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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Driftless Hymns- Gospel Plow

Don't Downsize! on Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast

Your own PaleoJay is 67 years old.  Basically, I do everything I did at younger ages, but now I have the luxury of more free time to do what I want.  

I always knew the crucial importance of sleep, but I usually could only manage 8 hours during my working years, which was adequate for me- but now, I have determined that 9 hours is ideal.  That amount of sleep leaves me feeling energized and refreshed for the day, raring to go if you will.  I love being retired, with only hobbies like paleo living and music, writing and small landholding concerns to occupy me.  Love.

But all about me, others of my age, and younger, are downsizing.  This is the ‘mantra of the moment’- something every monkey as I term them, has to mindlessly copy, since all of their friends (the other monkeys) are doing it.  “Monkey see- monkey do.”  People who don’t actually think for themselves, who only look around, see what others are doing- and then copy that.  

Others in my age bracket are moving south, or into smaller houses or even condominiums or apartments.  They say ‘I don’t want to mow, and shovel my drive in winter. ‘ Incredibly, a couple of neighbors recently moved into a tiny house in the nearby city where I live.  It is a nice city, largely crime free and a total ethnostate: but they gave up 5 acres and independence!

Another neighbor couple had 300 acres, preserved in the Land Conservancy so it can never be developed (thank God!)- and they just sold their house and farm, to move into an apartment connected with a nursing home.  Admittedly, they are both 80- but if you saw them from a distance, moving and bending and twisting- you would think that they were 40 or so.  

We have been conditioned to be responsible: plan ahead and actually to endlessly fear the future!  And planning ahead is a good thing: we all need to plan for the winter, to store for hard times, that kind of thing.  Those of us in the north- descended from Europeans- this is what we evolved to do, through the harsh ice ages, and the endless winters and short summers of the northlands!  

For us to give up- to move to sunny tropical climes- no matter our age, is not what we evolved to do.  When we have found our homeland, a rural acreage that suits us, that matches our evolutionary homeland of ice and snow, along with the other two seasons- why, this is where we are meant to stay!  To raise our families, sure- but then to stay to the end.  

What do we gain by moving into a city?  Especially as most cities are turning into crime infested nightmares?  Admittedly, small cities are not yet at that point, still remaining civilized and friendly- but still- they are cities.  Big Government, no matter how small in scale- is still something that you don’t control.

In a rural environment, such as where I reside, I and my immediate neighbors control pretty much everything.  We maintain the peace and protection, since everyone is armed.  We watch out over our valley- no one enters without being observed and monitored.  The sheriff comes by once in a blue moon- we really have nothing to do with him, he is just a formality.  We take care of our tribe- he is a last resort.  

We do get a snowplow in winter, which is great; but if he didn’t come, we’d fire up our tractors and do it ourselves!  Also, a trash truck comes once per week, just like in the city.  Our taxes are low, but so are our demands.

In the nearby city, even though its small- taxes are about double.  So is the crime, and homeless vagabonds that litter the parks and downtown.  And so- why would someone move to town, just because they are now older?

Because that is what you are supposed to do.  Because your friends are doing it.  Because you are all monkeys!  This will only make you old before your time, making your world smaller, less in nature and so less ancestral, and limit you to doing crossword puzzles and watching daytime tv.  

Like being in prison, really.  

Do the opposite: don’t downsize!  If you are lucky or smart enough to have moved to a rural acreage, with a woodlot, big yard, garden, and enough projects to keep you busy until doomsday- count yourself lucky!  Don’t be afraid: you are now in the best of all possible worlds.  You are retired, you have ample time to do whatever needs doing, and best of all: you can do it yourself!

You have the luxury of time.  AND the luxury of space, and nature, and the ability to determine your own destiny, without the government telling you what you can and can’t do.  You are rural- ancestral, paleo, largely left alone by obtrusive, nightmare big government.  You are like the small holder of ancient Rome, before they became an empire, and subjugated not only those they invaded: but then started to tax and subjugate their own citizens, like a bunch of Big Government Democrats and EU bureaucrats of today!

Don’t downsize.  Stay put!  Enjoy your autonomy, and stay paleo for yourself and you family and tribe!  Your life will stay rich, and get even richer day by day.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Be a Hero on PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast

I hate luxury. I exercise moderation…It will be easy to forget your vision and purpose once you have fine clothes, fast horses and beautiful women. [In which case], you will be no better than a slave, and you will surely lose everything.’

That quote is from Genghis Khan.  Now, he is no hero to me, but still his words ring with truth.  Whatever Genghis was, he certainly was successful!  He conquered the largest land mass in all of history; he was kind of an Eastern Alexander the great.  

I think the quote is germane, because what I see in the modern, Western world is a falling away from virtue, from our ancient traditions and ideals.  We have allowed ourselves to become slothful, to be liberal in our thinking, since that makes us look  politically correct and fashionable.  In England, France, Sweden, and much of the rest of Europe in the E.U., we have not only allowed endless migration from non-western peoples into our advanced, high IQ, wealthy cultures; but we have paid for it all in welfare dollars!  Our leaders have rolled out the red carpet for the invaders who despise us, and are displacing us from the cultures, cities, and countries our ancestors have built.

As Genghis foretold, we are now in the process of “losing everything”.  We have too much- we have had it too good, living in well heated and air conditioned environments, taking endless television, electric conveniences, and all of our other luxuries for granted.  IN fact- we no longer even think of such things as two or more vehicles, multiple TVs and elaborate kitchens ( in which most of us never even cook, relying on takeout orders instead), and clean water and trash removal and sewage treatment and… well, the list goes on and on!  

They all are now our rights!  And, in our hubris, we now, especially those of us on the LEFT insist that this luxury list is not ours at all, not really- it is for the whole world!  If we have it, so should they!!

Never mind that their own, low IQ countries can never, and will never be able to build such systems for themselves in their own countries- it is up to us, the despised, racist, white European to provide it for them- in our own countries.

Genghis hated cities, and civilization.  His whole purpose was to destroy civilization and all it built, leveling the wonderful buildings and temples of the West and the East, returning all once again to the bare, grassy plains of Central Asia, where horses could run free.  He was evil, but he did perceive correctly that riches and luxury corrupt and ruin a people.  And that is why, logically for him, he decided that riches and luxury should be destroyed- only then would the youth not be tempted by decadence and bad thinking and living.  

Everyone sees clearly and distinctly when dealing with the basics- life and death, conquest or defeat, freedom or slavery.  

And rest assured, what we are facing now is the very survival of our Ancestral, paleo, Western civilization!  Letting Mulsims, our sworn ancient enemies, within our borders, is eventual domination and slavery- for US.  They know it, even if we smile, and welcome them in a misguided attempt at a one-sided so-called friendship.  They hate us, and laugh at us as we do their bidding.

Likewise, a collapse of our morals, where now the Left celebrates 11 year old drag queens on television, and lets utter lawlessness rule our inner cities (all of them!) because to arrest these rapists, murderers, and thiefs would be RACIST.  

WHAT?? Just because the vast majority of violent criminals are black?  How is that our fault?  A criminal is a criminal; race is utterly and completely irrelevant.  

All of this is birthed in a society marinated in luxury, and privilege, and a total insulation from reality.  Children and young adults, cloistered in expensive, lily-white suburbs, who decry ‘white privilege’, which does not exist, and scream about oppression, which also does not exist.  Not here, in Western civilization.  But it is alive and well in Africa, and the middle east, oh yes indeed- slavery there is still alive and well too!

Western Civilization is just too successful.  In fact, Civilization now is Western Civilization- nothing else exists anymore- we are that successful!

And now, we are beleageured from within and without about how evil we are.  Even as the whole world struggles mightily to migrate to the pure evil that they say is Western Civilization!  And they are swamping us with numbers!!

So, what to do, for a paleo western person, wanting to maintain the civilization that he and his ancestors built and maintain?  

Be a hero!  Embody the many great, dead white males that are so denigrated today.  Become the essence of Alexander the Great, Socrates, and Winston Churchill.  George Patton and George Washington, Lincoln and Robert E. Lee!

Don’t be a politically correct, Leftist, Democrat shill!!  Be a true patriot, a proud Western man or woman, who stands by what you believe and won’t back down.  Provide for yourself and your family, protect your tribe!  Own a gun, and prepare to use it.  Patrol your neighborhood, and be proud of it.  Defend your tribal homelands!

Above all, think for yourself.  Just as you figured out that 90% (at least) of common health advice is just plain wrong- realize that 99% (at least) of political information is just as misleading.  

Stand up and be a hero!  Imagine you are Achilles in the bright and shining golden armor, leading the attack on the invading dark hordes.  For, in the last analysis, that is exactly what you, me, and the rest of us are.  

A Shield Wall against Invasion!

As Alexander himself said:
 In the end, when it's over, all that matters is what you've done.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Gain Maximum Strength in 10 MInutes per Day on Paleo Quick Tip of the Day

Isometrics with Chains and Incentive!

This is not a misprint or a mistaken statement: you can indeed gain your own ultimate strength potential in 10 minutes per day!

I mean that sincerely.  Now, it won’t bulk you up like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it WILL make you as strong as you, given your own frame and bodyweight, can be.  In FACT, this protocol will make you extremely ripped and lean, and strong beyond what anyone would ever suspect!  

Now, doesn’t that sound about perfect, really?  Who really wants to bulk up, especially after the age of 30 or so? Isn’t lean, sculpted strength and ability really what we are all after?  Especially amongst women- what woman wants to be bulky?   Don’t we all want strength and functional ability, strength that includes that of tendons and ligaments, and is there for us lifelong.  Real world strength and resiliance- the power to lift heavy things without injury, to manhandle weights and resistance beyond what the vast majority of our contemporaries can budge!  And for our whole lives long.

This goal can be achieved easily, and as I said in the title, in less than 10 minutes per day.  I do it in front of the television, each and almost every morning.  

You can use a nylon strap to do so, as I did for years, instead of a huge iron power rack such as serious weight lifters do!  I have one of those, and used it for years, but you don’t need one really- a strap or two will do.

There is a forearm forklift strap widely available that is ideal: two straps that are intended to be used to lift furniture and appliances, using the forearms to make the load much easier to handle when moving.  But actually, any strap that is 3 inches or so in width, that can handle a thousand pounds or more, is ideal.

The secret is Isometrics- pushing against an unmoveable resistance!  

Stand on the strap, let’s say you start on your left foot: push up as if you are lifting a heavy dumbell with your left arm overhead.  Only push a little above shoulder height, but push gradually as hard as you can- for about 5 seconds.  

Pause, and repeat: for 6 seconds.  Pause then again, and push as hard as you can for 7 or 8 seconds!  
You have just stimulated your left shoulder girdle, including tendons and ligaments along with the musculature to increase vastly in power and strength.

Next, do the same thing, but push at the half way point above shoulder height, 3 times again.  Then, just short of lockout, repeat 3 times.

You have just achieved, in a tiny amount of time, as you watched television, strengthening your entire left shoulder girdle maximally, and without risk of injury at all, in about a minute or so!

This is the beauty of isometrics!  Now, repeat the same protocol with the right hand. Another minute well spent!  

And so it goes, the most efficient 10 minutes you will ever spend, and you can do it daily to great effect!

After your shoulders, do curls with the exact same left-right protocol, and then do upright rows, followed by lateral shoulder raises, and then bent rows on each side, and finish up with deadlifts against the strap, from low to high, 3x; and finish with front squats against the strap from low to high.

You will be working against an unmovable resistance.  Don’t hold your breath, and breathe as you push, especially with the deadlifts and squats.  Don’t hold back your effort- after all, it is only a matter of seconds, culminating in minutes overall!

Believe it or not, this simple regimen will result in amazing strength increases over your entire body, with the visual results to match!  Pair this with a simple paleo diet of natural real foods, like meats and pastured eggs, no vegetable oils or grains, lots of green veggies and no processed foods: you will become the healthiest happiest you that you can possibly be!!

No gym membership, no “spinning” or jogging or weightlifting needed at all.  Just 10 minutes in the morning, and strict attention to diet.

BUT, if you are like me, you will like your results, and will want to take it a little farther:  

As long as you have already done your 10 essential minutes: why not infuse your muscles with oxygenating blood, since you are already watching TV in the early morning, before anyone else is up?  
So some pushups, and straight-legged situps.  And stretch for God’s sake, on the floor, increasing your mobility along with your rapidly increasing strength and resilience!  

It’s not a big time commitment, and you will find, as I have, that the payoff in health, strength, and simply in how wonderful you feel will be more than worth it!!

In fact, you will probably want to go even further into ancestral living, and will find yourself walking barefoot in a park or woodland, and doing pushups on gymnastic rings a couple of times per week-  

This is what is known as a positive addiction.  

Friday, July 19, 2019

Leftist Global Elitists are the Enemy of Ancestral Living on PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe podcast

Yes, history does repeat itself, over and over.  The details are very, very different throughout time, but the gist of it remains the same:  

Self styled elites, which in ancient days meant Kings and Emperors, Warlords and Dictators- they are constantly trying to control, to micromanage, to tell everyone else how to live, and what to do- endlessly!  These fake “leaders” will order us around endlessly, unless we stop them.

In Western Civilization, this has been one of the primary concerns, and one of our greatest successes!  From the Magna Carta, which outlined the protection of ordinary folk from the dictates of despots, to the Declaration of Independence, from which the founding fathers declared the God-given, inalienable rights of mankind.

These were triumphs of Western Civilization, and set the stage for the longest, brightest ascent of human achievement and the reign of peace in all of recorded history.  Centuries of a shining light on a hill- that is the history of modern, western civilization, the envy of the world- a civilization where women as well as men, and then other races as well, were afforded all the rights of living in such an advanced and law-abiding place!

The Left, fueling ‘liberal’ thinking through the Democratic party through the influence of the failed Marxist so-called philosophy started attacking Western Civilization primarily by making the youth feel ‘guilty’ for the West having done so much better than anyone else.  This was a postition founded on envy, and it energizes the left through jeolous hate more than anything else ever could.

Now, you may be asking yourself: “How does this fit into a podcast about ancestral, evolutionary lifestyle and health??”

Well, it has reached the point where today I heard a supposedly ancestral podcast, at least one that pays lip service to natural health by eating evolutionarily appropriate foods, and living in a way unlike that touted by so-called ‘modern’ western medicine, meaning medical “scientism” left over from the 1970’s, that is still overwhelmingly prevalent today in mainstream medicine…

And on this podcast, which I assumed should be one of my allies, a fellow paleo person: I hear a diatribe about Climate Change!  

If ever one thing was a clarion call to ’scientism’, meaning the assumption of scientific principle with nothing to back it up- that thing would be Global Warming, or Climate Change, or whatever kind of nonsense you want to call it!  Voodoo Health perhaps?

The Climate does indeed change- I have no argument there!  We had numerous Ice Ages, and many other tropical ages; too numerous to mention over the eons.  Weather, and climate change happen, and always will happen- the point is, we can’t do anything about it!  Well, except to innovate; to come up with warm furs to wear from mammoths we kill, and to plan for the privations of long winters; things like that!  That is what fueled the evolutionary changes that resulted in Western Civilization, the crowning achievement that is White European Culture.  The envy of the world; copied endlessly, and where everyone wants to live!

My point is this:  Evolutionary health and Wellness!  Living in accordance with our evolution- realizing that grains, health-wise, are a mistake largely.  Discussing the problem, realizing that minimizing grains is a great first step; then, going towards proper, Weston A. Price type preparations is probably a postive step, sprouting grains and using sour dough as a leavening agent is a good idea.  
Including fermented foods in our diet is more than just an ancient convenience: it has profound health benefits, as does grass feeding our cattle, and so on and on…

Abandoning many of our cherished Big Medicine practices like endless screenings like expensive colonoscopies, which can largely be replaces by simple blood tests.  And actually by putting endless, expensive yet profitable (for the medical establishment) tests on the backburner, and instead concentrating on living in accordance with evolutionary health- things like pastured meats, dairy and ample vegetables, smoothies made with coconut milk and pastured eggs, avoiding grains in the large part and exercising daily and getting ample sunshine and fresh air in contact with nature- these things are far more germane to true health than clinical tests in a hospital or clinic that just assess disease, rather than actively building our health!!

Forget Climate Change Frenzy!  It is just a political, Leftist move to put more and more power into Big Government.  To reiterate: Emperors, Kings, Warlords, Dicatators etc.- they all translate into BIG GOVERNMENT.  Bad.  

What is Big Government today?  Our current oppressors??  Those who deny us our own voice, our own autonomy, the rights of each person according to their own industry and worth??

Big Medicine and Big Pharma
Big Agriculture and Confined Animal Feeding Operations
The Democratic Party (Marxist Dividers by Race)
The European Union (Globlalists)
Moslem Invaders

Those listed above are the modern day equivalents of:

King George
The Ancient Persians
Genghis Khan

I am not really exaggerating here: we have just reached such a sad point of lack of historical knowledge, and a downplaying and denigration of our own Western European history that we no longer know our own evolved priorities, just as most of us have even forgotten simply how to eat and live!

I will end with this- go back to our roots.  Study ancient Greece and Rome, learn from our ancestors!  Do not repeat their mistakes.  Uphold law and order; give no special dispensation to those of other races and creeds- they must adapt to our systems of order, or go back to their own failed cultures.  

There can be no exceptions, that only leads to disruption, endless crime, and baseless recriminations because of fake claims such as white privilege.  

Climate Change.  White privilege.  Endless Racism.  

Learn that these are all Marxist buzzwords to destroy what we have built.  Put into the mouths of others to shame us, to make us ‘feel guilty’ for having done so very well!  

WE HAVE done well- or, at least or progenitors have.  They have built the most amazing culture and civilization that has ever existed!  We can build on that, expand it, and encourage other races and cultures to embrace it-

Or else we can collapse in a fit of guilt that is self-induced, pretending we are ‘not worthy’, and go into extinction… all while the rest of the world goes down in flaming ruin and madness.  

Listen to your ancestors; their voice is within you!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Bread CAN be Healthy! Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast

There, I said it- bread can actually be good for you!  I can scarcely believe that I actually said that, but there it is.  Properly prepared bread, meaning a true, made from sour dough starter, can be a worthwhile addition to your paleo diet, but it needs to be a true sour dough bread.

This means a bread that is risen without commercial yeast, and without any other addititives such as sugar, oils, ‘bread conditioners’, and the like!  One theory is that the use of conventional, GMO grains (that are heavily sprayed with glyphosate), along with the sugars, vegetable oils, and many dough additives and preservatives are why modern breads are so very unhealthy.

Do, you need to seek out (or else bake your own) loaf; one that has only non-GMO grain (I think rye is the best, both flavor-wise and health-wise), is naturally leavened with wild yeasts, and is free of all other additives other than water and the milled grain itself.  Anything else and it is not really sour dough, and is something that will only hurt your health, not enhance it!

If you an find such a loaf, get it!  (It will not be cheap, nor should it be, since such bread is labor intensive and time consuming to make properly- it is a labor of love)!  The vast majority of ‘sour dough’ breads in the grocery store are not really sour dough at all, just being flavored to seem to be sour dough, without actually being real at all- avoid these!  Just as most pickles and sauer kraut are not really actually fermented and healthy at all, the same is true of most so-called sour dough breads.  They are loaded up with vinegar, which while adding a certain sour tang, kills any beneficial organisms that might be in the product.  

OK.  In my little town, an authentic French sour dough bakery opened a week ago.  Very impressive products, totally true to the sour dough tradition- they even make pastries and a quiche made with the tangy dough- all are wonderful indeed!  It is called the French-tastic bakery, and is not to be missed if in southwest Wisconsin.

Just as we all avoided beans in all forms in early paleo, so too did we avoid all grains, if we were paying attention.  Even potatoes were not to be eaten!  

This was all good advice in the beginning, say 10 years ago, and we all had wonderful health benefits from eliminating all grains, beans, and nightshades.  
But, that was before we knew all about the great importance of the microbiome, or the health of the gut.  And it now appears that, by including a small amount of carbohydrates within our diets (keto be damned!), that our gut microbiome benefits, and so thereby do we.  I believe it is Paul Jaminet who says in his excellent Perfect Health Diet that ideally we all need approximately 1/3 of our diet to be carbohydrates.  But, he does specify that it needs to be safe starches, includiing white and sweet potatoes, and even small amounts of properly prepared beans and grains!!

This adds diversity to our gut microbiome, with many beneficial species helping us out as they live within us.  And, I am here to tell you- an addition of properly prepared sour dough bread does not distress my digestion at all, and only seems to make me healthier.  The fermentation in sour dough neutralizes the phytic acid, and the glycemic response of blood sugar also seems to be vastly reduced, along with the resulting insulin spike.  And the minerals in the grains are also rendered usable by the body, unlike in standard breads where the nutrients are unassimilable after being consumed.

So, enjoy adding bread back into your life- and wonderful bread!  The best you’ve ever had, guaranteed.  
But, one caution- even this bread is a carbohydrate, and so should be somewhat limited.  No “quiche for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and pizza for supper”, even when sour dough!

Have a slice for breakfast, toasted and with lots of pastured butter.  That’s it for that day…
Next day, try a sandwich of tuna or roast beef, on one slice of wonderful sour dough bread cut in half!  That’s it for that day.  

And so on.  One potato, sweet or white per day is good.  As is one slice of true, wonderful sour dough bread per day.  Any more and you are slip-sliding back into the SAD American diet, that renders our population fat, sick, and diabetic.  

Don’t risk that- you know too much for that!  For, even though you now include a wonderful, limited amount of safe starches within your diet:

You are still a healthy, happy- PALEO PERSON!!