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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

What is Most Important in Your Life NOW? podcast

 Hello, and welcome to the Smoothie Cafe!   We are here traditionally discussing health and fitness from a Paleo Diet point of view.  A smoothie, made preferably in a Vitamix, is key to maximizing your nutritional density intake, and that is still my belief.  But as in anything looked at honestly for a while, say 10 years or more as it is here, new facts come in, and opinions alter…

As it is in life!  When you are young, say in your teens and twenties, you are rightly concerned with getting started in life.  You want to be strong and healthy, but much of it is to attract and establish a life with a like-minded mate.  This is right and natural.

Much of your youth is fixated on finding the proper path (job), and the right place to live, and raise a family.  Traditionally, this was just on finding a place to live near your job, that was safe and with good schools, etc.  But, with the advance of Democratic socialism/liberalism, this has been perverted.  Now, you need to find a place that is not contaminated by ‘wokeism’ and liberalism, which can transform a city or area into a place where:

1. Crime is not punished, and criminals run free. 

(This includes nowadays all blue, democrat-run liberal cities, which are virtually ALL big cities!)

2.  Schools are teaching nonsense and anti-civilization like ‘Whites are evil’, ‘White Privilege’, and other aspects of Critical Race Theory, which is total poison and a total lie.

3. ‘Trans’ and other Woke garbage.  LGBTQ and all the rest of anti-civilization garbage.  

It’s hard to believe to me, who grew up in the 1950’s, that we are even talking about such disgusting craziness, and that young people have to deal with and process this crap.  But it is there today, sadly!

I am now officially old- 71.  I have grandchildren!  While I still am very concerned with health and wellness, and am very much still a ‘physical culturist’ (NOT a bodybuilder), I realize at this stage that  the health of our country, state, and nation is just as important to the future.  

And, even though myself, wife and family are all fit and healthy, side-stepping most ‘big medicine’ misdirections, such as in covid vaccines and statin prescriptions, much of our population and so-called leaders are still very misinformed and are ‘loose cannons’ of bad information and direction!

Here are my conclusions:  

If you are older, like me- work out daily!  Do stretching and ‘virtual resistance’ training, in front of the TV, every morning first thing.  30 minutes to an hour; you will enjoy it!  

Also, work out with resistance training like pushups, especially on gymnastic rings, and work your whole body. Do rows and pullups, situps and squats and deadlifts.  At least two times per week, forever.  Don’t ever stop.

And this, for every age: 

Work out- same prescription!  From 12- 112.  Walk in your daily life, best is barefoot in the woods, on the grass.  Sleep at least 8 hours per night, in total darkness- banish TV’s and other screens from your bedroom.  Blackout curtains and white noise can help, if you haven’t taken my other advice, and gotten the HELL out of big cities and suburbs with blue light and noise coming from everywhere!

If you are younger, with a young family or planning on one- 

Get out of big cities!  Get our of big suburbs, in metropolitan areas (They are all liberal/blue/socialist/communistic). 

Get Out Now!  It may not be possible in future!

Make sure you are in a red state, or at least purple one.  And go rural; small towns are better than larger, small cities are much better than large, and so it goes.  The further you go into rural, self-sufficient, ‘Little House on the Prairie’ types of settlements, the more conservative, Republican, and traditional types of fellow citizens you will find.  

The bottom line, really?


To paraphrase the great John Wesley:  “As much as you can, as often as you can, and as completely as you can!”

This means big government, big Pharma, big Departments of Education, Big Agriculture- all of it!  They are now all very corrupt, and not concerned with your interests, at all.  

This is all the important stuff.  On top of this?  In Paleo land??

Carnivore diet is a great revelation, really.  Keto was supposed to be the ‘next big thing’?  Well, it is- just look at the magazines at the supermarket checkout lanes.  It’s all KETO!!

Sorry.  It’s stupid; needlessly complex, and assures you that you can keep consuming your addictive carbs, if you only smother them with fats…

Nope.  If you want a ‘reset’ from Paleo or anything else: just Go Carnivore.  The original, EARLY Paleo, NO CARB DIET.  

Just meat, eggs and cheese.  Simple and VERY effective!!

Do that for a few months, whether young or old.  You will be naturally healthy, and can get off of all medications.  Do It!  The meds are a big part of the problem of modern health.

Now, all is well in your world.  No meds, not sick body.  Vaccines are something you know to avoid, and your whole family is healthy and happy!  You know to rely on your neighbors, not big government, to homeschool your children and teach them history, English and reality!

Now, everything will be perfect in your life- 


Sunday, April 23, 2023

Roll with the Punches podcast


I am at an odd place right now.  It’s now even that crazy, but it does confuse me- I have gotten a new computer!  

I know, that actually sounds good, not bad… but trust me: I was so used to my old computer that, even though it was slow, and sometimes frustrating- at least I always knew where things were, and how things worked in general.  

Nowadays, however, although my computer is really, really fast- my prep work on things is really slow.  I can’t find where my podcasts are, my apps are all updated and different, and so it goes, on and on.  

And I think that life, in general, is often like this.  We work really hard on something, say to change our diet.  We switch from the SAD American diet to paleo, and then we replace most carbs with protein from meat and dairy.  We become much, much healthier, and hey- what could be wrong with that?

Well, our friends might treat us differently.  They might denigrate us, saying that our diet is not healthy at all, since it is high in fat, and we don’t do enough ‘cardio’.  We become confused, since old friends treat us differently, and although everything we’ve done has been really positive for our health, things are just, somehow- different from what we are used to!

Just like my new computer: when things are better, even way better- they still are different.  Different is inherently uncomfortable!  It just is…

This is when we need to realize that different may be uncomfortable at first; but if it is better, then we need to just roll with the punches and embrace it.  Forge ahead with a big smile!

If you can’t find your old files, don’t worry about it for now.  (You can always find them later, they’re still there). What is important is to make new files- or go ahead and make more progress on your carnivor-ish kind of a diet, and savor the positive changes to your health!  Do your daily workout, and push hard when you know it’s right, and taper off if you know you are under too much stress from other things in your life.  Each day is actually new, and completely different, if we only realize it.

Here is another example: it’s Spring here in Wisconsin, and normally that is cause for undiminished rejoicing, after a particularly long and trying Winter.  BUT- we had a few days in the high 80’s (not normal, not at all), and then had a snowfall of over 1 and 1/2 FEET!  

The tree branches in our woods and yard broke under the weight, by the hundreds!  They are lying, even now, in the yard, which is now wet and semi-flooded.  The tractor can’t help much, since it would make ruts anywhere it travels, and so instead of avidly planning our garden, and cultivating our plants and yard- we are trapped in a strange different sort of Spring.  It’s really hard mentally..

But actually, it’s no big deal, not really.  It’s time to reflect, to lay back and wait.  Even though I’m dying to get going on all things Spring- I need to change my focus.  I can read, and write more.  Focus on my gymnastic rings training, trying new angles and exercise ideas.  Grill more in bulk, to stock up on meats in the fridge, and smoothies in canning jars ready to drink.  And slowly build my trap-bar deadlifts to a new peak!

The garden can wait.  Tomorrow, even though it will be a high of 40, I can use my newly sharpened chain saw and cut down some broken branches that are hanging over the roadway.  I can drag these branches, and others, down the road, even though I can’t drag them into the yard itself. I’ll just push them off the road, and wait for when I can drag them to where I can either cut them for firewood, of burn them.  

Nothing is really changed, not really.  I will get it all done, and will repair the damage as best I can.  And in the meantime, I will greatly improve my overall life, health, and fitness.  I will read some books I’ve been contemplating, and work on some music I love.  And I will cherish my family, which I recently found out that my daughter will be having another precious child!

See?  All I need to do is to change my perception.

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Free eBook: The Witch of Grandad Bluff

The Witch of Grandad Bluff

 Jess Thornton, in his self-penned adventure set in La Crosse Wisconsin, his home town, is a weird tale indeed! From his high rise office in the Hoeschler building, to Pettibone Island, and to his best friend's place on Indian Hill on the north side, Jess travels around the whole city of La Crosse, trying to save a man who he thinks may be drowned.

But, as time goes on, and as his friend Alexander Blackdeer guides him and helps him in his detecting, he realizes that the plot is far more sinister than just a disappearing middle-aged man, and that there is a supernatural element involved- and an ancient evil that has somehow come to this small river city!

Only he and that warrior Alexander could possibly hope to cope with such ancient sorcery, unleashed on God's country in La Crosse, Wisconsin!

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

How to Achieve Lifelong Fitness and Health podcast

It’s really not that hard to accomplish.  The information is all there, unfortunately, much of it is obscured by people ‘selling things’, such as offering an easy way.  

That is indeed the problem: no matter how hard you look, online, on TV or on YouTube commercials- there really is no easy way.  

But there is a simple and effective way! 

Eat an ancestral, or paleo type of diet.  High animal protein, meat, and dairy.  Some vegetables, with cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower, and small amounts of lettuce with olive oil and avocado and coconut oil types of dressing.  Seafood and eggs are wonderful as well; but the bedrock of your diet should be pastured meats and dairy, in particular ruminant meat, such as beef.  Like our ancestors ate long ago, and evolved alongside throughout the long ice age- mammoths, aurochs, and cows.  Same types exactly, that turned vegetation, however sparse, into protein-dense meat!

And now we get to lifestyle, and the huge bugaboo of exercise.  For be assured that diet is considered the most contentious component of a healthy and fit lifestyle, it is really very simple.  Just do as outlined above.  Veganism and vegetarianism are bad jokes- just avoid them, as did our ancestors.  (Those who survived that is).

And now: exercise.  Exercise, real, productive exercise is one thing: 

Strength Training!  

I’m not saying you can’t run, breaking a sweat as you jog along a forest path, preferably barefoot… of course you can!  Or walk or hike long distances, in the sunshine, or swim or paddle board or play tennis or paddle/pickleball with your friends- all of these are great!  Great adjuncts, like playing Wordle, or doing crossword puzzles, or any number of sports like hockey, or baseball, basketball or football or soccer.  All are fine and wonderful games, along with many others.

But- they are not EXERCISE.  

Exercise is a practice that you need to do for your entire life.  It means to do certain necessary things:

Strengthen your musculature, from head to toe.  Progressively and on a near-daily basis, for your entire life.  Slowly, and deliberately, on your own.  Without competition.

This practice, done regularly, will also strengthen your tendons and ligaments, while also stretching and maintaining your ranges of motion.  You just need to figure out the protocol, and then to Do It!

First, start with Virtual Resistance.  This is flexing as you move your body throughout various positions.

This will give you the idea.  Go thou and do likewise!

Then, add in straight-legged situps for high reps, and stretch out on a mat in front of the TV.  (Do this every morning).  Add in pushups, on a perfect pushup device if you can, with your feet elevated on a couch or chair.  Do them s-l-o-w-l-y for maximum benefit…

Add in Asian squats, where to squat to the floor, with your feet flat on the ground, and hold…  this is a very important exercise!

A ‘rebounder’ is an important adjunct here: bounce on it as you do your virtual resistance exercises, and finish by bouncing on your butt, which is an amazing ab exercise!

Let’s say you do this listed above for about 1/2 hour in the morning, in front of the television.  It’s a great way to start the day!  

Reward yourself with 3 or 4 scrambled eggs- your body will thank you.  

You will now be as fit as you need to be, congratulations on lifelong fitness!  But, maybe you want more, now that you know how good fitness feels…

Now, you can add actual fitness tools, not fake exercise gadgets that everyone now accumulates in a spare room, and then- ignores!  

Get a set of gymnastic rings, that you can hang from a basement ceiling, or in the garage or outside- they are the number one tool of upper and lower body total fitness in existence!  They are cheap (30- 40 dollars or so), infinitely versatile, and will sculpt your body like a greek god better than any crazy Peloton or total gym or any other gadget that exists.  

After that, if you can get some elastic bands that are heavy gauge, you can loop them around a post or tree for backwards walking around your waist and the post, for about 10 minutes or so daily, and you will never have to suffer the indignity of a knee or hip replacement in your life!

This is how to achieve total lifelong fitness and wellness.  Good diet, along with correct exercise, without fads or extremism.  Simple really, and very satisfying.  It’s not really hard at all, just a form of commitment!

Monday, February 20, 2023

Tucker: This could lead to the destruction of the West


I know, that sounds a tad extreme…  but it is true, nevertheless.  I started out today thinking about this while listening to a podcast by Shawn Baker, a carnivore doctor who has a podcast, and youtube videos about the subject.

He was interviewing a former vegan, as he often does.  This was a man who almost died of his long-term veganism, and saved himself and his wife by becoming carnivorous.  The numbers of such misguided people seem legion, and they stick to this vegan notion of health well past the point where you would think that anyone would wake up!  They become walking stick insects, with (ironically) bloated bellies, incredibly weak, and with brains that are confused and very unhappy overall.  

The almost universal result with such vegans is that, once they try eating meat, sometimes after many years of not doing so, it is as if ‘The lights come on’, and they finally feel alive!  Why does this realization take so long for these folks?

I think it is the same shuttered state of mind that affects the liberal elites in many other areas- they are so stubbornly sure that they know everything, and the many ignoramuses all about them- the middle-class non-elites, so inferior that they don’t know everything the leftist elites tell them are true!

These non-elite, conservative people, who prize meat above all in their diets, and in those of their children, recommend strength training as opposed to leftist cardio adherence, notice that there definitely are differences between the different races of men, (just as there are in breeds of dogs, for instance), and worst of all noticed that Trump did a really, really good job overall are just stupid!

The genius leftist liberal vegans also know that the Covid lockdown was great, despite having no better results than countries such as Sweden that had no lockdown, and despite that children are retarded in their schooling by those lockdown measures and are irretrievably damaged in their learning, these Big Government top-down supporters refuse to change their minds!

They must be right!  After all, Faucii is a genius just as they are, and would be incapable of spewing misinformation for years on end.  Except that he did!

These vegan leftists also are so glad they took the vaccines, and then the multiple boosters, along with the flu shot (that doesn’t work either), and they will never ever never admit that they are wrong about anything EVER!  No matter how often they are proven, over and over, to be wrong about every single thing they believe, in their little democrat, liberal, Big Medicine, Big Pharma cult.

Here is the truth, vegan liberal leftist democrats: The vaccine you mandated not only didn’t prevent contracting covid (which turns out to be far milder than you warned us), it seemed to make people more prone to contracting the disease over and over, because the untested MRNA vaccines seem to damage the body’s own immune system, rendering it more vulnerable.  To ALL diseases!

In addition, it appears that the fake vaccine that doesn’t work also makes those who took it far more vulnerable to cardiac forms of death, even at very young ages.

I guess my ultimate point of all this is that the LEFT has brought us down a very damaging, and negative path, where our health is declining swiftly.  Crime and homelessness have taken over our cities, and criminals are not punished, and police are vilified.  Jobs are now given out as a form of ‘equity’, without regard to merit, as are university places and scholarships.  White heterosexual males, the type that built our very civilization and virtually all of the achievements of the modern world of western civilization are now vilified.  

If you are a leftist, liberal, self-described elite, why do you suppose you still haven’t come to your senses?  About anything, most of you??

I really don’t know.  Do you?  

Why are you so determined to be utterly wrong, about virtually EVERYTHING?

Somehow, I think it, ironically, makes you feel superior!  Because obviously- if someone were to persist in insisting that everything they believe is superior to what really is true, why then, they must have special, really important, divinely revealed explanations that no one else is privy to…

Do you?