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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Open Borders

I have left my screen door propped open this afternoon, so that the cats can have free access in and out...

Unfortunately, at a certain point I noticed myriads of flies buzzing around, and even some mosquitoes and a few wasps!!

"Hmm... open borders, " I thought.

I built a wall by shutting the screen door all the way!  No more flies, or stinging horrors in my house!!

How simple is this concept?  Open borders = no safe Nation!

pqtd podcast #129 Paleo Politics

Boy, will I ruffle some feathers with this one!  Well, that’s fine: I have never been either politically correct, or a moderate “flip-flopper” like so many…

I watched the Democratic Party Convention for awhile last night, and it was… horrendous.  There was NO American flag, but a Syrian one and rainbow flags all in evidence.  It turns out that the Dems have abandoned actual working people, and have become a party of privileged elites, with  welfare and illegal immigrant votes to prop it all up.  I waited and waited to hear what Bernie Sanders would say, since he had been conned by Hillary and the rest of the elite, ruling democrats to believe that he and his supporters had a chance at getting the presidential nomination. 
I waited, and all the rest of us waited, and waited… the elite Dems purposely waited until about 11 PM central time to put him on, and so I, and all the rest of Paleo People (not to mention the stoned Bernie supporters and all people who actually had to go to work the next day) were asleep in their beds!  (Inclined, hopefully!) 
As Bernie started to speak, his Robin Hood-hatted supporters, once he caved in and supported evil Hillary, booed during his whole lackluster, cookie-cutter speech!   On a repeat the next day, even I was “feeling the Bern”, a little.  The Betrayed Bern of his supporters, that is- it appears, once again, that Socialism and Communism, those kissing cousins, are all about power and perks for the elite- with some crumbs thrown to the supporters.  That is the bottom line- no “shining city on a hill”, that is classic conservatism my friends.

Today, as I mowed my acreage in 90 degree heat, I listened to Rush Limbaugh wax eloquent on the whole thing:  Bottom line?  Here is the platform of the New Democrat, Obama and Hillary party:

Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, Occupy Wall Street, stripping God from their party platform, transgender bathroom advocates, anti-police, pro-death panels, baby butchers!

I know, it sounds extreme, doesn’t it?  But- doesn’t it also ring completely true??

Everyday, pretty much, there is a new Islamic fundamentalist Terrorist attack, killing innocents in the West, both the US and Western Europe.  We have a terrible NON-President Obama who will not even name the enemy!  His successor, Hillary Clinton, is just as evil, and will up the ante on the Obama agenda, if elected. 
She has already betrayed us, giving up our secrets to Russians, Chinese, and other enemies of America.  She should be in jail!  If we all lived in small tribes, as in the Ancestral lifestyle, Hillary would have been banished from the tribe long ago.  Character reveals itself quickly in tribal settings…

That is all I will say politically, although I could go on and on and on- I’m sure you could too!  The thing I’m trying to point out, though, is that political correctness, or “just going with the flow”, is very anti- Paleo! 
Liberal Democrats go with the flow.  They are completely onboard with things like GMO’s (Obama swore to fight them, and they have been increased under his regime far more than any other), big corporate food, (Michelle has supported the WORST school lunch program of all time!); they love big government solutions to everything:

Government schooling in the inner cities: Total failure
Agricultural subsidies for big grain farmers: Total decimation of the nation’s health
FDA control of pharmaceuticals: Resulting in big buyouts of government by those same corporations
And a total lack of faith in the individual, and capitalism.  This failure runs throughout all of the nation now, with the Federal Government taking control of almost EVERYTHING, and mandating their horrible agenda over all of us.

I hope I don’t soracy theorist, because we are now far past all of that!  The madmen are now running the asylum.  Small town America has beeund like a conspin made an enemy of the Federal government, with ALL of their support going (with your tax dollars) to things you would abhor, if you were aware of them.  Like those I’ve listed above.

Please- vote Republican.  I don’t care if you hate Trump; if this was a horse race, HE is by far the best choice.  Not just because he will win, but because the other horses are toxic and evil, both to you and your families, and to Liberty itself.  Still in doubt?  Go watch “Hillary’s America” as soon as you can.  It really does explain it all, at last.  Your substandard education will get an upgrade!  And you will actually know American History at last!

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast #133- Plan NOW for your 65 year anniversary, and your 96th birthday!

That’s right, my mother and father are celebrating two events in one tomorrow- both their 65th wedding anniversary, and the birthday of my father turning 96!
I know in this day and age, both milestones are very, very, very rarely attained!  I remember, a few years ago, I was visiting in Illinois in Chicago for an event along with 4 of my brothers.  A black man of middle years asked me “are you all a rock band?”  I guess my hair, and a couple of my brothers was a little on the longish side…
“No,” I said, “we are all brothers!”
Without missing a beat, he asked incredulously, “All from the same Daddy??”
I assured him we were, and as we walked away, I saw him shaking his head in disbelief.

I say this to point out how rare it is, in this day and age for:
1. A couple to stay together for 65 years
2. This same couple to live in good health to the ages of 96 and 90, respectively
3. To have raised 8 children, all of whom are healthy, happy, and graduated from college and working- (except for mois, paleoJay, since I am retired, 64, and only working part time at jobs I love!
4. To still be living at home, in the two story house they have lived in since 1960, when yours truly, their eldest son, was in 4th grade!

Of course, to me this is a big deal!  But what does it mean to you, oh Paleo aficionado?  Well, aside from your massive allegiance to, it means that you should try to live as they have lived.  
How is this?  Simple, really- 
1. My dad walked, and still walks, everywhere.  He used to take the train into the city for many years, either walking or riding his bicycle to the train station about a mile away.  Then, he would walk to his office, another mile or so away.  He used to be amazed at his friends, who would be dropped off at the train station by their wives, and then take a taxi to their office!  He really didn’t like it, and like his son PaleoJay, he would try to get them to follow his lead into better habits.  
Oh, even now, he always parks as far as he can from the entrance to any store he visits.  Always!

2. Although not paleo, (no one was back in his day), he always knew that “bready” things were bad.  He never tried to eliminate them, but he always knew to minimize the bread, whether pasta, dough, or whatever.  Also, remember that for most of his life, grains were the ancient grains of the Bible- the “waving fields of tall wheat”, not the squat, hideous altered high-gluten grains of today.  My mother felt the same way, and ate the same way.

3. My parents always ate lots of fruits and vegetables, and woke early.  They didn’t stay up late watching television like so many of my parent’s friends, and they always had a vegetable garden.  Also, they never put chemicals on their lawn like so many started doing in the 1970’s.

4. They always walked around barefoot in the yard, and encouraged us to do likewise!  I think part of this was to save on the cost of shoes, but heck- they did it too!  And we all spent most of our free time in the yard.  We played games, whiffleball and kickball, we built a monorail, we had a rope to climb- that was where we all hung out- all eight of us!  And also, we were the home that our friends wanted to come visit- it was fun.

5. Other neighbors of my parent’s age started moving when their kids (usually one or two at most) moved out from home to go to college.  They moved into ranch houses or, (worse in my dad’s and my opinion), into “retirement communities”, where they were entertained and protected from any rigors of living like mowing, or snow shoveling, or- well, anything hard at all!  And then, when they were so “softened up” that they couldn’t even get out of their easy chairs anymore, they could easily transition to “assisted living” in a nearby facility.
Most of those parents are long gone now, before their time.  My parents are still living in their two story, rambling house with a huge yard, and enjoy their upstairs bedroom still, after all these years!  “The stairs are healthy!” is one of my father’s favorite refrains, and I even hear myself repeating it after all these years.

There are other things my parents did that are Paleo, or ancestral, or else just healthy.  They stayed married to the same person.  They kept their “tribe”, their large tribe of relations, friends, and the friends of their children and fellow church members close, and never abandoned any.  They kept playing and enjoying music throughout their entire lives, and still do.  
They have always been friendly, and honest, and true to their word!  They raised their children well, and set an example that we all could follow to our advantage.  They were very conservative, and lived according to their faith.  
Tomorrow, I and my 7 siblings will all go back to the house we grew up in, and honor them.  Many of our children will be there, and our spouses as well.  Also, there will be dozens of friends; the kids that used to come to our yard to play!  For them, it is like a time capsule: all of us are old now, the little kids that played kickball and hung from the monorail as it whizzed down the cable are now in their 50’s and 60’s…

But my parents are still there, look pretty much the same, and smile and remember them all!  I will give a report later, but I am expecting a live version of It’s a Wonderful Life.

Oh, I did write a book about my parent’s respective lives in tribute to them- they don’t know it yet, I will present the published version to them tomorrow.  It is called Milky and Soupy, and it is available here-

Oh- Jess Thornton is my Pen Name- it's really PaleoJay!

Or, you can just get it on iBooks, Amazon, or just about anywhere else!  It’s a good read, with lots of pictures!  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

pjsc 128 No Gym Needed!

One of the biggest deterrents to someone actually doing the exercise that their body is crying out for is this: they think they need to join a gym (expensive and intimidating to the uninitiated), and then of course they have to find the time to get there.  Driving over, getting into your special workout clothes, waiting in lines to use fancy machines or heavy weights on supports and on benches covered with the previous users sweat…
and music you may hate is often blaring at you, and lines of folks peddle away on bicycle trainers, going nowhere, watching TV…

Doesn’t sound too appealing, does it?  And so, unsurprisingly, most people simply give it all up, and say “I just walk!” when the subject of exercise comes up.  While walking is fine, most people just walk really fast for exercise (this is silly and unproductive- walking is not meant to be rushed!), and then drive the rest of the time when they are not on their 1/2 hour really fast, dorky looking walk through the mall or the neighborhood.

So, I will agree: rule #1 of Perfectly Paleo Exercise: walk, but walk barefoot, outside in the grass when you can.  Pumping small weights ala Heavyhands is ideal, and a great total body workout can be had, pleasantly if not easily, in 10-15 minutes!  And otherwise- just walk into town if you can, or at least just park at the very back of the parking lot when you shop.  It never adds more than a few minutes at most to your trip, and makes parking easy and safe for your vehicle, and adds health to your life.

Rule #2: Exercise at home!  That’s right, in your living room, your den, your basement- wherever.  I have my gymnastic rings hanging in the basement, and it is so fast and convenient and productive to just go down there and do some pushups, pull ups, flies, and one-legged squats and rows.  Never takes longer than about 30 minutes to totally stimulate the entire musculature, safely and very productively.  No spine compression like with a barbell on your back, or shoulder destruction from bench pressing a heavy barbell- and flexibility is also enhanced. 

Rule #3: Work out, hopefully daily, and do it first thing in the morning.  Come up with a sequence that works well for you- I vary mine slightly from day to day, but each day usually has a focus- for instance, tomorrow is pushup day.  I’ll get up nice and early, to have the living room (and the television) to myself, and then I’ll walk in, coffee in hand, and start my Netflix show as I begin slowly flexing and working out.  Virtual resistance is always how I begin, slow, intentional flexing of each muscle group in the body throughout the entire range of motion, for 7-10 reps each.

Rule #4: Stretch! After my whole body has been worked via virtual resistance, I get down on my floor mat and go through a series of stretches.  I also work my ankles, my hands, massage my bare feet, ( I always exercise barefoot when I can), and finish with a long hold of a back bridge, adjusting my spine while I get the blood into my head- it feels great!

Rule #5: Do pushups.  You don’t need to do them every day, I like to concentrate them into 2 times per week, Sundays on the rings, and Thursdays on the Perfect pushup rotating pushup handles.  I do them with my legs elevated, and I do sets with regular width grip, wide grip, and then narrow grip.  30, 25, and 20 lately.  Then I repeat, for at least four sets; sometimes up to 10! 
If I do the 4 sets, that’s a total of 260 reps.  I pause briefly between sets, and sometimes to isometrics and self resisted exercises as I do so.  This is much more beneficial than any sort of heavy weight training, or long distance running, since it develops the entire body in a very beneficial way, giving your body a symmetry of proportion, not bulky, blocky muscles and a protruding stomach.

Rule #6: Get a rebounder!  I don’t want you to spend a lot on anything, after all, I haven’t asked you to join a gym, get special shoes or clothes, or anything much.  Ideally, you will have a one time purchase and installation of gymnastic rings, buy the heavy duty Perfect Pushup handles (the standard ones wear out quickly), and a mat for the floor. (I got a rubber yoga mat at Target). But, do get a rebounder, which is a mini-trampoline!  Nothing comes close to stimulating your lymph system, which processes your waste products from the body, and it naturally enhances the virtual resistance exercises as you gently bounce on it.  You actually have to experience rebounding to realize how healthy it is (I always finish up with the “Ab bounce”), and all you need is a cheap rebounder.  Mine, like my mat, was from Target- $30.00.  I’ve had it, and used it daily, for years!

Rule #7: Do sit ups!  I’m really coming to believe my grade school gym teachers had it right- back in the 1950’s and early 60’s, they had us doing multiple sets of pushups and sit ups, along with jumping jacks and burpees, chin ups and rope climbing!  What could be more paleo than that?
Somewhere along the line, body builders started doing “crunches”, which were said to totally isolate the abs.  BS!  I think they caught on because they are really easy!  Do sit ups!  Put your hands behind your head, do not anchor your feet under anything, and sit up all the way, getting your head down as low in front as you can.  After awhile, you will be touching your nose to your knees, or close to it. 
This is not just for the abs in isolate, like the crunch- this, like the pushup, is a total body exercise, and is particularly beneficial to the back and the spine. 
Tuesdays are sit up day, along with hindu squats (high rep squats to the floor, swinging the arms as you go), slow regular pushups with hands flat on the floor, and several other exercises I have adopted over the years.  All are detailed in my eBook Perfectly Paleo Exercise, and in PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe paperback.

Rule #8: EXERCISE!  It’s not optional, just like eating, our Ancestral bodies really require regular exercise, natural exercise that satisfies our flexibility, strength, and aerobic needs.  Good sleep, good natural foods made by God, not man, (this means no gluten!), and exercise are all necessary for health and well-being.   Get started tomorrow- just go in the living room and do some pushups and sit ups.  I don’t care if you can only do one of each!  Do one, rest, do another, and so on.  If that’s all you can do, then that is as good for you as hundreds are to someone else.  Do a little stretching, eat well that day in a Paleo sort of way, go to bed early, and do it again tomorrow- I guarantee it will be easier the very next day. 

Rule #9 & 10:  REPEAT

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

pqtd #127- Make Health your Hobby!

Western medicine today, although wonderful in crisis situations of acute trauma, is woefully bad when it comes to managing actual health, and in preventing disease!  In going regularly to an MD and getting numerous screenings and tests, you are doing nothing that will actually preserve your health- you will just be tested with numerous expensive procedures that tell very little about your actual health and wellness.  You will also undoubtedly be prescribed numerous prescription drugs, like statins, antidepressants, and high blood pressure medications whether they are really called for or not.

You need to become your own health care provider, in fact- your own doctor!  No one knows the real state of your health better than you yourself, and only you can develop the habits of good, paleo-type of daily nutrition, the stress relief of regular exercise and the rejuvenation of a good nightly sleep.  Those three things: proper ancestral diet, regular ancestral body weight types of exercise, and a good eight or more hours of sleep per night will do far more for you than any expensive prescription drugs, and for free.

I see it as coming down to this: the American Medical Association has devolved into the strongest labor union in the world, with the major goal being to take as much of your money, and that of the health insurance companies and the government as possible.  That has become their literal bottom line!

Not that many years ago, I recall, most hospitals were non-profit.  Even the Mayo clinic used to be a sanitarium where sick people went to be cured of disease with raw milk, fresh air and sunshine, and natural healing methods.  Now, they condemn raw milk, and are the jump to recommend controversial drugs and surgeries as a first resort!  Natural healing is derided by most doctors, and drugs are their answer to everything.

Do your own research- you will soon come to realize how you’ve been misled, since most MD’s today still rely on the outdated stuff they were taught decades ago in medical school, much of which is completely outdated, and proven wrong by the latest research.

You don’t want to be treated with 1970’s science, which has been turned upside down in more recent days.  Low fat, low calorie diets have been shown to be terrible, grains have been altered to the point where diabetes and obesity are rampant, and vegetable oils have been proven to be little better than poison.  Statin drugs have been shown to be far more harmful than beneficial, and most other drugs are little better than band aids that just treat symptoms, leaving your health even more compromised that it was before your took them.

Even many surgeries are just short-term fixes, stents merely propping open a vein for a bit, but leaving you to gradually close it off again with the bad effects of a horrible, standard American diet.  You need to address the root causes of the problem, not just prop yourself up for a while by handing over many thousands of dollars to a medical clinic.

If you brought your car to a garage because the oil pressure light was on, and the mechanic just disconnected the electrical wire to the light so it wouldn’t light up, would that satisfy the problem?  No, you just wouldn’t be aware of anything until your entire engine seized up and died!  But it you go to the doctor, and he prescribes pain medicines, antidepressants, statins, high blood pressure medicine, acid reflux pump inhibitors, and metformin while recommending you get a stent or two put in in the future…
He is doing the same as the mechanic!

He is treating symptoms, and doing nothing to treat the underlying cause of all of these disease symptoms- all of which are reversible.  Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease itself, all autoimmune diseases actually, are all reversible.  Naturally reversible, in fact they are not normal for the human animal at all. 

All that needs to be done is to clean up your diet, sleep, get regular exercise, meditate, walk around in your bare feet, and rejuvenate your gut flora with fermented foods and by avoiding glyphosate.  You need to get out in the sun for vitamin D, and you need a community or “tribe” of like-minded folks to connect with.

It might take a little time for you to turn around your conditions, but just living in such a pleasant, natural manner is really reward enough in and of itself!  “Euphoria” is supposed to be a deliriously happy state, but it really is, in the ancient greek meaning of the word,  just “feeling good and normal.”  If you live as I recommend, particularly in avoiding modern man made food-like substances and eating real, God made foods- why, not only will you look and feel healthy- you will constantly be euphoric!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

PQTD #126 Get Down on the Floor!

What the heck?  What do I mean by telling you to “get down on the floor?!”

Just that- you cannot be flexible and fit, with your mobility intact, unless you get down on the floor (or ground) each day, to stretch, to sit, and to just exist!   We are not meant to exist in the sitting position, with occasional standing and walking only- we are meant, in fact we are designed through long evolution to be able to negotiate multiple terrains, and to do so without shoes, without eyeglasses, and without chairs.  The old adage to “use it or lose it” never rang more true in history.

I have seen many older people, and by far the majority lose the majority of their flexibility, mobility, and balance by their 50’s- and from there on out, it goes down at an alarming degree, until they are ultimately almost bed-bound.  Many are confined to walkers, and can only get out of their chairs by using “lift chairs” that electrically lift them into a standing position with no muscular activity of their own!

The key phrase here is no muscular activity of their own.  Before these people start their long decline in physical decrepitude, they begin by losing muscular strength.  Without a basic level of strength, you are dooming yourself to early, self-inflicted invalidism.  So, do your Perfectly Paleo Exercise, your strength training calisthenics and virtual, isometric, and self-resisted exercises every day, if you can.  But definitely three times per week minimum!

But, while you are doing your daily exercise, get down on the floor.  I have a yoga mat in my living room I do my pushups and sit ups (straight-legged- no wimpy “crunches” for this paleo man), my hindu squats and back bridges all on this- but, I also spend good amounts of time just sitting on the floor or ground, both inside and out.  Because, once you are accustomed to it, sitting on the ground actually just feels good, right, and natural.  Because it is!

PaleoJay practices what he preaches!
I have been in Asia, and while we have a “chair based” culture, they have a “floor based” culture- and they are the better for it!  I was amazed to see 90 year old frail men and women over there rise effortlessly to their feet after sitting on the floor for a meal of an hour or more.  And I am not talking about exceptionally athletic people at all- just slender, kind of frail looking folks, but who had kept their mobility simply by continuing to sit on the floor throughout their lives!

Think about it- in a chair, you are really in a kind of “cast”.  A comfortable one, but a cast nonetheless!  In the old days (say before about 50 years ago), it didn’t matter as much, because in the course of daily living almost all of us moved our bodies all day long, standing, squatting, walking, pulling and lifting as we went about our daily lives. We would often be on the ground, to plant or lift something. Or just to lie back and contemplate the sky, instead of staring at a small screen for a break.   Survival required it back then. 

No longer.  Now we sleep in flat comfy beds- (if you haven’t inclined the head of your bed yet, do that- see “Inclined Bed Therapy” and read of the many benefits of raising your bed head 4-6”)!  Then, we get out of bed, sit in a chair to eat, then drive sitting to a job where we sit all day!  Then, come home, sit, and watch TV or at our computer til it is back to a flat comfy bed again.  Just by getting on the floor for 1 hour out of the 24, we would be vastly better off, health wise!

So, get down with your bad self!  Get funky, get on the floor- let your many stabilizer and trunk muscles do what they are there for.  Your core will work, your legs and back will regain flexibility and mobility.  All just from getting on the floor!

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

PJSC 132- Weeds are the Answer!


If you are any kind of long term listener to PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe, you know one of my constant drumbeat-of-a-recommendation is for Green Paleo Smoothies! I know that just by adding the discipline of drinking a single 8-16 oz glass (or canning jar) full each and every day, you will increase your health and wellness dramatically!
Lamb's Quarters
It’s true- the nutrient density that you gain from just such a simple addition to your diet is amazing- more that what you’ll gain from the rest of your days actual solid food eating, for one.  Also, since green vegetable consumption is automatically hugely increased, which loads us up with antioxidants, magnesium, and virtually everything else that modern civilized folks are chronically deficient in!
Also, by substituting such a wonderful, paleo and ancestral meal as a green smoothie as breakfast, you displace another meal that would be undoubtedly much worse, like cereal, toast, or pancakes that spike your blood sugar and insulin response, rather than drinking the most incredibly healthy thing you can put into your body- a Paleo Green Smoothie!
Broadleaf Plantain

And now, I am going to tell you how to make your daily smoothie much MORE nutritious!  And for FREE!!

Weeds are the answer!

Now, I’m not being a smart aleck hear.  Well, maybe a little- but the point is this: certain weeds, perennial weeds like dandelions, broadleaf plantain, purslane, and lamb’s quarters are all not only as nutritious as something like kale- they are way, way MORE nutritious by far.
Start with dandelion- you know what it looks like already, no problem.  Gather a few plants, leaves are easiest to use, but the entire plant (including the root), is edible and wonderfully nutritious.  Just start with the leaves.
I store them in container in the freezer, and each time I make a smoothie I add a handful or so.  (Free, remember?)  You really can’t taste them at all in a smoothie, at least the PaleoJay Green Smoothie at and in the pages of PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe, the book.
The nutrient composition of all of these wild plants are far, far beyond that of cultivated vegetables of any type; for instance dandelion has 4 times the beta carotene of broccoli!  And all of the nutrients are that magnified, as wild plants have not been hybridized and genetically modified for taste and storage superiority- they are as vital and wild as Conan the Plant Barbarian!  Think of wild plants as the exact opposite of GMO’s!

Broadleaf plantain is at least as common and available as dandelion, and almost as identifiable.  I gather up handfuls, and store them right beside my dandelions.  Lamb’s quarters are the most common weed in my garden, and when I think how much time I wasted pulling them out from between my lettuce plants, I could shoot myself!  Just cut them right into your lettuce as you are cutting your lettuce for salads!  They are far, far, far more nutritious than the lettuce and other greens you put into your salad, and actually taste quite good as well.
Lamb’s quarters grow quite large, and even if you don’t have a garden they are everywhere!  The large leaves are better in smoothies, since they are not so mild tasting, but the nutrition is still just as good.

Purslane is probably the most strangely nutritious of all since it is very high in Omega 3 fats!  Very unusual for a plant… also, it is loaded with other nutrient benefits, and grows almost everywhere, even in cities.  Have a container for this one in your freezer as well!

As you can see, it is quite easy to get smoothie ingredients in your yard, and in many other places as well- just make sure that the ground you get it from is not contaminated with chemicals like Roundup and glyphosate in other formulations!  This is only on weed-free carpets of lawn from anally retentive people who need total control!  Avoid these lawns, and probably you need to avoid such people as well…  They are clueless on priorities in life, and also on matters of health.  Although I enjoy golf, I would never ever either walk barefoot on, or pick a weed from a golf course- (of course, that is if I could ever find one!)  But, not even from the rough would I take a weed there.

Soon, there will be available a line of wild vegetable powders available, but they are not available yet.  When they are, be sure I will include a link on my site,  When that day comes, even urban dwellers will be able to simply sprinkle a small amount of “wild powder” into their smoothie canister, or even atop their salad or casserole to receive all the benefits of wild plants, easily, safely, and quickly!

I will keep you posted.