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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Paleo or Autoimmune Disease- on Paleo Quick Tip of the Day year 11

I really think your choice is just about this stark: either eat a paleo type of diet and practice an ancestral lifestyle- or get an autoimmune disease!

I remember, back when I started changing my diet and lifestyle to paleo.  I cut out grains entirely, and started making a green smoothie to drink on a daily basis.  My first Vitamix blender was an old one, stainless steel, and lasted me for a number of years.  Now I have a late model one, and I recommend this blender as a cornerstone investment!  

Key to getting a nutrient dense diet is to get enough absorbable nutrients from vegetables and some fruits, and blending those frozen veggies into a slurry where they are easily absorbed.  For, as it is becoming more and more apparent, vegetables grown in our depleted soils, where crops are grown nowadays much of the soil microbiome has been destroyed!  This means that the nutrients that used to be found in, say, brocolli from the 1940’s would be maybe 1/4 of what they would have been then in the same amount of brocolli.  And so it goes with all sorts of produce.

And after following the Paleo diet for a while, my wife and I noticed something startling:  little ailments that had begun plaguing us as we moved into our 50’s that we attributed soley to advancing age- disappeared.  For instance, I had begun having migraine headaches!  They were awful, and seemed to be on an increasing basis, where before I had never had headaches at all.

After eliminating bread, pasta, cereal- in other words, all grains- the headaches abruptly stopped!  And, although I had not thought I needed to lose fat, as I was a lifelong serious exerciser and strength trainer- I did lose about 15 pounds, without even trying to.  I believe it was all visceral fat; meaning the fat that is around your internal organs.  This is the most dangerous fat to have, even though it didn’t make me look fat, there is was, secretly strangling my organs and setting me up for future illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, among others.

And now it was gone!

My wife had her rosacia disappear, as well as unwanted weight.  But the most amazing  thing was that we just felt wonderful, day after day!  We got enough sleep,  our joints stopped hurting, and even our daughter started looking not just good, but radiant!  This was in high school, and so needless to say she too became hooked on her dad’s ‘crazy new diet’.

And here is the key point: I remember predicting, way back then, in 2008 or so when I was 56 : “ It won’t be long, and all of our friends will start coming down with all kinds of ailments, including all the Pandora’s box of autoimmune diseases.  
And we will know what they need to do- just follow a paleo lifestyle- and no one will believe us!”

And this is what has basically come to pass.  Friend after friend has come down with devastating illnesses that standard medicine has no cure for, none at all… Only drugs to treat the symptoms, all of which are loaded with side-effects that are often worse than the disease.

And not only friends, and those family members that ignore our advice- but now it is their children getting these horrendous diseases, kids still in their early 30’s!  

And all the while, I sit there watching, trying simply to show the way by example.  I have this podcast, my blog and books, and I am always willing to talk to folks about it- but, most people decide, once they are told that they need to change their diet, to give up their beloved doughnuts and cakes and cookies, breads of all sorts and pasta and instead eat green smoothies, eggs and pastured meats and dairy- well, they opt to ‘just take the medicine instead’.  

Very, very sad!  This medicine cures nothing, and actually makes the patient sicker and sicker, and more dependent, as they become sicker, fatter, and follow the dismal path of diabesity.  They get an autoimmune disease- they have a leaky gut that lets toxins right into their bloodstream from eating processed crap foods-and they say “Woe is me!” and comfort themselves with loads of crappy fake foods that make them feel better for about a minute while deepening their disease susceptibility…

And then, they will inevitably get another autoimmune disease, and another.  Heart disease and cancer are really also autoimmune, and medical clinics and standard doctors that practice outdated ’science’ from the 1970’s cannot treat those two killers either for the most part.  For cancer, they either cut, irradiate, or burn the cancers out- but if you don’t change your diet, it will return, inevitably.
For heart disease, they recommend stents along with a low fat diet.  Stents are very profitable for the medical clinic, and simpy prop open a vein temporarily while they simultaneously load you up with toxic drugs to thin your blood and lower your cholesterol, neither of which are shown to actually help cure your condition in the least.

Change your diet to a high fat, paleolithic sort of diet that our ancestors consumed for millenia.  Live according to nature, in Nature as much as possible, and as far from polluted cities and stressful urban areas as possible!  Exercise naturally and daily, outside in the woods or countryside, barefoot if possible, and revel in the pure air.  Keep your carbs as natural as you can, meaning sweet potatoes and white potatoes, along with veggies of all sorts.  Avoid fast foods, and processed carbage as Jimmy Moore likes to say, and limit carbs overall.  

Don’t try to eat a ketogenic diet, unless you already have an autoimmune disease that would benefit short term from that like diabetes- eat a good paleo diet instead!  Feed your family likewise, and set a good example for your friends and neighbors- they will notice your health, and realize you are doing something very right, even if they don’t admit it to you.  Be content to be a shining example!

It’s never to late; the human body is always trying to heal itself.  And it can- if not prevented from doing so by not being given good, God-made nutrition, along with good sleep in a dark room and natural exercise such as I describe in Perfectly Paleo Exercise and on my blog at

But do this thing!  Go back to the diet of Human Beings as Beverly Meyer puts it.  Don’t eat grass seeds (grains) like a cow and expect to be healthy!  Especially don’t eat grass seeds that are genetically modified and liberally sprayed with glyphosate and other chemicals, meats that are raised in confined animal feedlots and fed garbage and injected with chemical vaccines, and expect anything other than to become disease ridden.  

Eat like a Human Being, and you will become a healthy, happy human being!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Driftless Hymns- Gospel Plow

Don't Downsize! on Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast

Your own PaleoJay is 67 years old.  Basically, I do everything I did at younger ages, but now I have the luxury of more free time to do what I want.  

I always knew the crucial importance of sleep, but I usually could only manage 8 hours during my working years, which was adequate for me- but now, I have determined that 9 hours is ideal.  That amount of sleep leaves me feeling energized and refreshed for the day, raring to go if you will.  I love being retired, with only hobbies like paleo living and music, writing and small landholding concerns to occupy me.  Love.

But all about me, others of my age, and younger, are downsizing.  This is the ‘mantra of the moment’- something every monkey as I term them, has to mindlessly copy, since all of their friends (the other monkeys) are doing it.  “Monkey see- monkey do.”  People who don’t actually think for themselves, who only look around, see what others are doing- and then copy that.  

Others in my age bracket are moving south, or into smaller houses or even condominiums or apartments.  They say ‘I don’t want to mow, and shovel my drive in winter. ‘ Incredibly, a couple of neighbors recently moved into a tiny house in the nearby city where I live.  It is a nice city, largely crime free and a total ethnostate: but they gave up 5 acres and independence!

Another neighbor couple had 300 acres, preserved in the Land Conservancy so it can never be developed (thank God!)- and they just sold their house and farm, to move into an apartment connected with a nursing home.  Admittedly, they are both 80- but if you saw them from a distance, moving and bending and twisting- you would think that they were 40 or so.  

We have been conditioned to be responsible: plan ahead and actually to endlessly fear the future!  And planning ahead is a good thing: we all need to plan for the winter, to store for hard times, that kind of thing.  Those of us in the north- descended from Europeans- this is what we evolved to do, through the harsh ice ages, and the endless winters and short summers of the northlands!  

For us to give up- to move to sunny tropical climes- no matter our age, is not what we evolved to do.  When we have found our homeland, a rural acreage that suits us, that matches our evolutionary homeland of ice and snow, along with the other two seasons- why, this is where we are meant to stay!  To raise our families, sure- but then to stay to the end.  

What do we gain by moving into a city?  Especially as most cities are turning into crime infested nightmares?  Admittedly, small cities are not yet at that point, still remaining civilized and friendly- but still- they are cities.  Big Government, no matter how small in scale- is still something that you don’t control.

In a rural environment, such as where I reside, I and my immediate neighbors control pretty much everything.  We maintain the peace and protection, since everyone is armed.  We watch out over our valley- no one enters without being observed and monitored.  The sheriff comes by once in a blue moon- we really have nothing to do with him, he is just a formality.  We take care of our tribe- he is a last resort.  

We do get a snowplow in winter, which is great; but if he didn’t come, we’d fire up our tractors and do it ourselves!  Also, a trash truck comes once per week, just like in the city.  Our taxes are low, but so are our demands.

In the nearby city, even though its small- taxes are about double.  So is the crime, and homeless vagabonds that litter the parks and downtown.  And so- why would someone move to town, just because they are now older?

Because that is what you are supposed to do.  Because your friends are doing it.  Because you are all monkeys!  This will only make you old before your time, making your world smaller, less in nature and so less ancestral, and limit you to doing crossword puzzles and watching daytime tv.  

Like being in prison, really.  

Do the opposite: don’t downsize!  If you are lucky or smart enough to have moved to a rural acreage, with a woodlot, big yard, garden, and enough projects to keep you busy until doomsday- count yourself lucky!  Don’t be afraid: you are now in the best of all possible worlds.  You are retired, you have ample time to do whatever needs doing, and best of all: you can do it yourself!

You have the luxury of time.  AND the luxury of space, and nature, and the ability to determine your own destiny, without the government telling you what you can and can’t do.  You are rural- ancestral, paleo, largely left alone by obtrusive, nightmare big government.  You are like the small holder of ancient Rome, before they became an empire, and subjugated not only those they invaded: but then started to tax and subjugate their own citizens, like a bunch of Big Government Democrats and EU bureaucrats of today!

Don’t downsize.  Stay put!  Enjoy your autonomy, and stay paleo for yourself and you family and tribe!  Your life will stay rich, and get even richer day by day.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Be a Hero on PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast

I hate luxury. I exercise moderation…It will be easy to forget your vision and purpose once you have fine clothes, fast horses and beautiful women. [In which case], you will be no better than a slave, and you will surely lose everything.’

That quote is from Genghis Khan.  Now, he is no hero to me, but still his words ring with truth.  Whatever Genghis was, he certainly was successful!  He conquered the largest land mass in all of history; he was kind of an Eastern Alexander the great.  

I think the quote is germane, because what I see in the modern, Western world is a falling away from virtue, from our ancient traditions and ideals.  We have allowed ourselves to become slothful, to be liberal in our thinking, since that makes us look  politically correct and fashionable.  In England, France, Sweden, and much of the rest of Europe in the E.U., we have not only allowed endless migration from non-western peoples into our advanced, high IQ, wealthy cultures; but we have paid for it all in welfare dollars!  Our leaders have rolled out the red carpet for the invaders who despise us, and are displacing us from the cultures, cities, and countries our ancestors have built.

As Genghis foretold, we are now in the process of “losing everything”.  We have too much- we have had it too good, living in well heated and air conditioned environments, taking endless television, electric conveniences, and all of our other luxuries for granted.  IN fact- we no longer even think of such things as two or more vehicles, multiple TVs and elaborate kitchens ( in which most of us never even cook, relying on takeout orders instead), and clean water and trash removal and sewage treatment and… well, the list goes on and on!  

They all are now our rights!  And, in our hubris, we now, especially those of us on the LEFT insist that this luxury list is not ours at all, not really- it is for the whole world!  If we have it, so should they!!

Never mind that their own, low IQ countries can never, and will never be able to build such systems for themselves in their own countries- it is up to us, the despised, racist, white European to provide it for them- in our own countries.

Genghis hated cities, and civilization.  His whole purpose was to destroy civilization and all it built, leveling the wonderful buildings and temples of the West and the East, returning all once again to the bare, grassy plains of Central Asia, where horses could run free.  He was evil, but he did perceive correctly that riches and luxury corrupt and ruin a people.  And that is why, logically for him, he decided that riches and luxury should be destroyed- only then would the youth not be tempted by decadence and bad thinking and living.  

Everyone sees clearly and distinctly when dealing with the basics- life and death, conquest or defeat, freedom or slavery.  

And rest assured, what we are facing now is the very survival of our Ancestral, paleo, Western civilization!  Letting Mulsims, our sworn ancient enemies, within our borders, is eventual domination and slavery- for US.  They know it, even if we smile, and welcome them in a misguided attempt at a one-sided so-called friendship.  They hate us, and laugh at us as we do their bidding.

Likewise, a collapse of our morals, where now the Left celebrates 11 year old drag queens on television, and lets utter lawlessness rule our inner cities (all of them!) because to arrest these rapists, murderers, and thiefs would be RACIST.  

WHAT?? Just because the vast majority of violent criminals are black?  How is that our fault?  A criminal is a criminal; race is utterly and completely irrelevant.  

All of this is birthed in a society marinated in luxury, and privilege, and a total insulation from reality.  Children and young adults, cloistered in expensive, lily-white suburbs, who decry ‘white privilege’, which does not exist, and scream about oppression, which also does not exist.  Not here, in Western civilization.  But it is alive and well in Africa, and the middle east, oh yes indeed- slavery there is still alive and well too!

Western Civilization is just too successful.  In fact, Civilization now is Western Civilization- nothing else exists anymore- we are that successful!

And now, we are beleageured from within and without about how evil we are.  Even as the whole world struggles mightily to migrate to the pure evil that they say is Western Civilization!  And they are swamping us with numbers!!

So, what to do, for a paleo western person, wanting to maintain the civilization that he and his ancestors built and maintain?  

Be a hero!  Embody the many great, dead white males that are so denigrated today.  Become the essence of Alexander the Great, Socrates, and Winston Churchill.  George Patton and George Washington, Lincoln and Robert E. Lee!

Don’t be a politically correct, Leftist, Democrat shill!!  Be a true patriot, a proud Western man or woman, who stands by what you believe and won’t back down.  Provide for yourself and your family, protect your tribe!  Own a gun, and prepare to use it.  Patrol your neighborhood, and be proud of it.  Defend your tribal homelands!

Above all, think for yourself.  Just as you figured out that 90% (at least) of common health advice is just plain wrong- realize that 99% (at least) of political information is just as misleading.  

Stand up and be a hero!  Imagine you are Achilles in the bright and shining golden armor, leading the attack on the invading dark hordes.  For, in the last analysis, that is exactly what you, me, and the rest of us are.  

A Shield Wall against Invasion!

As Alexander himself said:
 In the end, when it's over, all that matters is what you've done.