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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Your HOME should be your VACATION podcast

New Tractor Shed
 “A Man’s home is his castle”!  This is what it should be: in the views of our Founding Fathers, we should all be small landholders, with a few acres of land that we farm and husband, along with a home we also care for.  Kind of like in Little House on the Prairie!  This is really the American idyll.

Things sure do get changed over time, unfortunately.  For their own political gain, the Democratic party, which has become a totally Liberal, Progressive, socialist/Marxist shill party- has decided that we should all aspire to be ‘world citizens’… Meaning, that we should not spend our time at HOME, taking care of things and making our properties prosperous little hubs of Americana ideals- NO!

We should listen to commercials, and let them decide that we should aspire to cruises, and other destinations that are urban, or tropical, or- who knows what is “correct” at the moment!  God Forbid that we just take time to stay at home, cultivate our land and gardens, spend time with our children and grandchildren, as did countless generations before us!!

Your HOMESPACE should be your vacation, and the center of your life!  ALL of us innately know this: we know that where we live, the land and house we live in, are utterly crucial to not only our identity and well-being, but also our ethnic identity.   We all tend to cluster together with those of a like heritage, and we prosper by doing so, by developing a rich, NON- diverse culture that reflects our own values.  

If you go through life unhappily, eagerly anticipating your next cruise, or far away vacation spot, where you can do nothing at all and be waited on hand and foot- well, you have missed out on the true point of life.  You should be living somewhere that you really enjoy, a place that fits you.   Just as in our diet, which we have discovered needs to be adjusted to our evolutionary heritage, so too does where we live have to do with out evolution as well!  

For instance, we have determined that modern grains are antithetical to our health, as are GMO’s, endless sugar, and loads of carbs.  Nutrient dense foods, such as a Paleo smoothie made in your Vitamix, organ meats and wild caught seafood are what make us thrive!  So too does our home place, that place where we spend the majority of our lives, need to be an environment that suits us evolutionarily.  

For instance, I am descended from northern European stock.  I am not evolved to live in a tropical climate; with my pale skin, eyes, and hair I am meant to live in a more northern latitude.  Snow and ice are as much a part of my natural terrain as are ample water, forests, and all four seasons.  Wisconsin is perfect for me!

When I have to leave, to travel for business, family, or pleasure, I am always incredibly relieved and grateful when I am headed home.  I think this is the true test of whether or not you are living in the right place.  If you are returning home and are sad about it, and wish you could stay away on vacation forever- well, you are living in the wrong place, a spot that doesn’t suit you.  

I believe that all of us are quite unsuited to living in modern, large cities!  The water is bad, the air is bad, and the stress and crime are intolerable.  If you are otherwise an ancestral person, a paleo diet and lifestyler, I urge you to leave the cities and suburbs behind, just as you have hopefully left aside the bad processed fake foods of this current era.  Find a place on the outskirts of a smaller town or city, and learn to enjoy the natural peace and the grounded life of living close to the land.  

Have a garden, grow a small forest if you have enough room.  Spend time in your yard, or on your porch or deck, rather than going out to nightclubs or whatever is supposed to be ‘cultured’ at the moment in urban circles.  Get to know your neighbors- have campfires, and paleo-types of cookouts.  Instead of aspiring for the latest luxury sports car, just get a usable used car or pickup (I love my 2000 Buick Le Sabre!), and invest the rest in a quality tractor and implements!  Trust me, caring for your own land is more rewarding than any luxury vacation or outing you could ever have, and builds your character as much as exercise and real food builds your body into a picture of health.

We are actually a living part of our environment!  And so, it behooves us to carefully choose where we and our family are to live.  This decision is more important by far, long term, than your choice of a job- so choose well.  Pick a place that your great grandparents would have chosen.  Your health, well-being, and happiness all depend on it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Get Healthy and Strong by NOT going to the Gym!

For many, many years I went to gyms.  I lifted weights at the YMCA, and ran on the streets.  I also did some stretching, but it was kind of hit and miss.  Those were my younger days…


Now, I am in my 66th year, and I have learned a lot since I started seriously working out in my 20’s!  In the beginning, I followed the bodybuilding advice of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane.  Actually, Frank Zane still had what I consider the ideal physique- not huge, buy very symmetrical.  Even today, in his 70’s, he looks great!  Arnold, well, not so much…


Frank now works out in his own home gym, which is what I have done for the past 30 some years or so.  I found that my workouts were much more intense when done on my own, in my basement- there were no distractions, and I could do them before work in the early AM.  But my physique, while quite strong, had some shortcomings that just got more and more evident over time:


My butt and gut, from heavy squatting, got big- too big!  Sure, my thighs got bigger too, but they were overshadowed by my butt.  And, despite endless leg raises from a bar, along with other resisted ab exercises, my gut stuck out.  In addition, heavy benching actually made my chest too prominent.  I switched to incline presses, which helped that a lot, but my shoulders hurt most of the time, and so did my knees (from the squatting).  Also, the running took a toll on my body as well, with knees, feet, and hips taking a pounding on a regular basis.


I gradually started to transition in my 50’s to what I practice today, and now have learned how to exercise in what I have found to be a very productive, satisfying, and above all a completely home-based manner!  I read about body weight exercise, both calisthenics and self-resisted types of exercises, and started to substitute them in more and more.  And I read on a web page called by a fellow named John Peterson about what he called the ‘Tiger Moves’, which I prefer to call Virtual Resistance Exercise, since the resistance is generated from within the muscle itself, as it moves through a full range of motion.  This last was the key to mastering the bodily physique and to maximize health in an efficient, and very safe manner.


Not only that, but I can do the majority of the work in my living room, with a minimum of equipment, while I watch television! 


Think about that: instead of going downstairs to my dingy basement, which while it has a power rack and lots of equipment and weights, is still- a dingy, concrete and part dirt floor basement!  Now, I watch Netflix programs while I methodically work through my whole body.  And, while I certainly push hard, doing high volumes of leg-elevated pushups and straight-backed sit ups on my yoga mat on the floor, I never hurt my joints at all!


I come down first thing in the morning (that time works the best for almost everyone), and while the sun is peeking up over the horizon through my living room window,  I start into taxing my musculature.  I know exactly my routine, since it covers every muscle in my body, including my neck, wrists, and even fingers in a time-efficient and very satisfying manner. 


After doing the Virtual Resistance exercises over my whole body, from shoulders and arms, legs and chest down to the biceps, I go to the floor and do a series of stretches, mixed with mobility for my ankles and wrists, and even foot massage.  Then, I go to isometrics.  For whatever reason, this type of exercise has become so maligned over the years that it is pretty much dismissed by most.  That is very sad, for isometrics are the single most efficient means of building raw strength throughout the body with a very minimal expense of time!


I use a nylon strap, a moving strap actually, that will resist thousands of pounds of pressure.  The expense is very minimal; actually, I already had mine when I started, so the expense was zero- perhaps you have a towing strap lying around.  If not, they are quite inexpensive- a strap of about 25 feet is perfect.

Set it on the floor, stepping in the middle with both feet.  Then, you can do military presses, upright rows, curls, shoulder extensions, bent rows and squats, one right after another!  I like to do say the military press at shoulder height with both hands, pressing nearly as hard as I can for about 6 seconds, then after a pause to rest 7 seconds, and finally for 8 seconds or longer.  I repeat this at the midpoint of the ‘lift’, and then at the endpoint  And that is it for the shoulder press!  Total time spent, maybe couple of minutes…


Then, I go to curls, using the same protocol, then shoulder extensions, bent over row, upright row, and squats.  I finish up with the ‘bench press’ by holding the strap behind my back, and pressing out first close to my chest, then half-way out, and then near complete extension.  Same protocol as before, making my isometric portion of the workout complete at maybe 10 minutes or so, tops.  And my strength musculature is maxed out!


Finally, I will do rebounding, meaning bouncing on a rebounder as I do the first Virtual Resistance portions through two more cycles, starting at the midpoint, and for the final cycle of exercises at the endpoint.  This covers every fact of training, from cardio to bodybuilding to one-shot strength- all in a modest investment of time, say 30 to 45 minutes total. 


The main point is that this is not onerous exercise, meaning something brutal, that you only want to get through to get it done- not at all!  This way of exercising is like moving meditation- kind of relaxing, despite being strenuous in a not overwhelming way.  When you are done, you don’t feel like falling down or puking; no- you feel great!  Like you’ve been scrubbed and massaged inside and out, and are maxed out in all fitness parameters, all right in your living room.  And, you’ve just seen a (hopefully) great show simultaneously!


Now, sometimes I substitute pushups instead of the rebounding, along with sit ups and hindu squats.  And sometimes I do them all- it depends on how I feel, and my available time.  Often, I will go heavy hands walking through the woods, barefoot this time of year, swinging the tiny weight (5 pounds seems ideal) for 15 minutes later in the day. 


Or, I will go into my dingy basement, and do sets of pushups on my gymnastic rings suspended from the rafters!  This also goes very easily, since the rings make pushups completely comfortable, and infinitely gradable, from legs upraised pushups to flies standing almost upright.  I will finish up with rows from the rings, along with L-sits on them, along with some pistol squats (the rings make it easy to keep your balance and not harm your knee joints since you can lean well back), and even some isometric grip and reverse curl exercises in the power rack.


And this is how I exercise today.  I wish I had known this when I was 26, but at least I do know it now!  As do you.  Workouts not only do not need to be grueling, they are actually more productive if they are briefer, and less taxing of your body’s central nervous system!  Remember- workout hard, but with knowledge and care. 


As in proper medicine so it is in exercise: above all, do not do harm.














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Friday, June 29, 2018

Paleo Life is a Three Point Hitch! Podcast on PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe

I have become a devotee of the tractor.  I have a compact version of that machine, a 33 horsepower machine that has changed my rural life from one of endless, backbreaking labor, into one of rare efficiency and productiveness!  A tractor with a diesel engine can accomplish many tasks, not only with the loader on the front that can lift huge loads of rock, soil and wood effortlessly, transporting them across your land to where you need them- but also with its oh so versatile 3 point hitch!

For a 3 point hitch is a universal attachment that allows many- in fact, an almost endless variety of implements to be attached to your tractor.  

Now, bear with me.  Even if you are not a rural dweller, this will make sense shortly:  let’s say you have a tractor, an expensive machine you have gotten to help you on your land, and to facilitate your life.  It’s a strong, versatile machine that can climb and move things, but without the 3 point hitch, you can’t do that much.  

BUT, with the 3 point on, you can attach a really lot of useful things: mowers, tillers, blades (for plowing snow, and moving dirt and other things), box blades (for grading drives), rakes and- well, the list of attachments is nearly endless.  

What does this have to do with your life, in particular your life as a Paleo Person, someone attuned to wellness and fitness from an ancestral perspective?  Well, a lot, it turns out!

The PALEO concept has matured, it has changed, it has grown as more science has come in.  (I mean real science, not the outdated Scientism of dogma, which is outdated science that has been rolled into modern life via fake medicine, which has largely become the “science” of the 1970’s or before.  Things like “low fat, high carb”, “the food pyramid” of endless grains, and the like.

And like I say, PALEO as a concept has also changed.  Originally, it meant eschewing grains and all nightshades like potatoes and tomatoes, eliminating dairy, and being sure to ‘lift heavy things’ to stay fit.  CrossFit was wonderful!  Lift heavy, run fast, and beat your body to pieces!!  Strain makes gains!!

Well.  From my current paleo perspective, a lot of this is nonsense- yet, I still consider myself, PaleoJay, to be still fully in the Paleo Camp!  How can this be??

Because it, like our genome, has evolved.  While it is still the case that we are the product of evolution, and that our bodies and minds need an ancestral diet and lifestyle to thrive, the ever-evolving science behind the knowledge that supports just what this means for us has changed and evolved as well!

Now, we know our microbiome is all important!  Those tiny gut microbes are so important for our health;  yet just a few years ago their crucial nature was unknown.  We need some carbs, probably, to keep them alive and thriving… (although perhaps this is premature)!  And potatoes and tomatoes seem to be fine for many people, as does- dairy!  In fact, for those of Northern European descent, it appears dairy is completely fine, and even a highly dense source of nutrition.

And CrossFit and other such extreme exercise notions (like spinning, extreme cardio, heavy weights, extreme stretching, and extreme gymnastics, powerlifting and Olympic lifting and bodybuilding) appear to be not paleo, ancestral,  and beneficial, are actually quite damaging.  

And this is why PALEO has a three-point hitch!  Paleo is a wonderful, strong tractor that drives us towards health.  Luckily, since it is also hitched to real science, it is easy to detach bad ‘implements’- like the Dairy is bad implement, and the damaging (and kind of nightmarish really) Crossfit implements, along with other mistakes!

The PALEO TRACTOR is a wonderful, versatile implement!  It is concerned only with Ancestral Health, and whatever implement you used to have hitched up behind you can be unhitched.  I have unhitched heavy weights, CrossFit, and all extreme quasi-sports workouts.  I now do Perfectly Paleo Exercise, which is natural, self-generated exercise, coupled with Heavy Hands walking and pushups on gymnastic rings, among other strategies.  

I have also taken to ‘safe starches’ as espoused by Paul Jaminet, like potatoes, both white and sweet, and nightshades are my friends.  I realize that walking in the forest daily, barefoot, is incredibly beneficial, and that SLEEP is actually more important than exercise!  

So remember- your Paleo Tractor has a 3 point hitch on it!  You are not required (as you would be in the Scientism of Standard Medical Practice) to adhere to outmoded ideas.  You are free, just as on your tractor at home, to unhitch anything that does work for you, or- more importantly- has been proven by the latest science to be counterproductive!

YOU are your own Paleo Tractor.  It is up to you to pay attention, and determine what is current in science and health, and to change your lifestyle accordingly.  You and you alone should determine this!

Trust me: your MD and health clinic- they have no idea.  The three-point is yours, and yours alone- just make sure you are riding down an ancestral path!


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Neanderthal DNA made us SMART!

Did you know that all of us of European decent are part- Neanderthal?  

Well, it’s true.  It turns out that the homo-sapiens Africanus emigrated from Africa approximately 70,000 years ago.  These very warlike people encountered the Neanderthals around 75,000 years ago, and interbred with them.  The Neanderthals, far from their modern stereotype of being primitive, warlike, and stupid, were actually quite peaceful, and had larger brains (and hence greater intelligence)! than our homo-sapiens ancestors.  

They mixed not only with homo-sapiens, but also with another extinct breed of humans, called the Denisovans, who were from the east.  The DNA of Neanderthals is mixed in with modern Europeans, and also with East Asians, who have not only Denisovan  blood, but also have more Neanderthal DNA than moderns of Europeans descent!

Bear with me: there is a point to my ancient wanderings.  

It appears that homo-sapiens, as they emerged from Africa so long ago, were incredibly warlike and violent- this is how they conquered the northern continent.  They were also more athletic and adept at running and spear throwing, since Neanderthals, although incredibly strong, were incapable of throwing objects overhead due to their skeletal structure, and were also unsuited to swift running because of their heavy, muscular builds.  

It seems that Neanderthals were large-brained thinkers, very suited to peaceful living in small tribes, hunting and worshipping the gods they knew.  Even the earliest cave paintings were done by Neanderthals, not the later invaders. This early people were incredibly sensitive and intelligent!

In my opinion, it is this Neanderthal admixture that has made us what we are today- intelligent, and yet compassionate and concerned with ethics and morals.  Not only did it give us light hair, eyes, and skin, which are indispensable in dealing with a far northern clime- our Neanderthal ancestors gave us larger brains, made us more peaceful and compassionate, and an ability to live in peace, based on intellect and a respect for morals.

This may appear to be a huge leap, but I stand by it.  Our overall IQ made a huge leap forward after we became interbred with Neanderthals.  This has been maintained to the present day, as IQ scores readily indicate: Asians are highest overall, followed by those of European descent.  African blacks with no Neanderthal DNA are the lowest overall.  This is the “bell curve”- meaning that while there are blacks who are just as intelligent, they are far more rare, since their base IQ level is around 70, while that of whites if 100, and Asians 106 or so.  

While this may be distressing to some, it is based upon established, evolutionary science, just as is the paleo diet and other things that modern people find hard to accept, such as modern grains being poor food for humans, and GMO foods similarly noxious.  We are products of our evolutionary past, and when that past is deviated from, we suffer.  

Never in ancient times did hunter gatherers live in tribes of ‘multicultural’ people.  NEVER!  The other races were inherently enemies; indeed, the tribe over the hill was probably an enemy.  We get along best with those most like us, and we always have, and always will.

The Neanderthals, peaceful as they seem to have been, were ultimately absorbed- but only after bequeathing their valuable DNA to the future generations of humans.  We Europeans and Asians are in essence their two hybrids, benefiting from what they gave us.  We are less violent by far, and much more intelligent than we would be otherwise.  

Taking in illegal immigrants, or actually any immigrants from countries substantially different from us will never work.  It never has, and nowadays the likelihood, given our complex modern western societies, the chances it will are even less.  

This immigration only serves to shore up endless votes for the political, leftist elites of western lands, and supplying them with very cheap labor along with endless welfare costs to punish the native born.   It also dumbs down future voters, who will continue to vote in totalitarian, welfare-giving governments well into the future.

Have no part of it!  Illegal immigrants from 3rd world places can only harm us in numerous ways, such as vastly increased crime, cultural dilution and digression, and BIGGER government.  Remember our ancestors, the Neanderthal- they too were overwhelmed and swamped by a tide of invaders.  They live on within us, but overall- they are gone.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Save your Teeth! (and don't get sick as well) on Paleo Quick tip of the Day

I have been experimenting with Xylitol for a while now, and while this low calorie sweetener is almost exactly like sugar when substituted for it, the results of it on the body are amazingly different!

For one: sugar is deadly to oral health!  Sugar in your mouth is tantamount to oral suicide, since sugar feeds the bad bacteria that causes tooth decay, and also results long term into periodontal disease, destroying your gums, which are the literal foundation that secures your teeth.  Xylitol actually increases the health of your teeth, since it ‘fools’ the bad bacteria into thinking that- “hey- here is wonderful sugar- let’s eat!”; but, when these bad bacteria consume this xylitol, they then suddenly realize that there is no sustenance here- it is a fake out!  And so, they starve and die, leaving your oral cavity undamaged!! 

The same thing happens in the nasal cavity, it turns out!  I have been experimenting with xylitol recently, and have bought a product called Xclear, which is simply saline solution mixed with Xylitol.  At the first sign of a cold coming on, I have sprayed it into my nostrils, and waited…

Two times, when I thought a cold was coming on I used it- and in both situations, that cold was averted!  Easy Peasey.

But, yesterday, I had already come down with a cold- you know what it’s like: my head was so stuffed up I could barely speak, and I was miserable!  And I was scheduled to sing the next morning in church!

I sprayed the Xylitol solution into my nostrils, for two times, and went (early) to bed.  When I awoke the next morning- I was almost normal!  I sprayed one more time, took a shower, and sang- I was 100%; well, maybe 98%- but so much better.required
Church went amazingly this morning.  More importantly, I felt so well, that I cut down and moved two trees this afternoon!  I mean, how exciting is it that when, you think you are going to be bed-ridden for days- and you suddenly are perfectly all right!!??

And I also know that, when you bake anything, xylitol is pretty much a one on one substitute for sugar.  And the price is not much different as well, as long as you can find it.  (Online it is always available).   

In Finland, I have read, Xylitol is a required candy or gum after meals, to ensure oral health!!  And so, it seems to be a total non-brainer, right? 

Well, it is as far as it goes… but overall, I would relegate sweeteners to the “Sweet Bye and Bye”, overall.  (Which is a song we ran over today after church for later performance!) 

ALL sweeteners are suspect!  They lead us into the “rat’s nest” of sugar sugar sugar, which is our nemesis as humans.

Use Xylitol as an herb- use it medicinally to treat incipient type 2 diabetes, or an addiction to sugars and carbs.  Use it to treat your oral cavity to save your teeth and gums!  But overall?

Cut sweeteners and their twins (carbs and breads) to the bone!

This alone will stop most health problems in this our modern era.  Eat real foods, sans grains and sugars, and when you do use sweeteners- use natural ones, like local honey, and maple syrup! 

It really is that simple, for health both local and national: go local, and natural.

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

How to Live an Ancestral Life

All of us here are aspiring or existing Paleo People- or at least we should be!  We want to get in touch with nature, and live our lives in harmony with the natural world of health and wellness, eating real foods that are healthy and nutritious, and eliminating fake food like substances pushed upon us by the mainstream, like grains, sugars, and processed foods and sugary crap.

That is all a given.  We also want to spend time daily in a natural setting, sleep in a totally dark and relatively noise-free setting (like with crickets chirping, and only the moon and stars faintly visible overhead), and we want to vigorously yet naturally exercise on a daily basis.  We want relatively stress free jobs, and a community of like-minded folks that we enjoy seeing often around the streets and area in which we live.  Even to have people who look at the spiritual side of life is very important to us, since all of life is seamless, really, and everything should mesh if we hope to raise our family successfully, and to bond and mingle with our neighbors (and other tribespeople about us), in harmony.

And so what am I saying here?  How should we live; really, that is the bottom line- and where should we live??

I think that is the real crux of the matter- the where.  Europe nowadays is failing in a huge way, as they let in more, and more, and more migrants from what really are hostile tribes into their civilized, homogenous countries.  Western Europeans have lost religion largely, and so have no unifying principles anymore- nothing, at least, that they would die for.  Sweden, Britain, France and other western socialized democracies have no other rallying cry nowadays than to just “be nice”- and that is a recipe for disaster! 

So, if you are in those countries under current really bad leadership, overall, I would say to protest vigorously!  In fact, with socialist liberal Trudeau in power in Canada, I’m afraid you are now in the same boat- protest!!  To live an ancestral, paleo type of life requires that you live amongst people in a tribe that are similar to you in values, lifestyle, and above all in IQ!! 

I’m sure I lost half of my listeners there, but I stand by it- we are meant to live amongst those like us; anything else is madness and delusion.

So, if you don’t already, plan to move to a homogenous tribal community, where your neighbors are of your own race, especially if you have children.  They will need schooling, and that should be amongst others of their own kind, and intelligence- this is crucial, not only for them and you, but for Western Civilization. 

If you are Asian, or black, I also recommend that you live in the most western, civilized area you can find!  REALLY!  If you are intelligent enough to recognize it, your best bet is to live in an area where most people have a high IQ.  Even if you are not as smart, you benefit by being in the proximity of those who produce, and just plain create a complex, western-type of civilization.    This is not even debatable- smart societies create wonderful, productive places with very low crime, and wonderful living conditions.  Other societies do not.

So, in the US, I would recommend RED states, states that voted in Trump.  Lower taxes, less government intrusion, and above all traditional western civilization is still prioritized.  At least for now!

Get in the most rural area you can, where you can still get a job!  (Jobs are very important- just make sure yours is real.  Not a fake managerial, affirmative action type of job- that way lies delusions of grandeur.  And I’m sorry, but most western medical jobs now fall into that category).    Get a real job, where you accomplish real, physical things preferably! Thinking jobs count, but they are even better when done “off the clock”, as a labor of love.  Like music is best done as a “hobby”, and visual art as well.

Spend most of your free time with your family.  Outside, in nature, with campfires and working your land.  Garden, and get a good tractor!  A small, compact, diesel tractor is the arguably most paleo implement of all time, since with it you can mow, till, rake, snowplow, and otherwise work your land as if you had a team of draft horses, only better! 

And as you use this amazing engine, just remember that Rudolph Diesel is a fellow tribesman of Western Civilization!  His discovery has enhanced your own tribe, and so you should embrace it with pride.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Blood Pressure BS

Blood pressure, most importantly the notion of high blood pressure, is a long-running pool of misinformation and bad treatment.  The measurement of taking the blood pressure originated in 1905, and has not changed since then!  It was actually discovered in the 1880’s, but the final measuring system was finalized in 1905-

Hardly cutting edge science and medicine! 

But the medical system has stuck with it all this time, and only tries to mask the symptoms of the high blood pressure with drugs, never trying to cure the underlying cause or causes.  The thought is that the high blood pressure is what is doing damage to arteries and the heart, when it is actually when there are abnormalities within the heart, arteries or kidneys that the body compensates- by increasing the blood pressure to better serve the circulatory system!

High or Low blood pressure is not in and of itself inherently bad or good: it is just a snapshot in time of how your blood pressure is at that moment of the day.  If you lift heavy weights, or run, of course your blood pressure goes up- a LOT!  This is just the body doing what it does to keep you flexible and alive as you go about on this planet.  Completely natural.

If you take drugs to artificially lower your blood pressure, you are doing absolutely nothing to correct the underlying cause of your high blood pressure (If indeed you even have it), you are merely making the blood pressure stay low.  So low, that it cannot help compensate for any problem in your circulatory system that makes a higher pressure healthy and necessary for you.

It’s as if a fireman is spraying water at a high rate at a fire in your body to keep it down.  Enter modern medicine- and a blood pressure drug will throttle back the fire hose (your blood pressure), and your body cannot do what it needs to.  It’s a case of blaming the fireman for the fire he is trying to put out and control! 

You need to let the blood pressure do its therapeutic thing, and try to heal your body from the inside out by eating a wonderful, nutrient dense diet of vegetable smoothies, while eliminating sugars and grains.  By exercising and getting good sleep, meditating and getting out into nature!  By cultivating your tribe of friends and family.  And by stretching your body methodically each day, invigorating your spine and nervous system! 

Did you know that to accurately even take a blood pressure reading, you are supposed to sit quietly for at least 10 minutes in a darkened room first?  And that this should be repeated several times throughout the day to gain an accurate reading, which should be an average of all of those very relaxed, very quiet moments??

Is that how your blood pressure is taken?  That’s right- NO.  You come in, sit down (often after having driven over in a rush, and maybe even jogged into the clinic so as not to be late.  (I know I did that once, when I was giving blood). 

The nurse slapped that cuff around my wrist (I had actually jogged up two flights of stairs to the appointment), and started in immediately.  I mentioned I had run up the stairs.  “Sure you did,” she said. 

You know what?  My blood pressure was a little high that time.  But that was many years ago, when I didn’t know about blood pressure BS. 

You probably heard that the AHA and other soothsayers of modern medicine recently lowered the blood pressure guidelines from 140 over 90, where it had been for many decades to… 120 over 80!  This means that roughly 1/2 of all adults in the US should be on blood pressure medications, according to these same soothsayers and necromancers.  Once again, BS.  Methinks that the Pharmaceutical companies are drumming up more business for these drugs, and that is that!

Just as in cholesterol measurement and statin drug treatments, modern medicine is proving once again that it is not currently based on the latest research and science, far from it.  They still recommend low fat diets, and vegetable oils for health, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, among many other antiquated notions from the 1970’s and 80’s. 

Don’t fall for it!  Live an ancestral lifestyle, eat a paleo type of diet full of nutrient dense pastured meats and dairy, along with wild caught seafood.  Have a green, paleo smoothie each day, and exercise ala Perfectly Paleo Exercise.  Pretend you live long, long before 1905, long before alchemists and sorcerers came up with magical measurements that don’t really predict anything other than their own bank accounts getting bigger!

Go natural, clean, and ancestral- go Paleo!

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