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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Paleo Gadgets you MUST HAVE! and, Eat LOTS of Nutrient dense foods to lose fat!

Paleo Jay’s Smoothie Cafe #13

Paleo Food Prep Gadgets

Fill up with Nutrient Dense Foods to Lose Fat

Today, let’s talk about Paleo Food Gadgets, like the inimitable Vitamix-
Best way to incorporate whole raw foods into your diet
Maximum absorbability
Huge variety of antioxidants, spices and herbs- all in one convenient, tasty package!

Crock Pots!  Crock pots are the best and easiest way to COOK your food, slowly and delectably, breaking down all the fibers and cell walls of your ingredients- rather like a “slow cooking Vitamix”, but much slower, and hotter- but with a lot of the same results.
Use one daily, for bone broth it is unsurpassed.
Breaks down collagen in bones, releases marrow; best thing for our own bones are the nutrients from the bones of other animals.
The Aerobie Aeropress!

If you drink coffee, (and I recommend you do!) get this gadget!  It makes the BEST coffee you’ve ever had, period, and it does so easily.  It is also quite cheap to buy!  But also get the stainless steel coffee filter

The paper filters that come with it are fine, but they also tend to “shift” when making multiple cups from one load of coffee ( I like to make 3 cups per day from one loading- I add more water from my teapot after each cup, and, using the stainless steel filter, the filter never “shifts” and lets in coffee grounds, like the paper ones did!

I make “Bullet Proof” coffee, sort of- I just use a good organic coffee, and dissolve coconut oil in the cup by pouring the coffee on top, and then top with real whipped cream, cinnamon and cloves...  very, very healthy, inexpensive (bullet proof brand coffee is $18.75 for a 3/4 pound bag), and, I prefer to put my pastured butter in my Paleo smoothie rather than in my coffee, and whipped cream and coconut oil have a vastly superior taste, and double the bang for your buck to boot of good fat!

My other gadget?  A dehydrator!  You can easily make jerky, and kale chips.

Oh- a Weber grill!  I grilled today, and it is 12 degrees outside.  Grass fed beef roast, pastured bratwurst, and sausages...

My last point is this: fill up with as much nutrient dense foods as you can!  Don’t even think of “eating less” to lose fat- that whole mindset is completely wrong.

If you start out with a nutrient super dense Paleo smoothie in the morning, along with eggs and pastured bacon, have some more smoothie mid AM, have a huge, meat or seafood topped salad with mixed greens and real oil and vinegar dressing (no soy!), have almonds and dark chocolate for a snack, some more Paleo smoothis mid-afternoon-

I swear you will be so stuffed you will NOT be tempted by any junk foods, like bread or pasta or candy or cake or cookies etc.   You will just be TOO FULL!

You may wind up like me, and usually just skip supper...


That’s great; you are now “intermittantly fasting”, which has numerous benefits of its own!

Go to bed early, and wake up HUNGRY- you have a lot of food to eat:
A Paleo Smoothie, eggs and bacon, coffee with coconut oil and whipped cream...

Got it?  Stay FULL, and you will LOSE FAT and be HEALTHY!



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