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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #11- Just Add in GOOD FOOD!

Let’s say you’ve followed along for the first 10 episodes of Paleo Quick Tip of the Day… you have cleaned up your diet, added in quality sleep, eliminated the junk, started meditating a bit each day, added in some quality visualized resistance exercise and pushups in the morning, and started into walking and hiking more- Wow!  I’ll bet you feel great by now, and your friends and workmates wonder what happened to you!  Your skin is probably clear and glowing, you have lost some fat weight already, and you just feel fantastic-perhaps others are asking you advice.

Well, one thing you can do is to tell them to order the new book by Terry Wahls called the Wahls Protocol!  Dr. Wahls had Multiple Sclerosis, and totally reversed it by adhering to a diet and lifestyle just like what I am recommending to you weekly here at Paleo Quick Tip of the Day and at  at the PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe.  She goes even farther than most, though, and has recommendations for fighting and reversing autoimmune disease- things like MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and psoriasis, among many others.  She goes into detail on how to attain ketosis, a state that can be a miracle worker in fighting these ailments, as well as cancer and epilepsy… we’re not just talking your average person’s fight with a few extra pounds, and brain fog and fatigue here!

Today, though, what I want to talk about is the advice that you can give others about “going Paleo”!  First, of course, mention this podcast, and  (natch!)  Then, substitute my original podcast’s advice, which was “Grains are Enemy #1”, with this podcast title- “Add Good Foods First!”

Thanks to Dr. Wahls, I realize now that this is the proper beginning- just add in quality, nutrient dense foods as a first step.

Start in by eating 9 cups of non-starchy vegetables and berries each day!!

Just by following this one step of packing your diet with the most healthful, nutrient dense foods on the planet, you will:
1. ADD IN more nutrients that everyone is sadly lacking, making the body incredibly more healthy and vital right off the bat!
2. CROWD OUT much, if not most, of the bad foods (like grains!) that are making you sick, fat, and unhealthy!!

And so, I am officially revising my podcast, to start with #11 first- Add Good Foods First!
It’s kind of a genius idea, since it makes all the other parts, like cutting grains, soy, and junk foods, fast food and sugar so much more easy!

And, if it seems hard to imaging eating 9 cups of veggies and berries each day…

Consider drinking them!  (See podcast #4- The Green Smoothie)  Go to for more information, including my ebooks Paleo Quick Start and  Perfectly Paleo Exercise,  along with a link to order a Vitamix blender to make your smoothie with free shipping…

In fact, if I were to make one, single recommendation, it would be to have a-


Just by that one step, over 1/2 of the battle has been won- that is how powerful it is, and it is


I am so glad that Dr. Wahls is on my side!  I think she loves green smoothies as much as I do!!

But, I add in even MORE nutrient density… because, although I am not an M.D., I am…


Sunday, March 23, 2014

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe #73 A Healthy Gut means a Slim Body and a Happy Mind

How cute- HAPPY gut flora- happy gut buddies!!
Did you know that, if you get and maintain a healthy GUT, you will get and maintain a healthy weight, that is a healthy body composition of low fat to more muscle?  This is the fascinating stuff that is emerging from new research, and the studying of past research from the 1950’s…

It seems that of the many beneficial strains of intestinal bacteria, or “gut bugs” that live within each and every one of us, there are some bacteria “gut buddies” that help us to maintain a healthy weight of less fat!  When these bacteria are killed off, via antibiotics, we are unable to regulate this healthy ratio of fat to lean tissue- thus, WE GET FAT!

The other way we inadvertently kill these beneficial “fat regulator gut buddies” is by eating a processed food diet, with none of the resistant starches to
feed them- if we eat a corn/soy/corn syrup diet, we feed exactly the wrong, bad microbes that we do NOT want in our guts- the ones that make us fat, and SICK.  You know, the diabesity foods that lead us down the now all-too-typical path of fat gain, disinclination to movement and exercise, depression, more fat gain, pre-diabetes, diabetes, and ultimately heart disease and/or cancer…

Back in the early 1950’s, there were experiments sponsored by pharmaceutical companies that determined that the new antibiotic drugs were effective for weight gain- first it was tried on chickens, and then cattle…  this is the reason antibiotics were originally introduced in cattle feed!    It was not to prevent disease- back then most cattle did not get sick, since they were raised on grass, in typical farms of open air grazing and humane treatment, which kept them healthy.  But, too skinny and lean from the farmer’s point of view- after all, the fatter he could get those cattle, the more money they brought at the sale barn.  So, the new antibiotic feed was in great demand- it made the cattle FAT!

They really didn’t know how the drug made the animals fat- they were just glad it did… it was later that they realized that, since the antibiotics also had the effect of preventing disease under unsanitary conditions, that the CAFO model of animal farming reared its ugly head-


All thanks to these miracle drugs put in their feed…

Then, there were also experiments done on humans- and the results were the same!  Humans also got much bigger and fatter!!  (Remember: this was in the 1950’s, when bigger was better!  They all wanted to be BIG!)  Nowadays, when almost everybody is big and fat, right down to the kids, we all want the opposite, and rightfully so.

And now, we know just why  the drugs work for fattening animals (and humans), or at least are starting to figure it out- certain strains of gut bacteria are being killed, and other bad strains are being cultured, the first by the drugs, and the second by a bad, grain and sugar based diet.

A tip of the hat to Angel Coppola at for going into depth on all of this on his latest podcast, Latest in Paleo, which I highly recommend.  Check it out for more in depth on this topic…

But as a takeaway, remember this- a healthy gut biome means a healthy you!

And so, consume fermented foods, like sauerkraut, naturally fermented pickles, and kimchee… put potato starch in you daily green paleo smoothie- that is key-it feeds your healthy gut bugs better than anything- eat some resistant starch like Uncle Ben’s parboiled (converted) rice- cook it, and then freeze and reheat for a more effective prebiotic, meaning it feeds the beneficial gut microbes so they can multiply, and thereby stop YOU from multiplying your fat cells!

I have an interesting side note to offer on this topic, my own N=1 experiment on myself:  since adding in potato starch to my smoothie, with no other changes in my otherwise quite healthy lifestyle, my waist has dropped a full inch… and I thought I didn’t really have any fat to lose!  Rather startling, really- and just by feeding my gut buddies well for about a month or so.  I believe it was visceral fat;  the kind that is deep within and around the organs- not really visible, but the most damaging kind… and so, good riddance visceral fat!

The one other thing I’d like to say, is this: that by feeding and healing your gut fauna, by including ample prebiotic food for them in the form of potato starch and other resistant starches like the reheated parboiled rice and green bananas, you are allowing these beneficial little microbes to regulate your weight properly; but you are also letting them influence your mind  as well!  You will find that you are much calmer, much more “in the moment” in daily living, and also you will have very interesting, compelling, lucid dreams on a nightly basis…

At least I, in my experiment of one, have had these results.  Last night, my daughter came over (in my dream) with a 150 pound little elephant, and the next thing I knew we were leading it on an expedition up a huge hill…  it was really fun, and we both loved that little elephant…


But that’s OK- all dreams are fun, and I believe are manifestations that our subconscious is healthy and happy, and communicating with our conscious mind.  And they are great fun as well!  I look forward to my “other night life” quite a bit now, and it makes going to bed early and getting my ideal 8 and 1/2 hours of nightly restorative sleep all the more appealing!  The dreams are much better than network television!!

So, shed your fat, build your brain and psyche, and get down with your sleep!  Just avoid antibiotics as much as possible, feed your gut buddies, and build your health along with that of your little “friends” within.


P.S.  We Love You!!

Your gut buddies

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sitting is the New Smoking- Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast #10

We’ve talked for nine weeks about how to integrate the Paleo lifestyle into our lives…

From eliminating grains, especially wheat in the first week, and then going to improving, sleep, adding in visualized resistance exercise, making and drinking a daily Paleo Green smoothie, and eliminating junk foods like soda pop, candy, cookies, and cake.  Then, we recommended getting a local source for our meats that is grass fed and pastured to replace the corn fed Confined Animal Feeding Operation meat that is standard in the grocery…

And then, we integrated a session of meditation into our daily routine, along with potato starch in our daily smoothie!  Last week, the healthy addition was pushups to our exercise sessions, and popcorn with healthy pastured butter and sea salt to our snack mix.  If you have kept up with all of this, I am certain that you have started noticing very positive changes to your body!

Most folks will have lost fat weight, and actually gained muscle, resulting in not only a healthier body, but one that is more pleasing and symmetrical , with a reduced pants size and a smaller waist and butt…One thing that happens every time is a much leaner face- if you have some photos of yourself from 10 weeks ago or more, just look back- in this day of digital photos and iPhones, almost everyone has tons of photos on their computer!  Check out some of your old “selfies”, and compare to your present photo- you will be surprised at the difference!   It’s kind of like a natural facelift- it can be quite startling!

And it doesn’t take long at all to take place, living this lifestyle!

It seems to be an indicator of all of the healthy changes that are taking place within your body, but this one shows on the outside for all to see!  A healthy glow, and much healthier skin overall is another result that you should see about now.  This should give you the impetus to do even more- like to walk instead of run, and stand instead of sit!

If you are one that worked out most days, and then went home and sat, and went to work and sat, and then drove to and from and sat, and drove to accounts sitting… this is, in my opinion, on par with smoking cigarettes!  Even if you work out hard for an hour a day or more!!

To move, to stand, to fidget even- we humans were designed to move, not sit!  That’s what humans do- move, daily, pretty much all day long!  Not run, not lift weights, but simply… move, slowly and pleasantly, most of our day.

So, after you do your morning visualized resistance exercise, which in itself qualifies perfectly as gentle movement- resolve to continue this throughout the day!  Park far from the office, or the store and walk there… take the stairs if you can!  Walk around your yard, or the park.  Hike through the hills on the weekend or in the evenings.  If you watch television, do some visualized resistance exercise, or stand up and do some self resisted curls; do a deep squat and sit like that- the Asian Squat- and build your flexibility and health by sitting without a chair, as humans did for centuries!

Walking, and just plain movement is one of the major predictors of longevity and health, it turns out… it’s not how fast you can run, or how much you can lift…  it is simply how often, and how constantly, you actually MOVE!

Life IS movement!  When the body stops moving, the body starts to… shut down!  And so, this week of #10, your mantra is to keep moving-

Not hard- Not necessarily fast- But MOVE-

Your health depends on it!!

If you really want to move on this, consider listening to my more in depth sister podcast, PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe, at and on iTunes and Stitcher- and if you really want to dig in and transform your life, as fast and efficiently as possible, go to, and click on the top banner for Robb Wolfe’s Paleo Transformation!  Robb has the whole enchilada all wrapped up for you to use, in one simple package!

But, if you are content with the step-by-step, Paleo Quick Tip of the Day way with PaleoJay- stay tuned!  We are on our way… Back- to the future of health and fitness!

Monday, March 17, 2014

A PALEO GUIDE, that will Transform Your Health- in 30 Days!!

Click here for health!

OK- I have a strong affinity to HEALTH!

I want you all to be healthy, fit, lean and strong...



You just need  a little help.

This is where my man Robb Wolf can really help out-


And probably the first, and second words, too!

Your own PaleoJay is committed to helping you to succeed in health and fitness!  I will do all that I can, through my own website here at, my other at, and at my two podcasts, the first is PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe, which is a little more in depth, and also my shorter, every Wednesday podcast Paleo Quick Tip of the Day.

Either of these will help you, in my humble opinion, immeasurably...

But, if you want to be guided, step by step into ultimate HEALTH AND FITNESS, BY A TRUE EXPERT AND TRAILBLAZER:


I will be with you, every step of the way!  For I am... PaleoJay!  

But for a rock-solid, hold-your-hand-every-step of the way guide, Robb Wolfe will do that...

The program is great, from one of the true experts- go with it, you will NOT be sorry!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

The BEST Way to EXERCISE- Dance Walking!!

This is the best form of exercise, bar none!!

I know, I have talked of visualized resistance exercise; isometrics, and self-resisted...

I've gone on and on about pushups, and pullups, and chin ups, and even straight-legged sit ups and the perfect pushup device- but THIS MY FRIENDS IS THE BE-ALL and END-ALL of EXERCISE:  dance walking!!!!  

Party on dudes!!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The best training BAREFOOT SHOE I have found- Xero Shoes!

Xero Shoes  - These are the very best sort of "shoe" I have found for running, and walking barefoot! 
See the above Sensori Venture, which is what I have, and recommend, for anyone getting into barefoot running and walking, or even just standing...  this is, in my opinion, the perfectly Paleo version of barefoot, natural movement.  

Watch what Stephen, the CEO of Xero shoes has to say about this latest offering of his company:

Your own PaleoJay did quite a bit of research about barefoot shoes, and finally zeroed in on this form of sandal, the Huarache as the best compromise of minimalist form, function, and price...

But, even if price was no object I would recommend this Sensori Venture above any other shoe I found, anywhere!  Why?

It's indestructible!  No one has worn out a pair yet!  Guaranteed for 5000 miles!!

Barefoot, but with PROTECTION for your foot!  You do need some "cover" in the modern world, to simulate barefootedness without injury!

Not CLUNKY and dumb looking (and FEELING!) like Vibram 5 fingers and the like!  Put them on, and you will look (and feel!) like you have nothing on your feet!

Customizable with cool colors and "bling" if you so desire!  I went with basic black, but that's just me- check out the options right here- Xero Shoes

PRICE!  I know, I said even if price was no object I would go with the Xero shoes... but the price is way cheaper than the inferior competition!!  

So, once again, if you are looking at barefoot shoes and barefoot running and walking, Xero shoes are the ones to get.  

I did my last several workouts with them on, and they are great for that as well!  And I think that, this Summer and Spring, I will be wearing them just about everywhere...

You can even make your own with kits they provide, and save even more money- but, I recommend the Sensori Venture model  for just about everyone, first pair- All the work is done for you- just put them on!  And, again: the price is right!


Sunday, March 9, 2014

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe #72- Food is not just Energy, and Sleep is not just Rest

The bottom line is this: the food we take into our bodies is a complex array of nutrients, phyto-nutrients, calories (i.e: Energy), and a complex array of things we have yet to discover that nurture our bodies and minds in a very complex and intricate symbiosis…    Processed foods, foods from Big Food manufacturers  and fast food sellers are largely devoid of nutrients- what they do have is mainly added in after the fact in the form of supplemental (read: chemical!) vitamins.

This is akin to what Big Agriculture has become- pumping chemical nitrogen into a depleted soil in order to produce grain crops of corn, (mainly for high fructose corn syrup and feeding cattle), and soybeans, (mainly for oils, which are highly damaging for humans).  So- the grain is damaging to us in the form of the HFCS, and is also damaging in the form of cattle feed, since cattle, like us, really cannot be healthy and thriving on grains.  They are ruminants, and need grass!

Let’s repeat that again: cows are ruminants, and are meant to EAT GRASS!

It shows just how out of touch we are in modern America that we don’t even know that anymore!  I guarantee our grandparents knew it, and all of our ancestors preceding them.  In fact, the only informed people that don’t know about it are the ignorant, and those who want to keep the rest of us ignorant for their own financial gain.

The reason cows are fed corn is because grains make them FAT!  

More fat in the meat, more weight on the hoof and more money for the seller….  Unfortunately, this grain also makes the cattle sick, and necessitates them being dosed liberally with antibiotics and other rather toxic medicines to keep them alive the few short months they need to suffer to gain sufficient size to slaughter.  This gives us meat, but meat that is from sick animals, with a vastly decreased nutritional profile.

Grass fed cattle are much, much more healthy for us to consume- this grass fed meat is loaded with all of the nutrients that our bodies need to be healthy and happy, and not corn-fed toxic fat beef marbling, loaded with antibiotics and other medicine residues!

The interplay between Nature and God made foods and our own physiology is very complex.  We pretend we know just what nutrients we need to survive, but the sad truth is that our knowledge is surface only- we know how to prevent scurvy, for instance, but to provide real vitality and health we have no knowledge really at all, except to say:

“Eat the minimum daily requirements of vitamins and minerals, as determined by the FDA”.

This is a prescription that will keep you from scurvy, and some other diseases, but ignores (because they have no idea!) of what you need for HEALTH and WELLNESS.  And isn’t that what we want??

So, you DO have to eat real, healthy, whole, God made foods, as close to their natural state as you can get them, to really be healthy and vital!  Processed and Fast Foods just won’t cut it- drop them our of your diet!

And, while you are at it, turn off your TV and computer and get some quality SLEEP! (Not just rest…)

We all actually get…. TOO MUCH REST!  What??

Yes, really- we sit all day long, most of us, in front of computers, televisions, iPads, and all manner of screens.  We rest constantly, and our bodies crave, and require MOVEMENT.  So, please, start walking as much as possible instead of driving, and riding your bike, and hiking, and doing your Perfectly Paleo Exercises daily… your body will thank you, as will your mind…

But, in addition, we all need good quality sleep!

Sleep does far more than just “rest” us- it is crucial for our bodies in terms of immune function, weight regulation, memory, learning, mood, and many other vital needs.  Like our Real Foods that we don’t know all of the benefits of yet, Real SLEEP has benefits that are as of yet uncharted, but all the more real irregardless.

Sleep avoidance has long been regarded as kind of a “badge of honor”, since that meant your were a really hard worker or party-er, or whatever-er…

Well, that is totally, unabashedly STUPID.

Sleep is utterly vital and necessary and desirable.
To shortchange it willfully is foolish, stupid, and ignorant!

So, to get back to topic:

Get ample sleep each night.  Think of it as like working out- it’s a badge of honor!  The more sleep you get, the more of a smart, hard worker, partie-er, and whatever-er, you can be, just because the quality sleep produces a higher quality YOU!

One tip here: get a quality, LED red nightlight if you use one.  This won’t disturb your circadian cycle like a real nightlight will.  Also, install the free app  onto your computer!  This will automatically start blocking the blue light after dark in your area, gradually preparing you for sleep- very effective indeed!  And, don’t watch TV right up until bedtime.  Switch it off at least an hour before hand, and read, or converse before bed.

It really does!  We are meant to sleep for a good 8 hours per night, at least, for a very good set of reasons…

Just as we were fine-tuned over millennia to eat God made foods from Nature for a very good set of reasons…

And so please- Listen to reason!