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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast- Paleo LIfe is Rural Life

We in the ancestral community are all trying to make our lives as natural, as paleo-like as possible!  No grains, no sugar, ditch the processed fast foods and other bad, hyper-palatable, neolithic (and therefore, in my mind- decadent- foods)!  

But how are we to do this, with our families for God’s sake, as we are all stuck in Suburbia, or even worse- in big city urban nightmare areas?  

Short answer:  You Can’t!

I don’t mean to be a downer here, a complete pessimist.  But, realistically, if you live in a big city, and you have children, you have learned a few realities by now.  
1. Big City schools are awful, snake-pits of liberal disinformation and delusion
2. Crime is off the charts, with the bigger and more Democrat-run the city, the worse the corruption and deceit

I’m not being political here, although I do have strong political ideas.  This is just truth-telling.  Big cities are run by Democrats now in the USA, and they are ALL very corrupt.  

Most of you have already voted with your feet- you have taken a small step away, into the suburbs surrounding big cities.  This made sense, back in the 50’s and 60’s, when most jobs were within those big cities!  Just a short commute, by train was best, and you could go to your office, get lunch in that (back then) safe city, with beat cops patrolling on foot, and short-circuiting crime before it happened.  (How, you might ask?  Why common sense reality checking- profiling).

But, with the huge lie that is Political Correctness, this is NOT allowed anymore!  Police are not really even empowered to arrest criminals anymore, because, (and I quote)- we “can’t arrest our way out of this!”  This is parroted by every liberal big city official, because the demographics of their constituents have changed to the point where almost none of them actually work for a living anymore, being on the dole, or else they are illegals, criminals, or both.

The suburbs still thrive, but at a huge price!  To escape living in the corrupt, horrible, actually savage big cities, with awful, below even substandard schools, police, and every other government service- even though taxes have become confiscatory on productive people- people are willing to pay anything to live in areas that are crime free, almost totally safe, and with good schools free of rampant violence.  Anything!

And that ‘anything’ is a really, really LOT!  

Because everyone will literally pay anything for such properties, the price has gone through the roof.  Houses that were 40,000 in 1960, like the one I grew up in; why, just the lots are worth about a million dollars!  1/4 acre lots, nothing huge here.  

These suburbs are ‘livable’, I will grant that.  But, they were more livable, and far more realistic places to live back when I grew up there, in suburban Chicago.  And, you could have an ordinary job, like a teacher or a mailman, and do just fine.  It wasn’t much different, then, than small town, or rural America.

NO MORE, Paleo PERSON!  If only for air quality, water purity, and nature all around, moving to the rural midwest is a no-brainer!  BUT, when you thrown in safe, quality schools, pure well water, largely crime free small towns and cities, (at least, if you get rid of all the big city transplants- which they quickly usually do); why wouldn’t you move to a paleo friendly, rural community?

You can buy a few acres, care for them, cut firewood, have wonderful neighbors that will stay by you for a lifetime- (no one moves from such halcyon places, believe me), grow a big organic garden, have your own private woodland trails- doesn’t this sound pretty idyllic?  Clean air, pure well water, small schools without that suburban pressure to excel, excel, excel at all costs!  

Almost 40 years ago, I made that move.  To the upper rural midwest, even back then, when things weren’t that bad.  BEST move I ever made, by far!  And you know what?

It is an even better move to make today!  As I said before, nowadays it is a NO BRAINER!  A lower cost of living, better water and air, lower stress, no crime, and friendly, welcoming neighbors to make up your “tribe”.  A QUALITY tribe, for life!   

So, if you want to be “paleo”- get rid of grains, especially GMO, glyphosate loaded wheat.  Get rid of sugar, and processed foods, and make a smoothie to drink, loaded with greens and veggies on a daily basis.  Eat pastured meats, eggs, dairy if you can, and throw vegetable oils and fast foods into the trash.  

And, most importantly of all: Move yourself, and your family, into rural America!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Isometrics are the Best Exercise podcast on PJSC

Let’s say you are a very fit person, someone who has exercised pretty much your whole life, and definitely for the past 10 years or so.  You do resistance exercise, aerobic or cardio as well, and you stretch religiously.  I will say that you need isometrics!

And, on the other hand, let’s say you are a elderly person who has never exercised much, and definitely not in the past 10 years.  You really need isometrics!

How can each of these diametrically opposed situations have the same solution?  The answer is simple- isometrics will enhance your fitness, dramatically, in a very large way, no matter what your fitness level.

Very dramatic strength increases can be realized, very quickly, and with very little risk or danger, simply by doing a simple series of isometrics regularly!  No special equipment is needed, or even a change of clothing, and it can be done anywhere, anytime, in very little time.  

Isometrics have been shown to dramatically lower blood pressure, with no other changes in lifestyle.  Also, the strength increases also are beneficial for joints, strengthening the tendons and ligaments along with the muscles themselves.  Weight lifting pretty much bypasses the tendons and ligaments, concentrating on the bellies of the muscles first, which makes you more prone to injury.

Often, it is said that doing isometrics at a single angle only increases strength at that one angle.   Although technical true, if you simply do the same exercise at three angles- the start, the mid-point, and the near end-point of the motion, you effectively strengthen the entire strength curve!  I have found that a demanding, very effective isometric protocol takes about 10 minutes, total, to cover the whole body!

Here’s how you do it:  You will need a web cable, like a moving strap, at least 15 feet long.  About 2” wide is ideal; I use two moving straps I had that are each about 12 feet long.  I lay them on the floor, overlapping about a foot atop one another, and I step on the overlap, which locks them together.  Then, I grasp each strap, and run them overhead on each side, to where my hands are just above my shoulders, as if I am doing a military press with two dumbbells.  Then, I push upwards at about 80% or so of my power, for about 5 seconds.  Rest.  Repeat, for 6 seconds. Rest.  Repeat again for 7 seconds.  This is the protocol: 5,6, and then 7 seconds for each exercise in three positions.  

Next, I just lower my arms to my sides, still holding the straps, and do the same thing with curls: bottom, middle, and top extension, 5,6,7 seconds, at each position.  After that, I do bent over rows by bending over with the straps still held in each hand, and do all three positions from there, 5,6,7.  

Last, I do deadlifts, squatting down and at the bottom, push up with my thighs and back hard, 80% again, at the bottom position, the mid-point, and then near lock-out at the top.  I’m done!  I have covered my entire musculature, my shoulders, arms, back, and thighs completely, exhausting each muscle group in under 10 minutes!  I now do this pretty much daily, since it is so easy and time-efficient, and since I can do it in front of the television, easily, it doesn’t seem hard at all, or onerous.

Of course, I also exercise with virtual resistance exercise, rebounding, and calisthenics, it is no big deal to add in this last routine.  But, I will say that, if you only do this isometric routine, you will benefit hugely- especially if you don’t otherwise exercise!

The only downside that some might see is that this routine will not build much muscle bulk, or size. It will define and strengthen the muscles ideally, though, and the older I get I realize that is ideal- who really wants big, bulky, blocky muscles?  Think Bruce Lee’s physique, which while ideal, was not thick and bulky.  Bruce was a huge proponent of isometrics!  And how many women want thick, blocky physiques??

So do it- stand still and exercise!  Ideally, you will see and feel the benefits so strongly that you will be motivated to add in more, like pushups and straight-legged sit ups, and walking on a daily basis.  But, even if you just keep doing 10 minutes of exercise per day- you will reap huge, outsized benefits of health, fitness, and aesthetics, way beyond what you would with any other form of exercise, no matter how expensive, uncomfortable, and inconvenient.  Guaranteed.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Balance is Crucial

I mainly plan to talk about actual balance- the balance so crucial to the human body.  But when I think about it, it is so obvious that balance as a notion is so important in every single aspect of our lives!  But let’s talk about the physical type of balance first.

I have been thinking quite a bit about this issue of balance lately, because I have been seeing so many instances of people, my age and younger, (not to mention older!) who are obviously having major balance issues.  Think of elderly people, who can only walk by listing from side to side, always being close to a wall or a chair to grab for support.  This is not something that needs to happen, but something that happens because these folks have not exercised properly as they aged.  Of course, most don’t exercise at all, and this is nothing but what I call becoming a voluntary cripple.  It is easily preventable.

First, exercise your balance every single day!  Yes, that’s right- just as you should be doing natural, Perfectly Paleo Exercise every day, you should also incorporate balance right in your training.  Here’s how:
First thing in the morning, do as I do.  Stretch standing up, both sides, arms as high as you can stretch them.  It’ll feel great- then, start rotating your joints easily.  I start by rotating my head on my neck, about 5 times each way.  Easy, no real exertion here- we are just limbering up the body, joint by joint, getting the lubricating synovial fluid going.
Next, I do arm circles for the shoulders, again 5x each way.  Then, I stick my arms straight forward, and flex my hands and fingers out in front of me and hold.  Then, I rotate my hips in a circular motion, 5x each way, then with hands of knees the same thing.  Now, and here is the balance part- I lift one foot off the ground, and rotate the ankle joint each way, and then do the same thing 5x with the other ankle.  Finally, with my hands clasped above my head, I rotate my whole trunk each way, I’ll bet you know I’ll say 5x, and I do!

That’s it, and the whole thing takes about 2 or 3 minutes.  It is the perfect way to wake up, and start your physical day off on the right note!

Then, go downstairs to start your exercises.  If you’re like me, first you will brew your coffee, and carry the cup with you into the living room.  The one best piece of advice I can give you to ensure that you comply with your exercise program, is to only allow yourself to watch TV or movies while you exercise!  Just this one change will make you an avid exerciser, since you will eagerly anticipate your morning routine, since you get to watch your favorite programs while you do so!
Now, I don’t mean you can’t watch the news, say, in the evening- I usually do.  But for entertainment movies and shows- no- that is only for the early morning exercise/entertainment sessions! 

Now, I have a whole ebook about Perfectly Paleo Exercise, but I plan to put together a course soon where I demonstrate all the exercises, since what I do is unconventional nowadays, and is much easier to understand if it is shown, rather than just described.  But right now, there is one wonderful balance tool I’d like you to start using:  a Rebounder. 
If I could recommend one single tool to enhance and exercise your sense of balance, it is a rebounder!  I have an inexpensive one, and it works fine.  You can get really nice ones for hundreds of dollars, and if cost is no object go ahead- the ones with bands instead of springs are quieter, I will say that.  But the springs work fine too.

So, you are bouncing lightly on your rebounder!  Remember, you do not need to bounce high in the air; a gently bounce is ample.  It accomplishes the same thing- it exercises your heart and lungs similarly to walking, but with no stress on any joints, while also engaging the lymph system in about the very best, most efficient way there is.  And also, it greatly develops your sense of balance!

I go through my virtual exercise routine while jumping on the rebounder, which is where you flex, one after another throughout their full range of motion, each part of your musculature.  Here is an excellent demonstration you can view of this exercise routine, by John Peterson and Wendy Pett- just click on the icon, and they will demonstrate that virtual exercise.  For this rebounding routine, just use the first 12 exercises.  Start with just one set of each, done on the rebounder.  Flex hard, as you gain more experience you can flex more and more intensely, as you gain greater control of your musculature.
You will be gaining strength, body awareness, and excellent balance, all at the same time!  In addition, such exercise is very healing for the joints and tendons, instead of damaging as in using heavy weights.  Finish up with one more of my favorites:  bounce on your seat, keeping balance as you do so, not stopping to touch the sides of the rebounder or the floor with your feet.  This is one of the very best ab exercises there is on the planet!

So there it is.  Next time, I’ll talk about the isometrics I have added in after this, that take very little time for vastly enhanced strength.  All you need is a 15 foot or so strap of nylon webbing, about 2 inches wide for comfort.  But now, I’m still focussed on balance, so let me end with this last.
Make sure your life is well balanced as well as your sense of balance is exercised daily!  Make sure you don’t work too many hours.  Spend time with your family and friends, especially family.  Your kids and grandkids are your true wealth, never take them for granted, or run away to ‘fulfill yourself’.  Your fulfillment is within them.
Get outside into nature each and every day.  Today it is a balmy 30 degrees, and I plan to get out for a hike with my ski poles in the woods as soon as I’m done here.  The sun is bright, so I won’t be wearing a hat, so I get some sunshine on my face, and natural vitamin D.  Then, I plan to grill a grass fed steak for my wife and myself on my charcoal Weber grill, enjoying the sunshine as I do so.  And why do I think my life is so great and wonderful and fulfilling now?

For one reason, and one alone.  38 years ago, my wife and I moved out of a major city, and into a rural area, just outside of a small town, which is just outside a small city.  We were young, and the transition was difficult.  BUT, the quality of our lives went up immensely, with clean air, nature all around, with birds and animals to cohabit with instead of endless cars and noise and pollution, gridlock and all of the negative things of urban (and increasingly suburban living) as well!
Metropolitan areas now also have horrible, fluoride and chlorine laden water.  And the worst part of all, which is rarely addressed at all?  The horrendous crime in urban areas, which has metastasized beyond what even I could have believed possible, back when I escaped in 1980!  It is impossible to have a balanced life in any way, when criminals run rampant in city parks and streets, and threaten to attack your family and children constantly. 

So- I want you to exercise, eat an ancestral diet, and lead an ancestral lifestyle as best you can.  I want you to get plenty of sleep, untroubled with sirens and bright lights blazing outside your windows.  I want you to be happy, and above all safe!

You can no longer do any of that in ANY of our major cities in the U.S. 

And so, my very best advice to you about properly balancing your lifestyle and life?   Move to small town, rural America.  The Midwest I believe is the best, and also ironically the most affordable, especially when it comes to housing costs.  And even then, when you’ve moved to an area with really good schools, civilized, law-abiding neighbors with a good work ethic, and you have a few wonderful wooded acres? 

Get a gun, and learn how to use it.  Paleolithic people all knew how to fight, and you do too.

Check out this episode!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Make Your OWN Supplements!

Really- make your own supplements! 

It’s not hard, and it will save not only your health, but money too.  The secret is to replace or at least add to one meal each day a glass of a smoothie that you make yourself.  I call mine the paleo green smoothie, and I have made it for quite a few years- changing up the ingredients from time to time, depending on what foods I have handy in my refrigerator and freezer. 

For, make no mistake: good, healthy foods are the very best “supplements” you can consume!  You simply take wonderful ancestral types of foods, and combine them in a high speed blender to make the healthiest beverage ever.  Let’s go over what I made today, to last me for at least 4 days:

I always start with a full fat kefir, since it is a great probiotic, and is liquid.  I never measure, just going by intuition.  About a cups worth or more to start.  Then, I add in Vitamin D liquid, ginger powder, turmeric powder, and often kelp powder.  I keep them in spice jars near my blender, so it just takes a moment to shake them all in.

Then, I carry my Vitamix canister around to my refrigerator, and add a couple of raw pastured eggs, apple cider vinegar- just a healthy splash (another great probiotic), some kelp sprouts I had in there I added today, and then I open the freezer.

I add in a healthy pour of California Mix, which is widely available in big frozen bags, and then some greens- today, I had some kelp that I had frozen before so it wouldn’t go bad when I had too much of the fresh stuff.  Then, I added in some frozen cantaloupe, and some mixed frozen berries, along with 1/2 of a banana my wife had left from her own breakfast.  Oh, I also threw in one beet- I discard the greens, since they are loaded with oxalates and are to be avoided.  I kind of ‘forage’ for stuff in my fridge, since I hate for good food to go to waste!

It wasn’t quite as liquid as I’d have liked, so I added in some green tea from my thermos, and blended it up.  I drank a healthy glass, while I poured the rest of the smoothie into clean canning jars that I keep just for that purpose, and stored it all in the fridge.

The whole process takes less than 10 minutes, and is quite enjoyable, since I listen to a podcast or music while I do it- and then- I have my supplements ready for the week.  Much better than pills or potions, and easily obtainable at the grocery store. 

The one thing you do need to have is a good quality, high speed blender- your old $20 cheapie is not going to cut it here.  Vitamix is best, but there are others that will work- I’ll leave it up to you to choose the right one for you and your budget.

Just remember one thing, though: a good blender will last you for at least 10 years- and that’s 10 years of excellent, health producing smoothies!  Pro-rated, it is really a minimal investment overall.  Cheers!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Grounding for your Health!

I hope you have heard of grounding.  It is quite crucial to health, and yet almost unknown to most people, even those of the paleo persuasion.  It may sound ‘out there’ to you if you’ve never heard of it, but trust me, it is quite real, and can make a huge difference in your health, both physical and mental!

We are electrical creatures- our various bodily functions happen with electrical connections and stimulus.  Our hearts are functional only through electrical stimulus, as our all of our other circuitry in the body- especially, the brain is complicated memory circuit, and when off-kilter, it can go into dementia, Parkinson’s, and other mood and regulatory problems.  It is as if your brain is ‘shorting out’.

The main wake up call of most of the paleo/ancestral lifestyle is to bring us back to basics!  When we started making plastic and rubber soles to our footwear, we cut ourselves off from the grounding of contacting mother earth.  This, along with the fact that most of us started living unnatural, cut-off from nature kinds of jobs, sitting at climate controlled desks, barely moving throughout our days- well, we are just asking for trouble, evolutionarily speaking.

Just as we need to get vitamin D by getting out in the sun, and exercising daily, along with walking in Nature to keep our sanity and health- we need to be in regular contact with the earth, with the planet, by actually grounding ourselves to the actual soil itself.  Barefoot walking and running, on the earth, grass, or sand accomplishes this very well in Spring, Summer and Fall- but what about here in the north country, when snow and ice cover the ground?

It’s actually easy to fix this problem, even in Winter.  If you wear leather soled shoes, boots, or moccasins, you are grounded every time you are outside.  But such footwear is actually very uncommon nowadays, although you can find it if you look online for grounding or earthing shoes.  It tends to be pricey, though, and you definitely won’t find it at Wal-Mart!  

Here is an easy work around: today, for instance, I hiked around my woods with ski poles on the snow.  Although my shoes were not earthing shoes, every time a planted my ski poles, I was grounded- again and again and again!  And you can also ground yourself easily from time to time, simply by grasping a tree trunk.  Or a pole in the ground, whatever.  Or, if you have a concrete floored basement, walking barefoot on that can accomplish the same thing.  It’s not that hard, but it is super important, whatever anyone else tells you.

Most of humanity today, at least in western countries, are completely cut off from contact with the earth!  They wear plastic-soled shoes constantly, live in totally artificial man-made environments, and also eat grains and sugars almost exclusively, along with grain fed/sick animal products.  Even the nutrients to feed their food are from unnatural sources for these animals!

So first, eat real foods.  Hopefully, you know the drill- grass fed meats, wild caught seafood, and grass fed dairy along with non-GMO vegetables.  Most fruits should be organic, especially berries and apples, which are heavily sprayed and have skins that we consume.  Exclude all vegetable oils, sticking to coconut oil, Ghee, pastured butter and beef tallow and other animal fats from healthy animals.  Eliminate all grains, especially wheat!

Second, ground yourself, daily!  Go out into nature, even in the worst of weather, because just like good nutrition- you need grounding just as much.  And also, whenever you are inside your home- go barefoot!  I cannot express how important this is, for the health of your feet.  Oh, socks are fine, you just need to get the muscular/skeletal structure of the foot to be working on a daily basis.  Our balance, the arch of the foot, and our entire base of the human structure needs to have gentle exercise and stimulation regularly, or it inevitably starts to break down.

So go ahead.  Start to rebuild your health.  It all starts with a bare foot, from the ground up.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Don't Be a New Year's Resolution Exerciser

Now is the time when most folks are exercising.  And I do mean now- for the first week or two of the New Year.  I drive by local gyms, it seems there are endless versions all over my little community, all of whose parking lots are full.  For now.

I always wonder, ‘if there are all of these gyms, almost everywhere, and all of these people belong and go on a regular basis- why do I rarely see a fit looking person?’   It is a legitimate question to ask, but unfortunately I already think that I know the answers:

First off, these people are going to commercial gyms.  They have to drive there, change clothes, shower, change back, and then drive home.  This is a major time commitment, right off the bat- also, usually a major financial committment. 
Secondly, they are working out on lackluster exercise equipment, result producing-wise.  Treadmills, ellipticals, resistance machines, free weights- they are all not much bang for the time spent kinds of tools.  These are the kind of exercise equipment that, to get any real results, takes tons of time on a regular basis!  And, in the case of the treadmills et al, results will be very, very little regardless of the time spent! 

Ever notice that people with really physically demanding jobs tend to have much better physiques and useful strength and endurance as opposed to gym rats?  Look around- it really it true.  Also, the ones that work hard jobs tend to keep their useful sort of fitness their whole life long!

There are a few real ways to ensure that you become fit, and stay fit, very fit- off the charts for your age group fit- simply by following a few simple guidelines:

Work out at home.  This is really the main ideal and directive.  Working out at home, early in the morning before the rest of the family is up, not only makes sure that you get the workout in and done each and every day, it also makes it: 1. actually enjoyable- something you will look forward to each day.
2. Takes a fraction of the time.

Try the PaleoJay approach- you go to bed early, early enough that you get a good 8 hours of sleep in a totally blacked out room.  Congratulations- that alone is the hardest part of the whole approach!  Because once you get those 8 hours, you will be ready to get up and go, whether it is 6:00 AM, 5:00 AM, or 4:30 AM, which is the time I got up for many years each morning.  Now I’m retired, and can work out anytime, but I still work out the very first thing every morning- the only difference now is that- I work out longer!  Because I have the luxury of time. 

I used to work out for 45 minutes each morning.  Doing Perfectly Paleo Exercise of virtual and self-resistance exercise, coupled with isometrics, rebounding,  pushups and straight-legged sit ups, interspersed with stretching- 45 minutes is plenty of time to really get fit.  And, it is really fun to do in front or your television, in your living room! 

You just need a yoga mat, (I used to use a big towel, but a mat is better since it is cushioned and it doesn’t slide).  A rebounded can be had for around $30, and lasts indefinitely.  Also, ideally you will have a strong strap, like a cargo or moving strap of thick nylon strapping (around $10 or so), and I have two other things that I like but that aren’t absolutely necessary:  The Perfect Pushup device of rotating handles for doing high volume pushups without irritating your shoulder, wrist and elbow joints, and an ab wheel, which is just a wheel with handles sticking out of the axle for doing ab roll-outs.  That is really all that you need, and it can all be stashed behind a chair or under the couch.

Pull out of your gym membership- they are actually counterproductive towards fitness!  Take walks in the woods instead all winter long, ski poles make all your limbs work, and help you not slip around so much as well.  Or cross country ski- but you need enough snow for that!  Come spring, don’t buy expensive running shoes- do your feet a favor, and get out for some barefoot sprinting- 10 -15 minutes is about the best workout you can have for the total body and getting ripped!

My favorite “fun addition” for extra workouts is a set of gymnastic rings, hung up in my basement on the rafters- they are the best way to work your whole body, quickly and safely and effectively that I have found.  One other thing: heavy hands walking, where you swing small dumbbells or handles of 5 pounds or so, as you walk through the woods.  Not much time is needed, and it is a blast to do!

But for now, you don’t need any of this stuff- save it until you’re old and retired like I am, and you’ve developed the habits to love being fit and healthy, and enjoy fine-tuning it.  Now, you’ve got work, or studies, and a family perhaps, among other things to take almost every minute of your day (and night!).  Just resolve to do the basics:  8 hours sleep, workout in the living room, shower, and then you will feel not only ready, but eager to take on the rest of your day- because you will feel great- every single morning from now on- GUARANTEED!!

Check out this episode!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Statins are a Symbol podcast

What do I mean by saying that statins are a symbol?  Well, I mean that the widespread, in fact almost universal prescribing of such a drug is symbolic of what has happened to modern medicine.  Medications are routinely prescribed to patients, whether or not that medication will actually help the person or not!

Let’s look at the case of statins: if you are a man of any age without existing heart disease, statins won’t extend your life span.  And if you are over the age of 80, with or without heart disease, there is no benefit to be had from a statin.  In addition, although the chances of you benefiting from a statin are quite slight, the chances of bad side effects are quite great.  10% of statin users are inflicted with muscle damage and pain, and there is also risk of kidney damage as the breakdown of muscle tissue overloads the kidneys with deteriorated muscle tissue in a condition known as rhabdomyolysis.

Personally, I know how important muscle tissue is for health, particularly as a person ages.  When you see older people hunched over, barely able to walk or even get up out of a chair, much less off of the ground or a floor- this is because of sarcopenia, which is just a simple term for muscle wasting as people age.  But I am here to tell you that muscle wasting is not only something to avoid at all costs, but you certainly don’t want to cause it to happen faster by taking a statin!

For women, especially women over the age of 60- statins have not been shown to be of any benefit whatsoever.  In fact, a higher cholesterol level amounts older women seems to be very protective in terms of overall longevity, rather than the reverse.  Also, for women, a 9% increased risk for diabetes is another side effect of statins.  Men also get an increased risk of diabetes, but more in the area of 6%.  

While there are some rare instances when a statin is appropriate, the key word there is rare.  For the vast majority of us, the risks are not worth the small advantage- especially in light of the fact that, while statins do lower the “magical” cholesterol numbers- this works out into no longer life expectancy.  So, really, what is the point?

And that is why I think that statins themselves are a symbol- a symbol of the vast overuse of medications, for pretty much everyone, all the time.  Medications that just treat symptoms (like a high number on the cholesterol chart), but deliver no increases in health or wellness.  Depression medications, stomach acid reducing meds, drugs for this, drugs for that- overall, I would estimate that over 95% are either totally unneeded and very expensive (hence big pharma’s vested interest in having a lot be sold).  Also- usually the side effects are worse than the symptoms of the disease they are supposed to treat.

In light of all of this, I am starting to think that the traditional Rod of Asclepius, which is a staff surrounded by  a twisting serpent, is starting to really be a good representation of modern medicine today.  I don’t mean to be harsh, but really, I often see the big medical clinics, along with their legions of drug peddlers as more of an adversary than as a wise counselor.