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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Paleo Smoothie State of the Art! podcast on PJSC

OK.  Smoothies get a bad rap from paleo circles; always have.  Undeservedly, at least for the most part.  Carnivore is cool, and I will admit it has a place, as does Keto.  Both, in my mind, have a therapeutic use, meaning that in certain conditions and with certain autoimmune problems, they might be the perfect fit.

But, for a lifelong diet- no.  You want a diet heavy in plants, loaded with micronutrients, and above all- ancestral.  The easiest way to to that nowadays, with our depleted soils and nutrient lessened standard vegetables, is with a smoothie.  A drink made in a high speed blender (Vitamin is still the very best), where the nutrients within are thoroughly blended (chewed) by the machine to gain the maximum nutrient value from each stalk and leaf.  To me, this is so obvious as to not even be arguable!

For many years, I have followed the paleo or ancestral diet by this method- it seemed to me initially, upon reading about the paleo diet, that this would be the ideal way to achieve it in the modern world.  And it has worked out for me and mine admirably.

I make a smoothie on a roughly weekly basis, consisting of kefir, green tea, raw eggs, cinnamon and other spices, turmeric and ginger root.  I then add in broccoli and cauliflower (and carrot) in the ubiquitous ‘California Mix’ frozen veggie mix, along with citrus (grapefruit is a fave, since it enhances absorbability), or lemon and orange, along with mixed frozen berries and perhaps a cored apple or a handful of cranberries.  In other words, all the 30 or so food groups…

I mix this up, and put it into canning jars for my week or so, breakfast or breakfast adjunct daily.  Incredibly healthy, non matter what some naysayers might say!  A mainstay, really, to health and vibrancy.

But live and learn, as they say: I have determined that two additions are in order:  Spirulina and Natto.  

Now, spirulina is an algae, a blue-green sort that is, basically: pond scum.  The Aztecs cultivated it, long ago in South America, and it nourished them for hundreds of years.  I researched all of the algaes, and spirulina wins, hands down for assimilability (it breaks down quickly for digestion), and for its complete protein content, and high concentrations of Vitamin B12, chelated minerals, natural plant rhamnose sugars, enzymes and trace elements.  Tons of magnesium and other minerals as well.

Let it suffice to say that I compared, kelp and chlorella as well, and Spirulina wins hands down!  Put in a couple of teaspoons in your paleo smoothie…

The other is NATTO!  This is a traditional Japanese dish, made of fermented soybeans.  (Yum!)  Not.

Now, normally, I never eat soybeans.  Those in the US are GMO, estrogenic, and disgusting.  Avoid soy almost always!  

But, when it comes to getting vitamin K2 into your diet, fermented Japanese (non GMO) soybeans are wonderful!  They are the most concentrated form of vitamin K2 that you can find.  By far!  

K2 is so crucial, since it regulates the calcium in your body, and makes sure that it does not go into your blood vessels and heart (this causes heart disease largely) but instead where it should go, into your bones and teeth!  Almost everyone is deficient in it in America and Europe, since we have strayed so far from our ancestral diet.  Salami, egg yolks, pastured butter, and organ meats have it, but we have left those wonderful foods behind, thanks to our horrible sick care system!  (Low fat, vegetable oil, no red meat awful advice of fake science).

Now, no one eats natto.  Why?  It is the slimiest, foulest, most rancid food on the planet!  At least for those of us who never acquired a taste.  Like Limburger cheese for other cultures…

Oh- it is also loaded with omega 3 fats, and did I say that it is more effective than statins to keep your arteries clear?  Japanese have the longest life spans in the world- you need this food in your diet!  

But it tastes like death…  

Just get Natto powder, and put it in your smoothie!  Really, it is that simple: put in a teaspoon or two, and you are golden, a healthy Japanese sage, just a smoothie away!  

Sometimes, real health and wellness is just a sprinkle in a smoothie away!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Baltimore is THREE TIMES More Dangerous than Brazil. Here's Why...

Big Cities are Now Dangerous Jungles podcast

Sad but true!  I want for you to go out into nature each and every day that you can, to immerse yourself into that environment from which we evolved, and to which we are ultimately best suited.  To go out into the woods, to enjoy the solitude, and breeze ruffling your hair, while you traverse the natural ground as humans have done for millenia uncounted- this is to restore, to recharge both our minds, bodies and spirits.  It is a kind of ‘reboot’ of our modern, hectic lives back into our natural, true selves.

But, I would never recommend you thrust yourself into a dangerous jungle, if you are not familiar with it, and if you are unequipped to deal with the life threatening peril that lurks within.  This would be the height of folly, unless you were carrying effective weaponry, and had a mission to accomplish that necessitated such a venture.

Sadly now, however, the very bastions of Western culture and civilization, the large cities of America and Europe, have devolved into jungles where your safety is not only at risk, these places have become the hunting grounds of feral humans not of your tribe!

I really do wish we lived in a world where we could be assured of safety within the civilization and cities that our ancestors built and bequeather to us.  For a long period of time, we did.  Police forces arrested criminals, violence was quickly stopped and taken off of the streets, and the perpetrators were punished.  Everything worked very well indeed.  It should be a large part of our civilization to protect each citizen from predation by violent, evil people.  And it was a given, for generations.

Now, our major cities are flooded with migrants not of our own tribe.  This is crucial to understanding, for these people are not of our culture and evolution, but are from alien landscapes and culture; they are people that build and live in cultures and environments that we would be horrified of living in, and totally alien to us and our own European tribe.

Our peoples are from a high trust society.  We had to be; we needed to work together as a tribe to survive the harsh landscape in which we evolved.  Things like theft and other crimes were dealt with severely, as such crimes could threaten the survival of the very tribe itself over a winter period for which planning and strict rationing were necessary.  

Peoples from sun-soaked climes of easy (or no) winters did not evolve this way, and so theft and other crimes were actually a way of life for many.  It was not that important, overall, since food was always available, year round.  Also, children were plentiful, and the sheer numbers of offspring was seen as important, rather than the careful nurturing and education and training of a few precious youngsters.  Education and inculcating each member of such a northern tribes person with his or her duties was paramount for survival.

Not only that, but women and girls were treated over time as far more like equals in the tribe with men and boys, since everyones role was important.  In southern, warm lands, a strong warlord could dominate multiple wives, as property, since their contribution to the tribe was simply that of procreation and labor.  Their minds did not interest those warlords, or their male underlings.  Power and aggression mattered here in these ancient jungles, savannahs and plains- not cooperation and mutual dependence.

And so, the intelligence development of these southern tribespeople lagged, as fleetness of foot and a propensity for quick violence were far more important in their ancient evolutionary environments.  But in the harsh north, codependency and trust were necessary to survive and thrive and simply stay alive long term.  Intelligence was very useful in this environment, and was selected for time after time in this environments survival of the fittest.  

Southern climes produced many, many offspring, with little care in their upbringing.  Northern lands produced fewer children, but with far greater care and development of their abilities and their innovative abilities, which became more and yet more crucial over time, leading to the huge advances that resulted in the profound achievement that is Western Civilization.  

Now, many of those not of our own tribe have taken over large portions, or even entire cities that our ancestors built.  The police have been rendered ineffective, as violent criminals are set free almost immediately after being caught, with no punishment of repercussions.  So, of course, they go on doing the same horrific criminal acts, over and over again.  Why not?  It’s what they like to do, and there are no longer any repercussions.

Just 70 years ago, 90% of the US population was of European descent.  Europe was, as well.  Crime was minuscule.  Women and old people could walk freely pretty much anywhere, safe, protected by police and an entire like-minded culture of trust.  

Nowadays, with a population in the US of only 60% white europeans, our cities are dangerous jungles, with no-go zones in almost every major city, with some entire cities being no-go zones!!  Baltimore springs to mind, as does of course Detroit and Chicago.  But there are more and more places and cities and towns worldwide all the time.  

London is now a horrible murder capital, and Sweden and Germany have skyrocketing crime rates due to rampant and misguided immigration as well from these southern 3rd world countries as well.  What is to be done, as a paleo person, when confronting these horrid realities?

Remember to avoid large cities now.  This is crucial!  Think of it this way: low IQ, angry invaders are roaming our big city streets.  Most hate us, since our culture and civilization has done so well, and theirs are pretty much dysfunctional, overall.  The contrast is stark, and sad.

Our liberal dominated school system has inculcated racism and resentment into these inner city, largely public supported alien people.  They desire revenge, and free stuff- from you.  Never mind that you have never harmed a single one of them- they resent you, and your abilities.

Here is the takeaway.  Live in of near a small town or small city, far from these problems.  If you are coming from a liberal state of city to escape, do not bring your liberal politics, those false ideas that have ruined our cities so completely, with you.  Admit your error, and vote Republican no matter what you used to think.  You were wrong, and are now escaping- support your land of escape!

Vote to stop immigration!  We do NOT need more people- they are only coming for ‘free stuff’ that our ancestors built for US.  We can help them (there is our pathological altruism coming out again) but only in their own homelands.  They are not free to trespass into, and ultimately ruin our own.

Avoid big cities.  They were once centers of culture and learning, the arts and commerce.  Now, they are primarily jungles of non-white on white crime, with little to no learning, no arts save ghetto rap anti-white filth, and endless resentment and once again- endless, senseless crime.  Crime that is forever unpunished!

Some may dismiss old PaleoJay as a ‘racist’. No, I am simply a ‘race realist’, someone who recognizes racial differences.  Just as I recognize ancestral health, and evolutionary medicine.  Differences between the races is no more controversial than differences between breeds of dogs.  One is not ‘better’ than another, just better at certain things, and worse in others.  

But there are big differences.