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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - Sugar Mama

Find Your Own Homeland podcast

 When I suggest that you find your own homeland, I mean that you should not live in the same area in which you were born and grew up- unless that area is a rural, or small town conservative kind of place. Also, if you live in a solid blue, authoritarian state like Illinois, California, or New York, you should leave!  We are in strange times, and the very constitution of the United States is under attack by the new Jacobins.

By this I mean the current ‘Democrats’, who no longer have any similarity to the former party of that name, and are now simply Jacobins, or in more modern parlance: Marxists.  

If you know of, or remember the French Revolution, you probably know that, although it started because of an extreme inequality between the middle class and the ruling elite, it ended up in an extreme overreaction, and a slaughter of many, many people by the guillotine.  Also, the Jacobins, as these revolutionaries were called, decided to completely revamp French society itself, and were in every way like the modern cancel culture democrats are today!  

They began by killing all of the royal rulers, innocent or guilty, and then they turned on one another.  They decided to rename the names of the months, change history, and even questioned established knowledge (like math) that had been the bedrock of Western civilization.  They divided people into different groups, endlessly, and turned on one another, always with the specter of the guillotine lurking in the background.

Sound familiar?  If not, it should: the Democrats of today are, as I said, the new Jacobins, or French Revolutionaries!  They would up destroying everything worthwhile in their own homeland, accusing one another endlessly for everything wrong in their own lives, and killing anyone who contested their truth.  

Their supreme leader, Robespierre, was extremely bloodthirsty, and ordered the execution of many.  He wanted the disarmament of the public, and wanted only those of the “new fraternity” to have arms.  When the murderous regime was ended with his execution, at last the killing stopped.

To get a good feeling of the times of this leftish revolution, I recommend the Dickens book ‘Tale of Two Cities’.  

But let’s get back to today: today’s Jacobins are busy dividing us into different races and classes, and not only banning books (like ‘Huckleberry Finn’), but introducing noxious, destructive policies like ‘defund the police’ and supporting district attorneys that let criminals out with a signature bond the same day they are arrested!  Absolute madness, and only designed to destroy our conservative, well-working, democratic republic from within.  

And so, let’s get back to my main premise- get out of such Jacobin/liberal/Democrat cities and states!  If you are a paleo, tribal sort of person, you need to get into areas that will leave you alone.  Places that will let you raise your family without awful interference from these authoritarian know-it-alls that actually know less than a baby.  Low IQ leaders are anathema to society, and civilization itself!  Just look at current South Africa, where there are daily riots over bread, where before it was a well-run modern outpost of Western civilization.  

Now, just as in ALL of our major American, blue, leftist cities: they are all virtual HELLS!  Rampant crime and killings, no lasting arrests, and everything just gets worse and worse.  It is undeniable.

So, do it. Move your family, and urge your friends as I am doing right now, to get the hell out!  I think things will ultimately turn around, just as they did in France long ago, but only after a lot of chaos, nonsense, and violence- all for nothing.  As is always the case with the Left, destruction just seems to be a part of their very DNA.  

I know, it is not easy.  The vast majority of Americans live within 50 miles of where they were born for their whole lives!  It’s an example of the frog who, when put into a pot of lukewarm water, stays there, even as it is gradually heated to where it is boiling, and eventually cooks  him (and his family, and all he holds dear).

But look ahead.  Especially if your kids are young, you need to get them out of the horrid school systems of big cities, and even now in many blue suburbs.  Critical race theory is poison, lies and the end of civilization in one awful pill.  Get on the school board if you are already where you want to be, or else get out and go.  

Even if you go to a state that is borderline, neither truly Red nor Blue; if you choose the right area, you will be fine.  Where I am, the larger cities, and even some of the smaller ones, have a large representation of liberal Jacobins.  I believe that a large part of that is liberal ‘guilt’, ginned up nonsense concepts like ‘white privilege’, despite the fact that white Western civilization is the force that finally ended the ancient and worldwide practice of slavery!  

White privilege is simply the adherence to Western standards of discipline, planning, and hard work.  That is all.  This sort of privilege is available to everyone who will pick up the gauntlet- we have only outlined the path of progress.

The ultimate key is to go RURAL.  Despite the Leftist, Jacobin prejudice to slander small towns, and rural homesteads as backwards; especially in the West and Midwest (I don’t know the South), they are anything but that!  

People in these Red areas (almost all rural areas are red, because they do NOT rely, and mainly abhor Big Government).  These are people who maintain their own health, through exercise, good nutrition, and clean wholesome living.  They are not part of the Elite, nor do they wish to be.  They are happy and fulfilled in their own, tight-knit communities.  (Think Mayberry).  

And I’ll leave it there.  Mayberry, or your regional version of it, is where you, and where all of us want to live!  A place where you have land you can walk barefoot on, where you can cut your own firewood and have fun bonfires with your family, friends and neighbors.  Where you can pull a sled full of weights backwards for exercise, and no one cares because:

1. That’s just crazy old Jay- he does that stuff!

Or 2. They can’t see you, since you are in your own private woodlands.  

Think on it.  You can live in a city apartment, or a tract house in the suburbs of a big metropolis.  Your life will be physically easy, and you can go to a gym daily to try to stay in shape.  BUT you will be subjected to crime and violence (in the city), and a complete cutoff from Nature (in either scenario).  

OR- you can live life as in the picture books you were read to as a child, with a tractor you own and drive, and animals and Nature all about you; with wildlife everywhere, and a large garden that beckons all summer long!  You will still work out, and eat healthily, but you will actually grown and hunt the very foods you thrive on.  

And the best part?  There will be NO CRIME!  There really is next to none in Red America.  Leave a tool in your yard or shed- it will be there when you return- untouched!   No home invasions- NONE.  No smash and grabs in your small town- NONE.  NO carjackings!  If one is attempted- you will SHOOT the perpetrator, without hesitation.  

See how simple life can be?  This is a Paleo life- my tribe, my land, my people.  No Democrats, Jacobins, Leftists, or Marxist/Socialists allowed.  This is a Land of Freemen!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Husband Fights Patriarchy By Letting Wife Change Car Tire

1970’s Science in the Doctor’s Office podcast

This one thinks you might have some money left...

 If you are one of those people who run to the clinic to see a doctor for any little ailment, or just to get endless check ups to make sure you are all right; well, you are doing it all wrong my friend!  No offense, but medical interventions are usually the cause of more harm than good.

Iatrogenesis is the term that defines this: it means death by doctor.  This means that the treatment or examination you undergo causes harm.  Hippocrates, the founder of Western medicine from 2500 years ago in Greece, had as his fundamental tenet to early healers to first, do no harm!  In modern times, this prime directive has been discarded…

Death by doctor is now the third leading cause of death!  Now, does this make you want to visit your doctor more often?  I certainly hope not: I would advise you to live as people used to live until around the 1970’s in the US at least.  Back in the 50’s and 60’s, when I grew up, we only went to the doctor if we were gravely injured or on our deathbed from a real sickness.  Doctors could do things like set broken bones, or remove a ruptured appendix, or take a bullet out of your body.  They were like human bodywork mechanics, similar to their car repair similar types of workers.  Nothing fancy, they just tried to get the job done.

Now though?  Doctors and hospitals, which throughout time were places to avoid as much as possible, are now depicted as places to go to become and remain healthy.  We are all urged endlessly to go in, get examined (even if we feel great), and to search for ways to be ‘improved’ by medical interventions: drugs and surgeries; endless drugs and surgeries!

It is never mentioned that drugs, and surgeries- all have side effects.  Endless side effects, that are often far worse than the imagined ‘conditions’ we are told we have!  It has reached the point where, if you go in to get ‘checked out’, based upon only your age, say: they will prescribe all kinds of drugs to you!  (With all kinds of side effects that treat your supposed ‘conditions’ that the doctor has found within you.

You have to ask yourself this- do humans need drugs and surgeries to survive?  If this were true, we would have died out long ago- our grandparents never had this stuff done to them, and they lived long and happy lives, generally.  Childbirth was very dangerous in the old days, for both mother and child, and that has been largely solved.  Mainly by early discoveries of sanitation like washing hands between autopsies and deliveries, things like that…

But overall, our health since the 1970’s or so has steadily worsened.  The medical recommendations of low fat, high carb and sugar along with limited red meat has resulted in epidemics of heart disease and cancer, along with a skyrocketing of diabetes!

This is largely because we now have a health care system that is government regulated, and financed as well via employer insurance along with Medicare and Medicaid. Because we the public perceive that now we no longer have to pay for it- why, we will go to the doctor all the time!  It’s free, after all.  

So, the health care costs go up and up and up, far beyond what a normal person could really pay-  but we don’t care.  It’s “free”!  We agree to any shot or procedure, and surgery or bodily mutilation and especially to free drugs.  Drugs that mess with our minds and bodies beyond what anyone could have ever imagined just  a few decades ago…

All of this has even become political- the Leftist Democrat party of Big Government running  everything has destroyed our collective health in a huge way, and now recommend massive injections of toxic substances in the name of a vaccine that threaten the health of young children, with no reason at all, since the children are overwhelmingly not susceptible to the disease that is supposedly being protected against.  It is utter and complete nonsense, and actually evil.

Couple all of this with the fact that your typical health care provider or doctor, usually in simply a repository of 1970’s medical knowledge, ideas that are totally outdated and disproved by more modern findings- but they don’t know, don’t care, and aren’t even allowed to disagree with their clinic employers who call all the shots.

Be your own doctor, and your own clinic, just like in the old days.  Don’t put any drug into your body, unless you do massive research, and especially don’t unless you are really sick.  This Covid thing is real, but it is 99.96% survivable, unless you have totally ignored your health and become diabetic, sick, fragile and weak.  Then, it just might be the tiny push that pushes you over the edge- but then, you would have died soon anyway, since you are diabetic, sick, fragile, and weak.  

Most people wind up regretting both the drugs they are prescribed, and the surgeries they are told they “need”.  

Remember: your body is constantly healing itself!  

That is what it does, all of the time.  If you cut yourself, you cannot stop the cut from healing!  And so it is with all of your bodily ailments- they WILL heal themselves.  Only if you deny your body the good nutrients and building blocks it needs to thrive, will it fail: things like good, adequate animal based protein and fat and sufficient vitamins and minerals from that animal based nutrition.

If you insult your body with unnecessary surgeries and drugs recommended by your medical professionals, who you must remember above all that they profit hugely from everything they recommend:  well then, these will interfere with your body’s healing efforts.

Your body is a near-indestructible temple!  Give it what it needs- above all good, adequate, animal-based nutrition such as would be provided by good Paleolithic hunters, not modern 1970’s vegan fake/science medical providers, and also fortified with adequate sleep, along with avoidance of modern processed low fat fake foodstuffs, and living in sunlight and nature and with adequate exercise and pure air and water.  Do this, and if you can eliminate both medical doctors and interventions and the interference of horrible, self-serving big government agencies- 

Why, then you will be just fine!  YOU are your own best doctor.

Monday, October 11, 2021

This is beyond ridiculous!!

Bulletproof Your Body and Mind podcast on PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe

 I am 69 years old.  I mention this because it explains where I am at, and I want to discuss how priorities change over the years.  Not completely, but what is most important to you at age 20 or so is not the same as what you value most at age 40, 50, 60, or even (gulp) 70!

Some things do stay the same, at least if you have chosen your priorities wisely.  Health and fitness were always important to me, although organized sports never were.  I was into cross country and track in high school, and music was also important.  I was a skinny kid, and so weight lifting, and then body building became important in my college days.  Good nutrition became paramount then, since you can’t build up from bad food.  I loved how good I felt!

I was never motivated by money, for good or ill.  I don’t say it’s good or bad, but for me money just wasn’t ‘it’.  Not my raison detre, or reason for being.  I loved reading and literature, philosophy, music and only desired to earn money by honest physical labor.  Most of my peers back in the 1970’s were into business, and earning as much as possible, and how was far more important than why!

Fast forward to now; I hope you’re not bored.  I’m going to make a point, rest assured pilgrim…

I still train pretty much daily.  But now, my goal is not so much to be bigger and stronger (through the 50’s that was kind of a constant), but to be healthy.  VERY healthy- bulletproof really!  Not just me, but my tribe and family- healthy and fit, mentally and physically- thriving in every way.  Spiritually, mentally, physically: (just like in the Wizard of Oz), when the munchkins are determining whether or not the witch is truly dead!

At 69, I want myself, and all about me, to be immune.  Safe from all disease, all frailties of aging, and above all free from captivity to the medical clinic paradigm of disease treatment!  

I want to remain free of disease, aches and pains, and mainly free from the medications, operations, and many other plagues of modern medicine!  And I am increasingly convinced that medical treatments themselves are some of the most horrific aspects of modern life and aging!

My mother’s brother, Uncle Bob, just celebrated his 99th birthday last week.  He celebrated by playing in his band, and dancing with his daughter and grand daughters.  He only went to the doctor once in his life, when he enlisted in the army during WW2.  No vaccines ever, and he can do anything that I can do today- he posed for his latest family photo (he has 12 children), sitting cross-legged in front of them all!  

This is my role model.  (My mom is 95, and independent at home), while Aunt Janie is 98 in a few weeks, and takes no prescription drugs at all.  I believe Uncle Bob should be the role model for us all.

So Uncle Bob and his siblings are winners in life.  Bulletproof!  And that is where I am heading as well, and I hope you too will follow along.  

My workouts now are brief, yet intense.  I workout in the early mornings in front of the TV (as I often say), and that keeps me completely faithful.  Who would miss a workout when that is the only time I allow myself to watch movies and news?  At least one half of my morning workout is stretching, since as you age that becomes ever more important.  But it also includes sit ups, virtual resistance flexing, rebounding, self-resisted exercises and isometrics, and pushups.

I have a rural property, (by design), and my mornings are usually taken up with yard work, snow plowing, mowing, gardening, cutting wood, and all the other satisfying yet demanding physical work of country living.  If you cut yourself off from nature, from the land and the natural world, you are really no longer living.  Not really.  We are, and should always be, part of nature!

If I lived in town, much less in an apartment or condominium of enforced leisure… to me, it would be like being in prison.  A human zoo animal.  Don’t ever aspire to this nightmare of city living.  It is an enticement to a delusion.  Enter in, and you will soon realize you are within an episode of the Twilight Zone, where you suddenly realize what a horrible mistake you made in your bid for material comfort.

Let’s get back to bulletproofing!  Firstly, eat a good, honest paleo type of diet. I know ‘paleo’ has become unfashionable of late, but don’t be misled: keto is now fashionable, but it is only for short- term use, and is now a celebrity type of thing.  Just eat a mainly meat and animal based diet, with some greens and fruits and berries, and a daily smoothie ideally with those veggies within it, along with kefir, apple cider vinegar, and spices like ginger and turmeric and liquid vitamin D.  Grill lots of beef, mushrooms, some potatoes and occasional pork and chicken.  Seafood as well, occasionally- but mainly beef, lamb, and more beef!  Organs are the best, but liver pills and sardines will suffice if you can’t stomach the liver and heart and other organs…  

A couple of times per week, work out again in the afternoon.  Just a half and hour or so, and do exercises, to build up your knees, feet, ankles, and hips.  This will keep you free of the ridiculous epidemic of knee, hip, and other replacement surgeries that have taken over common sense in health!  

Also, work your upper body as well, and the best way to do this, after years of experimentation and evaluation is gymnastic rings.  These are a miracle tool, almost a panacea: you can do pushups (easily and pain free), pull-ups, dips, one-legged squats, rows- the list goes on and on.  Get a set for about $25 or so, hang them in your basement like mine, or in your garage or outside on a tree branch or playground piece of equipment- they are like gold.  A couple times a week, and you will be built- jacked- functional strength along with aesthetics in the extreme!  Rings are that effective.

This is the kind of fitness you want to take with you into your old age.  Strong, lean, functional fitness, that will allow you to hoe and rake, play with your grandkids, hook up your tractor attachments without trouble, and sit cross-legged on the ground around your campfire into old age!

The kind of utilitarian fitness that will keep you from spending your retirement years going to endless medical treatments and surgeries, that will keep you focussed on fun day trips with your grandkids, and taking small journeys with your spouse to (hopefully rural) destinations nearby, since you chose well on where to live your lives.

It is the future to live in nature, in more rural environments.  This is what we are meant for!  Just as I used to play music for pure fun, for popular effect, and for money…

My future is more in playing in church.  Old hymns are now my favorite, played on slide acoustic guitar.  Purely for the joy of it, for the worship!

Live for your passion.  Music, health, fitness.  Become bulletproof, lifelong, both you and yours.  Read, sing, play, dance; whatever you are called to do!  

Don’t just do “What makes the most money”.    Herein lies despair.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Paradise Valley

Knees over toes guy inspires workout add-ons for latest podcast

 Ben Patrick, the Knees Over Toes Guy is a force to be reckoned with!  

I have found, lo over these many years of seeking and discovering fitness and health, that certain pivotal figures tend to pop up as you go.  Frank Zane, body builder of the 60’s and 70’s along with Arnold Swarzzenegger inspired me early on.  Loren Cordain of early paleo, then Robb Wolf helped to guide me after that, along with others, into a focus on true health and nutrition.  Chris Kresser  is always a guiding light of health, and Mark Sisson has some points of light he has pointed out over the years.  And John Peterson was a revelation in terms of exercise, although he is now retired from the scene somewhere…

But young Ben Patrick comes along, and appears to have done everything wrong in his youth, trying to play basketball only to ruin his knees and athletic aspirations young, by following conventional medical advice advocating always keeping your knees over your toes when exercising!  This, as has been said for decades upon decades, is the only way to protect your knees, shins, hips, and feet from damage.

Au contraire mon frère!  Sounds like Bart Simpson, doesn’t it?  As young Ben followed this prescription, he progressively destroyed his knees, and got surgery after surgery for his pains.

Finally, since he is the type of young guy who does not give up, he started experimenting on his own body, consciously and deliberately figuring out on his own (with the help of strength coach Charles Polinquin who I remember reading back in the day) how to strengthen all the muscles around the knee, and down through the hips to the feet!  It worked!

Following his own methods, Ben added over 2 feet to his vertical jump (his passion is basketball), but more importantly totally bulletproofed his knees, hips, shins and feet to absorb all the shocks of athletics and the stress of aging as well.

He rebuilt his 66 year old mother’s legs as well, and he documents her on videos too!  And the best part of all is that, watching him on youtube, he reveals all of his exercises and progressions online, showing how you too can duplicate his results.

Given all of his information, I have been inspired to add in his exercises within my own daily workouts.  I have no knee pain, or indeed any pains at all, but I want to make sure that I never do- besides which, his exercises cover areas of the body in ways that are sure to avoid injury as opposed to big compound exercises like squats and deadlifts that, while strengthening overall, do not specialize safely on some muscle groups that are crucial.

You can go to failure on things like weighted leg raises (he uses a monkey foot device that holds a dumbbell to your foot) and curls, and won’t be injured as you would doing exercise to failure on squats or deadlifts.  Completely safe!

Also, his split squat progressions and his very crucial tibialis exercise can totally protect, strengthen, and bullet proof you from foot to hip.  And so, I have revamped my weekly workouts to include them all, in one form or another.

In my early morning, I make coffee (pour over in a simple Miata coffee maker), and then go barefoot in shorts into my living room.  I stretch, and do virtual resistance exercises, manually resisted ones, and isometrics.  I spend about an hour, as I watch a movie or news on television, and wind up pleasantly exhausted and all stretched out!  I often finish then with high volume pushups and straight legged situps.  I have thus stimulated my entire body from feet to neck.

But, usually 3 times per week, sometimes only 2, I go down to my basement dungeon and do gymnastic rings work for my upper body, and knees over toes types of exercises for my lower body:

Split squats, with poles to stretch my upper body as I work my legs in my power rack.  (Power racks are the best overall gym equipment you can get)!

Rings are also great, since you can do pushups, dips, pull-ups, pistol squats with arms to steady you as you go, and of course rows.  

I don’t own monkey feet to attach dumbbells to my feet for hip flexor leg raises, but I have figured out a way to attack dumbbells to my feet with an old wrist band with hooks on it.  There is always a way, and you do need to start doing this exercise!  You can alternate with doing hamstring curls.  Also, I have a manual way to resist raising my toes and thus exercise the tibialis-  this is crucial to protect against plantar fasciitis, as I learned many years ago.

I also do very slow times hack bar deadlifts with raised toes, followed by stiff legged deadlifts with a bar on a platform to really stretch out and strengthen the lower back.

This second workout lasts about 1/2 hour, but it is intense!

This is my prescription for you as well.  Do a slow, more relaxing workout each and ever morning if you can.  Only watch tv when you do your workout- this will be a great incentive for you to not miss your morning ‘wake up’ workout!  

If you miss a day, it’s no big deal.  But strive for every day.

And then, 2 or three times per week, do rings/weights workouts in the afternoon.  And walk in the woods barefoot or wearing barefoot shoes whenever you can.  Get out in the sunshine, and move- don’t just sit or lie there.  And bounce on your rebounder as a finisher sometimes on your morning TV workouts- it feels great, and gets your lymph system working as well.

OH- one thing more.  Look up the Nordic Curl on Ben Patrick’s site.  A killer hamstring exercise, that actually gets your whole lower body working, and will do more for your overall athleticism than anything else you can do!  You have to see it, so look it up on youtube.

I only do it one day per week, usually Friday for me- with my feet anchored underneath my couch.  I resist as I go down onto a pile of mats, and then manually raise myself to do it again..

Eventually, I will be able to raise myself up using only my hamstrings for reps…

At that point, although I am now 69 years of age, I should be able to join the NBA.  Or at least never have to get any type of ‘replacement’ surgery for the rest of my life!  That is well worth it to me.

And to you too, I’ll bet!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

CRTina Doll Will Happily Turn Your Family Against You

Sports are not Exercise Podcast!

 I kind of hate to rain on anyone’s parade, particularly those who believe in the benefits of exercise!  But the thing it this: exercise is something that improves one’s body, something that makes you better physically.  Makes you stronger, more flexible, and/or more enduring.  That is the whole point of it!

But we have been misled about this most important point- nowadays, any slightly demanding activity is put down as exercise.  Slowly jogging, or walking.  (Not exercise, not really- too undemanding and short of stimulating a physical improvement of any sort.)  And of course, things like: 








Olympic weight lifting


I hope you get it by now.  Sports are recreation, not exercise per se.  

Although some activities (I.e. Sports) are physically demanding, some more than others, they do not qualify as true exercise.  Exercise is a means of attaining greater physical health and ability.  Lifting weights, or using body weight resistance to improve muscular strength and function, and doing it in a manner that improves heart and lung cardio function at the same time- this is true exercise!

Playing any sport at all- this is recreation. The point is to have fun, not to improve your health and fitness.  Doing real exercise (Perfectly Paleo Exercise), will make you stronger and more flexible and enduring, and this will definitely help your sports performance!  

But merely to play in your sport, while it will make you better in the skills necessary to that sport- it will probably not make you stronger, or more flexible, or more cardio vascularly fit.  It will probably only make you prone to injuries…

Pro football players, for instance: they train in the weight room, primarily, in the off-season to “get in shape” for the playing season.  Then, as they ‘play’, they get injured, or not, but they get less fit as the season wears on, they become de-condishened while they are playing their little hearts out.  Less fit, as they do their sport!

Again: sports are not exercise.  Exercise is exercise, and it is for one purpose only:  to improve bodily function and performance.  

It is not meant to be fun!  Exercise is a task, to achieve an end; to make you stronger, faster, and more flexible and resilient.  Like brushing your teeth is meant to improve your dental hygiene.  Not fun, but very useful!

Long distance running will not make you ‘healthy’ or fit.  It will wear you out, destroy your joints, and make you markedly less healthy and fit.  Playing tennis will not make you more healthy, strong and fit- it will injure you eventually, and while it may be fun, it is not about health and fitness, not at all!

The same is true of any other sport.  The sport itself, whether water polo, ballroom dancing, power lifting, synchronized swimming, or handball…

They might be fun, and demanding- but they do not qualify as true exercise, meaning something that makes you more fit.  They are just too pleasant, and too easy.

True exercise is hard, uncomfortable, safe, and brief!  

In contrast, most sports are relatively easy (hence enjoyable), comfortable, often unsafe, and long in duration.  This makes sense: sports are for fun.  True exercise is work.  Work for improvement!  Totally different goals…

To improve your body- have a schedule exercises to accomplish.  Concentrate on them, and do them to near failure- they should be hard.  Calisthenics like pushups and straight legged sit ups are wonderful, and squats and lunges are as well.  Intersperse stretching on the floor, and self-resisted curls and isometrics (See my book Perfectly Paleo Exercise if you need more guidance).

For me, the basic default is Virtual Resistance Exercise, where the resistance is generated within the muscles themselves, and this covers the entire body.  If you follow this basic prescription, then you will greatly improve your body composition and abilities, and make you much ore adept at any sport to which you aspire!

Just remember one more thing: if you add resistance to, say, a tennis or golf stroke, thinking you will ’strengthen’ that movement by making it harder-

It does not work that way!

If you make a sports movement harder than it is in real life, it just makes you far less efficient in doing it in the real world!!

This is an important distinction.  A sports move needs to be a ‘real world’ movement.  No resistance is ideal!  

Exercise, as we have explored, is very different.  In sport, the easier and more efficiently you can do things, the better.  

In exercise- the harder is better!  

Strangely, in life, the hard path is often the best.