slow cooking Vitamix”, but much slower, and hotter- but with a lot of the same results.
Use one daily, for bone broth it is unsurpassed.
Breaks down collagen in bones, releases marrow; best thing for our own bones are the nutrients from the bones of other animals.
The Aerobie Aeropress!

If you drink coffee, (and I recommend you do!) get this gadget!  It makes the BEST coffee you’ve ever had, period, and it does so easily.  It is also quite cheap to buy!  But also get the stainless steel coffee filter

The paper filters that come with it are fine, but they also tend to “shift” when making multiple cups from one load of coffee ( I like to make 3 cups per day from one loading- I add more water from my teapot after each cup, and, using the stainless steel filter, the filter never “shifts” and lets in coffee grounds, like the paper ones did!

I make “Bullet Proof” coffee, sort of- I just use a good organic coffee, and dissolve coconut oil in the cup by pouring the coffee on top, and then top with real whipped cream, cinnamon and cloves...  very, very healthy, inexpensive (bullet proof brand coffee is $18.75 for a 3/4 pound bag), and, I prefer to put my pastured butter in my Paleo smoothie rather than in my coffee, and whipped cream and coconut oil have a vastly superior taste, and double the bang for your buck to boot of good fat!

My other gadget?  A dehydrator!  You can easily make jerky, and kale chips.

Oh- a Weber grill!  I grilled today, and it is 12 degrees outside.  Grass fed beef roast, pastured bratwurst, and sausages...

My last point is this: fill up with as much nutrient dense foods as you can!  Don’t even think of “eating less” to lose fat- that whole mindset is completely wrong.

If you start out with a nutrient super dense Paleo smoothie in the morning, along with eggs and pastured bacon, have some more smoothie mid AM, have a huge, meat or seafood topped salad with mixed greens and real oil and vinegar dressing (no soy!), have almonds and dark chocolate for a snack, some more Paleo smoothis mid-afternoon-

I swear you will be so stuffed you will NOT be tempted by any junk foods, like bread or pasta or candy or cake or cookies etc.   You will just be TOO FULL!

You may wind up like me, and usually just skip supper...


That’s great; you are now “intermittantly fasting”, which has numerous benefits of its own!

Go to bed early, and wake up HUNGRY- you have a lot of food to eat:
A Paleo Smoothie, eggs and bacon, coffee with coconut oil and whipped cream...

Got it?  Stay FULL, and you will LOSE FAT and be HEALTHY!



Friday, January 11, 2013

Go Paleo- at Panera "Bread"!!??

As a Paleo Persona, I have been granted advance notice of a wonderful event:

The Introduction of PALEO BREAKFAST items at Panera Bread franchises- NATION WIDE!

"Here's how you get the dishes -- just tell one of our associates that you're ordering from the "Hidden Menu", and they'll take care of it from there."

The above is a quote from the Panera site; so, just to reiterate, order from the hidden menu, and you will have access to ALL KINDS of "hidden" TREASURES to order!

Paleo foods that will POWER your day, and give you the ancestral type of nutrition that you have been lacking!  Bring your kids, and your reluctant spouse, and show them what is available!!

The bottom line is this:

Our health, and the health of our children has been vastly compromised, since we stopped actually preparing meals at home that were healthy, and nutrient dense.  Hopefully, this step by a Drive-up type of restaurant that is ubiquitous and "ok" by kid standards will INSPIRE ALL of us to graduate to actually making the step to having traditional, ancestral MEALS AT HOME that follow this restaurant template, and actually go it one better!!

This Paleo meal idea was concocted in conjunction with Tim Ferriss  "The Four Hour Chef" fame, and Scott Davis, Panera Bread's Chief Concept Officer, who requested Tim Ferriss' help on the effort...

Bravo, Tim and Scott!!

So, now all of you urban dwelling fast food junkies can go Paleo, easily!  DO IT!!

It just might inspire you to get more into this healthy lifestyle, the diet of our grandparents, and hopefully, all of our future generations!!  

They also have a "hidden menu" of Paleo meals for lunch and dinner as well!

 Power Steak Lettuce Wrap for lunch:


And not everything is steak!!  But I will say it tickles MY fancy!

Sure beats a bagel!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

PALEO QUICK START: Dr. Terry Wahls interviewed by Sean Croxton on Underground Wellness! Good stuff- Y'AALL!

PALEO QUICK START: Dr. Terry Wahls interviewed by Sean Croxton on Underground Wellness! Good stuff- Y'AALL!

Paleo Quick Tips #12 up and ready!

Paleo Quick Start #12

Straight legged situps- best ab exercise ever?

Bodyweight exercise for real world strength

Appetite is the best sauce

Have you ever done really straight-legged situps?  They are probably the best ab exercise ever- along with simultaneously efficiently stretching out your entire spine and neck with each repetition!  How you perform them is key, however:

Lay flat on the floor, and raise yourself until your elbows, cradled behind your head, come as close to your outstretched legs as possible- and do not anchor your legs under anything!  Your legs should stay down through abdominal power alone; this is what makes this exercise so very effective!  At first, you’ll probably only manage a few, but , done regularly, the progression is quite fast (as is the strengthening of your abs)...
Done eventually in “sets” of, say, 30-50 or even more, they are another form of “intense interval training”, just as are pushups done in such a manner.  In fact, it’s great to alternate the two exercises in opposing sets... Before very long at all you will find you are knocking out a couple hundred of each in surprisingly short periods of time- this is akin to sprinting!, in that it is strenuous in the extreme, for short “bursts” of time- the ideal exercise protocol for simultaneously building muscle and building up your cardio system at the same time!  Add in some planks and some hindu squats, and your whole body is worked to the max, quickly and very efficiently, not to mention naturally- nothing like “machine isolation” and such.  Perfectly Paleo exercise indeed!

Speaking of which, I don’t really mean to bad-mouth weightlifting, but, well, someone has to come out on the other side!  I really think that heavy, dedicated, long hours of weight lifting, just like endless, long sessions of cardio is ultimately... harmful!  There, I said it!  In the old days, weights were used to demonstrate strength.  Lifting platforms full of people, carriages, huge boulders- to demonstrate just how strong they were!
But the strength they were demonstrating was generally gained by... body weight exercises, visualized resistance type exercise, isometrics, and such like exercise!

Lots of heavy squats, for instance, really can give you a bulky, chunky type of physique- is this what you really want?  Also, the strain on your neck and spine can be damaging, as is also the effect on your knees.  I mean, why do them, if you only want to be strong and healthy, and are not in the NFL and need to be really big, strong, bulky, and even somewhat fat to achieve your goals?  Do natural exercises, the types of exercises that animals like tigers and lions do instinctually, and build a cat-like, strong and functional body rather than a bulky travesty that will be lucky to survive past the 50 year mark...  You can build a FAR better physique, man or woman, if you stick to Perfectly Paleo Exercise!

If you have not yet gotten yourself a Vitamix blender, please do so!  This is the mainstay of the Paleo Jay’s Smoothie Cafe, and the bedrock of Paleo Quick Start ultimate nutrition and health.  All the enzymes, anti-oxidants, fiber, vitamins, and other health benefits raw, Ancestral types of eating are unlocked with this “wonder tool”  Order from the link on, and your shipping will be free- (best deal anywhere on a Vitamix), new or reconditioned.    And just remember- as the Spartans used to say “appetite is the best sauce”.  I bring this up because today is Sunday, my “fasting/relaxing” day of the week.  I’ve only had a cup of coffee with coconut oil dissolved in it and whipped cream on top so far today, and it’s almost 3PM now!  After this podcast is done, I will do my basement, most intense workout of the week for about 30 minutes, and then “carb backload” for the rest of the night- I have some fried rice, and some sweet and sour chicken, beef and broccoli planned, along with popcorn, and maybe some Vitamix made ice cream made with whole cream and cocoa powder, raw honey and stevia...

Not even a Paleo Smoothie this morning!!

And I will say, that by the time I eat, I realize the Spartans were right:

“Appetite IS the best sauce!!’‘    EVERYTHING will taste AMAZING!

Oh, and that is daughter Holly singing with me on “Newborn Paleo”!
Isn’t she amazing??  Thanks Holly!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Must See Paleo Movies for 2013

The Paleo diet is going mainstream!  Yesterday, I visited Barnes and Noble bookstore-

Wow!  A whole table of books in the front, at least 2/3 of which were Paleo themed!  What was once a small niche market is getting bigger all the time- this is great news for the health of America, but the movement is still just getting started.  What we all need to do is to reprogram ourselves.

Our negative, low calorie, low fat, healthy whole-grain brainwashing began about 50 years ago... you have probably partially reversed this process, at least somewhat, but your friends and family probably have not.  Save them!

What to do?  Well, there are excellent Paleo books out there now, Nora Gedgaudus' Primal Body Primal Mind, springs to mind, as well as Robb Wolf's The Paleo Solution, not to mention the incredible eBooks by yours truly:
Paleo Quick Start and Perfectly Paleo Exercise.

But sometimes people are affected more by a movie than they are by the written word.  So, here are some movies to influence not only yourself positively, but your friends and family as well:

First off is King Corn- the whole movie on youTube!  

Next, Statin Nation- (only the trailer on this one)


Food Inc. (entire movie!)

Next, explore the fact that perhaps there really already is a cure for cancer!!  Burzinski, the whole movie again available here:

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, again the entire movie!

And lastly, just the trailer from the recently released "Doctored", which exposes the shameful attempt by the American Medical Association to discredit and shut down the competition!

So, what else can you do to "spread the good Paleo gospel?"  Well, if you put your little dog into THIS outfit:

Well, who could resist immediately drinking a Paleo Smoothie??

And, if you or a friend is an avid golfer...

Many more items are available at
Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe

Have fun shopping!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Go Paleo This New Year!

Start your caveman journey this year with a smile on your face, incrementally moving towards your goal bit by bit...

Say you are starting out as a budding cavewoman:

Some of us read about the Paleo diet, immediately grasp the principles behind it, agree with the theory, and grabbing the bull by the horns, immediately adopt the diet by:

Cutting sugar consumption dramatically (this includes orange juice and pop)
Eliminating grains and  industrial seed oils (Crisco, margarine, vegetable oils)
Adding LOTS of vegetables to the diet,(ideally in the form of salads and especially Paleo Smoothie blended drinks as outlined in Paleo Quick Start)
Getting rid of legumes, like beans and peanuts (Peanut butter is especially bad!)
INCREASING the consumption of good fats, (like free range chicken eggs, pastured butter, coconut oil and milk, avocados and fatty fish)
Eliminating pasteurized dairy (raw dairy is best; grass fed and fermented, such as in the form of kefir or Greek yogurt is better)
Eating significant amounts of grass fed beef and wild-caught seafood
Stopping of eating artificial sweeteners completely, such as in soda pop (raw honey is the best acceptable sweetener, followed by the herb stevia)
Limiting of fruit consumption to once or twice per day
Using good herbs and spices (such as a good sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and others such as cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, kelp and cayenne liberally)

Like I say, some of us can do all of the above, right away!

But, experience has shown me that, for most of us, such  an extreme change is unlikely, and leads to giving up on such a huge change all at once.

I'm here to suggest that you approach your Paleo journey "Back to the Future" by doing it incrementally...

What I did personally, was to first replace my morning daily breakfast with a good, green Paleo Smoothie!   This really got me going to a good place fast.  But, if you'd like, you can just replace your usual cereal and skim milk with eggs and bacon.  Do that for a week, and notice how much better you are feeling, how you don't "crash" early in the day...

Then, when you are ready, replace your afternoon sandwich and chips with a big salad topped with plenty of meat or seafood and plenty of olive oil and vinegar dressing, perhaps a hard boiled egg or two...

What about afternoon snacks?  Cookies, pie, chips, ding dong doritos, absolute crap like that?
Try taking a mix of almonds and dark chocolate chips along.  Hard boiled eggs.  Beef jerky.  All are great choices!

Supper?  Grilled or roasted meat, chicken or seafood.  Crockpots are GREAT!  Just limit the potatoes, or replace with sweet potatoes, and don't touch the bread!  I guarantee there is no need to EVER  get hungry eating this way!

Work on breakfast first... after awhile lunch, and then tackle dinner... It's incremental, and you will feel incrementally better each step of the way!

Add in some Perfectly Paleo Exercise along the way, and your Paleolithic Journey may have you arriving at your desired destination sooner than you think-

Just keep on with your destination in mind, and it will happen!