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Saturday, November 23, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast #58 Maintain Your Health and Escape the Nightmare of Modern, Government Run Obamacare! also, All Day Energy Greens and Parallette bar and Rings training

PaleoJay Podcast #58

Maintain Your Health and Escape the Nightmare of Modern, Government Run Obamacare!

also, All Day Energy Greens and Parallette bar and Rings training

Let’s start with the fun stuff- are a powder you can purchase on line.  I have been sampling it for awhile now, and have to say it is a convenient, fast way to get some anti-oxidant greens into your diet- especially if you don’t have a Vitamix blender!  Now, I would reserve the greens for when you are in a hurry and pressed for time, or when traveling... the gold standard is always real food!  But, that said, this is a good product to include in your nutritional repetoire!

For daily use, again, I strongly recommend a Vitamix to chew up your veggies and other foods for you, and making them so available to your body for maximum nutrition!  On sale until Dec 2; with free shipping, this is the best deal you will find all year!  And, you can throw in some Sll Day Energy Greens powder along with your real frozen or fresh fruits and veggies, spices and eggs and kefir and everything else to maximize your health!

The other thing I’ve really been having fun with and want to recommend to all of you in our PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe Tribe- Rings and Parallette bar training!  If you are unfamiliar with these gymnastic tools, they really are a great way to enhance the bodyweight workouts that Perfectly Paleo Exercise consists of.  Pushups on the rings are a totally different animal, far more challenging and more inclusive of the stabilizer muscles in the arms, shoulders, chest and back... as are Dips on the rings, chins and pullups on the rings, flies on the rings- I mean, you can do a LOT on the rings, and I am just scratching the surface!  The real beauty of the rings is that they twist in your hands, and do not stress your joints unnaturally, which can happen in movements using a bar, or even hands set directly on the floor as in doing pushups.  This is why I use a Perfect Pushup device when doing high rep pushups- it revolves with your hand, taking stress off of the shoulder joints- rings do the same thing, but for LOTS of exercises!
Basic L sit
These are the parallette bars I made:

I’ll include here some photos and a video so you can see how both rings and parallette bars can add to your workouts:
Rings exercises galore-

Today, for instance, I did a complete Visualized Resistance training routine in the early morning, as I watched a streaming Netflix movie- (Centurian- highly recommended)!

Then, using my Perfect Pushup handles like a mini-parallette bar, I did L-sits and some other P-bar exercises at the end, and it was challenging and kind of fun too!  A good way to test your growing strength and body awareness developed through your Perfectly Paleo exercise regimen...

My rings are hung from the rafters in my basement, and so when I workout down there, in the primitive domain of my old farmhouse cellar, I can turn myself upside down, and do all kinds of gymnastic things on the rings, and then go to my home made P-bars, which are higher off the ground than my Perfect Pushups handles, and try some more advanced tricks, since my legs are up higher and more maneuverable.

So, make yourself some P-bars, and hang a set of rings- they are cheap, VERY effective, and actually fun to use!  A great addition to your Perfectly Paleo routine!!

Now, that’s the fun part of this podcast- let’s delve into the realm of Obama care...

I don’t care where you stand politically, you have to understand that Government Run health care is anything but healthy- and this means not only for you and your personal health, and that of your family, but  for your fiscal health, and the fiscal health of our country!  

The notion of Big Health Care itself is wrongheaded- it is the path we have been on for a long time, decades actually, and has resulted in the fattest, sickest, most disease ridden population since the time of the Black Plague- only this time, the sicknesses are caused by our own poor diets, poor exercise habits, and lack of sleep!  AND, this is all exacerbated by the many unnecessary prescriptions of pharmaceutical drugs, all of which are loaded with side-effects, many side-effects consisting of things worse than the disease they are meant to prevent!

Don’t put your family’s health in the hands of any Giant Corporation like a big Medical Clinic unless they are in an auto accident, have a bullet wound, or some other major medical catastrophe!  Modern medicine is great a fixing extreme injuries; it is terrible at building and maintaining health.  They can only prescribe drugs that only mask the symptoms of disease, and allow the root cause to continue to grow worse!  

Self- reliance is the only way in which to become, and stay healthy!  YOU are responsible for what you eat- so eat in the way modern science and our ancestral knowledge are in complete agreement- eat a paleo type of diet!  Ancestral, no processed foods, no grains and lowish carbs!

Lots of vegetables and high fat!! Good, saturated, natural FATS should be the foundation, the pillar of your diet and health!

Natural, God-made protein, in the form of wild game and fish, fermented raw dairy, and pastured animals!!

Move naturally in nature, walk, hike, do your visualized resistace, perfectly paleo types of exercises, swing on your new set of rings, balance on your P-bars...

Get plenty of sleep!  Minimize stress, and celebrate with your TRIBE of family and neighbors and friends, connect even online with a tribe or two, like this one.
Do NOT, again, rely on anyone else, much less Big Government to make you healthy!

They have been wrong for over 50 years in their prescriptions, both for our food recommendations, and in their drug recommendations.  Don’t wait another 50 years for them to admit they were wrong!  Take charge of your own health- do what you already know in your heart, and through your intuition to be the right thing to do.  And, if you actually do the research, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of the recent science supports the evolutionary dietary approach.  ALL!

Just because your Doctor went to medical school decades ago, and still believes all of the stuff he was taught then that was wrong then, and doesn’t know about, and/or can’t admit to himself and you that what he’s been telling you for years is all WRONG NOW TOO- this does not give him the right to continue spouting the party line!

As Obama Care begins to take over, trust me- you do not want to be part of that system!
Bypass it, by becoming as healthy as you can!  Say NO to pharmaceutical drugs- fake science like Flu shots- the Carb dominated My Plate created to sell grains- processed man-made fake foods!

Eat foods made by God, not man!  And stay AWAY from ANY sort of Government sort of health plan, as much as you can. To paraphrase the great John Wesley:

Get as healthy as you can, and help others to get as healthy as they can, for as long as you can!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Are we really Paleo, or are we... Barbarians?? PaleoJay podcast #57

Are both "paleo"?

First off, I want to say- I am so glad to have my computer back and running!  Thanks so much to Elan technology of Columbus Ohio for “saving my PASTURED bacon!”  New hard drive with total data recovery- thank guys!!  And now, lets go into the show:

I have always loved the Paleo metaphor for diet and lifestyle!  Paleo, ancestral, primal; they all kind of work- they get the idea across that we have strayed from our roots- our future is in our past- we have REALLY MESSED THINGS UP!!

But, when I really think about it, at this point we should really call ourselves barbarians!

I have always loved reading about ancient history and civilizations!  Did you know that the mummies of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs tend to be riddled with artherosclerosis, arthritis, and most of the modern diseases that we thought were only... modern!?

Well, they are!  The Egyptians of thousands of years ago might have been surrounded by “barbarians” that had none of these diseases, and most of their own lower classes probably were also immune, since they didn’t have the money to eat lots of grains, mainly in the form of sweetened confections that the upper classes prized.  The more in depth that the old mummies are studied, the more modern diseases are discovered in these ancient corpses!

And then there is Tacitus...  a Roman from 98 A.D., he wrote about the German barbarians of the time- 

“he mentions that they all have common physical characteristics, blue eyes (truces et caerulei oculi = "sky-coloured, azure, dark blue, dark green), reddish hair ( rutilae comae = "red, golden-red, reddish yellow") and large bodies, vigorous at the first onset but not tolerant of exhausting labour, tolerant of hunger and cold but not of heat.[2]
In Chapter 7, Tacitus describes their government and leadership as somewhat merit-based and egalitarian, with leadership by example rather than authority and that punishments are carried out by the priests. He mentions (Ch. 8) that the opinions of women are given respect. In Chapter 9, Tacitus describes a form of folk assembly rather similar to the publicThings recorded in later Germanic sources: in these public deliberations, the final decision rests with the men of the tribe as a whole.”
Sounds like a pretty fair, modern group of folks, really, doesn’t it?  He goes on to say that they don’t eat much grains, being from a cold, inhospitable land (nothing like the sunny Mediteranean!!) and mainly subsist on meat, vegetables, and dairy herds!  Sounds pretty PRIMAL, doesn’t it?  I think these guys would have loved a good Paleo smoothie, along with a nice grass fed steak topped with butter and bacon!  And think of this: potatoes weren’t even discovered yet!!  These ancient barbarians were golden!!

At any rate, what I think about the German barbarians is this: WE, we Paleo folk, are more like THEM than pure hunter/ gatherers!  WE live in civilization, or preferably on the outskirts of it (in more rural communities that are self-sufficient), and can choose to pick and choose from what civilization has to offer, but ignore and pass by the decadence and rotten morals that it is also riddled with...  We can use the technology of civilization, but ignore and shun the GMO’s, the pharmaceutical poisons, and the toxic processed fake foods!

We instinctively know better!  

We can be Noble Barbarians! Taking what we want of value of modern civilized society, and ignoring and reviling what we KNOW to be foul!  

Kind of gives you a mission, doesn’t it?  Do what’s right- 
  1. Eat what’s right- only real food... RIGHT??
  2. Exercise right- real, bodyweight, and moving-through-nature exercise!
  3. Sleep right, plenty of it!
  4. LIVE right- avoid decadence and the EVILS that civilization tends to accumulate
  5. Live TRIBALLY- this is what the barbarians kept up from paleolithic times- a TRIBE is the only natural agglomeration of peoples that really works, and that keeps everyone accountable!  No welfare in a tribe!!

And there you have it!  Another thing the Romans noticed-  They realized that these barbarians were awfully similar to their own ancestors!  The upper classes all had “ancestor rooms” in their houses, with wax faces of the ancestors going back hundreds of years, which they saw every day since they were children...  and the oldest ones were..
 blue eyes ("sky-coloured, azure, dark blue, dark green), reddish hair  "red, golden-red, reddish yellow") and large bodies

In other words, they recognized that these barbarians were in face the same tribes of people that had originally conquered Italy in the early days, and were just like their own ancestors!  Blonde hair was particularly prized by ancient Romans...
So, let’s be proud to be Paleo/Barbarians!  Best of both worlds!!  

And also, I received an audio message from Deborah S. Hart-Serafini that I wanted to share- Deborah is an avid Vitamix fan, as am I, and she, well, just listen to her here: 

I feel the same way as Deborah!  And you should too, my Barbarian/Paleo friend!!
Don’t be a decadent Roman or Egyptian, eating sweetened honey-cakes of wheat, sugar, hummingbird wings and dates- be a barbarian!  EAT REAL FOODS!  Live a real life, not one of subservience to a self proclaimed political or priestly class, be part of a vital TRIBE- a community of EQUALS!

Get yourself a Vitamix- There is a special on now where you can get one for $299!!- just click on barbarian paleojay’s link to the right, and blend and cook your own food-Do NOT take the “medicines” they try to drug you with-  don’t rely on the Aristocratic Decadent Powers-that-be- Take back your health!!

This is my message to you!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Click for Special Holiday deal on Vitamix blenders!

Only occasionally does a really special deal come around to purchase a real Vitamix blender for $299-

Now is such a time!!  

Click here - special Vitamix offer!

That is for an authentic, reconditioned Vitamix standard multi-speed machine, in your choice of color- (I'm partial to red...), but it's your choice, my friend!

AND, this also includes our free shipping offer as well!

From now until Dec. 2 these prices are in effect- the two speed Vitamix goes for only $279!!

I honestly believe this is the very best purchase you can make for the health of you and your family, and for these machines to go on sale, well, you have to wait a very long time, since they usually DON'T...  but now they HAVE!  Best Vitamix Deal you will find anywhere!

Enough said- I just wanted to pass this opportunity along to all of you who belong to Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe!!  Now, you can make your Paleo smoothie each day, just as I do!!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Real food is all I need!

Not much to say- need my real computer back...

But, the message remains the same!

Eat real foods!!

Follow a paleo template, for maximum health!!!

I hope to be back next week, big time!!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast #55-

 Diet is 95% of our health!  So EAT WELL!!

I have no access to my real computer, so this is a little makeshift... but I like it!!

It's like a Hunter Gatherer type of podcast/blog- what happens, happens!!

Hopefully next week I'll be back to the PaleoJay cafe, but if not, this isn't too bad....


All you really need to know, really...

Find it and  Listen hear as you read, or relax....d

AND, hopefully you will be inspired to:  order a
Vitamix Blender!

SO do it my son/daughter!!  

Nothing is more effective, or efficient!


Why there is no podcast today!

Sorry, Paleo Cafe regulars- although today's podcast #55 is ready and recorded... Alas, my computers hard drive has failed!!

I will replace it as soon as I can, and then happily-

Reopen the Cafe!!


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