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Monday, August 26, 2013

Becoming a Supple Leopard with Voodoo Flossing!

One of the best, and yet one of the most confusing protocols of Kelly Starrett's excellent recent book is that of.......   Voodoo Flossing!  Sounds scary but intriguing, doesn't it?  I have had excellent results with it, both on my badly injured shoulder, and my daughter's wrist.

The idea is to immobilize the joint to "Voodoo" with a Voodoo band- these are long strips of rubber, kind of like a long, split open bicycle inner tube (that would work as well!), that you can wrap around and around the injured joint to compress it.  Then, you need to smash the compressed tissue, with a La Crosse ball or two, a friend who will step on your injured area, or you can even do it yourself by smashing the area with a barbell!

Here is how it's done on the shoulder:

Kelly does the Voodoo Floss Shoulder Smash

It's much easier to do it on yourself on the ankle, or the wrist, or the knee.  But, however you do it or have it done- it really does restore movement and health to the joint in really fast order!
It's a little painful, but the results are so worth it- almost instantly your joint has regained it's full rotation.  The matted down tissues are unglued, and regain their suppleness. Talk about near instant therapy!

Here is a link to purchase the Floss. I also use the Floss for banded stretches and openers during my morning workout, and so it is also valuable for that.

Another key point to this book is that all of us need to, and should have the knowledge to effectively perform daily maintenance on our own bodies.  Very, very true; and with this book, the Floss, and a La Crosse ball or two you will be well equipped to do so.

The most important tool to have of all, however, is the book itself!  Almost 400 large, photo illustrated demonstrations of every exercise and therapy in Kelly's arsenal; I find this is one of those big hardcover books that I keep by my chair, and repeatedly pick up to pore over.  It is just that jam packed with useful and unique ideas to maintain your bodily health and mobility.  Oh, and here is the link to Kelly's site- lots of videos like the one above to help you focus on different techniques and parts of your body-

My plan is to get as supple and springy as my cat Zeke-

Then, maybe I can sit in a chair like he does!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast #45 Your Body Wants Fat, Cholesterol Clarity with Jimmy Moore, Make good tasting beef liver!

Paleojay podcast #45
 Listen now- scroll down on this link and PLAY!

PaleoJay on iTunes, available on Monday August 26

Your body just wants FAT!
AND Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore
Grass fed beef liver ON THE GRILL for maximum taste and nutrition

Hi all and sundry!  Welcome the Paleo Jay’s Smoothie Cafe, where all the microphones are alight and blue, the blenders are all Vitamix, and the Paleo smoothies are WELL above average...

I have just set down my guitar, and walked away from my wall of amps to greet YOU, my fave listener- thanks for tuning in dudecicle!  I am excited about lots of things today- it is early, early, early Sunday morning; I had an energizing Perfectly Paleo workout this morning, and am ready to get this podcast out and running to you!  Then, I will swill down a green Paleo smoothie I made yesterday and saved, and then run off to church to sing and play with Old Tyme Religion, a traditional hymn type of group where we update the classic hymns, but keep the message intact!  It should be- a great day!  I hope you have a similar engaging day planned as well!

As you can tell from my opening song, I am excited and pleased as can be by Jimmy Moore’s new upcoming book, Cholesterol Clarity.  I have heard maybe 7 or 8 interviews with Jimmy about his new book, and I thought the best way that I, PaleoJay, could trumpet the book of this wonderful man would be to:

 Make a song about it
Do a podcast devoted to it!

And so, that is what I have done!  Thanks Jimmy!  You, more than ANY other single person have done more to promote Low Carb, and then, when you discovered it via your interview style of programming: Paleo lifestyle!  I, and many, many others have gained so much knowledge in your broadcasts that I can hardly put a price on it....

Thanks Jimmy!

Anyway, when the book comes out in a couple of days (August 27), I recommend you purchase it... I will!  And, I plan to give a copy to many friends who do NOT understand my consumption of coconut oil and pastured butter, fat from pastured pork and ducks, beef and dogs (JUST KIDDING!)- anyhow- naturally raised animal and dairy fat!!  I know several MD friends that are just begging for a copy of Cholesterol Clarity...NOT!

But they’ll get it anyway, ha ha!!  The truth sometimes hurts...

The real point I want you to take away from this little radio show is this:

Fat is NOT bad!  Fat is good, fat is your friend, fat is NOT inflammatory, fat does NOT cause cancer or heart disease, FAT will keep you THIN!
What IS bad, and our ultimate enemy??

Corn syrup (another name for sugar)
GRAINS!  (bread, pasta, corn, wheat, cereal, vegetable OILS and MARGARINES of any variety- these are all GRAINS in different forms!!)

So, it’s really quite simple, and sometimes I feel a little embarrassed that I say the same things over and over, but the truth bears repeating:

Don’t eat sugar!  Don’t eat Grains! (sugar’s twin!!)


“But Jay, but Jay”  I hear you screaming, “what SHOULD I eat??”

Lots of stuff- green, paleo smoothies are wonderful!  A good Paleo smoothie from your Vitamix acutally has everything your body needs!!
The more you drink the better!!  (How about that for “low Cal”??)

But, if you make a connection with, preferably, a local farmer who has grass fed cattle: grass fed liver is a killer food!  (I mean disease and cancer killer!)...

I have always had trouble with the taste of liver, especially beef liver- but no more!!

Just get grass fed beef liver, grill it on your natural hardwood charcoal grill, and then you have it made, my man or wo-MAN!

Just put the grilled liver in your fridge or freezer, put in a pan along with your free range eggs, and top it all with Hollandaise sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s high in GOOD fats (pastured butter and egg yolks), and really high in great flavor (pastured butter and egg yolks: nature designed us to LOVE what is really, really GOOD for us!!).

The Hollandaise is really, really easy to make, save, and spoon out on a daily basis... but, if you have access to a Trader Joe’s store, you can just buy their version, in a container that you can spoon out whenever...

Easy Blender Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

3 egg yolks (see how to separate eggs)
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon cayenne (optional)
10 tablespoons unsalted butter (if using salted butter, skip the added salt)
1 Melt the butter slowly in a small pot. Try not to let it boil – you want the moisture in the butter to remain there and not steam away.

2 Add the egg yolks, lemon juice, salt and cayenne (if using) into your Vitamix blender. Blend the egg yolk mixture at a medium to medium high speed until it lightens in color, about 20-30 seconds. The friction generated by the blender blades will heat the yolks a bit. The blending action will also introduce a little air into them, making your hollandaise a bit lighter.

3 Once the yolks have lightened in color, turn the Vitamix down to its lowest setting , and drizzle in the melted butter slowly, while the blender is going. Continue to blend for another couple seconds after the butter is all incorporated.

4 Turn off the blender and taste the sauce. It should be buttery, lemony and just lightly salty. If it is not salty or lemony enough, you can add a little lemon juice or salt to taste. If you want a thinner consistency, add a little warm water. Pulse briefly to incorporate the ingredients one more time.

Use some right away, or store in the fridge and microwave along with your grass fed beef liver and eggs- really, really tasty!

Almost like Fast Food, but................HEALTHY!!

So, there you go son!!  Go back to the way our grandparents ate, the way our Puritan forebears ate, the way the cowboys ate:

REAL FOOD!! Real food equals REAL FAT!!

What a concept!!

In closing, let me just state this:

If you can accept the idea that FAT is actually GOOD for you...

You have won the battle, because it is!!

Processed foods, endless portions of sugar and grains, these are the enemy.

Get this processed, and within your mind, and you are SAVED BROTHER!!

Fat is your friend.  Live it.  Believe it. OWN it, because it is the truth!

real fat is your friend!
I love you man, and woman.

This is PaleoJay....

Good Day!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

PaleoJay podcast #44 Hire your own Paleo guru, or become your own- and Give your body a fresh oil change- daily!

Paleojay podcast #44

Hire your own Paleo template guru, or become your own
Give your body a fresh oil change- daily!

Or, just listen on iTunes: PaleoJay on iTunes!

All of us need to be very cognizant of what we are doing, in this day and age about our own health, and that of our families!  It is a very strange time, in that we don’t even know anymore what we should eat- hint- real food- and we are inundated with bad dietary, lifestyle, and fitness ideas constantly.  In addition, we have received these utterly wrong messages about eating lots of whole grain products, vegetable oils instead of real, honest to God-made fats like coconut, pastured animal fat, and grass fed dairy products- constantly, many of us since birth!  If you were born after 1980, you have been taught a line of BULL for your entire life. Can you say Ta Tonka?

Only now, with the interest in the Paleo, Primal, Ancestral, Barbarian template for natural human living and eating, is the truth beginning to come out.  Thanks to the internet, and recent technologies like smartphones and computers, real science backed ideas, like that of evolutionary biology, can be widely disseminated and spread to anyone who takes an interest...

And that is what I want to mention to you, my favorite listener, today- If you are too busy, or just don’t want to, or cannot make your health a matter of top priority in your life, well then you need to find someone who can, and will help you in this vital matter!

Being truly fit and healthy is not something optional; without your health in balance nothing else in your life is worth anything.  Strong words, I know, but think about it:
Let’s say you have millions upon millions of dollars, but you are getting fatter year by year, you sleep badly, you have brain fog much of the time, you have lots of creeping ailments like severe headaches, stomach problems, acid reflux, high blood pressure, perhaps an autoimmune disease like arthritis... or maybe you have developed cancer or heart disease!  What good are your millions in the face of this deterioration of health?  Fixating on money is the goal of most modern Americans; I would suggest fixating on health first.

Here is where a good health coach, someone who has really researched what real, honest to God health, Ancestral/Paleo type of real, natural, robust, non-drug propped up to keep you barely alive existence but real health really is!  Whew- what a mouthful-
But truly, it is vital that you know how and what to do to be healthy.  And the truth is, in today’s world where all the old handed down  wisdom of our ancestors has been tossed aside and replaced with pseudo- science- it takes a lot of learning to get back up to speed with what humans figured out over eons.  So, follow along with me, your ever-faithful PaleoJay- I will give you condensed versions of what to do, each week on my paleojay podcast, in the pages of my blog, and soon I plan to do a series of videos...All of this is meant to help you and yours find your way to the serious business of HEALTH.

But, I know many folks won’t, or can’t become their own guides to health.  Many are just too busy, and some are just too overwhelmed by all the mountains of data to plow through, many of which are wrong paths and deadends.  If this is you, or you are currently diagnosed with High Cholesterol, and your medical Dr. wants to put you on a statin drug- RUN, don’t walk, to Chris Kresser’s High Cholesterol Action Plan!  In this detailed summary of ALL the current science on the subject, Chris, your new health coach, will have you knowing MORE than your M.D. in short order.  Go to the sidebar of, and there is a link to take you to Chris and his High Cholesterol Action Plan.   Chris knows more about nutrition and drug interaction than just about anybody, and he has put together several courses to educate you, easily, through video, mp3’s, and written material as well so that you will know exactly what to do to maximize your own health! High Cholesterol Action Plan

If you are basically healthy and just want a great Paleo overview and course of detailed action, get the Personal Paleo Code; or, as it has been updated and renamed in conjunction with partner Robb Wolf- Paleologix Total Transformation!  This course will guide you to your own, personal ideal Paleo diet, and walk you back to the future to the new Paleo You, all dialed in in 90 days!  Highly recommended..Personal Paleo Code with Chris Kresser and Robb Wolf

And, if you are expecting a new baby, or plan to be in the near future, the Healthy Baby Code is a must! Discover the absolutely essential steps you should take — before, during & after pregnancy — to set the stage for fertility and lifelong health for your baby.

Nutrition is critical for us all- but for babies and expectant mothers it is CRUCIAL.  Don’t be pregnant without it!  Healthy Baby Code

All links to connect with Chris Kresser, and Robb Wolf on the Paleologix Total Transformation along with Chris, are available on the sidebar of

And the one other thing I heard from a friend - “I need my oil change today!”
What she was referring to was her Paleo Smoothie that she starts her day with, every day.  Just as I do, and as I recommend to all of you- have a big, all-nutrients-included smoothie each day, and just with that ONE step you have gone a long way towards resolving your dietary requirements and long time deficiencies!  It really is that powerful, and that transformative.  Get yourself a Vitamix blender, and you are set- soon, you will be making your own “supplements” with real food, in your blender, daily!  The one tool I would not be without is my Vitamix.  Also a link at to purchase one with free shipping, so go there youngster!  Help your health son!

Tribal relations are important, and you are my favorite listener, and so an important tribal member!  I really want you to regain your health and fitness, and to maintain them for a long and satisfying and pain free life.  So, come talk with me every week, and together we will be on a long path upwards, up to the next level of health, weekly!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

PaleoJay podcast #43- Last in the Trilogy of A New Paleo You- Back to the Future- with Exercise!!

Listen now- click link, scroll down to player and play away PaleoJay!

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Hello to you, my favorite listener- thanks for tuning in!  I hope you’ve been along for the ride so far on our making a New Paleo You by going Back to the Future- back to the real, God-made foods eaten by our Paleolithic ancestors of 10,000 years plus; and even the diet of our great grandparents which was much, much closer to the natural diet of humans than what we consume now.

To recap- in week one the recommendation was to change our diet- this is the first, second, third and fourth steps in reclaiming our healthy, Paleo self from the past!  Lots of real foods- pastured butter, grass fed meat, wild caught seafood, lots of vegetables, real sea salt, cultured dairy like Amasi and kefir, nuts, some fruit.  If fat loss is not a priority, white rice and sweet potatoes, and even white potatoes on occasion are fine as well.  Eat LOTS, until you are really full of real food; THEN, you won’t be so tempted by the inevitable JUNK (modern processed) fake food like substances that so inundate our current environment.  Week two, we added in movement, not really exercise, just walking as much as we can at a normal, easy pace into our everyday life.  Also, the crucial importance of sleep was brought up- 8 hours per night minimum!

One of the lynchpins of the New Paleo You transformation is to add in a daily green smoothie, preferably the tried-and-true new paleo you paleo smoothie, whipped up in your trusty Vitamix blender!  This one step ensures ample vegetables each day, quick and easy, but it also ensures ample everything- the Paleo Smoothie on is so loaded with nutrient density that it alone will cover most of the nutritional battle!  So kids- blend it up each day, just like PaleoJay!

Now, in our final step in going Back to the Future we will add in real, honest to God and nature exercise- although it may seem different from the heavy weight lifting, crazy frantic cardio, and other sports oriented sorts of fitness regimens, it is just as effective, much safer, incredibly convenient, and injury preventive rather than a cause of injury!  The name of this miracle exercise: Virtual Resistance Exercise!  Ta Da!!

The idea is to flex the muscles, deliberately and slowly, through a complete range of motion, supplying the resistance within the musculature itself- for instance, practice doing a curl with your right arm, flex it hard, and slowly curl it up, imagining you are curling a heavy dumbell- you can make it as hard as you like!  Do it for reps, say 8...
You’ll notice the results seem very similar to curling a real weight, but there is no danger of strain to the back, no cheating is possible by swinging the weight, and most importantly, it strengthens the ligaments and tendons as well- kind of building real world strength from the inside out!   Really, do this for a while, for each musculature section of the body in turn, and your physique and strength will change dramatically, with virtually no risk of injury, no investment in equipment, and the ability to do it anywhere! ( I prefer to do my virtual resistance training in the early morning, daily, in front of the television in the living room)... high point of my day, really!

Here is a good visual representation of how to do it, by John Peterson of Transformetrics-Transformetrics exercises

The basics are ably outlined here by John and Wendy Pett, showing these core exercises that are equally beneficial to men and women.

And, here is a quick version by a babyish 60 year old mois (I’m now 61), going through a demonstration of a good morning routine-
visualized resistance demo with PaleoJay

Another great plus in my mind to doing these virtual resistance exercises is that they can be done daily- the trauma to the muscle tissues is that much less.  This results in a natural looking, chiseled type of muscular development, rather that a bulky, or chunky type of physique- think Greek Sculpture in lie of a Russian Dump Truck...

After a few weeks of eating a Paleo type of diet, walking a lot, sleeping 8 hours per night, and doing virtual exercises on a regular basis, you will really be transformed- physically, mentally, and even spiritually!

That’s how transformative and rejuvenative this returning to the Natural diet and lifestyle meant for us by our Creator, and hard-wired into us by Nature, really is!

Back to the Future, indeed!

After awhile, you will be feeling so healthy and become so energized  that you will naturally just crave more exercise- the feeling of moving your body through nature is built into us as well- this is where another great idea can come into your life-
with Erwann Lecour’s  Movnat !

This is just a system of exercise that, like virtual resistance, is ancient and natural to the human species of animal- simply moving ourselves around through a natural environment, trees and grass, over sticks and around obstacles like rocks, climbing, balancing, jumping, and doing it all barefoot; again, like virtual resistance exercise without equipment and apparatus.  Just bear in mind that Erwann is an advanced example in these videos- start slowly, just walking around your yard or in a park barefoot, running occasionally, and build up to a weekly sprint session!  Experiment with climbing, crawling, and just immersing yourself outside in nature!  Almost all of us have cut ourselves off from nature, turning ourselves into captive Zoo Animals that have lost the ability to get about in our natural environment as God intended...

We really have all that we need to maintain and increase the abilities of our bodies within ourselves!  That is the truth behind all of the misinformation we have been fed since birth, that we need complicated routines and machines, surgeries and drugs, special shoes and clothing to be healthy and fit!

Nothing could be farther from the truth!  As Angelo Coppola of the excellent podcast puts it, “Humans are not broken by default”.

Amen to that!
In closing, I will mention that I have an ebook on the iBookstore, Amazon, and everywhere else called Perfectly Paleo Exercise goes into much more detail on this topic.

And so- Welcome Back to the Paleo Future!  It’s going to be a heck of a ride, do fire up your inner Delorean and throw in some real, God made fuel and let’s start this ride!

And check back here on a regular basis at , and don’t forget to tune in to the PaleoJay podcast, each Monday, on iTunes, Stitcher, the Downcast app for your phone, or even right on your computer at !

Questions or comments?  Speak them right into my site on your computer, and I’ll hear what you have to say.  I promise I will respondez vous ...  And, leave a review on iTunes, and I will be forever grateful my friend- again, you are the best listener ever!

God bless us, everyone!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

PaleoJay podcast #42 Back to the Future - A New Paleo You Part Two

Listen now by scrolling down on this link to the player...

I'll be on iTunes by tomorrow at the latest- PaleoJay #41 on iTunes

PaleoJay podcast #42

Back to the Future 2- a New Paleo You!

Last week we started you on your journey back to the future, by making you a more paleolithic self, starting with DIET alone.  Now, we will continue our 4 week total Paleo self reinvention- I hope you have done well for the first 7 days!  If you have made it intact through that first week, know that you have done the hardest part by far!  The first few days, especially, are the most difficult, as you retrain yourself to eat correctly for you species, which of course is the homo sapien species, not the grain and sugar eating  Bird species of diet which is the current misguided approach...

Even if you slipped up once or twice, it’s no big deal at all- the point is to gradually and systematically keep moving in the right direction- passing on grains and grain based products, fast “fake” foods, and boatloads of sugar and/or artificial sweeteners (which are basically the same thing- BAD!).  If you slip and fall, just get back on the horse and get going in the right direction!  

This week, although it is still early for really beginning to exercise, I want you to start- Walking!  Not really for exercise, or for burning calories, but just because it’s what humans do.  We move, not like we’re being pushed with a cattle prod, but at a natural, pleasant pace, for a good portion of our day.  For now, park at the back of the lot at the store, at work, and walk the extra 2 or 3 minutes it will take you to get inside.  Make it a habit- my 93 year old father has done this his whole life, and still does it!  Take stairs, not elevators.  Just live like people did 100 years ago, and you are pretty much on track with being paleo!  Real foods, prepared at home, when eating grains they had the non-GMO ancient varieties, and fast food didn’t exist.  LOTS of good, natural fat like pastured butter (Haven’t you enjoyed that this past week??  Instead of vegetable oils and margarine fake fats??)  OH- note this: margarine was originally invented to lubricate machinery!  So, it’s kind of like spraying WD 40 down your throat...

Anyway, now you are walking, lubricating your joints, and just plain keeping the machinery of your body working!  What a concept; somehow we have forgotten just how important it is to simply MOVE.  That’s how most folks end up in nursing homes- they have just stopped moving, and before long they cannot move.  So keep moving, son!
Turn Around!!! Back to the future!

I touched on sleep last week, but I want to reiterate its importance here again, and want you to get 8 to 9 hours of sleep all this entire week!  Most people get far less than that, and have no idea how good you can feel when you just sleep enough!  Black out your bedroom if there are lights outside at night, get the tv out of the bedroom as well- the bedroom is not a recreation place- it is a sacred sleeping spot, where you will spend a good, restful, restorative 1/3 of your life; getting into that all-important dream state where our minds resolve most of our issues in life, if we only give our subconscious the time and sleep state that it needs.  Mental problems are inevitable for sleep deprivation, just as physical problems like diabesity, cancer and heart problems are inevitable for nutrient deprivation, which is another name for the S.A.D. Standard American Diet!
So, this week especially, concentrate on walking and sleeping, along with your upgraded Ancestral diet.

There is one other thing I would suggest you begin this week as well, on your Paleo Journey back to the future part 2- do light stretching and mobility work immediately upon  waking in the morning.  I don’t mean stretch and hold static stretching- I mean just reaching up as high as you can with either arm, stretching out first thing!  Then, roll your head on your neck, several times 360 degrees in each direction, then work your way through each joint of your body- after your neck, rotate your wrists and elbows each direction, then arm circles with outstretched palms for the shoulder joints, again both ways.  The point is not to WORK so much as it is to gradually lubricate and awaken your body and limbs, slowly and methodically... Next, twist at the waist to facing left, then right several times, do a 1/4 of the way down squat several times.  Stand next on one foot, and spin your other foot at the ankle both ways.  This is the most natural, best way to wake up in the world!  Just this little bit of morning “constitutional” will do so much to prepare your body for the day, and it just plain feels really, really good!

Watch any other animal waking up, especially a cat, and you will realize the modern human practice of just stumbling up out of bed and getting going with no preparation is crazy wrong!  Trust me, start doing this each morning, for just a couple of minutes, and you will be doing more for your bodily health than running a 10K, by far!

After all, you want to be a Paleo Marty McFly, don’t you?  Agilely leaping on your skateboard like a cat, while bulky, stiff Biff, who never did his agility exercises, runs into the back of a manure truck?  

Of course you do!

Oh, one more thing- I hope you are making a daily smoothie in your Vitamix by now!  There is nothing that will make your Paleo Transition back to the future easier, more sustainable, and just effortless than making a paleo smoothie for yourself and your family! has a link to purchase a Vitamix with free shipping, which is a great deal- if cost is an issue, get the refurbished model- it’s just as good, and will last you a long, long time!  You just can’t pick out a really cool color, like red or green... but the same great machine!

I do have one more thing I want you to do: do NOT drink soda pop!  Ever.  Take the money you used to spend on that poison sugar or non-sugar chemical poison water, and put it in your Vitamix savings fund.  You will be drinking the healthiest thing on the planet from now on, instead of one of the most unhealthy ones.  And so, I toast you with a tall, green, creamy Paleo Smoothie and say welcome back to the future!  See you next Sunday with our next installment.  And, if you are enjoying your journey back, please give the paleojay podcast a good rating on iTunes- that helps out a lot!  I mean, I know you are my most important listener, but other people sure can use the information as well to improve their health and lives.

Thanks, and Good Day!