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Monday, May 22, 2017

Nutrition Beats Drugs on PJSC podcast

PaleoJed, aka Jedediah Bowers, Civil War general

Every time!

As Hippocrates said it long ago, as he was forging the basis of Western medicine (which the medical establishment has abandoned in modern times, unfortunately):

Let medicine be thy food
and Food thy medicine!

It was true in 400 BC, and it is just as true now.  Hippocrates also said that “All disease begins in the gut”, and now the latest medical research shows that also to be true- the gut biome, meaning the intestinal flora and fauna that inhabit our intestines and elsewhere on our bodies, even in our mouths and on our skin!  But within our intestinal tract, that is the home of tens of trillions of tiny gut “bugs” that help us to function as human beings.

Our gut bugs manufacture various vitamins and hormones, even regulating our mood and helping us in digestion, and even in regulating our weight!  Conditions as diverse as depression, obesity, autism, and even a positive, optimistic view of life are all linked to the health and diversity of the gut population of microbes!

If you eat a wide diet of natural vegetables and fruits, along with probiotic foods such as naturally fermented foods such as sauerkraut, pickles, yogurt and kefir- why then you are nurturing a healthy, resilient micro biome- a healthy gut!  This is, bottom line, the main key to a healthy body, and it requires lots and lots of nutrient dense vegetables- of course, a healthy, blender-produced smoothie is almost essential to getting this diverse diet of huge amounts of veggies in the modern diet.  (You knew I’d say that, but it’s still true grasshopper!)

Conversely, to revert to drugs: every time you take a drug, you are messing up your precious micro biome!  Especially antibiotics- their entire purpose is to carpet-bomb your gut biome!

Of course, the idea is to take out one virulent, bad strain of bacteria… but antibiotics can’t differentiate!

It’s as if there is a huge battle between two warring armies in your gut.  Millions of good guys are fighting away, against another army of bad guys that want to harm you.  An antibiotic bomb falls down your gut, and explodes!

When the dust clears, both armies are dead!  Also, all of the innocent bystanders- the workers repairing your tissues, the office workers that regulate your mood and weight levels- they’re all dead too.  Your gut is a huge vacant land, a cemetery of once hard workers, along with bad invaders, but now just- sterile and empty!

Doctors used to think this was good!  In fact, many still do, but they are very wrong indeed if they do- they are using science they learned in the 1970’s, not current medical research that very much endorses the critical importance of a strong and vital gut micro biome.

With a sterile gut environment, the battle can go either way.  If you regulate the gut microbes you allow within your body by eating a good, paleo type of diet that is heavy on veggies and fermented foods, and very low in processed starches and sugars- why they you encourage the growth and immigration of good, positive microbes that will enhance your health and well being!

However, if you introduce fast foods and other processed crap into your gut, you are encouraging the rapid growth of millions of bad microbes- those same undesirable microbes you were finally forced to kill with the carpet-bomb of an antibiotic drug!  What’s more, if you continue with the bad eating, especially with gluten in the mix, you are letting your gut get more and more permeable- this means that undesirable proteins will slip through your gut lining, right into your bloodstream.

This is the worst scenario of all, in that it means that you are being invaded from within.  Your body reaches that point, as your gut becomes more and more permeable, that your white blood cell defenders cannot tell the difference between some of your own tissues and those of the invaders- and, when this happens, your body starts to attack your own organs and tissues.  This is autoimmune disease, the scourge of the modern era.

Don’t go this route! Protect your body, protect your gut- with a good, paleo type of diet of real, God made foods only.  This is key, but the next step is just as important:

Avoid Drugs!  Over-the-counter, prescription- they all, ultimately, work against your body.  They destroy your gut lining as surely as gluten does, and actually much faster.

What’s more: they only treat the symptoms, not the cause of the problem!  This is very important to remember, since if in treating the symptoms for temporary relief exacerbates the very problem you are trying to correct…

This is not only not a solution- it is gasoline on a raging fire of disease!

So treat your body as Hippocrates recommended, and as do I, today. Eat lots of good, nutritious vegetables, pastured meats and dairy, free range eggs, and organic fruits.  Eat sardines and wild salmon, not hot pockets and Egg Mc Muffins washed down with fruit juice and a coke.  Consume lots of fermented foods, and instead of chemical sunscreens and lotions, rub coconut oil on your body, and emu oil.  Oils that your body can use productively, rather than go into emergency overdrive to try to eliminate into your liver and into fat cells!

Throw your flour and bread products in the trash, or else give them to a person you truly believe the world would be better off without!  Take your sugar bin, and either use it to ferment something like a natural beer or wine, or else give it to the hummingbirds who can use it productively.

And most importantly, take all the coupons and such that encourage you to order pizzas and muffins and Big Gulps and fast food burgers and tacos and everything else- and burn them.  Burn them right along with all the advertisements you get from your local big Medical Clinic that everyone reveres as great healers…  take all their blandishments about how you should make an appointment to have your colonoscopy, your yearly checkup, your nine-dozen medical tests “to be done often” and burn them right along with those bad processed food enticement coupons!

Clear your head- think for yourself!  Treat yourself with good nutrition and good, natural, perfectly paleo exercise!

Instead of worrying about medical treatments, meditate and pray.  Exercise naturally.  And above all, sleep a sound 8-9 hours per night in a blackened room, with no lights within or without. (This includes television, above all!!)

And instead of opting for medical drugs or surgeries??  Cook wonderful, healthy meals for yourself and your family!  Avoid chemicals in your cleaning products and personal care products, and use intermittent fasting on a frequent basis.

This is where health truly lies- within your own control.  Big Medicine, Big Pharma, and Big Government are all the problem.  Solutions are always, and always have been within the individual.  If you truly think about it, paying attention to the latest research and sequestering yourself for awhile from the constant wash of Big Brother self-serving propoganda from the media, you will come to recognize reality.

Nutrition does indeed Beat Drugs!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Easy Paleo

The more I read and research about staying healthy in this our modern era, the simpler it becomes to me. There is really only one thing you need to do nutritionally to avoid degenerative diseases…
Strictly limit your refined carbs and sugars!
That’s it, I’m not kidding! The high blood glucose almost all Americans now live with, and the resultant spikes in insulin, over and over for years and years- well, that puts you into insulin resistance. This state is the fount of all our ills- it results eventually in metabolic syndrome, which makes our bodies prone to obesity, or more correctly diabesity, which has become the modern day plague upon the world.
And diabesity will push you into all the autoimmune diseases you can think of- of course diabetes, but also arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, IBS, diverticulitis, chrome’s disease- really, the list goes on and on. And no sense just listing horrible diseases that you can easily avoid, just by limiting refined carbs and sugars!
Of course, to effectively limit those carbs and sugars, you have to pretty much eliminate processed foods. This means pretty much all fast food (although McDonald’s coffee is surprisingly good!), frozen dinners from the grocery, boxes and bags of processed mixes and frozen biscuits and rolls and pizzas and- well, the list, just like the autoimmune diseases previously mentioned, goes on and on…
But ask yourself, which would you rather have- the dubious pleasure of a pop-tart in the morning and a hot pocket in the evening, washed down of course with soda pop of either diet or sugared variety- (both are really bad for you, but the diet pop is worse!)-
Or a healthy, fit body with no disease whatsoever??
Bottom line, the choice really is yours! And all it takes is to eat according to your evolutionary heritage- to eat real food. Forget (above all) bread and buns made from modern, altered wheat that makes your intestinal lining permeable, allowing contaminants free access to your bloodstream- autoimmune disease lies here! This sort of bread is also loaded with industrial seed oils, aka vegetable oils, that are more toxic than I can explain here. Just avoid them as well- processed, tasteless crap! Eat real fats like butter and lard instead- duh!
Is it really this easy? Limiting processed foods like bread, refined carbs and sugars?
Well, it is, but there is some easy stuff you need to add in, just to lead a good life overall, and also to ensure that your body works as it has evolved to:
Sleep 8 hours per night! Of more- I find that 9 is about right for me. Cutting down on sleep to “accomplish more” is a false badge of honor. You are just dumbing yourself down, and harming your health in the bargain!
Exercise! It doesn’t have to be a lot. Early mornings are best- just get up, and stretch on the floor while watching the news, or a cool Netflix video you have been watching. This makes it something that makes you want to get up early to enjoy!
Besides floor stretches, get a rebounder, and bounce on that while you flex your muscles through their range of motion. My ebook, Perfectly Paleo Exercise describes all the exercises you need! And actually- no equipment at all is needed for wonderful results! Also, just look on and you will find all the exercise advice you need.
8 hours of sleep. 30 minutes of exercise. And a diet of meats, veggies, fruits, full-fat dairy. An unlimited diet of those wonderful foods!
Now, does that really sound all that hard, for life-long, vibrant health and fitness?

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lift LIght not Heavy

Light lifter
Heavy lifter

This research has been around for about 6 or 7 years now, but the information has yet to circulate widely throughout the fitness world- lifting light weights is just as effective for developing both strength and muscle size!
Why is this such big news? Well, for many athletes, and just plain regular folks who want to improve their health and appearance, the advice has been to “lift heavy” for many years. This means to lift a weight at least 80% of your one-rep max in that particular lift, and do it for around 8 to 10, or even fewer reps. To exhaustion!
While this method works for muscle size and strength, it also sets you up for injury- just the sheer loading of the big weights on your body can damage your joints and spine. Recent studies have repeatedly shown that much lighter weights, when also done to near exhaustion with much higher reps, (say 25 or so) are every bit as effective as those heavier weights- for both size- and strength!
I have known about this for years, in fact I have figured out that tensing the muscle throughout its range of motion- even with no weights at all!- is just as effective as lifting weights! But, using a small weight, say about 30% of so of your one rep maximum lift, helps to give many inexperienced lifters in this style the “feel” of the weight, which helps them to concentrate on the muscle being worked, helping them to actively tense it. This vastly increases the effectiveness, or the “inroad” on the muscle so it is triggered to strengthen!
Actually, I have found that the better one becomes at thinking into the muscle being worked, the lighter the weight that needs to be used.
It is so much safer to use lighter (or no weights at all) that that alone is reason to adopt this method. You don’t need a spotter, you don’t need a power rack, you don’t need knee wraps or other artificial aids- just your body! If you squat, say, with 50 pounds, your chance of knee and spine injury is vastly reduced. In addition, the cardio/respiratory benefits derived from high rep exercise are far more beneficial at infusing life-giving, muscle-building blood into your muscles. This enhances rebuilding and recovery immensely!
It is also less daunting mentally to lift lighter- the psychological effect of knowing you are going to be lifting as hard as you can for a period of time is more than most people can bear- they just decide to not exercise, it’s too hard and painful. If you lift light, you actually enjoy each rep, you feel the muscle being worked as it is meant to be used, and it feels good! We have not evolved to work as hard as possible, briefly- and then just stop.
Our bodies are meant to work, easily, and only up the effort gradually, as we tire. This is the natural way to use our musculature, and our respiratory ability. It is a way to work out that we will keep doing for our lifetimes.
It is Perfectly Paleo Exercise.

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Monday, May 8, 2017

The BEST health advice EVER! PJSC podcast

I go on and on about what you should do for your health- it is a passion with me!  Diet, exercise, lifestyle- they all are so important!

For instance, if you are not sleeping in a blackened out, dark room every night, for at least 8 hours- you are harming your health in huge amounts!  Also, if you are eating gluten because ‘everyone does, and it’s just a fad’, well, I’m sorry- you are wrong- your gut is being made permeable, which means that all kinds of toxic crap is just flowing unimpeded into your circulatory system, making you just ripe for autoimmune diseases of all sorts!

I could go on and on: if you don’t exercise, especially in an appropriate type of way- you too will suffer severe health consequences.  Also, if you don’t get out into nature on a regular basis, experiencing the sounds of birds singing, and the wind through the trees as pollen and oxygen flows over your being- you will lose your health!
never There are so many ways that modern people wreck their health!  But, if there was one single thing that I would say is the MOST IMPORTANT??

Eat lots of vegetables.  Really- eat lots of vegetables!!

Now, what could be simpler than that?  I’m not asking you to go out and run marathons, (actually, please don’t!  Not healthy in the slightest!).   Also, I don’t ask you to lift super heavy weights, “bulk up”, and do ridiculously strenuous Crossfit stupid workouts- (again- please don’t!)

I do want you to work out, regularly, every day if you can in fact, but using bodyweight and self-resisted types of movement with lots of stretching, ala Perfectly Paleo Exercise.  Very simple stuff; actually very intuitive, once you get started.

BUT- the ONE main thing that I want you to do for HEALTH is this:


Now, I’m not a vegan, or a vegetarian- not even close!  Those two camps are, in my opinion, retarded. Stupid.  There has never been a vegan or vegetarian culture in the history of humans…NEVER!  They simply would not have survived without animal products, which we have evolved to take advantage of- never doubt this!

BUT- we are meant to eat tons, I mean lots of vegetables, I mean green leafy stuff, along with a few berries (in season) on a daily basis.  I mean like, ala Terry Wahls- 6 to 8 cups per day!

So, this is the best health advice ever!  Eat tons of vegetables, every day.  The best, honestly, are wild vegetables, like plantain, and dandelion, and their ilk.  They are absolutely loaded with nutrients!

But, you can do just fine with frozen and fresh veggies, like spinach, beets and beet greens, mixed assortments like the California Mix at the grocery with carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and hey- throw in some sprouts- broccoli sprouts are now widely available, and so nutritious that they are like anti-cigarettes- that’s how healthy they are!!

The main takeaway is this:  it is difficult in modern times to eat that much vegetation!  Our culture has a little green salad, along with a huge burger and fries- that’s normal.  So, what to do??

Simple, grasshopper- get a high powered blender, (Vitamix is the gold standard!!), and make a real, paleo smoothie each day!  Use lots and lots of veggies, either fresh or frozen, and only a handful of fruit.  Berries and citrus are the best, since they are lowest in fructose.  Ideally, throw in everything I suggest for my Paleo Smoothie on, since I include everything your poor body needs to counteract modern SAD living.

But, mainly?  PUT A TON OF VEGGIES IN YOUR SMOOTHIE!  It’s a simple solution to a modern problem, and vastly underrated.  

Your goal should be this: to be a paleolithic carnivore, who also eats more veggies than a vegan!

Go for it.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Emu Oil and Paleo


Just when you think you’ve got the ancestral, paleo type of diet pretty much all figured out- another wrinkle appears!
Actually, this is part of what is so really cool about paleo, it is an endless road of discovery. Your typical medical doctor thinks he has it all figured out: what he learned in medical school 30 years ago is all he needs to know…
Of course, he is dead wrong, and if you follow his advice, you too will wind up not only wrong, but dead. Conventional medicine will never recommend new, cutting-edge types of things that might really help you, it is always a matter of “following the corporate, standard treatments” that haven’t worked ever, but are still recommended because, well because that is what we have been told!
I have always steered clear of fish oil, instead preferring to consume fish instead. Duh. Although I do like to include a good cod liver oil in my smoothies as well.
But now, it appears there is something better, dramatically better actually, and that is emu oil. This is a large, flightless bird native to Australia, and is the oldest bird on the planet, said to be over 1 million years that the breed has been alive! These birds are unique also in that the male emus sit on the eggs the female has laid, for up to 7 weeks, never leaving the nest.
They can do this because of their fat, which supplies everything they need to survive this whole time. This fat, this oil, is what we are talking about here: an oil that can supply everything necessary for life- including water!- for such an extended period of time. Imagine how strong- how vital and loaded with all sorts of nutrients such an oil must be!
And so, I have done a lot of research, and even ordered my emu oil, with great hopes! Not so much for myself, but for those of my tribe, my family and friends, that are not nearly so healthy as me. For, the most amazing thing about this oil is that- it seems to fix the junctures of a leaky gut!
This is so huge, because most of my unhealthy tribal members are unhealthy because… they do not follow my dietary advice. They eat gluten. They suck down sugar as if it is God’s greatest gift! They are therefore broken- almost everyone I know that is over 40 has all kinds of ailments, from psoriasis, to diabetes, to heart disease. And still they refuse to change their ways! I understand how hard it seems, but still…
But now, emu oil, although I’m sure it can’t be a cure-all panacea, still- it seems to work wonders on really ailing people!
Remember, though: just as with American cattle, emus are now being raised worldwide, in deplorable conditions: GMO feed, lots of vaccinations, not in their native habitat! Steer clear of this: get a dependable, Australian source, from a emu variant that is ancestral. The best source I have found is
Beverly Meyer would not steer us wrong! And this supplier is right near me, here in Wisconsin- I think I may have to drive over and meet him, make him part of my tribe!
We shall see. But what I am hearing is that even in folks who do not change their deplorable, SAD diets- they get much better! Their gut heals enough (from taking a few capsules or drops of emu oil per day), that their heart disease goes into remission. The oil rubbed on their body topically cures their joint pain, despite them eating donuts and bread on a regular basis! It even is supposed to help with diabetes!
Again, we shall see. I will experiment on myself, as an experiment of one, but I am not the gold standard test, since I am pretty healthy, overall! What I am fascinated with is that this oil, if what I am researching is true-
Works on sick people eating the Standard American (SAD), horrible diet!
Maybe it is a reverse gateway drug, meaning that people take it, orally and topically, and get vastly better! This makes them think, “Hey, maybe there’s something to this paleo diet thing, maybe I should help myself by changing my diet and lifestyle- just think how great I’d look, feel, and perform then??”
One can only hope! Stay tuned here, at, for constant updates on improving your health and fitness. We are constantly learning, and we hope that you are as well- that is the whole point!

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Charles Atlas was PALEO! on new podcast of PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe

Frank Zane- Mr. Stomach Vacuum (among other things)  
Most of you will think I am insane!  Well, that is fine- but I am here to tell you that the exercise regimen promoted by Charles Atlas, way back in the 1930’s, is the most paleo friendly, productive, and beneficial exercise program you can possibly follow!

So, at least you know that I am insane.  Follow onwards, or not as you will, but I think this is the best advice about exercise that I have ever given.  For man, or woman.

The foundation of the Atlas courses was this: Dynamic Resistance.  I’ll admit, it sounds like a nebulous concept- what exactly is it?

It is resistance within the muscle itself.  To illustrate- flex your arm, as if you are curling a dumbbell, or barbell.
Just don’t use a weight- nothing- just your arm.

“How can I do this,” you say, “without resistance?”  Just generate the resistance within the arm itself- make it hard!
Go slow, and make that flex go through the whole range of motion, fighting internal resistance every step of the way.

You can actually make this harder than lifting a barbell or dumbbell, since the resistance is equally hard through every plane of resistance!  It is maximum productivity.

But, the thing is, you don’t stop with curls, the biceps alone.  Of course not, you follow a logical progression, working your body from head to toe.

You start with the high reach.  You reach as high as you can with your right arm, slowly, flexing all along the way.  If you are in front of a mirror (recommended), you will see your muscles flexing, from your lats to your triceps to your spinal erectors.  Attempt to accentuate this action, by actively engaging each muscle group!  The mirror helps here, especially in the early stages.

Then, try the fly.  I don’t know if you ever trained with weights in a gym, but this is where you cross your arms in front of your chest, engaging the pectoral muscles of the chest.  You really don’t need weights, (really!), and you  can do it fine, with dynamic resistance.  You just make the movement hard, internally- go slowly, and flex as you cross your arms across your chest for, oh, 10 repetitions.  I guarantee, you will feel exactly as you would as if you had done so with dumbbells or cables, except for the musculoskeletal trauma of heavy weights!  All beneficial, without the trauma.

Next, try the pulldown, or chin-up.  You know, even if you have never done a chin-up or pulldown in your life, now you can.
You just raise your arm as high as you can, and flexing- pull down on the right side.  Make the lats flex, the mirror helps here.  Then, repeat on the left, until you have done 10 on both right and left sides.  You should feel tired and pumped!

Now, let’s do the squat!  Now, I don’t want you to do the usual squat, with a huge weight across your spine (compressing it!), and the high reps, bottom-down (to damage your knees)!  What has happened with conventional weight training nowadays, anyway??

Just flex your thighs, and go down to a comfortable depth, flexing all the way.  Make those quadriceps work, isometrically (and internally) as you go up and down.  Don’t go too deep- 3/4 of the way down is plenty (don’t want knee damage) but flex hard every step of the way.  That is the perfect leg exercise, and perfectly safe.

Now, let’s move to the abdominals!  Forget what you have been told- the very best, key ab exercise is ab vacuums!  This is where you suck in your gut (whatever the size), and hold it. Do this, each hold (again, in front of a mirror is ideal, so you can see what you are doing), for reps.  5 seconds is ideal, in my opinion.

Afterwards, do side-by-side lateral bends (easy) as a warm down, for flexibility.  15 reps seems perfect.

Next- lateral raises!  Pretend you have small dumb bells in each hand, and raise them straight-armed to the side for 8-10 reps.  (All rep guidelines are arbitrary- experiment, and find what works for you).  Flex throughout, and look in the mirror, at least early on…

Lastly, I recommend curls- just flex your arms throughout a full range of motion, pretending you have the maximum amount you can lift on every part of the movement.  You will be pumped, and exhausted.

Ok, that is the basics.  You can see how to perform these exercises on John Peterson’s excellent site here:

John has this down to a science.  He has been a Charles Atlas practitioner since GO, and you will profit from his advice.

But, for an even more accessible version, go to my ebook: Perfectly Paleo Exercise!  I go way more into depth…

But, the main takeaway I hope to provide here is this: you should not feel you have to go to a gym!  Not feel that you should Lift heavy things!  (My god, I get so tired of that!)

What you need to do is first- eat healthy, paleo foods! Get adequate sleep!!! And FINALLY:

Do natural, paleo types of exercise.
Self generated, within the body itself, like a CAT!  (watch a cat stretch for an idea)
Stretch, and generate strength exercises from within the muscle!

Life if simple.  Paleo and diet are simple.

Eat like your great grandparents.
Sleep like your great grandparents.

LIVE like your great grandparents!  Spend time daily in nature.  Avoid processed foods and modern pharmaceutical drugs.  AND your doctors much as possible! (Emergencies only!)

Follow these simple, traditional, and really very commonsense guidelines- and you are GOLDEN!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Is Salt Healthy? Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast

One of the egregious mistakes (among many) of modern medicine and its accompanying dietary advice is that you should limit your salt consumption.

This is right up there with “eat 6 servings of grains per day” and “try to eat as little saturated fat as possible”.
Both are dead wrong!
The only problem with salt is that we are eating processed, devitalized salt, stripped of its many minerals!  Typical, Morton’s types of salt… Real, actual sea salt, contains 5-19 percent or so of other vital minerals.  This is the difference between grass fed beef and corn fed beef- one cut of meat is riddled with disease and hormones, the other is loaded with nutrients!

The real key is to cut out processed foods, (like commercial bread products), that are loaded with fake salt.  Fake salt is what I call it- it is a processed, industrial product that is stripped of any nutrients, by heating it above 1200 degrees, and then laced with chemicals like ferrocyanide and aluminosilicate, to help the salt “flow better”, and to not absorb moisture.

Once you get rid of processed foods (like bread!), you can just eat real foods- like grass fed beef and vegetables- and then just salt to taste, using actual, real, authentic, good-tasting sea salt!  What a concept- real food, and real salt…

Actually, limiting salt will do more harm than good!  Like most of modern nutritional advice, it is dead wrong.  It is not salt, good honest sea salt that is as much of a real food as anything else in nature that is the problem: it is fake, processed salt, along with the rest of the nightmare processed fake foods, like high fructose corn syrup, horrible fake fats like vegetable oils, and GMO grains that are being almost forced down our gullets by our own grain-pushing government- these are what is causing the epidemic of diabesity and autoimmune disease that is destroying the health of our nation, and now the world!

So, make the simplest switch there is: dump your fake salt, and get some quality sea salt- Himalayan, Celtic- whatever!  It tastes better, it is far better for your health, and the cost is quite minimal.

And, while you are at it- get some quality peppercorns, and a mill to grind them fresh!  Nowadays, the little mills are sold cheaply with the peppercorns right in it, at a reasonable price.  Each little grind of pepper makes the nutrients in the food you eat much more available- it’s not just the taste that improves- it’s the nutrition!

Two simple, instant change-ups in your health, done painlessly! Just do it- don’t look up Mayo Clinic health which states that “all salts are identical”.  Remember that they have been co-opted; in other words bought by the pharmaceutical industry, and so are completely committed to being drug pushers.

It’s sad but true: Mayo was founded as a sanitarium that promoted natural healing.  They fed their patients grass-fed dairy, as in the “Milk Cure”.  The milk used was, in all cases, the only kind of milk available in those days—raw milk from pasture-fed cows, rich in butterfat. The treatment is a combination of a detoxifying fast (free of processed foods), and nutrient-dense feeding.

How far they have fallen!  While it is indeed amazing how good Mayo, and all of Western medicine has become at preserving life as it is almost over, as the patient is dying-

They are incredibly bad at prescribing anything that either preserves health, or regains of promotes actual health and wellness.  It has reached the point where health and wellness are not even on their radar.

Relying on medical clinics and doctors for your health is like asking your bartender or corner drug pusher for health advice.  They don’t know- they don’t care!  They have a product they are selling (drugs)- and that is all that they care about.  Oh, and in the case of doctors- surgeries too.

In the words of a song from my 60’s heyday: God Damn the Pusher Man!