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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Vitamix is a chewing machine!

OK- here I am with a Green Drink from my Vitamix-  Paleo Smoothie!  I would be hard-pressed to eat this many vegetables in a day, much less chew them enough to ensure adequate digestion!  With a Vitamix doing the "chewing" for me, this is not a problem!

Lots of us are not that enamored of eating lots and lots of vegetables... understandable!

But, just add them to the Vitamix canister, along with some natural berries and other fruits, coconut milk, and- well, here is the blog with the recipe list included: paleo smoothie recipe

It's part of a blog about "Shakeology", but it's there...  and it works!  Way more detail in my 1st eBook,
Paleo Quick Start, but you can just take the recipe and go!  And variations are not only acceptable, but encouraged.  More veggies- more variety- more health!  Your garden (or your Farmer's Market!) is your  Palette- draw from it- add to your health.

I know from experience that most folks resist buying a Vitamix:
  1. Too expensive
  2. Too big of a change of lifestyle (versus pouring cereal and milk into a bowl...)
  3. Seems "weird"- putting veggies and "strange" liquids (kefir, raw eggs, pastured butter, coconut milk, green tea) into a blender....
Trust me, have you priced a diagnosis of cancer or diabetes lately?

WAY more than a Vitamix.  

If things in our health care system made sense, then our health insurance would cover a Vitamix, cod liver oil, perfect pushup devices, pull-up bars, and such like...

but our health care system makes no sense whatsoever, which is why it (and we) are going broke!

But you don't have to go down this self-destructive path-  

Take the conservative approach- don't rely on Government!  Provide for your own health!

Eat good, real, natural, God-made foods!  
Do natural, non-machine, real body exercise!!
Have good personal connections- a "Tribe" or "Family" with which you connect...

Do all of the above, and you will be a healthy, happy, spiritually fulfilled, and FIT cave person!


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