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Monday, December 30, 2019

Leftist Globalists are the Enemy of your Tribe podcast on PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe

Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.” – Marcus Aurelius

In the Western tradition of civilization, the chief hallmark is that of individual autonomy, meaning each free individual within that most successful of all tribes can speak their mind freely, and live as they see fit for themselves and their families!  

Throughout the vast majority of history, from culture after culture, tribe after tribe- the norm has been a KING.  An elite person, surrounded by other elites he has chosen, that rule over everyone else.  Endless gradations of slaves, that do as they are told.  Privileged slaves, who have trappings of wealth, above another level of slaves, and so on, down the line…

But ultimately, in this ancestral world order of humankind, the vast majority have been simply slaves that did as they were told- or else!

Western civilization, in counterpoint, has been quite different from this.  Since ancient Greece, to Rome, and then through the middle ages up to the American revolution, the thrust has been that each tribe, and each man, and then woman and families within that civilization were free to determine their own fates.  As long as they obeyed the overall, agreed upon notions of law and order, and civility, each tribe within that Western Nation was free to live and raise their families as they saw fit.  They were free to do what was best for themselves, under their God(s) and notions of fair play and what was best.

This worked very well indeed, for thousands of years- Western civilization, and the way of life it offered, with religious freedom, freedom of scientific inquiry, and individual autonomy thrived against the ancient, pervasive doctrine of top-down, rule of the ELITE.  It was a rule of equals, from the bottom up, where those who were promoted to a higher level were put there by the people themselves, to represent their wishes.   A REPUBLIC!

As always happens, as in Rome, the Republic was put aside, and an emperor, or king thrust his way to power!   The Power of the King, and his elite became paramount, and the people suffered.  Once again, they were reduced to what was effectively slaves, being fed bread and circuses, welfare and entertainments, to distract them from the actual land and rights that they had been deprived of via taxation and fiat ruling.  Top down government once again reared its ugly head.

Until the ruling elites fell through their own depravity.  This was the Swamp of long ago!

Now, in the US and in the EU, we are again being attacked by a modern Swamp- a Globalist agenda, one that threatens each and every nation state, tribe, family and individual within the Western civilization that our ancestors have built for us!

We now are being told that we must take in immigrants from outside of our own painstakingly constructed culture- not only ‘take in’, but support and replace ourselves with.  Invaders, in essence.  

The European Union is transporting thousands and thousands of low IQ, incompatible people from the 3rd world into our countries, skyrocketing crime and violence.  Dumbing down our schools, and endlessly trying to destroy the very civilization that they have escaped to from their own horrendous pre-civilized cultures.  And NO ONE HERE vote for ANY of this!  

In the US, the same thing has been happening.  People from alien, hostile tribes, with evil gods and evil cultures are being put amongst us, supported by our own elites, for their own ends of low labor rates, and the votes they know they will gain from these people who vote only for government welfare and circuses- along with everything else that our ancestors have built for us, their descendents like modern technology, health care, reliable food systems, heating, and cooling, and the thousand and one other things we have come to take for granted.

Our founding fathers in the US, our grandparents, Charles Dickens and actually, pretty much anyone admirable in our history would be horrified to see what Western Civilization is becoming under Global Elitism!  

And the CUDGEL that the Liberal Elite is beating us with is that of
Our Own Success!

It’s just not fair!  Why should we have so much?  Well, because our ancestors bequeathed it to us.  They worked for it, they planned and built and worked endlessly for posterity!!  That is part and parcel of Western Civilization!  

We learned to plan for Winter, in a nutshell.  Other, elitist, grasshopper cultures did not.  They are welcome to copy our success, in fact we have tried for generations through missionaries, and Peace Corps types of groups to help them, all the 3rd world, for generations.  In fact, our help is the only way that their numbers have so increased dramatically.  

But, it’s not enough- they demand our very homelands.  And the UN, and all the elitists that enlist them into their evil cause, champion their right to everything that they are the antithesis of.

Huge Section 8 (in the US) housing projects are being planned and built to build enemy, welfare-supported encampments of crime and evil within your neighborhoods.  The suburbs have been declared racist- that all-inclusive description that damns anyone it is applied to, even though it is nonsense.  So, they need to be invaded, to have their ancient enemies and the criminal element foisted upon them and their children.  Western civilized life is impossible with such an element supported, and placed right within their very tribal homelands!

The same is happening in England,Canada, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, and all the rest of Europe. We all need to be aware- the modern version of Imperial Rome is taking over, and perverting everything we have.

So, be an ancestral, paleolithic person!  Raising your own food locally, making sure your environment is clean and pure, and your schools are good, that your community is concerned with local issues for the good of your families, and that nature is being preserved and lived in harmony with:  none of this even matters, if Big Government can come in and destroy your entire way of life by flooding you with both your hereditary enemies, and what are pure and simple freeloaders.

Vote Paleo, and ancestral!  Preserve our countries, and borders.  Nation states are our tribe writ large- without strong boundaries, we can be easily swamped, and capsized.  Western Civilization is very vital and strong, and is actually the modern word for CIVILIZATION.  Western Civilization if now Civilization, no two ways about it.  

And if we fall, (we are a small percentage now of the world’s population overall, those of us in Western Civilization heartlands), that is the end of civilization overall.  
It will be a new, awful, endless Dark Ages of the Elite, and peasants.  Nothing in between.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Avoid Modern Witch Doctors- Do it Yourself podcast

I don’t really mean to be provocative, but I must state the obvious: the awe in which many hold medical doctors is ridiculous.  I see it constantly: doctors, and the medical clinics and hospitals that employ them, are so special and so necessary- Science brought to our lives!

Nonsense.  Most medical professionals know a very tiny amount about health.   What they do know about is disease, and that is what they focus on.  And what they do, when you come in to be examined, is basically run over a checklist that they tick off:

How old is the patient?  50 or greater?  Let me see:
Statins  High blood pressure medications   Probably a stent, next appointment…

And so it goes.  Just a checklist, written by the pharmaceutical companies, nothing more.  This is what medicine has come to.  Don’t cure the disease, just treat the symptoms, and sell drugs.  Really!

Doc, I have a pain in my knees when I kneel down in my garden.  What should I do?

Doctor-  “Knee replacement would be my advice!”  
 “And my hip hurts too!”  - Hip replacement is the answer says doc

And I have acid reflux, and I can’t sleep at night, and my gut bothers me something awful.  Also, I’m really depressed, and tired all the time, and I am about 50 pounds overweight…

Doctor nods, as he is writing.  “Here is my prescription list for you!”  He hands over a list of lengthy prescriptions, of anti-depressants, statins, a future appointment for joint replacement, and a long list of other drugs, all guaranteed to treat the symptoms named, but with no mention of the side effects which are far worse than any of the symptoms.

The further sad part about all of these medical professionals, is that the vast majority tend to be left leaning, globalist liberals.  Why is this??

Well, I think that a large part of it is guilt.  Just as Hollywood actors examine their own lives, and think ‘Hey- I am really kind of just a pampered idiot who gets paid a lot of money because I am good looking/trendy/lucky/ or in the right place at the right time/connected- I just want to be valued for my goodness!”  

So, they virtue signal that they are ‘down with the cause’- they feel the pain of minorities (always a winner), sexual deviants (who doesn’t love a deviant?), and billions of illegal immigrants who only want to relocate to the advanced West, where they can get welfare payments that vastly outstrip anything they can ever build in their own squalid, nightmare, corrupt countries…

So too with medical doctors and their clinics.  

“Wow!  We get so much money, both from pharmaceutical manufacturers whose drugs we push, and the insurance companies that reimburse our patients’ bills so much that they are eager to undergo expensive surgeries and drug treatments- because they perceive it as FREE!”
“And, truth be told, we have incredibly easy jobs, where we just follow charts, telling us which surgery/drugs go with each condition, and each age.  Just a checklist, really.  I feel guilty, kind of, since I make so much money just prescribing from a checklist, and not really curing anything at all!  
I think I’ll support the downtrodden! Then, I will be a virtuous person, and be justified in taking easy money for very little work, and really no healing whatsoever…  I will drug, and then no one will feel any pain, and my job will be done!”

Perhaps a bit oversimplified, but still I believe basically spot on.  And so, I make the common sense recommendation to avoid your doctor as much as possible.  Dentist too.  
Take care of yourself- really work at it!  Exercise daily, with strength training using your own body weight and isometrics.  Eat an ancestral diet, as close to what our ancestors ate long ago as possible.  Avoid fast food and processed foods completely.  
Walk daily, in nature, wearing minimal footwear, without cushioned insoles and raised heels.  Stretch methodically every day.  Don’t floss (it pushes the bacteria deep into your gums- bad dentist advice!), but swish coconut oil around in your mouth each day as you shower.  (Kills bacteria)
Experience the weather!  In cold weather, go out hiking.  Hot weather- sprint barefoot on the grass!  Weather extremes are like strength training for your whole body.  Get a red light to simulate a sauna, and sit under it, especially when the sun is not always available in winter.  Join a church, preferably a small one that aligns with your beliefs, and become involved- your church is your tribe, along with your neighbors, family, and like-minded folks you have befriended.  

There is a lot you can do for your health, both mental, spiritual, and physical.  The point is, it’s up to you- Doctors and Dentists and such are like the medieval priests of old, telling you what to do in life.  Intermediaries, that do not have your interests first and foremost.  It is really up to you to contact Jesus directly!

That’s it for now, but like anything worthwhile in life, the journey never really ends.  We continually strive throughout life, in our health, in making a living, and connecting with others meaningfully.  The idea that if you only make lots of money, why then you can just lie around in hedonism and luxury is a lie.  To stop improving is to start to die, both physically and spiritually.  
So listen to PaleoJay podcasts as they arrive!  I really try to address important issues that will improve your life and your outlook on the real world, as it unfolds.  This is a forum for your ideas and mine- PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe!