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Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Parkinson's info:

Special Diets/Grain based foods and the Paleo Diet


Expert: Tanya Zilberter, PhD - 3/16/2008

Dear Tanya,

Do you agree that their may be some benefit in avoiding grain based food as mentioned in the Paleo Diet the reason given that we have not evolved to naturally eat this food group?

With Regards

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The Paleo Diet Foods
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Dear James,

I tend to agree with Ray Audette (NeanderThin: Eat Like a Caveman to Achieve a Lean, Strong, Healthy Body) that there indeed are the benefits of living "like a caveman".

The matter is, I've read original anthropological research data, which showed that before the farming era, people lived longer, were taller, had fewer children, but children's mortality was lower -- all these comparing with the period when they learn how to farm and grow grains.

It was no surprise to me because it is in perfect agreement with recent data concerning the harming effects of excessive glycolysis (the process of getting energy from carbohydrates). Reducing carbohydrate intake is now shown to help in most of the neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's Parkinson's, epilepsy, ADD, and depression. It also slows down the growth of some tumors and improves the health condition of people suffering from defects of cellular respiratory processes..

If it's important to you, I can put together the sources and post them in my follow-up.

Tanya Zilberter  

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ezekial Tortilla Pizza
Ok- here is today's dietary adventure!

PQS Smoothie in the AM before church- quick and easy!

Then, upon early arrival home, daughter "wants food"... took Ezekial tortilla, (sprouted wheat and lentils- I know, not ideal, but WAY better than normal pizza dough!) and topped with:
Olive oil
Home made ketchup- (Sundried tomatoes, tomatoes, olive oil, and seasonings run through the Vitamix)
Shredded cheese
Goat Cheese slices
Red pepper slices

That's it!

It was GREAT! (Even I had a couple of slices).... And, given the alternatives in this modern world,

Quite healthy!

Although Ezekial Bread isn't my top choice in nutrient- dense foods;
it's not that bad!

Go listen to Dr. Josh Axe- he turned me on to Ezekial bread, and he really knows his nutritional stuff!

He's one of my TOP podcast choices!

THEN- for an early supper, and for most of the next week's food choices:

A whole cut-up chicken
12 oz. of bacon
1 small beef roast
2 cut up "puff ball" mushrooms from friend Bill!

As I usually do, set down the chicken, beer, puffballs, whatever I have.... and then I LAYER the bacon atop!

This really, REALLY adds to the flavor!  TRUST ME ON THIS!!

Then, you eat what you want that night, and then save in tupperware containers for the rest of the week.

Sundays are FOOD DAY!  Stock up, and then reap the benefits the whole next week!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What if DIET, what you actually ATE each day, was 80% or MORE of the "fitness equation"??

AND, at the same time, it was true that EXERCISE was only 20%... at MOST!!??

That would sure get ME off of my treadmill/cycle/jogging/obsessive-compulsive exercise routine!

AND, it HAS!

Bottom line for fitness?

Eat a paleo style diet- no grains, lots of vegetables, fruits in moderation, good quality FATS, NO processed foods...

You won't believe how GREAT you will look, feel, and perform! (To borrow from Robb Wolfe).

And, you KNOW that the EASIEST way to achieve this Nirvana-like state is:

To have a Paleo Quick Start Smoothie each morning... and, probably some at lunch as well!

It's kind of like an "automatic transmission" for your health:

You make the smoothie... you drink it... you are HEALTHY!

No further effort necessary!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

What if wheat is ALL we need to eliminate?

I know, it seems beguiling; it certainly is to me...

ALL the stuff we paleo peeps do, what if it all boils down to:


After all, as Robb Wolfe  so eloquently put it in his interview with Dr. William Davis, the author of "Wheat Belly":

"Wheat is the devil's excrement!", or something to that effect.

The Alien/Frankenstein/Dracula/Godzilla monster that wheat has been turned into is so monstrous...

What if we eliminated the DEVIL/WHEAT, aka "devil weed", and then just "Laid back"?

Had eggs for breakfast, had sardines & a cigar for lunch, drank a paleo quick start smoothie for dinner, (including everything vegetable-wise and nutrient-wise our body's need!) and then had beer with a raw egg, cheese, and some dark chocolate for a night time snack? Maybe even some (shudder) ice cream??

My own contention is that, if we also:

Slept a good 9 hours
Kept stress to a minimum
And worked out, with body-weight and self-resisted and visualized resistance exercise for maybe 20 minutes per day

We would be REALLY healthy!

I guess my point is that, given excellent nutrition, ample sleep, and and enough proper stimulation through functional exercise, we are given the rubric of good health- almost nothing can touch us!

But the incredible value of William Davis is that, he guides us away from the one insidious POISON that could do us in:


The one thing we're told by our government to eat MORE of!!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Statin drugs...

I can’t urge you strongly enough to educate yourself and any friends and family members before considering statin drugs as the answer to your health problems. They clearly are not.
Supplement with CoQ10 and Omega-3 fatty acids in the form of liquid cod liver oil .