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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Hygge- Why You Need it on PJSC podcast

First, I’d better tell you what hygge (pronounced hue-guh) means: it is a Danish word to describe a special moment or feeling.  There is no English equivalent word, but several put together can approximate this concept- cosiness, charm, happiness, ‘contentness’, security, familiarity, comfort, reassurance, kinship, and simpleness.

And so, the conscious creation of a special moment in a certain time and place that such a wonderful feeling of intimacy and friendliness- that is hygge!  To me, it is a type of motionless, indoor forest walking; consciously becoming one with your simple environment and your companions in a moment of shared contentedness.  I like the concept of ‘cozy’ most of all- as in Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, when Scrooge is shown by the ghost of Christmas Present the little kitchen of Bob Cratchett, in which sits his entire family including Tiny Tim.  The kitchen is humble, and the family is poor, but they are all happy together, celebrating their thrifty Christmas dinner.  Scrooge is touched, he doesn’t know it, but he is witnessing Hygge, Victorian English style!

It is thought that the long, sunless winters in Denmark gave birth to this concept of the preciousness of hygge.  Small, delightful moments in one’s life can illuminate both the mind and spirit in the midst of even an otherwise gloomy existence!  Sprinkle enough bright moments throughout your day, and then each and every day can be a delight, filled with times to cherish.

My Christmas was absolutely wonderful this year, filled with a snowy landscape, candles in all the windows, and my family, both grandchildren included, playing with their presents about the tree.  I grilled a ham, slathered in orange marmalade, (I know, not too paleo, but it was Christmas!), and we had mashed sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and we’re all so full that no one wanted dessert- although we were able to eat some chocolates from the Sweet Shop in La Crosse’s north side, which were amazing.  They make their own candies with equipment that must have come from Dicken’s London, with real ingredients, from scratch!

Needless to say, that is a day of endless Hygge!  It is so much, that it wears you out, and you are happy to fall into bed.  But now, two days later: a day long rain has come, and the temps are in the 40’s- unheard of at this time in Wisconsin!  The snow has been washed away, but I have achieved hygge several times already today, even though it is still raining, and dark now, at 4:30 PM.  The electric candles in all the windows, and the lit Christmas tree helps, as did my book reading in my favorite easy chair, feet up and a cup of green tea by my side.  My wife sleeping on the couch, with two sleeping felines, one on the couch back, the other on her leg, and a small space heater blowing gently onto us both.  And I had just before gone down to the cellar, doing pushups on my gymnastic rings, and flies, and rows, then a series of isometric presses on the power rack- and so now, I was deliciously exhausted and content- hygge!

And so, you see you can achieve this state of hygge almost anywhere, if you set your mind to it.  It takes no money, very little time, and does wonders for your mood and state of mind- it’s rather like a form of meditation or prayer.  An attitude of gratefulness permeates you’re entire being.

I remember years ago, when I was a mailman.  It was a rainy, cold winter day, much like today, and I was soaked through.  I had heated up my lunch using the microwave at the old folk’s home on my route, and had parked along the shoreline of Lake Onalaska on a dead end road.  The dark waves tossed before me, and I cranked the heater in that mail truck onto high.  I unpacked my lunch of a small steak and veggies, mixed into white rice, and lit a small candle that I kept in my truck.  

That did it!  As the steam rose from the drying raincoat I had taken off and that was hanging beside me, I tasted the wonderful food, as the candle flame shed a golden glow across the drab interior of that ancient truck.  I didn’t see an eagle that day as I ate (I often did), but still, although I didn’t know the word to describe my feeling at that time, I do now-  HYGGE.

Friday, December 14, 2018

How to Exercise for a Lifetime podcast on PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe


You need to exercise.  This much is obvious, although many of us hate to do so, seeing it as somehow a waste of time, when we are all so busy.  I mean, you need to do this thing for work, and you have to shovel your walk, and mow, and help your kids with homework, and volunteer at church and school and help your neighbors-

Welcome to modern life!  Now, faced with such a situation, most of us, unfortunately, decide to…

Not Exercise!  

Despite the legions of benefits exercise provides, approaching and sometimes even surpassing those benefits of diet and lifestyle- we balk.  We try for awhile, we do this and then stop, we join a gym or classes and then- stop.  Finally, many (most) go back to the old ‘well, if I just lead an active lifestyle, and take a walk on a regular basis, I’ll be fine!’  

You won’t be.  You need regular, intense exercise, on a regular basis, or you will decay, mentally and especially physically.  It’s not even open for debate: you will.  You’ll be alright for awhile, but you will decline, unawares, until sarcopenia reaches the point where you have almost no muscle tissue left.  That’s where we start looking at assisted living, and nursing home arrangements.  Diabetes is on the horizon, and also dementia if you ignore your paleo diet, along with early death and limb amputation, among other complications. 

 If you don’t exercise, you can be looking at such things in your early 60’s…

Here is how to exercise, and never stop- ever.  
Exercise at home! 

Even Arnold, the ultimate gym rat, doesn’t exercise nearly enough now.  He eats pastries a lot, and travels too much to get to the gym- also, his joints and back are worn out from the heavy weights.  In my opinion, he blew it.  Exercise at home- then it is built into your life!

Exercise every day- at the same time!

If you do something at the same time, roughly, every day- why then it is built into your routine.  You will do it, you don’t even think about it or question it.  For me, I do it first thing, every morning.  It’s just what I do, just as I brush my teeth before bed.  It’s what I do!

Exercise in front of the TV!  

I don’t know what it is, but Puritanical types think this is not good.  By restricting my TV time largely to exercise time, I am not wasting time in any way shape or form!  In fact, I don’t allow myself to watch ‘entertainment’ types of shows (Netflix, or movies in any way) if I am not exercising.  You would be astounded at how this makes you want to exercise!!  Oh- it’s morning- now I can go downstairs and watch that wonderful show again!!’

Exercise using DVR’s (which is Dynamic Virtual Resistance), Isometrics, and Calisthenics!  

That really is all you need.  Aside from stretching, that should be built into your morning routine as well.  DVR’s are the least known, yet the most beneficial of all, since by flexing your muscles throughout their full range of motion you are simultaneously strengthening and enhancing every muscle group in your body.  You can see them demonstrated at, or in my ebook Perfectly Paleo Exercise.  Even if you do nothing else, these exercises will revitalize your body from head to toe.


Using a heavy duty nylon strap, you can do squats, deadlifts, presses and curls for your whole body!  Hold the strap beneath your feet, and press, curl, and deadlift at multiple holding places in each movement.  For instance: in the curl, stop at the bottom of the arc, and push your maximum, holding for about 6 seconds.  Pause, and repeat.  Then, move up to half-way up the arc of motion, and repeat 2 or three times.  Then, all the way near the top of the curl.  Repeat.

To do this same routine upon your whole body, from presses, to curls, to squats, to deadlifts, to lateral raises to upright rows, and then bent rows- why it only takes about 10 minutes, tops.  And it will increase your strength more than anything else you could do, including hours in the gym lifting weights.  Really!  And you can do it all in front of the TV in your living room.


‘Drop and give me 20!’  What a turn-off to exercise such an admonition is.  No, I just want you to do as many pushups as you can.  And the best way to do so, safely and effectively?  Negatives.

Hold yourself in the pushup position, and slowly lower yourself to the floor.  Get up again, using your legs, and again lower yourself, as slowly as you can, incrementally to the floor.  Repeat until you are exhausted, or your start dropping too fast to resist much.  This should only take about one minute or less- negative pushups are quickly exhausting, and there is no danger of injury. (unlike the awful bench press).  

ALL of the benefits, with none of the downside!  

The other thing I’d like you to do, after this is the straight-legged situp.   Don’t bend your knees, don’t anchor your feet- just do the situps with straight legs, and go down as low as you can with your forehead towards your knees.  Go for reps, and know you are benefiting your spine along with your abs.

Finish up with some easy floor stretches.  I always have a yoga mat that I exercise on, to spare the carpet and cushion my old bones.  Improvise, stretching your back from side to side, crossing your bent kneed leg across yourself to left and then right as you lay on your back.  Stretch our as far as you can lying prone, first left arm and right leg, and then vice versa.  If you can manage a ‘back bend’, where you lift yourself onto the crown of your head from a back lying position, and then holding it- 

Why then, not only have you mastered the finish of the usual PaleoJay workout, but you will have totally manipulated your spine in such a way that is superior to that which you would receive in a chiropractor’s office.  Congratulations!

OK, that is your daily workout!  It really won’t take much time at all, (30 minutes or less) and if you are like me you will find ways to make it longer.  For not only does it feel really good, but you want to watch your show on TV for just a little bit more.  You will learn to associate the good physical feeling of exertion with the satisfaction of really good entertainment.

Next time, I will tell you some ways to extend your exercise habit, in ways that are not only painless, but wonderful in their own way.  

For now- just exercise every day, at the same time!  It’s easy, habit forming, and will literally save you.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Sometimes, just BE! pqtd podcast

Now, I’m not trying purposely to be vague here.  Actually, this is a quite specific recommendation- often, we need to be reminded that we do not need to be struggling wildly, spinning our wheels attempting to make the greatest gains, the best accomplishments of our lives, because; well- time is all we’ve got!

Last week I was reminded of this, as I got quite sick, and stayed that way for a solid week!  

Now, this is a rarity for me.  Probably for your too, if you make your health a real priority in your life, trying to always get at least 8 hours of sleep, eat a paleo diet, and exercise intensely, yet briefly, on a regular basis.  I fact, right now I can’t recall the last time I got sick!  It really is usually less than one time per year, and then only for a day or two…

Except this time.  I know what it stemmed from, as I was forced to be outside in freezing rain and cold for hours, at night (I rarely stay up late at night), and was coupled with extreme exertion!  I remember thinking ‘If I am exposed right now to something bad (I was in a large crowd as well), I know I am driving those toxins right deep into my body.’   

And that is exactly what happened!  I got so ill that all I could do was lay in my chair, covered with a sleeping bag and with an electric heater aimed at my prone form, as I just lay there- day after day.  I tried to sleep in my bed, but aside wanting to spare exposing my wife to my toxic self- there was to be no sleep for me!  I coughed and sneezed too much, and constantly needed to be blowing my nose, over and over…  

What a nightmare.  

And you know what?  As I lay there, did I think about all the things I wanted and needed to do, the workouts I was missing, the podcasts, the music and book writing I wasn’t doing, and all the thousand and one things we all do that make a tapestry of our lives?  

No.  I lay there, struggling for breath and the recovery of my usual extreme wellness, yet thinking in the back of my mind that maybe- just maybe- my life was actually usually too busy.  Even though everything I do is pretty much what I want and love to do- at the end of the day, what really, really counts in making us what we are, our true selves?  

It’s not just our accomplishments, although those are important.  But what is far more important are all the times that you are just there- in the moment- experiencing your life, and the lives of your tribe all about you, and savoring and appreciating that, in and of itself!

Not the accolades you do or might receive, not the money you may make because of your hard work; I mean, all of that is nice, and even necessary in some ways- but at last, who really cares?  If you are ‘running and striving’ so hard in your life that you hardly notice what day it is, or where you are and what you are experiencing- you are missing out on your own life.

I won’t say I am glad I got sick, far from it.  But, as I sat there in that chair, I realized what it was to live in the moment.  Entirely, and painful as it was- I was right there.  There was no way to escape it.

And that’s when I realized that if only I could live the wonderful, vibrant, full-of-joyous sensations moments of my life, as I walk through the forest with my ski poles in the snow, or hit a perfect harmony with my singing partner, or when I’ve grilled a perfect steak- why, then I would be truly BEING, living in the NOW, and in a wonderful time that would in some way live inside me then forever!

That is the me that I want, living forever!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Place, Tribe, and Being Pathologically Altruistic on PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast

We sacrificed quite a bit when we moved from being paleolithic hunter gatherers.  We tend to focus primarily on what we gave up health-wise, since by starting to replace good wild game meats and gathered vegetables and fruits with low nutrient foods like grains and other such foodstuffs we not only became smaller and weaker, we became subject to many diseases.  

It has been a long time coming, and so slowly that we think it natural, but as most of us now know- by reintroducing ourselves to a diet more in keeping with that of our paleo ancestors, we can largely restore our health!  Most of you know the drill by now: wild caught seafood, grass fed meats, pastured butter, cheese, cream and eggs, vegetables and some fruits.  Exercise briefly and intensely as did our ancestors, and forge deep ties with our ‘tribe’; meaning family, friends, church members, and with your neighbors.  Spend time daily outdoors in nature, walking and communing with the natural world.

But I believe one thing is very overlooked in the modern paleo movement: 

The Importance of PLACE!

Of all things in the ancient past, the primacy of place- of your homeland- runs paramount to pretty much all else.  Our ancestral tribes, and I mean all ancestral tribes, lived amongst others very like them genetically.  Attackers were the other, and by evolution we were chosen to distrust those others- those with other languages, customs, gods, and religions.  Even those tribes that did not think as we did- either because they had chosen vastly different paths and worldviews- or because their intellects, chosen for by their own environments, were much weaker and less capable.  

Some environments did not put much value in developing intelligence, and in fact those peoples developed more physical abilities that would help them in the hunt with low technology.  Things like running faster, jumping higher, throwing farther; along with breeding in much greater numbers, since most offspring in those societies died off young from malnutrition and disease.  

I recently heard of a theory that makes quite a bit of sense to me:  those people who lived in the north, during the great ice age, only were able to survive by cooperating.  This would have been the ancient Europeans and certain Asian groups.  Their surviving members would have been selected for by their willingness and able ness to work together, and to sacrifice for one another in the tribe.  

Those races and groups from warmer, softer climes would have gone on warring endlessly, as they had always done- that was their evolutionary selection pressure, not working together and getting along as a large group.  And that worked fine for them- as long as they stayed in their own, ancestral lands!

Enter the modern world, with endless inferior foodstuffs, big crowded cities, and above all- world wide transportation, able to move people from various continents into our own northern latitudes in a matter of hours!  Along with this, imagine our own, European people; folk who evolved to have altruism in a high degree.  A strong urge not only of compassion for others, but an almost pathological altruism that compels some of us to sacrifice our own welfare and actual long-term existence to groups of ‘others’.  

When I say pathological altruism, I am referring especially to our huge, European white countries massive welfare states.  A system set up to help our own tribe’s most helpless people, where we care for our own.  When we are misguided enough to import massive amounts of the other tribes from around the globe, and then to support them by taxing and taking from our own tribesmen and women- why, this is pathological altruism!  And the least thoughtful among us fall for their ancient urge, which in the modern setting has become self-suicide.  

It is our task to bequeath our ancestral European homelands to our children, and to their offspring forever.  We built our many nations ourselves, during the long years of Western Civilization, that long climb upwards into what is undeniably the greatest accomplishments of the world.  It is not even our right to throw that away- to give our tribal homelands to our enemies, and to the least able people in the world instead of our own descendants.  Only pathological altruism can incline us in that direction, and if we use our reasoning skills that we developed also during the harsh years of the ice age, we can see that clearly.

And so, besides caring for our own tribe, we also need to protect our territory at all costs.  I hope you have chosen a good place to live, with people like yourself surrounding you.  Diversity is not our strength, and it is definitely NOT PALEO living!  Live amongst your own kind.

Many years ago, I chose to live in a place with a homogenous population of folks very much like me- same heritage, same values.  Teutonic and Alpine- German and Norwegian.  It has always been the best decision of my life.  And I would encourage you to make a similar decision- live amongst people like yourself.  Don’t be uncivil to other races and tribes, but also do not be a victim.  Let them provide for themselves and theirs, and you for you and yours.  If they are not as capable as you are, well just remember- it is not your fault.  Charities are there for a good reason, and that is what you should donate to of your own free will- charity.  

The government is not a charity- it is coercion, it is a king, and emperor that takes and gives to who he desires.  This is tyranny, and was very far from our ancestral, European paleolithic ideals.  This is what we strive to be free of, and we have been for a long time- let’s not slip backwards into oblivion.

So, choose a good, rural place.  There are many, and cities are like Rome- the opposite of Paleo, and the height of decadence.  Just look at any of our major cities, really look.  Crime is rampant, quality of life is abysmal, the schools are awful (just try to find a student who is even literate in any major US city), and the air, water, and food are toxic, overall.

Look around- do the locals look like you, talk like you, think like you?  If so, that might be your place!  And, if you are black or Asian or Middle Eastern- do the exact same thing.  You will only be happy, fulfilled, and your true, paleolithic tribal self it your are: living amongst your own tribe!  Otherwise, you will always be blaming those others for anything that happens to you.  

Take charge of your own destiny!  “Up you mighty race, accomplish what you will!”  This quote by black leader Marcus Garvey can apply to any race.  Build your own Wakanda, black people!  There is lots of undeveloped and underdeveloped land in the US, particularly in the south east. 

 And, if any group does not want to live in tribal communities with others of their own, God bless them as well.  They can live with acquiescing people of other races; not with others forced to integrate through section 8 HUD governmental housing.  It is beneath any race to live as governmental beggars, living off of the dole of pathological altruists like packs of dogs hanging around a primeval tribe.  Independence is key for self respect, and for the very self-actualization of a people.

And if this is not an option, if you can’t provide or won’t provide for you and yours, then it is up to us, your pathologically altruistic hosts- to insist that you return to your ancestral homelands where you evolved to fit in.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Caveman Steak!

I love this video!  Kent Rollins is the cowboy cook extraordinaire!

I did this recipe, and while not directly on the coals, I did do it about 1/2 inch above them.  ( I got nay sayed by my wife).

Do it.  You will thank me, and Cowboy Kent too!

Monday, November 26, 2018

Cure Athlete's Foot with a HAIRDRYER! pqtd podcast

I know- this seems hare-brained: cure fungus disease like athlete’s foot with a hairdryer?  

I rarely get athlete’s foot, but I have gotten it, periodically.  Along with jock itch, which is basically the same thing, but worse.  At least, more embarrassing, that is… it looks silly to be scratching your feet, but your crotch?  Trust me, you don’t want to be in that situation.

And now, you don’t have to, ever again.  Sometimes, technology can be completely beneficial.  Even paleo folks need to drop their flint tools (you know I’m joking here, right?), and pick up a product of modern, paternalistic, White Western Civilization!  In fact, that is what most of the world does, on a daily basis, if they have the option- Avail yourself of White Western Civilization!  For that is what it truly is, and now that we are being demonized by the Leftists all around us, I find it makes sense to stress that virtually all modern tools that make our lives far better are the products of White Western Civilization.

OK, that being said and stressed, let’s talk about how to properly use such a Western tool:  I have always avoided using a hair dryer, thinking that that was just for women and metrosexuals; you know, kind of effeminate.  I mean, who cares about having their hair just so….  

But, it turns out that to use a hairdryer (I got one for $10 at Wal-Mart) to dry not only your hair to go out into sub-zero weather without freezing your drenched hair and winding up with the flu- but to dry between your toes, and your privates, is one of the healthiest, most pro-active things you can do to avoid fungus infections!

Also, it is healthier for your scalp, as well.  Just to dry your hair, but don’t overdo it and overdry- that can hurt your scalp- but to just dry it quickly and effortlessly, with a dry heat- wow- it works so easily.  Also, I have noticed that running that dryer not only warms a chilly post-shower bathroom right up, it also defogs the mirror, instantly.  

I know, these are all side-effects, but note that they are all good!  

Not to belabor a point, but I can’t resist: All of the fruits of Western Civilization are ultimately Beneficial!  

I guess I am counteracting here the endless pronouncements I am hearing on the Left, about how White Western Civilization is BAD.  It is not, not in any way, shape, or form.  Our primitive, European ancestors, once inbred with the Neanderthals with their larger brains and more peaceful natures, went on to create Western Civilization, which has become the shining light on a Hill of the entire globe.  

I am proud of my tribe, and have every right to be.

But lately, in popular culture, it has become fashionable to hate ourselves, to wish the extermination, the replacement of white people of European descent.  This is madness, especially as it has been coming largely from white people themselves!  

Of course, these are people who are wealthy, who desire to be fashionable above all else, including rational thought, and who put emotion in to the place where compassion should be melded with reason- but they exclude the reason.

Hence, they wind up living as “limousine liberal Leftists”: those who espouse to replace our white, evil race with other, darker tribes- the same ones our ancestors labored for centuries to conquer and displace from the lands that we built.  But, universally, these Hypocrite Liberal Lefties all live in totally white, exclusive neighborhoods.  

Hypocrites are like fungus.  They live in the dark, nether regions of our body politic.  And, like athlete’s foot, you just need a tool of Western Civilization to destroy them- like a light of reason in the world of thought and politics.

Or a hairdryer, to destroy them between your toes, or on your crotch!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Alcohol is Ketogenic -Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast

One of the hardest things to come to grips with in the field of health is what is actually true- and what isn’t!  This is obvious if you look at medical and standard nutritional advice concerning fat- the standard advice is that fat is bad bad bad- especially saturated, animal fats!

And if you have been following the ancestral or Paleo diet, or even any current research- you know that avoiding saturated fats is a wrong decision.  Good, God-made animal fats like tallow, lard, or butter are wonderful choices to build and protect your health and wellness.  Cholesterol is actually good and necessary, not something to be avoided and to treat as the spawn of the devil.  

On the converse side: vegetable oils are awful, fake foodstuffs that will give you migraines, and deprive your body of the true nutrients is needs in order to thrive and be healthy.  Vegetable oils are to be avoided at all costs, and this is very difficult if you are eating out on a regular basis.  Fast foods, Asian cooking, and processed foods in boxes and packages are all loaded with vegetable oils- keep all of these to the absolute minimum.  The perfect antidote to bad foods all about us, destroying our collective health?  Mostly- COOK YOUR OWN FOOD AT HOME WITH WONDERFUL INGREDIENTS!

And now- the ultimate lie, (along with so many, many others that we have literally been “fed” over the years- 
Alcohol is actually wonderfully 

Yes, my paleo friends, I am not making this up.  Your brain loves alcohol!  It processes it preferentially, like a ketone body itself, since it is a really fast, clean burning fuel, unlike sugars and carbs.  (In contradiction with the common myth, alcohol does not get converted into sugar in the body!)  Actually, a good way to look at it is to imagine the alcohol being easily (some might say too easily) broken up into ketone-like bodies that are used preferentially by your brain for fuel!

Yes, your brain loves alcohol!  Perhaps too much so, which is why you have to watch your intake, and moderate it.  

But the surprising takeaway, that you will never hear from most health “professionals”, is that alcohol can actually help to keep you in ketosis, and actually lowers your blood sugar.  If you could put these two benefits of alcohol into a pill or supplement, or a prescription drug: you would make tons of money!  

But, bottom line, it’s just plain old alcohol that does the trick.  If you just drink small amounts, it will burn those preferentially as I said earlier- it will burn these alcohol ketones first.  So, that means if you are overeating with carbs and sugars, it will wait to burn those inferior foodstuffs.  It’s as if you were presented with prime rib simultaneously with corn dogs- which would you choose to eat first??

But, if you are eating a good ketogenic or even a standard paleo type of diet- well, you won’t have a problem with excess crap food to burn up.  Your happy brain and body will simply run quick, clean, and happily on the ketone/alcohol first thing, and then move on to the grass fed prime rib, or pastured eggs, or whatever else you have laid in store for them in your interior pantry…

Just keep the alcohol source a low carb one.  Despite everyone going crazy about how awful beer is (it’s barley- a gluten filled grain for God’s sake!), it is ‘liquid bread’!  It’s not- for one, it’s fermented- this neutralizes almost anything, making it far healthier.  For the other, if you choose a cheap, light beer- it is not only corn, the least harmful grain for most- it is fermented and light, and quite low carb.  Just don’t drink a case-full!

Hard liquor mostly has no carbs at all, if you don’t mix it with crap like soda pop!  Take it neat.  And wine is fine- as in all liquors- moderation is the key!

And if anyone looks at you like you like you have no knowledge of health at all, if you are drinking alcohol of any sort; well, just knock the chips and vegetable-oil soaked dip they are taking in, along with the diet soda pop right from their non-ketogenic, non-paleo hands!  

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Western Ancestral Civilization is Under ATTACK! PJSC

I never expected to be writing about such big issues when I started PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe.  But, that was quite a while ago- back when health and fitness, in the face of such horrible travesties of the American FDA and the AMA and all the other alphabets soup names of big government had made a mockery of true health and wellness.  Not that that has changed:  Big Government still by and large recommends we consume huge amounts of prescription drugs, eat tons of modified wheat and other GMO grains and foods, and undergo endless invasive, horrifically expensive tests on a regular basis. 

We are also propagandized to not eat fat or meat, both of which are not only stupid and ridiculous, but counterproductive in terms of our health.  So, none of that has really changed, except in small, Paleo pockets of health, of which I am a tiny part.  But still, we are voices in a huge, fast food dominated: ‘Let’s sit on our fat asses and watch professional athletes work themselves to death while we watch them on TV and eat crap’!

But, as horrible and awful as all of that is, as the American and European public gets fat, diabetic, and riddled with autoimmune diseases -believe it or not: Something Far Worse is Going On as Well!!

Western Civilization, particularly in Europe, its very source, but also everywhere else Europeans have settled over centuries and built amazing cultures-

Is being sold out by our traitorous, Leftist- GLOBALIST LEADERS.

This is not in any way an exaggeration.  Germany under the traitorous Merkel, England under the awful Teresa May Leftist, and of course France and Sweden and most other European state leaders- have decided to replace the native white European people in their own countries with foreigners. 

Under the auspices of the European Union, whose whole purpose is now being revealed as a nefarious scheme to sell out their own people, the plan is now apparent; to allow unlimited immigration from 3rd world, primitive, low IQ countries, of vast populations that have no skills, no knowledge of how things are done and with no ability to speak the languages of the cultures that are expected to provide them with welfare benefits far in excess of anything their own cultures could ever hope to produce. 

Of COURSE they are flooding over! 

Once again, to put it in ancestral, paleolithic terms:  If your tribe suddenly had an influx of people who didn’t speak your language, who didn’t “pull their own weight”, ie. wouldn’t hunt, or gather, or in any way at all be a positive for your tribal people- would you take them in?? 

Of course not- they would be properly termed as invaders, as predators, and would be fought and repelled at all costs! 

But, there’s more:  what if many of the invaders were not only hostile, lazy, and entitled- but they had a religion that told them that YOU, you whites in the country to which they were coming, were evil, and should be exterminated by the mandate of their God???!!


Sad to say, this is the very state that Western Civilization, that shining light on a Hill that is the beacon to all in the world today with a brain or a heart, has come to.  Our leaders have betrayed us!  But not Trump…

If not for Trump our shores would already be inundated with endless, swarming streams of hostile invaders, intent on supplanting us in our own country.  They would have been welcomed in by Hillary, and all the other Democratic leftist traitors, and our demise would be inevitable.  This is not even open for debate- it is now good versus evil for our own Western, paleolithic tribe. 

So, for those of you in the West, in America: Vote Red! 

Not for me, and not for you.  And even not for your children, not really- do it for the smallest, yet most powerful and amazing group of people who have created the most Amazing Civilization on the planet- the one that ALL ELSE aspire to be like:

Western Civilization is Under Assault! 
Vote with your very BLOOD- RED!

And vote for Diversity- for white Europeans are the smallest ethnic minority on the earth, and that is a fact.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Why I don't "Lift Heavy Things" for exercise...

This is why I recommend my book, Perfectly Paleo Exercise!

Within its pages you will find bodyweight, self-resisted, and isometric types of exercise, along with sprinting and heavyhands and ski pole forest walking.  Plenty of stretching, too... the sort of exercise that suits you for a long, functional, and healthy life.  And gives you an aesthetic type of build, not the bulky, blocky form of a troglodyte.

Beware of heavy weight lifting- it does not build total health!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Fight Autoimmune disease with One Common Household Ingredient- on PQTD podcast

Really?  Autoimmune diseases, the scourge of the modern age?  You can help them with baking soda?

Yes, it really does appear to be true: taking 1/2 tsp. per day of plain old baking soda, dissolved in water,  activates an anti-inflammatory pathway that is mediated by the neuronal-like function of mesothelial cells that line your internal organs.  Consuming baking soda appears to prime your immune system against inflammation.

This is huge- it means this cheap, household item can help improve your immune system so it does not overreact.  This overreaction of the immune system, instigated in the organ of the spleen, is what causes the white blood cells of the body to attack its own organs and cells.  This is what autoimmune diseases are, those diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, lupus, and multiple sclerosis.  RA attacks the joints, type 1 diabetes the pancreas, lupus attacks multiple parts of the body, and psoriasis attacks the skin.  And so it goes- autoimmune diseases are not only a widespread plague, they also are incurable.

But now, it appears we have a potent weapon against them- baking soda, which naturally calms the immune system, easing your symptoms and the progression of your disease.  Recent studies have proven its effectiveness against RA, but all diseases of autoimmunity should benefit as well.

Of course, there are already proven steps we can take against autoimmune diseases, and they should be used in concert with this baking soda protocol.  The trials used baking soda dissolved in water, but I believe that it doesn’t matter if it is taken with water, or in a capsule.  I plan to put baking soda powder directly in my smoothie, running it through the Vitamix blender along with the kefir, apple cider vinegar, turmeric and ginger root I also use.  Along with dark green leafy and cruciferous vegetables, and berries.  All of these are also proven fighters against autoimmunity, and so this is one more tool in my arsenal.  

In addition: if you already have an autoimmune disease, eliminate nightshades!  I would go so far as to eliminate tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and even white potatoes- all are nightshades, and plants from the new world of the Americas- we did not evolve with them, and so many of us have real problems with the nightshade family of vegetables.  Even eggs can be problematic for someone who already has an autoimmune disease.  Just try eliminating these vegetables one at a time, and see if they are causing you trouble.  (The last I would eliminate is eggs, but that is just me.  If your eggs are good, pastured eggs from free ranging chickens, I would expect them to be fine for anyone).

But the main goal for you in total health goes back to a paleo or ancestral type of diet overall!  Lower sugar and carbs, no wheat or processed and fast foods, and pastured eggs, pork, beef, and wild caught seafood.  It’s really simple, overall- eat as your paleolithic ancestors ate, exercise daily as they did, spend time in nature, and cultivate a tribal and familial community.  Nurture your faith as well- religion is ‘hard-wired’ into our species.  Eliminate it at your extreme peril!

Friday, October 19, 2018

The ONE Exercise you should be doing DAILY podcast pqtd

This is the starting pose... Just hold 3 or 4 times!

I know that the number one reason given for not exercising is TIME.  This is understandable, since our modern lives have become busy to a fault- it would be much better if we would winnow through the many things we do, like watching television and reading facebook, and make more time to exercise.  It would make us healthier in body and mind!

But, for those of you with young children especially, and also those of you with jobs taking up long hours, I know that time is of the essence, and so I have a strong recommendation for you:  

Do a full body isometric contraction 3 times in succession, several times per day!

That’s it.  Just stand relaxed, hands at your sides.  Then slowly contract every muscle in your body, starting with the calves, and gradually tensing each muscle group in your body, from thighs to butt, to abs to chest to back to shoulders- all just by isometrically tensing each group.  Keep breathing throughout, don’t hold your breath, but tense hard and hold for about 7 seconds.  Relax briefly, and then repeat two more times.  

Everyone has time for this exercise!  You can do it while pumping gas at the station, or in front of the tv.  You can do it in front of the bathroom mirror, which helps you to observe the tensing, and gain you better muscle control.  You can do it while frying eggs in the morning, or standing on the deck in the early morning, or in the evening as well.  

It takes a couple of minutes each time, and so that is about 6 minutes per day- and those minutes are spread out conveniently through the day.  And you will be surprised at the great effect it has not only on your physique, but on your circulation and blood pressure.

This was popularized in the 1980’s by a man named Dr. Kiveloff, but it has been used and written about since the 1960’s as a means to lower blood pressure.    It also has been used to help with controlling blood sugar in diabetics, and in improving the circulation of such patients as well.  Why not use it yourself, as a healthy person, and thereby prevent such problems from happening?  And, if you do have high blood pressure: this technique has been shown to lower blood pressure at least as well as prescription drugs.

So do it, daily!  You get more bang for your effort from isometrics than any other form of exercise: more raw strength, more tendon and ligament toughening, and almost no chance of injury.  It is a no-brainer, whether you are an experienced athlete of any type, or confined to a bed.  (You can even to it lying down!!

But I see it as a ‘gateway exercise drug’.  Once you see and feel what this simple addition of exercise does for you- you will be inspired to add in more.  Success breeds more success, and as you become healthier, you will want to add in more exercise- pushups, sit ups, heavy-hand of ski pole walking through the woods, stretching on the floor, virtual resistance or ‘tiger moves’-which are kind of “moving isometrics”.  I like to do that latter on a rebounder!

You get the idea: take a step in a healthy direction, and you will want to take more and more.  But for now, just do the isometric full body contraction!  Even if that is all you ever do, you will be a far healthier and happier person because of it.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Your TRUE Paleo Tribe is LOCAL podcast on PQTD

One of the ways in which we have betrayed our genetic heritage, along with abandoning the eating of real, God made foods, is to try to claim allegiance to ‘global’ ideals rather than concentrating on our own tribe.  For human beings evolved as tribal, social animals, just as wolves are pack animals and cattle are herd animals.  Such small, regional, and racially similar groupings are necessary for smooth, healthy functioning of both our local society, and for the health of the individual within that group.  Only in such a fashion are we naturally equipped to maximize both our mental and physical health.

Just as big, industrialized processed food has replaced good, pastured meats and vegetables with high fructose corn syrup laden concoctions of unnaturally altered strains of wheat and GMO foods- so too has our natural, native attachment to those of our own genetic type rather than to an artificially big government mandated ‘globalism’.  We are told to erase our borders, to interbreed with other of nations and cultures and races completely incompatible with our own, and we are told this is good and only fair.  This is complete nonsense, and actually a form of cultural and racial suicide!

When we are with other who are like us, with similar points of view, cultural assumptions, and intelligence- it is then that we are in our natural, healthy state.  This is the sort of group that makes up our tribe.  In a group such as this, there is a high level of innate trust, with very low crime, and a natural coming together of all to work together to accomplish things for the tribe.  It’s actually just common sense, and was pretty much assumed by members of all peoples of all the human races since the beginning of time itself.  We evolved this way!

Any time before now in history, it would have been seen as absurd to import people from far away, and in many cases natural enemy tribes and peoples into our own.  People with different gods, different assumptions about how to treat women, children, and even peoples such as ourselves, the tribe importing them; why, taking in people, like Muslims, who have been our open enemies and the enemies of Western Civilization for thousands of years is the height of folly.

And yet, we are doing it, both here, and even more so in Europe!  This just goes to show how far we have fallen in matters of common sense: just as our great grandparents and previous generations would have never given up eating high fat meat and dairy products and replace them with a low fat, high carb diet of sugary junk- so to would none of our forebears have allowed, much less subsidized parasitic, low IQ people into our civilization that have actually committed to destroying us and our culture.  

What are other things that our ancestors knew to be true, and what are things we do commonly now that they would never, ever do?  Well, we consent to live in large, crowded, crime-infested cities.  We live in little boxes high in the air, cut off from the nature in which we evolved to live, breathing polluted air and drinking chlorine and fluoride contaminated water.  Of course, as I mentioned, our food is largely completely devoid of nutrition, and overloaded with calories.  We don’t see animals in their native state, with which we have had a symbiotic relationship since the beginning of our evolution.

Our meats are raised in CAFO’s, or confined animal feeding operations, where they are fed unnatural (for them) grains, that marble them with fat, and load them up with enough antibiotics to keep their unhealthy bodies alive long enough to slaughter.  We even farm our fish, and so all of us are miserable and unhappy together!

In a way, we in the modern world are also raised in our own Human CAFO’s, confined into little cubicles where all we do is stare at screens all day for work, and all night at home for entertainment!  Most of us never feel the grass beneath our bare feet, never know the exhilaration of cutting a tree, stacking wood, hunting, or growing a garden.  It is, in a way, like going through a shadowy life in limbo, never actually having lived at all…

My advice to anyone, be they young or old, is to get out of the city and suburbs, the metropolitan areas.  Small cities are better, small towns and rural areas are the best for real, paleo, tribal, natural living!  Here there is nature, and also a human scale of government, where everyone has a voice, and the predominant voice is one of common sense.  The larger scale you go to, whether it is national government, big corporations, big medicine and big pharmaceuticals, big unions- these large scale operations are inevitably corrupt.  Limousine liberals, who have allegiance only to their elite circles of privilege.   Crime and immigrants are kept far from their gated communities at gunpoint; you, however- at least if you live in a big metropolitan area- will be denied firearms at all do defend yourself!  The elite have largely become the epitome of hypocrisy.

Even if you can, do not ally yourself with this group of elite globalists.  They have sold their souls for money and power, and the rest of us are just tools for them to use.  Escape them as best you can- go rural young man and woman!  I have spoken with people who are living good, paleo lives with their tribes and families.  Many are in the midwest, like me, but they are many places in the US I have found.  

I talked with one from Canada, Kelowna was the town, and it looked like a delightful area, even way up there.  And there are tribal folks, good people all, who are living as nature, God, and evolution intended us to live in Texas, Kentucky,Virginia, Vermont and New England.Australia, New Zealand, rural England  and Ireland- the list goes on and on.  Almost every European country is an outpost of Western Civilization, spread throughout the world.  Unless they have been destroyed by some self-styled “elitists” of one stripe or another, then there is a strong element of trust in the culture, and with hard work you can make yourself happy and fulfilled there.

Hopefully, the immigration will dwindle drastically.  Europe is at the point where they need to actually send many back to where they came from!  Those people need to build and improve their own countries, not escape to and be supported by us.  Even the Dalai Lama has come out in favor of this recently.

Every tribe needs their own valley, their own “cave”, their own mountainside or island.  Our destiny is among our own tribe, our own people.  We must provide for ourselves!  We are free to give to other tribes - but only on our terms, not the terms of the global elites- and we should only give to help them to build their own lands.  To help to learn them fish, as it is said, rather than to give them endless food and everything else.  

Every people needs their own land.  With either a stout wall, or else like the Spartans or the Swiss- enough weapons in every household to defend those lands against invaders, and migrants!  For, in the last analysis- those are really the same thing. 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Fake Science PJSC podcast

For all of our modern reliance and so called ‘reverence’ for science in the western world, it is actually the fact that most real, fact-based science  is now ignored and largely unknown by those who are supposed to the the gatekeepers of scientific information.  I mean the medical doctors, the many mainstream forms of media, and, of course- politicians.  

These so-called gatekeepers-far from being the impartial relayers of the latest scientific findings, have instead become largely abusers of the public trust.  For instance, the mainstream media, both in print and television, insist on promoting the misleading bit of untrue science called global warming, despite its documented utter falsehood.  Of course, they do this to further their own leftist political ends: global warming or, since that is obviously not proving true- climate change- is, contrary to what is advertised, i.e.  “that 97% of climate scientists agree” that this is happening- is actually that only .3% support this theory!  0.3%!!  Hardly overwhelming, is it?  Minuscule is more like it.

This theory is simply a power grab, a way for governments to take over more money, taxes and power to supposedly fuel their noble aims to ‘save the planet’.  Money and power they can use any way they’d like, worldwide, since the theory is totally unsupported by science or even common sense.  So, they have all this power and money to use any way they’d like.

And as Paleo People, we have long since come to take the Medical doctors and clinics and hospitals at large with way more than a grain or two of salt.  Stents have become big business, and implanting them in millions of people each year is a huge money maker- yet, it has been known for some time that stents are largely a placebo- people who think they were given a stent have just as much improvement as those who actually given one surgically!  In addition, the patients are also told that they will need to have it replaced in a few years, so save up…

Statins are another, a drug that actually only helps a very few who have already had a heart attack, and whose cholesterol levels are genetically out of whack.  Cholesterol actually is very beneficial, particularly the older you are, and most especially if you are a woman.  Most people should never take statins, which are loaded with lethal side effects (as are all medications),and yet it is often recommended by those men and women in the white coats that statins should be put in the public drinking water!  Just like fluoride, which is put into our drinking water, to our detriment.  Fluoride has been linked (via real, actual science!) to adverse health effects such as IQ deficits in children, depression, weight gain and heart disease.  In addition, it does not appear to help prevent tooth decay!

How about the ‘My Plate’ food guidelines issued by the USDA?  Eight servings of grains per day- low fat, low calorie, high fiber, low protein??  It is still set up as our ultimate, medically sanctioned guidepost- despite the fact that the U.S. is now fatter, and sicker, than at any time in its history.  And diabetic- and what is the medical standard of care for diabetics, those who have unremittingly high blood sugar levels that inflame their entire body and render it very susceptible to every disease from obesity to blindness, to the loss of limbs and to heart disease?  

The recommendation is to eat lots of grains, low fat, and otherwise whatever the standard American diet of fast food and cereal inclines you to- just cover up your diabetes with insulin!  Insulin is a very expensive, and getting more expensive yearly drug, and very profitable.  The perfect disease to make your medical system lots of money, for as long as you (barely) stay alive.  Ironically, type 2 diabetes can usually be completely reversed by diet in a matter of weeks- but your doctor won’t tell you that.  And, even if you have type 1, by changing your SAD diet to a high fat, moderate protein diet with minimal carbs, you can keep your insulin usage down to the bare minimum.  Remember: insulin is an aging hormone.

Now let’s look at bariatric surgery, or gastric bypass of one sort or another.  Usually, this restricts your digestion by stapling your stomach, or removing part of your intestine.  I see billboards advertising this sort of thing all the time now, which I find downright scary- bodily mutilation to lose fat?  

And after the mutilation/operation is done, what is the followup??  Why, you just eat higher fat, low carb, paleo type of diet (they don’t call it that, but that’s basically what it is).  In fact, that is the only type of diet you can eat, now that your digestion is so messed up- if you don’t eat a good, nutritionally sound diet, you will be severely malnourished.  So- why not just change your diet- and then you won’t need the bypass!!  

And now, let’s get into global politics, the idea of being “liberal” and so-called “compassionate”.  You will go along with fake ‘green’ agendas like wind power, which produce tiny amounts of unreliable electricity while despoiling the landscape for miles and miles with hideous machines that looks like invaders from War of the Worlds.  Worse, these compassionate “green” ecologically minded folks conveniently ignore that literally millions of raptors (birds of prey) and bats are killed yearly by these ‘green’ wind machines!  All for a power source that is symbolic at best, and a very expensive way to make power per kilowatt.  Even Warren Buffet stated that “the only reason to build wind farms is for the federal subsidies”.  Fake science indeed!

I could go on about medical procedures that are just BS, like colonoscopies being unnecessary 99% of the time (if you don’t have a family history, just get an inexpensive blood test), and how flossing the teeth is actually harmful to the gums, pushing bacteria deep within the soft tissue.  (Do oil pulling instead, and brush with a fluoride free toothpaste- ‘Earthpast’ by Redmond’s is great!)  But I have podcasts and blog posts about such things, and this is a more all-inclusive sort of rant here.  So let’s get back to Leftist Global Elite/Marxist politics- truly a fake science of the highest order, and the biggest lie of all.

Years ago, after world war 2, Communism and its close cousin, Socialism, had been proven bankrupt, both morally and in the real world.  Both systems are really a screen for Oligarchies, where all the wealth of a country are stolen, not for the “benefit of all” as is stated- but to give to the elite oligarchs of the system.  The Castros, the Kruschevs, the Hitlers.

But, since everyone became aware that the marxist theories of the capitalist elite and the proletariat and the bourgeois were fallacious, the LEFT flipped the terms.  NOW they say that the bourgeois are white people (white privilege), and the downtrodden are everyone else- the proletariat are now any person who is dark, and the darker the more deserving!  

And they are acting on this, actively importing millions of third world people into the advanced countries of Western Civilization!  Make no mistake: the goal is to destroy our European countries worldwide, to destroy them from within.  Of course, the media denies all of this, saying it is all done in the name of compassion.  They cynically load our countries with low IQ people that they know will only be a high crime, high welfare using load of parasites.  If we do not stop it, this endless importing of foreign primitives will bring us down, actually replace us as surely as if we were genocided.  (Just look at South Africa to see our future in perhaps 100 years of less).

Then, the oligarchs- the uber-wealthy and elite will have it made!  Lording it over a bred-down, low IQ world nation, utterly indifferent to the lowliest quality of life, kings and queens over millions of slaves.  Trust me, once they are in charge, their so-called compassion will dissipate- the “useful idiots” of the many leftists and Democrats that helped them out over many years will be laughed at for what they are, as Lenin called them long ago.  Useful Idiots, who were discarded along the way.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

YOU are a Paleo Pioneer- not an Immigrant- podcast on PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe

Ancient paleo tribes, wandering through Europe- they would have never allowed tribespeople from elsewhere- the other- to come and sit about their campfire with them and their tribesmen and women.  To take their laboriously hunted meats and fish, their gathered vegetables- they would have fought rather to the death than give up their land and what they had built!  For they were the earliest of pioneers- making and taking what they could from the land to survive and thrive- for their own people and tribe.

Imagine: you are living many thousands of years ago in just such a tribe.  You have a good life, after centuries of hard, hard work and suffering.  You have even developed free elections of your own chiefs, to organize you into warrior bands to protect what you have built.  Because, although you are a stone-age cave person, you are not stupid.

Then, an evil chief from within your land declares himself a “king”.  Or a tyrant of any sort, whatever the name.  Many suspect he is insane, but he is powerful and determined.  He insists that you welcome all strangers that come against you, even your hereditary enemies from the cannibal tribe in the next valley that you have fought for eons, and not only welcome them, but to give them many of your own huts and caves, and even labor hunting for them, giving 1/2 of what you gain to them and their tribes!  

Soon, there are nearly as many of the cannibal tribe within your stone walls as without!  Many of your children wind up disappearing in the night, and it is known that they are often found in the cannibal tribes cooking pots!  Half of your tribe is up in arms, ready to expel these invaders, but the evil king that has mesmerized and fooled many of your fellow tribesmen and women insists that you are just racist, which is just a new term he has made up for the others, which is an evolutionary response that has kept our species safe for eons.  

Perhaps the king has made a pact with the cannibals, simply to replace his own race in order to be an absolute ruler over these new cannibal folk, who to him are totally subservient.  Some suspect he has connived with the cannibals to put strange herbs into the drinking water of his own tribe, making many of them so deluded and naive that they believe somehow that his obvious ruination of their entire tribe and city is somehow ‘only fair’, and so approved of by the gods.  Especially the new, Serpent god of the cannibals that he has forced the tribe to worship, as the equal traditional Gods of the Sun and Moon that your tribe has traditionally worshipped.

The old heavenly gods told us that men and women were equal under them, and that reason and light, brotherly love and justice were to be valued.  The new serpent god, beside cannibalism and human sacrifice, champions men over women, and people in general as far beneath both the evil King and his newly appointed court.  Debate is declared to be illegal, and punishable by death.  

Ultimately, the old gods are banished, and the stone doors of the city are flung wide, allowing all of the evil tribes nearby complete entry.  Women are attacked openly in the street, and if any of the original tribe defend them, they are sacrificed to the great Serpent.  This early civilization is finished.

Now let’s look at a modern parallel:

For the first few centuries of America, those who came over did so to carve out a place on a new continent, a place that they could support themselves and their families and posterity in.  They had no expectation that it would in any way be easy, or that anything at all would be given to them.  They knew they had to struggle, work unbelievably hard, and suffer privations beyond anything that they might have had to suffer at home- but they knew that in the end, they would be free!

FREE or oppressive government, free to worship their own God as they saw fit.  Originally, a big part of the huge effort to transplant themselves into a wilderness was to escape these governments, and also to escape the religious ‘government’ of tyranny; of the unnatural alliance of oppressive governance and The Church of England, or else the Roman Catholic Church.  Indeed, the early US was seen as “the great Protestant experiment”.

As we know, due to the incredible work ethic and the herculean efforts put forth by our forebears who had escaped from Europe, (many did not even survive the hazardous journey), that early Protestant Experiment was a HUGE success; becoming in fact the shining light on a Hill of civilization- the most wonderful civilization ever built on this planet!

Now, immigrants, illegal immigrants are pouring into our country by the millions.  They are not pioneers- they are building little or nothing.  They are here for free stuff- welfare, section 8 (free) housing.  Free schooling and medical care- the list is endless.  And the result will be the end of our civilization- listen carefully: the result will be the end of Western civilization.  The finish of over 2000 years of laboriously crafting of the most profitable, egalitarian, and learned societies in all of history!  

Many have a religion that is the direct antithesis of our own, and in fact have the goal of eliminating us and reducing us to abject slavery.  Evil rulers tell us that this is fine- it is our duty to welcome them, and to raise our taxes higher and higher so that they can be supported, (along with their huge, growing families within our country)- effectively making us curtail our own families, so as to pay the taxes to support theirs.

They attack us wantonly in the streets, and if we respond then we are at fault- we are racists, which is a strange term for the evil rulers to employ, since they also insist that race itself does not really exist.  We have simply invented it to persecute the other.  And of course this, as all else they tell us, is simply a LIE.

This is a paleo parable.  If you are wise enough to embrace the paleo principles, eschewing much of modern medicine as antithetical to true health, why the I am sure you can see the direct truth of this.  Preserving our modern, western way of life is at least as important in modern times as it was in the stone age.  So let’s do it!  Oppose open borders, both here and in Europe.  
Not to do so is not just naive and foolish- it is SUICIDE, not just for ourself- BUT FOR OUR ENTIRE RACE AND CULTURE.