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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Barney Fife- PALEO MAN!

Carbohydrates and Glucose!
The Andy Griffith Show 1964

How much we have forgotten!  Back in 1964, almost 50 years ago, common knowledge was that carbohydrates; i.e. sugar and it's near-twin- BREAD, were really harmful, both for controlling weight, and for preserving overall health!

Even Barney Fife knew it!!  Aunt Bea surely did, but just didn't have the will power to resist her own cooking...   I'll bet even Gomer and OTIS knew it!!  There's not an episode to prove it, but there surely could have been one where Otis, hungover in jail after another binge, refuses Aunt Bea's dessert offering on the grounds that it might "damage his health and physique".

So, take this brief message to heart!  Every time someone offers you "Carbohydrates and Glucose"-

Just say no!

I will thank you, your body will thank you, Andy will thank you, and Aunt Bea might even switch over to a stevia/wild honey sweetened filling  and coconut flour piecrust!! (What would Clara say?)

And you know that Barney will thank you!

Carbohydrates and glucose are dangerous- Andy made Barney keep them in his pocket... like his dangerous, evil bullet.

You should too!

Barney:  "No thanks, Aunt Bea- could I just have a Paleo Quick Start Smoothie instead??"


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vitamix for baby food, toddlers, and children of ALL ages!

 I only wish I had had a Vitamix to make fruit-and-veggie, coconut milk and kefir, egg and full-fat cream concotions for my daughter when she was really young!  (She's still young, and really healthy since her diet was revamped once I knew what was what and she was still around 20...)

But still!  The earlier, by far the better!  

Eliminate the grains- half the battle!

Introduce all the ultra-healthy foods to displace those bad ones-  the other half!

Imagine, growing up with not grain induced gut irritation, no "leaky gut" letting toxins into the child's bloodstream...  No hyper, nervous, ADD kids, just calm healthiness, wanting to learn and play!

All of these things are not only possible, but very available, given the proper knowledge and tools.  

I believe the major tool for raising healthy children would be a...


Anne Thacker, MS, RD offers the following tips for presenting healthy foods, like vegetables, unprocessed fruits and whole grains, in fun ways kids will love:
  1. "Start healthy habits in the high chair."

    Babies who start out eating healthful foods grow up into adults with a good dietary foundation. Many pediatricians recommend parents make their own baby food, rather than feed infants commercially prepared foods that are often full of water, starch, sugar or meat fillers. Homemade baby food can provide better nutrition at a fraction of the cost.

    Preparing baby food is easy. Simply steam or gently cook the healthful ingredients of your choice, from carrots and peas to sweet potatoes, apples or pears, then puree them. For optimum health benefits, puree cooked foods with a little water in a powerful blender like the Vitamix Super 5000. The machine breaks the whole fruits and vegetables down to the cellular level, so nutrients are freed--not stripped away. Using the whole vegetable or fruit allows you retain most, if not all, of the food's original nutrients and fiber.
  2. "Turn kids into "smoothie operators."

    There's no denying that smoothies are strong on the fun factor. Unfortunately, smoothies purchased from an ice cream shop, or packaged ones from a grocery store, often contain excess sugar and preservatives. Very often, they are made with processed fruit syrups that are missing most of the whole food fiber and nutrients.

    Making smoothies at home is a great way to put the nutrition back into this kid-friendly treat. By using fresh whole fruits and your own healthy ingredients, you have total control over the nutritional content. Older kids can get in on the act by helping prepare the ingredients and creating new combinations.

    "Smoothies are a great way to get kids to eat both fruits and vegetables," according to Jodi Berg. "Start out with a healthy base of fresh fruits, and even the most militant anti-veggie toddler won't be able to taste the squash or carrot you've slipped into the smoothie."

There you go: how to raise much healthier kids!  It really is that easy.  And believe it or not- much cheaper and more convenient to boot.

If you've decided to prepare your own food for baby, congratulations! By doing so, you're serving up two of life's greatest gifts - good health and delicious food.
When you use your Vitamix machine to make your own baby food, you'll know what's going into your baby's diet and what's not -- like preservatives, fillers, extra sodium and sugar!

Go ahead- your baby, and later your adult son or daughter, will thank you: 

And carry on the tradition with their own family!


Monday, February 27, 2012

My family Vitamix history over a bowl of pumpkin soup!

I love my Vitamix!  Tonight I made a pumpkin soup from the cookbook included with all new Vitamixes called "Whole Food Recipes".  It's quite a nice cookbook!

As I assembled the ingredients together, I thought back over the past......amazingly, my Grandmother Mary Manthey, from South Dakota bought one of the first models back in the 1930's!  I never knew this until my own mother, Carolyn, told me after I had bought my first Vitamix!  Mine was an old 1980's model from eBay, and I got it for about $70.00. It had a stainless steel canister and base- you can see me holding it on my eBook cover to the right...  I still have it; it has transformed both my family's and my own health dramatically!
I used it for several years, and just recently upgraded to the new Vitamix 5200.  Here it is, loaded with the pumpkin, seeded apple, onion, nutmeg, white pepper and sea salt.  I ran it for 7 minutes, added a little cream and...WOW!  Your Vitamix is just as valuable in the evening for soups as it is vital in the mornings for your Paleo Quick Start Smoothie!

My Grandmother Mary, who lived almost to 100, was an active, healthy woman her entire life.  She continued to volunteer at the nursing home right up to the end, helping out folks younger than herself.  Here she is in an old video made for Cable TV with her daughters (Paula, Janey and Carolyn) and my father Phil from 1989.  She was 94!  

She still had years left before her of vitality and good living- I credit it partly to her lifelong Vitamix usage!
Can you imagine the general public's deterioration of nutrition she witnessed during her long life!
Read this by Dr. Scott Stoll-

Has your food changed over the past 100 years?

According to a recent study at the University of Colorado the nutrient density of food has declined significantly over the past 100 years. In fact nutrient density has declined approximately 40-60% over the past 100 years. That means that our food today typically has 50% fewer nutrients compared to the food that our grandparents ate. Nutrients such as the vitally important vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and phytochemicals are the foundation of healthy cells and a strong body. Today if you ate the same amount of vegetables that your grandparents ate you would only receive half the nutrients. Also your grandparent consumed on average 131 pounds of homegrown vegetables every year compared to 11 pounds today. And a recent study showed that only 11% of Americans eat 2 fruits and 3 vegetables every day. This unhealthy combination of nutrient poor foods and reduced intake is an open door for disease especially if it is applied over a lifetime. You can begin to reverse this trend today by simply making a conscious effort to include fresh, organic if possible, vegetables and fruit to every meal. A simple reminder with each is meal is to ask your self this question, “Is the majority of my food naturally produced and processed by God or has it been processed by man? I want to encourage you to brighten up your plate today with the colorful and nutritious foods that our Lord created for us.

Even worse than the deterioration of our foodstuffs themselves is the introduction of all of the man-made, processed, literally fake foods with actual negative nutritional value, that have come to dominate as the foods of choice for the entire modern Western world!  Disease is rampant, as is obesity and diabetes, and the primary cause is...


And no one (in charge at least) seems to be addressing the problem!  

The vested interests are in selling subsidized grain, highly profitable processed foods, and in keeping alive the myth that All Fat is BAD- EAT MORE GRAINS!

Grandma Mary would be horrified!