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Monday, January 28, 2013

Your Paleo Lunchbox

It may seem mundane, but getting (and using!) a lunchbox is crucial to your success at Paleolithic eating and nutrition!  If you eat out on a regular basis, I'm sorry, but your nutrition will be substandard at best.  Restaurants, especially cheaper ones that you can afford on a regular basis, will be using the cheapest ingredients that they can get away with!  This is the nature of the beast- they are in business to make a profit- and, the surest way to do that is to substitute the cheapest "filler" types of foodstuffs for the more expensive real foods that your body really needs, and can use to good purpose. (Rather than just storing what you just ate in a rather toxic form of body fat!)

So, get yourself a good, insulated, BIG lunchbox!  The big part is crucial, I've found- it is so nice to pack a couple of glass pint canning jars filled with a green, Paleo Smoothie; and also to have plenty of room for a can of almonds/macadamia nuts/dark chocolate pieces, a large, meat or seafood topped salad with plenty of real olive oil and vinegar in a glass bowl with a lid, and maybe some celery sticks with almond butter on top...  I mean, it's your choice, just so long as it is the type of real food your ancestors would have recognized as being food!

But the key is to have the lunchbox, and the plan to fill it each and every morning!  No one is going to take the care to ensure that your nutrition is maximal besides you. 

Here is the one I have now- ebags crew bag cooler, & it's a beauty!  I had another one, almost as big, that I wore out after years of daily use, and this one is even better (and bigger!) It's made for flight pilots and crew, and is quite heavy duty, with lots of pockets and storage compartments...

After awhile, you'll be like me- You won't leave home without it!


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