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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Bread CAN be Healthy! Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast

There, I said it- bread can actually be good for you!  I can scarcely believe that I actually said that, but there it is.  Properly prepared bread, meaning a true, made from sour dough starter, can be a worthwhile addition to your paleo diet, but it needs to be a true sour dough bread.

This means a bread that is risen without commercial yeast, and without any other addititives such as sugar, oils, ‘bread conditioners’, and the like!  One theory is that the use of conventional, GMO grains (that are heavily sprayed with glyphosate), along with the sugars, vegetable oils, and many dough additives and preservatives are why modern breads are so very unhealthy.

Do, you need to seek out (or else bake your own) loaf; one that has only non-GMO grain (I think rye is the best, both flavor-wise and health-wise), is naturally leavened with wild yeasts, and is free of all other additives other than water and the milled grain itself.  Anything else and it is not really sour dough, and is something that will only hurt your health, not enhance it!

If you an find such a loaf, get it!  (It will not be cheap, nor should it be, since such bread is labor intensive and time consuming to make properly- it is a labor of love)!  The vast majority of ‘sour dough’ breads in the grocery store are not really sour dough at all, just being flavored to seem to be sour dough, without actually being real at all- avoid these!  Just as most pickles and sauer kraut are not really actually fermented and healthy at all, the same is true of most so-called sour dough breads.  They are loaded up with vinegar, which while adding a certain sour tang, kills any beneficial organisms that might be in the product.  

OK.  In my little town, an authentic French sour dough bakery opened a week ago.  Very impressive products, totally true to the sour dough tradition- they even make pastries and a quiche made with the tangy dough- all are wonderful indeed!  It is called the French-tastic bakery, and is not to be missed if in southwest Wisconsin.

Just as we all avoided beans in all forms in early paleo, so too did we avoid all grains, if we were paying attention.  Even potatoes were not to be eaten!  

This was all good advice in the beginning, say 10 years ago, and we all had wonderful health benefits from eliminating all grains, beans, and nightshades.  
But, that was before we knew all about the great importance of the microbiome, or the health of the gut.  And it now appears that, by including a small amount of carbohydrates within our diets (keto be damned!), that our gut microbiome benefits, and so thereby do we.  I believe it is Paul Jaminet who says in his excellent Perfect Health Diet that ideally we all need approximately 1/3 of our diet to be carbohydrates.  But, he does specify that it needs to be safe starches, includiing white and sweet potatoes, and even small amounts of properly prepared beans and grains!!

This adds diversity to our gut microbiome, with many beneficial species helping us out as they live within us.  And, I am here to tell you- an addition of properly prepared sour dough bread does not distress my digestion at all, and only seems to make me healthier.  The fermentation in sour dough neutralizes the phytic acid, and the glycemic response of blood sugar also seems to be vastly reduced, along with the resulting insulin spike.  And the minerals in the grains are also rendered usable by the body, unlike in standard breads where the nutrients are unassimilable after being consumed.

So, enjoy adding bread back into your life- and wonderful bread!  The best you’ve ever had, guaranteed.  
But, one caution- even this bread is a carbohydrate, and so should be somewhat limited.  No “quiche for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and pizza for supper”, even when sour dough!

Have a slice for breakfast, toasted and with lots of pastured butter.  That’s it for that day…
Next day, try a sandwich of tuna or roast beef, on one slice of wonderful sour dough bread cut in half!  That’s it for that day.  

And so on.  One potato, sweet or white per day is good.  As is one slice of true, wonderful sour dough bread per day.  Any more and you are slip-sliding back into the SAD American diet, that renders our population fat, sick, and diabetic.  

Don’t risk that- you know too much for that!  For, even though you now include a wonderful, limited amount of safe starches within your diet:

You are still a healthy, happy- PALEO PERSON!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

I Live in a Virtual White Ethnostate: Do YOU? And do you Admit it?? on PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe podcast

As a matter of fact, most people choose to self-segregate.  This is both blacks, and whites.  I’m sure it is also as true amongst other races, but there is no more stark contrast in the USA as that between those two most opposite races as black and white.  

This is despite the fact that these races have dwelt together in north America for hundreds of years!  What can be the problem, after all of this time??

Let’s go back to Paleo 101: mankind is an evolved creature.  This is the foundation of why things like neolithic grains and other foodstuffs are so problematic for our health.  We didn’t evolve to eat grasses; we evolved to eat primarily meat, and bugs; other protein sources and small tubers and tiny, ancient fruits with little sugar at all.  This is how we evolved, and such foods give us maximum health: along with living in a state where we get maximum sunlight throughout the day, and adequate exercise as we forage and hunt with primitive weapons, barefoot and using our musculature to drag heavy loads, and do other such work that conforms to our ancestral template, forged over millenia.

After a night of sound sleep, we would wake amidst our tribe, feeling fulfilled and ready to begin another day, forging the destiny of our own people.  This is our true history, and the closer we can remain to this ancient format, the healthier and better off we all are!  Tribally, ancestrally, and PALEOLITHICALLY.  This is our true selves, with stories told at night, archetypal stories of our culture, and our ancestors; stories that reverberated within us both in our dreams, and throughout our waking hours.  

Our tribe was all about us, with members closely resembling us and our forebears: folk whose DNA was very close to those of our own family and ancestry, whose thoughts and aspirations could be reliably known to be very close to our own!  This was all very natural, and healthy overall.

Nowadays, however, we are supposed to pretend, (just as we are supposed to pretend via standard medical protocol), that not only is a low fat, low sodium diet wonderful and proper, along with endless drug prescriptions, prodecures and side effects-but in addition, all races and people are identical, replaceable, and that we should welcome the diversity of all races, creeds, and colors to live within our countries and neighborhoods- and even be happy to pay for it all via our tax dollars through the all-encompassing world-welfare state!

As I foreshadowed earlier: I live in what is, in effect, a virtual ethnostate.  The vast preponderance of my neighbors and fellow townspeople are all of white, European ethnicity; mainly hereabouts of Norwegian and German ethnicity.  And everything works wonderfully!

Crime is very, very low.  Courtesy is wonderful whether in store or in the streets; neighbors are quick to help one another, and government has nothing to do with it.  You could dismantle the sherrif’s department in my town, and no one would notice any difference to months.  Almost every local citizen is armed, and prepared to defend themselves and their neighbors!  (And everyone else knows it)!

All is well and good, until Big Liberal Government steps in.  “Things are not fair”, they say.  You don’t have enough “ethnic diversity”.  The agenda becomes to force other races and cultures within our midst.  You are not usually allowed to say it, but blacks, in particular, have vastly higher crime rates than whites, or any other race.  

VASTLY. Hugely.  OVERWHELMINGLY!  They are just this way; there is no gainsaying it, it is just a FACT.  In every single category, in every country and region and locality where they exist- they commit the vast majority of crimes!  In particular: violent crimes.

Because of this, largely, whites choose to self-segregate.  They congregate in white and Asian suburbs, around chocolate dominated cities, because they would never send their children to the all black schools that are cesspools of endless violence and mayhem, and virtually no learning whatsoever.  They pay exhorbitant amounts for tiny suburban properties, for this reason alone: to live apart from blacks.  

Ironically, and very hyocritically, these same suburban whites profess liberal, ‘multi-cultural’ and leftist sentiments- simply because they have self-segregated themselves, and don’t have to ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to multi-culturalism nonsense.  

There are so many so-called liberals that will work in their inner city “non-profit”, and then commute hours away to live as far from the liberal inner city minorities that they champion and actually live in a nearby red state that they profess to despise- simply in order to take advantage of the lower taxes, better schools, and lack of big governmental interference that they vocalize (loudly!) that they support!

I am here to assuage your guilt, if you have it,- even faintly, paleo person!  

We evolved to live amongst our own tribe!  Our peoples have evolved a long, difficult history in the northlands, that forced us to solve endless problems, like provisioning ourselves for the harsh winters that came yearly.  We evolved an enhanced intellect that was crucial in such survival, and also a strategy for living that included long-term family structures to nurture youngsters through such winters, and privations, for our survival.  This made us unique, and resulted in the amazing achievement that is Western Civilization.

This is our Paleo, Ancestral reality!  This is what we evolved to, and what we and our ancestors created.  No one else did; no one else even could!

Multiculturalism is a lie; a weakness and an infiltration.  Diversity is not a strength, in any way, shape, or form!  

Xenophon traveled throughout the ancient world from Greece.  He came to realize, as he traveled with the 10,000 soldiers that he was a part of, that the people he came from were superior in pretty much every way to those they encountered, no matter how numerous those were.

And so, he and his comrades fought their way back to their ethnocentric homeland, where everything worked admirably, through forces vastly huger in size.  

And now- his views are held up to ridicule in the modern day- largely because most of today’s history moron disciples know no history at all!  Xenophon was right to be xenophobic- he could have told you that!  It is only those who ignore both history, and Biology- they are the ones without a clue.  They are, on the LEFT- despite their fervent protestations: ANTI-SCIENCE!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Abandon Religion at Your Peril- on PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe podcast

Religion!  So Medieval, right?

Well, yes- and ancient, and paleolithic, and well- every other time bar none!

Religion is baked into our DNA!  You can be ‘trendy’, you can deny it completely: but you really can’t, not really.

Neanderthals had a religion, possibly moon worship, but we can’t be sure.  They certainly laid their departed to rest, bedecked with flowers for the next world).
 What we can be certain about is that any people who denied a higher power (think NAZI’s and COMMUNIST’S) - well, they wound up in a nihilistic NIGHTMARE, where in the Nazi’s case they started to worship strange paganistic rituals,  and in communism (and Nazi socialism too, come to think of it) they started in on dictator worship instead: (Stalin and Hitler and Mao to name a few worthies).

Our very species evolved with a notion of a higher power- a GOD.  Usually  matriarchal in the beginning, (the Moon), but then evolving into a patriarchal, SUN god over time.  It is in our very DNA- deny it at your peril.  

Go ahead: deny that there is anything other than man and random chance in the Universe.  Go ahead…

It’s a lie, a lie that is built within us to detect: from the Earth Mother, to Zeuss, to Mithra and the Son of God himself- they are all here, they are all US.  Your fake, climate change denial, hedonism and multiculturalist diversity nightmare all outline it in bright colours:  there is a God, or else there is nothing.  And our evolutionary dictates tell us that there IS.

If there is not a God, what is there?  

This has been answered, time and again.  

If you deny there is any god, it sucks you dry, from the inside.  All is nothing, there is nothing but blind chance, and life is nothing.  

This destroys you, personally.  You are nothing…

Then, you try to substitute, out of desperation:  You read fantasy stories where there is meaning, you watch movies where there is meaning as well (never realizing that the subject and plot lines of these movies and stories is taken from Christian and ancient Western archetypes), pretending there is meaning where your cynical, liberalized mindset prohibits you from looking overall-

And then, as your culture at large adopts this attitude of Liberal Thought writ large: you begin to notice the overall cultural rot.  Without an overarching, cultural program of a God Centered Universe-  


Nothing to live for, nothing to aspire to-
Total hedonism, and then, ultimately- oblivion..

And it’s all a lie. 

Through our very evolution, we know this to be untrue .  We in the Western tradition have built a civilization that is second to none, that has transformed the world.  And we know what happens when there is- nothing.

When there is no belief, when everyone in a society, or the majority, believe in nothing: 

History has shown godless societies to be unfit for survival. Time and again, they have been outcompeted by both gods-fearing and God-fearing societies. 

When God’s law is not observed, the law can become whatever the ruler wants it to be: Ultimately there are no human rights, let alone property rights, as totalitarianism reigns. When religion becomes ascendant, so too does the rule of law. 

And human animals, when given free reign through the idea of no absolutes, meaning the horrid ‘anti- human credo’ of moral relativism- and NO GOD: 

We have here entered the realm of hell on earth.  Where rulers can determine who lives and who dies- whatever they decide, whimsically or whatever.   Where children die en masse, and so do the elderly- 

Like in any African Country nowadays!  We are talking HELL on Earth!  

But don’t say so!  Because, well since they’re from Africa they are a protected species...

BS- Africa is now, officially once again since the fall of South Africa: 


And sadly, major American cities, like Chicago and Detroit, Philadelphia, St.Louis, and many others..

No GOD, no ascendant Western Civilization and culture: 


Sunday, June 23, 2019

Money is NOT the Main Goal! Podcast on Paleojays smoothie cafe

I have never focussed on making money as my primary goal.  Never.

It’s not that I didn’t need money; of course, I acknowledge that we all do!  And, like all of you, I usually wish I had just a little more…  But, when I am so distracted, I try to see the big, Paleo picture if you will:  
‘If I make a pile of money, after working many, many hours, sacrificing my home life, my relationships with my child and my grandchildren- would that make me any happier at all?’

This question always makes me see the big picture clearly.  Family, or TRIBE of family and friends- this always trumps money.  ALWAYS!  Time spent with your tribe, nurturing and simply bonding with them, is really all we have.  Of course, we need to make a living, but we don’t need to sacrifice our present for a nebulous future of riches.  

Most of the time, it doesn’t even work out that way!  Ignoring your tribe usually results in really bad outcomes, like divorce, children resentful and rebelling, and us dying early from ignoring true riches (like our health and the health and relationships between us and the many members of our tribal family).  

I’m now 67, and consider myself to be abundantly healthy and happy!  I’m just middle class, but enhanced my material status by moving and remaining in a rural area, where land and housing costs are quite low by national standards.  I had to learn to do many physical tasks by myself, since hiring them done is expensive, even here.
I found out that I actually enjoy things like cutting firewood and trees down, maintaining my chain saw and tractor and other machines is grounding and keeps me down to earth.  And while I am tending my land, whether garden or lawn, paths through my woods, or working on a stubborn piece of machinery- occasionally, I get a feeling, a revelation perhaps: Wait- I think I am, right now, completely happy and satisfied.  

I cut through the base of a backwards leaning, giant maple tree, then hear a slight ‘crack’.  I loop my chain around the trunk, and step back to my tractor.  I look back as I rev the engine and move slowly away- and that huge tree falls with a whump exactly where I wanted it to!  At that moment, all is right with the world.

Would I feel the same if my tiny suburban yard was immaculate, and my rosebushes, trimmed by a lawn care company, were perfect?  And my expensive sports car was shining in the driveway, on the shiny blacktop, as the lawn care mower went quickly across my small yard, which was perfectly weed free, since they had poured glyphosate liberally over it- would I be pleased that now, with no effort on my part, my grandchildren could scamper over that small lawn with no effort on my part at all?  

Old 67 year aged PaleoJay walks barefoot across his yard, not lawn.  It is green, except for the various dandelion, or creeping charlie.  Plantains are in abundance in certain areas, since he never uses any herbicides, or insecticides.  His   1962 Ford F100 sits in his driveway, shining slightly, which makes him smile.  He thinks of the grandchildren coming over for the weekend, and grins.  It will be tiring, chasing a couple of little toddlers all over the yard and garden and farmhouse:  but he wouldn’t trade it for millions!

If I owned that tiny suburban yard outside of a big city, and had maybe a million or so in the bank- would I be happier?  Would I smile if my grandkids ran barefoot over my poisoned lawn?  Or would I be too busy to even notice, since I had to check online for my investments, and my high powered executive job’s demands?  And would I still even be married at all?

Family and Tribe trumps job, salary, and prestige.  Place, where you live, is far more important than income and possessions.  And health beats wealth!  

So go thou and do likewise.  Make money, but for a real purpose, not just as if it is a big game.  Money is good if used to buy tools you need, real foods that fulfill the health needs of your tribe, and things like tractors and old trucks.  
If money is used for exotic vacations to impress Facebook friends, fancy cars, stupid one-trick ponies like zero turn mowers, and expensive restaurant meals- that is wasted money, buying disappearing mirages of smoke and mirrors.

It really doesn’t matter how much you save and accumulate, how much you get!  What matters is your life, how you lived it, what you did with it, how much you shared- both money and time and effort both- and the health, both of mind and body, of those you nurtured and should have been responsible towards.  


Saturday, June 15, 2019

Real Work Matters! on Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast

I am a long time Paleo aficionado! I love hearing how sleep is ultra-important, how you should reduce stress and exercise daily, with stretching, meditation, and strength training specifically!

However, I do differ in some matters:  

SLEEP- no difference; just get a good 8 hours per night, in a blacked out room! OR MORE!!  I do best on 9 hours.  Your mileage may vary: just don’t fall into the trap where you think “If I only need 5 hours, I am better…”  
No, you’re not.  You are probably only delusional!

Reducing stress and meditation:  Well, this is a no-brainer- meditation is wondeful, and reducing stress can only help your life in a major way.  Just sit in a chair and meditate- don’t take drugs to achieve this otherwise laudable goal!

Exercise:  The older I get, the more I differ from standard, ancestral/Paleo doctrine here! 
Lift Heavy Things!  No.  Although this is standard dogma, it is just not so…
Do strength exercise YES- DAILY!!  Do Virtual Resistance Exercise, where you flex the muscles against themselves.  Do bodyweight exercises (pushups and pullups, especially on gymnastic rings to minimize joint damage).  Also, do isometrics against the resistance of a band or other immovable resistance- this beats heavy weights by a long way!  Situps and unweighted squats are wonderful, as is sprinting in brief ‘wind sprints’, particularly barefoot…

Heavy weights are completely unnecessary, and ultimately counterproductive.  Isometric pulls and pushes against resistance build real, functional strength- heavy weights are dangerous, leading to injury and joint damage ultimately- and are only superior in producing musle bulk.  
And this muscle ‘bulk’, while appealing as a skinny teen boy, for the remainder of your life is a detriment.  Later on, you want to live in the thinnest, yet strongest body you can!  Isometrics especially, but also virtual resistance, and bodyweight exercise can achieve this handsomely- and with a minimum investment of time.  
Weight training can bulk you up, but  should be abandoned within a year or two at most…
After that, it is a dead end- Bulk Bulk Bulk- there is no end!  And it does not strengthen the tendons and ligaments, as does bodyweight and isometrics exercise especially.  Those are the REAL DEAL.

You know what else is the real deal??

Nope, it’s definitely not aerobics/cardio/fake exercise.   STRETCHING is essential.  
Proper Paleo Diet is ESSENTIAL!     I’m not talking Keto, or Carnivore, or any other trendy diet:  Just Paleo- a smoothie heavy on veggies daily, and moderate protein also daily.   No grains!  Simple, and very, very effective for health.

And, there is one other thing that I recommend.   I know you won’t like it:

Hard Physical Work!!

It really does matter.  

I know a man who was a desk worker.  He was in his 30’s, and before he knew it his weight approached 300 pounds, although of average height.  
He started working in his families’s traditional business, which was masonry.  This involved crawling around the foundations of homes in the area, packing mortar within the stones that made up the foundations, and also lifting and fitting stones within the structure.  Isaac found that he thrived in this work, and that he really enjoyed it, hard as it was!

Within a year, his weight was 200 pounds, and this was without any change of diet at all!!

There is a strong lesson here.  Yes, diet is important.  Exercise is also very important!!  

BUT:  REAL, actual, PHYICAL WORK can transform you into what you would like to be.  
There really is no substitute for actual physical WORK, performed under duress- to get a job done!  It not only achieves the exercise stress needed for muscular and bodily improvement- it also builds the character and grit that transform you inside and out!!

Real work makes you a real MAN, or WOMAN!!  
There are no substitues.  

Just Do It!

Monday, June 3, 2019

WE Live in Clown World! PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast

Periodically, throughout time and the evolution of man, things unravel.  For instance, during the fall of the Roman Empire: civilization had reached a peak!  So, as always happens after long periods of sanity and well-organized civilization, with law and order, prosperity, and everyone pretty much used to living well within certain parameters of behaviour- everything went off the rails!

German barbarians were allowed to become citizens, while native Romans had slipped into extremes of decadence, not even wanting to serve in their mighty legions any longer.  Slaves were bought in abundance, since the noble Romans wanted to enjoy their debauchery extreme luxury, valuing such above their old republican values.  
The old small farmholdings had all been bought up by the ultra-rich, who farmed them with slaves taken from conquered lands- and those roman soldiers, who used to make up the formidable legions that conquered the world?  Well, they were now obsolete, much like our own small farmers today, and forced to move to Rome and live on the dole, or welfare, and watch circuses and gladiatorial battles to drown their sorrows and lack of real purpose.
We all know how that played out, in the Clown World of the Roman empire, when those who ruled were clueless, and let the Germans barbarians into the country, where they even enrolled in the roman military, and learned how to fight in an organized, planned way…  
All while the Roman elites took their privilege for granted, rioting in excess while the Germans took note, and planned their takeover of this clown world- this viper’s nest obsessed only with luxury and obscene consumption and dissipation; who all conspired against one another instead of against the real threats…

We know how that played out: Rome was sacked and plundered, and the world plunged into the Dark Ages for centuries.  Civilization had to re-boot.

Right now, we are living once again in Clown World: the last days of Rome if you will!  We live with nonsense all about us: 
Transgenderism (there are only two sexes, science says so)
Borders are immoral (Without borders there is NO civilization)
Free speech is hate speech (No- free speech in the foundation of civilization and freedom, whether you like it or not!)
Weapons are Evil (Obviously just a gun grab by government takeover Marxists)
Climate Change/Global Warming (again, a pure government takeover by big elites like the empire era Romans to solidify their power by faking a ‘problem’ and then pretending to ‘fix’ it on the backs of those lowly Romans from whom they had already stolen their land)

And so it goes, on and on: this happened in Greece, and then Rome; and now it is Britain and German and Sweden.  They reach a certain level of prosperity and vaunted strength, and maintain it for a time- until their pampered youth reach a point where they become so naive and witless that they start to agitate on behalf of their enemies: in the Roman’s time, that would be the Germanic barbarians.  “Let them in!” they said.  “They are just like us- don’t discriminate!”  Again, we know how that worked out…

Nowadays, history repeats itself, as it always does in some form. 
“Let the Muslims into our northern countries!  The Africans too- we can’t discriminate!  South Americans deserve our wonderful Welfare state and healthcare too!”

The liberal left, who paint themselves as ‘the party of science’, deny science at every turn, when it doesn’t serve their agenda. AND IT NEVER DOES!
All races are equal (IQ’s vary widely between races, as does outcome of their lives and the place in which they live.  Real science supports this, and has for over a century)
Men and women are the same. (Men and women have totally different strengths and weaknesses, and so do boys and girls.  Again, real science bears this out).

Well, I could go on and on in the same vein, but I won’t.  As I said previously: now, we are just in that phase where the CLOWNS rule!  
The Clowns of the Left: those Liberals who see themselves as ABOVE the evolutionary laws of Nature.  The very foundation of the ancestral life that we all ascribe to!  
Once you ignore nature, ignore tribes and races, and pretend that things like family and neighbors are meaningless- Nature will soon discard you.

Look at conventional, western medicine and clinics: they now prescribe endless drugs, with no attempt to even cure disease anymore- just ‘manage’ it!
In hospitals and clinics:
They prescribe insulin endlessly, with no advice to cut carbs and sugars
Preach bariatric surgery, without real dietary (low carb) advice
Drugs over diet, endlessly
Drugs over all facets of health, period.


OK- now you know we are in the last phases of real civilization crumbling, as the corrupt, marginal element takes over, flaunting their new-found deviant celebrity in the face of those of us who are law abiding adherents to the tried and true values of western civilization.  They scream nonsense at you like ‘White privilege” and “Western Civilization is racist!” while you can see the very foundations of that civilization that keeps these accusers from living- in the very mud huts of their ancestors -now in danger of collapsing!!

These are very daunting times indeed!  

But, rest easy, my paleo/ancestral tribesperson!  (I almost said comrade, but given the Marxist verbiage, that makes me queasy)…

The supposes thought leaders of conventional media, and the Democratic and much of the Republican party, sadly, are all now total CLOWNS. Emperors without clothes.  Self-important windbags that have no idea how fragile, how empty, how pathetic they really are.  

So- your job, Paleo Person, is to become a Truth Teller- a Court Jester!!  
One who continually just tells the truth!  About EVERYTHING!

Tell the truth about science, and health. Point out their fallacies- point out the lie of “Climate Change”, tell them that Trump really HAS fixed the economy that Obama decimated (while telling us it had no hope for the future).  Tell them that modern medicine is mainly a LIE, a shill-game to sell drugs and false information in order to bleed us dry of money, and that feminism is a fake ploy to turn men and women against one another, rather that them being the strongest team to fight leftism (or anything else) that has ever existed.  Tell them, show them- over and over- that Diversity is Weakness!  And insist on bringing back the nation state!  

Nations are diversity!!  Globalism is NOT!

I hate to go all political on you, but in these times, I believe it is essential.  After all, Civilization is collapsing, and only thus can it be reborn.  Your job is to be a truth-teller, a court jester, who points out the facts, and thus hasten the collapse.

If we do our truth-telling job properly, we can cause a collapse of the ruling elite without a total collapse, that brings us down as well as them.  Another Dark Ages!  
Let’s just bring down the elite, pampered, brainwashed, Marxist ‘useful idiots’ instead.  Then, with the civilization structure that our own pregenitors built, we can simply replace the Hollywood/celebrity, leftist political morons that are the parasites now infecting it, with actual, working, Paleo people!  

Loren Cordain for President!!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Yellow Glasses are PALEO! On Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast

Sleep is very, very important! For all of us, paleo, keto, low carb, livin la vida- whatever.   Sleep is at least as important as proper diet!

I hope you know the basics by now of ‘sleep hygiene’, but then again I realize most average people don’t-  

You need to sleep in total darkness; if you live in an urban (meaning lots of lights left lit all night) area- you need blackout curtains!  Even a slight amount of light after dark will disturb your all important circadian rhythmns.  

You need all electronics (especially a TV in the bedroom!) out of that bedroom entirely.  

If you have a nightlight, make sure it is with a red bulb.  Like in an old-fashioned darkroom- this will not disturb your circadian nightime settings, like any light with a blue light spectrum.  Like any white light.

And there is one more thing you can do, that is really important- wear blue blocking lenses or else just don’t look at screens before bedtime.  Read a book or take a walk on a dark rural road before bed (like I do).   Read one of my books under my pen name Jess Thornton set here in the Driftless region- guaranteed to put you right to sleep…

But this last is kind of my main point in this podcast- if you wear eyeglasses, like I do when I drive at least- get your lenses tinted yellow!  

I know, it sounds simplistic.  But, I am here to tell you that I have had yellow tinted lenses for well over a year now, and that slight yellow tint has made a huge difference!  Not just in sleep quality; I mean, I don’t usually wear my glasses at all at night, but if I did, I could watch TV or the computer assured that blue light was not startling my eyes and body into alertness just before bedtime.

There are other benefits as well- I researched this, as I do, greatly before taking this step:

This yellowish tint blocks blue light, as I said, and this helps to prevent macular degeneration.  It also makes it much easier to drive without being blinded by other autos headlights, since the yellow tint serves as a kind of sunglass, without being a dark lens.  
In fact, the yellow tint is almost unnoticeable, since you can wear it indoors just as you wear standard eyeglasses.  I even find that now, when I sing in church with my choir, that the bright light of the sunshine through the stained glass no longer bothers my eyes at all!
I used to want to wear sunglasses in church, but was reluctant to look like “Joe Cool”, wearing sunglasses indoors as I sang…

So now, I just wear my yellow tinted glasses instead.  I smile, knowing that while I don’t look like I’m trying to be cool with (slightly) yellow lenses-

I know that I secretly….  AM!  

Because I am spreading the word about blue blocker lenses.  Almost subliminally!


Friday, May 17, 2019

Evolution Matters on PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe podcast

One of the hallmarks of the ancestral, or paleo lifestyle, is its reliance on the observance of EVOLUTION determining virtually everything about us!

We are evolved human beings, after all.  Our diet evolved from our interaction with our environment on this earth, as did our patterns of healthy living, and interaction with others.  Each of our selves is the culmination of millennia of years, during which our own DNA has existed, evolving in response to the environments in which our ancestors have found themselves in for all of that vast stretch of time.

Those of us who came from the far north of Europe, back in the ice ages, developed as humans under very different conditions to those experienced in other areas of the world.  And so, the Danes of today resemble the Congo pygmies in very little indeed!  

Some humans lived in hot climes, such as Africa- under conditions of constant warfare and tribal fighting over readily available hunting and gathering conditions.  There was very little incentive to develope any sort of technology, or cooperation- immediate success, meaning your tribe got the animal or the patch of fruit or plantains- well, that was all that mattered.  It was time to go home and breed!

Similarly, when children were born into such an environment, there was very little reason to nurture them much beyond infancy.  Most children died young anyway, and so to overly invest much in them then was wasted effort.  Disease is rampant in warm, tropical climates.  The best evolutionary strategy there seemed to be to breed large broods of children, invest little in their nurture, and only concentrate on those that survived into maturity.  This was best for the tribe, at least back then.

And, there was very little reason to plan for the future: Winter did not exist, and so all days were very much the same!  Food was plentiful, always; the important thing was to make sure that you and your tribe got most of it!  Then, you could once again concentrate on your raison detre- breeding.

This was a successful strategy, except for disease.  It was constant in Africa especially, and kept the numbers of the humans there quite small.  As did their constant warfare amongst themselves, which to be fair was evolutionarily- there in Africa- quite appropriate.  Physical development of fast twitch muscle fibers, running ability, and the evolution of an explosive violence when opposed was effective in that time and place.

There was even no need to look for new developments.  In Africa, the wheel, animal herding, and even a building of more than one story were never developed, much less more advanced technologies.

However, meanwhile far north of Africa in Europe, those humans who were evolving there, (whether they originally left Africa or came from another place altogether: this is still unknown)- these peoples were facing an Ice Age.  A frigid time, when the climate was increasingly inhospitable to humans, and was really dominated by much larger animals such as the wooly mammoth and the auroch, which was the ancestor of the modern cow and bison.

Vegetation was minimal, and hard to coax from the ground in this period.  The ancient Europeans concentrated then on animals, ruminants like the woolly mammoth and others that could convert grain during the short summers into meat.  This meat could feed a tribe for weeks, if not months, although to hunt such daunting animals was very difficult.

These ancient peoples, who adapted and evolved to their own harsh environment by actually developing a pale skin and eyes (probably by admixing with Neanderthals), were able to convert sunlight into vitamin D through their skin, ensuring their health in the far north.

They also evolved and learned cooperation.  Cooperation within the tribe, to coordinate the teamwork needed to take down huge, mighty beasts with primitive weapons such as spears and flint weapons.  The ability to recognize leaders of wisdom and ability, rather than just brute strength and viciousness.  

These folk also learned that the family unit was paramount, under the direction of the wise tribal leader, as was the cultivation of the infants and youth.  Survival was precious there, and each and every child was needed and wanted.  Nurture was as much, if not more important than mere breeding, resulting as it did in tribes members that were devoted to the few that survived the harshness of the clime.  

These folk evolved with a preference to develop intellect and cooperativeness over physical quickness and explosiveness.  The people of the North needed to master the long game: even if they made it through the long, frozen winter, they knew that they had to prepare, to store up, to get ready for the long, frigid darkness that always came, and they had to be ready for!  They developed their intellect.

A similar evolution also went on in northern Asia, with those of the North developing much more in line with those of northern Europe, although with a different genetic root stock.  Still, those in the North developed intellect, cooperation, and empathy- all traits need to survive in a harsh, unforgiving climate of hard winters and short summers.

Empathy, along with cooperation and intellect were necessary for northerners to survive.  Everyone in harsh northern climes needed help from time to time!  The ravages of the unforgiving weather, the injuries unavoidable in hunting huge wild mammoths, both necessitated that those injured be taken care of compassionately- since in that northern region, each human life, from infant to adult, was infinitely valuable!  Human life in the North is innately precious.  

And so began the evolution of a code of life that valued the individual, not only the mightiest warrior or warlord, but the grandmother that nurtured the infants and children, and the grandfather that knew the tactics that could ensnare the mightiest beast!  This began the evolution of a compassionate religion and outlook on life.  One that is only found in people of the North!

So, fast forward to today: our intellect has triumphed over the world, it really has!  The marvel that is Western Civilization is the shining light of the World!  This is unquestionable!!

But, sadly, yet predictably- it is being questioned.  

By who?  Well, by those who have benefited the most from the evolved world that is entirely derived from the intellects and efforts of those who built the civilized world; that is, the world of Western Civilization.

Our own white women, who live on the edifice built up by their white forefathers, now question that very civilization that keeps them from the harem, from the slavery and subjegation that is part and parcel of the Southern climes of unopposed oppression.  Africa and Muslim regions are still rife with slavery and regard women as property.  Chattel.

That very compassion, evolved to keep our ancient tribes safe from tragic accidents in the primeval, now has reared its head amongst our women, and also our emasculated, liberal metro-sexual men, Democrats all here in the US, and they feel compelled to demand that we not only take care of any illegal immigrants that come here for ‘free stuff’:

We now are supposed to -  
Import millions of Africans from their failed lands and support them!
Also, Muslims and South Americans and Haitians and any others from failed, southern lands.  
AND, since we used our compassion and cooperation and Western Religious principles to send endless Aid in the form of food, medical care, and everything else WE devoped- 
WE have increased the sheer NUMBERS of especially AFRICANS far beyond they could ever have achieved, without our enabling it.  Now, the Africans FAR outnumber any other group in the world, via our technology and endless help!

The result will be disaster.  South Africa, once a wonderful, thriving country under white rule, but now under black rule, is failing.  Soon, ALL of Africa will want to be taken into the cold, inhospitable lands of Europe and America!  
Well, actually, they are now already. 

I guarantee- they are not coming to help us with the arduous Mammoth Hunt of old…

No.  They are coming simply to take.  To take what we have built, what we maintain and provide.  They come with nothing in their hearts but hate and envy.

They hate us for what we have achieved.  They hate our abilities, they hate our religions of compassion and love, they hate our acceptance of women, and any alternative lifestyle.  

And mostly, they hate us for what we are.  Cooperative, accomadating, altruistic and compassionate.  All of these, to them, are sheer weakness!  Because of them they are convinced we can, and must be crushed.

But mainly, it is sheer envy.  They know they could never maintain, much less build what we have built.  And so, they rage about ‘white privilege’ and other such nonsense, while they know, deep in their bones:

We built EVERYTHING.  And they did not!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Protect Your Tribe from Invasion on PJSC podcast

We have reached a crucial point in our history, here in Western Civilization.  And actually: we are at the point where merely saying Western Civilization is considered RACIST!  

Does this wake some of you ‘live and let live’ well-meaning folks up??  At long last??

This might seem somewhat strange, for a ‘Paleo podcast’, that is all about ancestral health and wellness, to be talking about.  Politics??  PaleoJay, you are off your rocker- I just want to be healthy, along with my friends and family, and of course my neighbors, who make up my “tribe” in my homeplace!”

Well, me too!  And that is why I am speaking out on this today.  The majority of our supposed political “leaders” has totally let us all down!  I am speaking to anyone in Western Civilization, anyone in the heretofore WHITE WORLD.  That is: those peoples who actually built and maintain Western Civilization. 

And, Western Civilization is in actuality: CIVILIZATION.  

For, after all, the civilization created by western people, from the Greeks up to the Romans, through Europe and the Renaiisance and right up to today…

Well, it’s ALL US!  No ifs, whys, or buts.  People of European descent conceived of, crafted, and built the complicated, intricate ediface of Western Civilization.  It’s all us- we came up with it all, and it was really, really hard; and really, really significant.

We white westerners are a very polite people, actually.  We never liked to point out what we have done, and tried to spread our good ideas, our self-created egalitarianism and means to attain wealth through private propery, industry, and self-reliance amongst the rest of the world.  We never tried to keep it all “to ourselves”, not at all.  We have great ideas, great systems, and actually we are somewhat bewildered when other races and groups fail to join us in our overwhelming, unprecedented success!

Just as I strive to spread the news of natural, ancestral health as hard as I can, and have for over 10 years; it seems that most people resist the news that health is their own responsibility, and not their doctor’s, or the government, or the medical clinics!

NO- just as in all the truly important parts of your life- it is up to you!  

And this is the bottom line of Western Civilization, with its freedom and autonomy, which is the watchword of true civilization and true culture:  

With freedom comes reponsibility.  We are responsible for ourselves and our families: not the government, not other people all around us- no, we need to provide for ourselves, and not be a burden on others.  Only then can we help out others who are truly in need!

This very notion, which is fundamental to Western Civilization, has been turned on its head in recent years.  Nowadays, if our health is failing- it is the government’s fault- what are they going to do about it!!??

If we don’t feed our children, or provide for them- what is the government going to do about it??

And so it goes.  The success of Western Man has been so great, that the rest of the world is envious, and proposes endlessly that the reason we have been so successful is because we stole our wealth from the losers.  That is, those whose societies are so dysfunctional and maladapted that they can’t even provide for themselves, much less compete!

Our ancient, European ancestors survived the Ice Age by cooperating, and by developing compassion.  Only by thus cooperating could they have survived, much less prospered duringt those horrific extremes of weather and climate, over thousands of years.  

These ancients, those who carried our very DNA, learned and evolved to develop their intellects, along with their cooperativeness, compassion, and empathy, and so survived and thrived.  They went on to develop the very civilization that we have today, one that is copied and envied throughout the entire world- this civilization was developed through trial and hardship.  

The intellect evolved as well, as an ability to plan for the future was very, very important in harsh climates with long winters, where food would not be readily available for extended periods.

Meanwhile, those who developed in softer climes, warm and forgiving ones, evolved very differently…

For them, endless competition for resources that were always available readily, was the watchword!  They developed physically, with fast-twitch muscle fibers that were useful in combination with a murderous rage that helped them in short term combat to gain the resources they desired.  Cooperation was seen as  weakness, and so empathy and compassion were pretty much bred out of them, given their environment.  So it went, in the far southern climes of comparatively easy sustenance and living- they evolved to be explosively violent- in the short term- which would gain them what they desired, and then give them the physical ability to run away very fast.  The state of their intellect could not have mattered less, and so never evolved to any great extent.

Fast forward to today: Those from southern climes are clambering to gain access to the Western Civilization they are so ready to say they despise!    From Mexico and South America, to all of the countries of the Muslims, they all want to come here!  To the country of their hereditary enemies…

Why?  For freedom, for the ability to provide for themselves and their families; to adapt to a civilization they have long resisted, to become citizens of a Western nation, with all of the responsibilities and self-determination that would entail?

NO.  Pure and simple; it’s all about free stuff!!  The material goods that have resulted from Western Civilization: all of the technology, the endless food and shelter, heat and cooling, cars and trains and planes and: well, you get it.  

Everything we have built and maintain- and that THEY WANT.

For free.  No work.  No changing of their horrible, life-destroying lifestyles of women domination, child abandonment and defilement, and endless crime sprees and horrific violence.  Just free stuff, because we have it, and they want it!

And, because of our self -destructive, suicidal compassion, developed in the Ice Ages where it was necessary, we (especially our white western women folk, who are wired to ‘nurture’ the helpless, above all), we bow down to their crazy, destructive (to us) demands, and actually give them everything!!

We of White Western civilization have, ironically, been too successful for our own good!  We have gone into Africa, and used our technology and medicine to save the many infants that historically died there, along with our food production methods and irrigation techniques to allow their populations to grow from a very small, hardscrabble group of desparate peoples- to a huge, overwhelming, poverty stricken group of underacheivers with low IQ intent only on coming to the tiny western world of inhospitable clime to get Free Stuff!!

This is the plight of modern Western Civilization now, in a nutshell:

We have become trapped by, above all things: our suicidal compassion and altruism.    What once made us strong, now makes us weak, ironically.

We think (many of us, of the LEFT of course) that it is our duty to allow our hereditary enemies, the Moslems for God’s sake, to come into our countries of Europe and America- and to live off of our welfare dollars!  All while they conspire to take us down from within, while we support them and their huge families of the enemies of our civilizations.

We also allow, those of the Democratic Left at least, to let in unlimited amounts of illegal migrants, that we can then support, along with their hugely growing families, forever, as they conspire to take over our states and country and then vote for the end of the very policies of western civilization that allowed them entrance and made them want to come here!  

And, as to the American blacks who have been here for a couple of hundred years: the very best thing that happened to our current blacks is that they were brought here!

That is undeniable.  Black Africa today is a complete nightmare, as are black cities, countries, and states everywhere.  Haiti is Africa.  Nigeria is Africa.  Baltimore and Chicago are now largely, unfortunately- AFRICA.  

The evolution of a people defines who they are.  They create their own societies.  

Let’s end this discussion there.  If your desire is to live in a healthy, clean environment, such as is espoused and exists in modern Western Civilization, then Canada, the US, and Europe are what you desire.

Unfortunately, the very so-called leaders of these strongholds of Western Civilization have become competely deluded by their suicidal compassion, and are now tools of our enemies.  

We need to vote these anti-western civilization wimps out, and we also need to stand our ground!  

Live with your family in a rural, self-sustainable area of like-minded folk.  (Those who appreciate and like real western civilization!)  Think Red States!
Own guns.
Do NOT vote Democratic, which has become in-facto Left-Communist/Socialist
And, in essence- live an ancestral, paleo type of life!

Avoid medical doctors and clinics, care for your health largely on your own, and be very wary of government overall, which has become quite leftist, and anti-Western Civilization via pro-authoritarianism and Big Government over all.  

Just bear all of that in mind, and hopefully we can bring back the halcyon days of Ward and June Cleaver, and leave this leftist, anti-western civilization nightmare behind!!

Either that, or we are looking at the second Fall of the Roman Empire.

Do we really want to relive that??

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Perfect Paleo Day on PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast

Today I had the perfect paleo day- in fact, I’m still having it, since now I am communicating with my tribe of ancestral people on this very podcast!  

Like most of my perfect and near-perfect days, the vast majority of the day was spent outdoors, in nature.  The sun shone brightly pretty much the whole day, and wonder-of-wonders: here in mid-April the snow is finally melting!  Still big clumps of white persist, but primarily in the deep woods on my property, so I pretty much stayed in the open areas.  

I started my perfect day as I recommend you start your own- by exercising in front of your television.  Actually, the TV is optional, but since I had a movie queued up and also wanted to watch Fox business first, I set myself on my yoga mat in front of the TV.  I started into my preliminary stretching, followed by my visualized resistance exercises, and then more stretching on the mat. 

Then, I did isometrics holds for all of my muscle groups, pushing and pulling against an old Exer-Genie.  This tool, developed in 1961 for training astronauts in deep space to maintain their muscle and bone mass, is an amazing piece of equipment that has stood the test of time.  I think it is a testament to its wondeful utility that it has never become a big fad, like jogging, aerobics, or heavy weight training.  It’s just a common sense tool that works, and that just isn’t exciting and sexy to most folks.  

It works amazingly well for isometric holds- I do sets of three holds for each muscle group, in three positions each withing the muscle’s movement plane.  To cover my whole body, shoulders down to lower back, takes me about 10 minutes total- truly my ‘most bang for the buck’ part of my routine. 
I got mine off of Ebay, back when Ebay was pretty new, and the Exer-Genie from in the 1960’s came really cheap!  They still make them, and you can probably find one on Ebay, and that would be cost effective.  New ones cost well over $200 though, and my 1960’s model works like a champ!  In addition, you can use a simple long nylon strap just as effectively, standing on the strap for resistance.  That’s what I did for years, and it’s almost as good.  

 I finish up this basic workout of mine with rebounding while doing two more cycles of visualized resistance exercise covering every muscle group in my body.

I started this workout by getting up quite early in the morning, since for me that is the very best time of the day.  I make my dark roast coffee in my French press, and love padding into the living room with my steaming cup, and sipping it between exercises.  

Next, after showering, I drank my green Paleo smoothie from my refrigerated canning jar, and taking my next cup of coffee with me, I drove off towards our wonderful meat locker here, or which we have several.  I had decided that this was going to be a ’steak day’.  
One of my favorite things is to declare a day a ‘steak day’, which means probably just one big meal that day- a steak along with a baked potato and some kind of salad.  Of course, I had already had my smoothie, so I was covered on all of my nutritional bases already…
There is something incredibly satisfying about driving leisurely along through the rural countryside, anticipating the sights and smells of the market, early on  a weekday.  Admittedly, I do have the wondrous privilege now of being retired, and I will tell you truly- when you look back over your life (this was done numerous times in surveys of the elderly, meaning folks in their 90’s), every single person surveyed said that the happiest days of their lives were from when they retired, until they lost their health.  Every single one.
Not when they were children, playing with friends. (Although that was highly rated as well). Not their teens, or twenties, or thirties, or- any other age!  It was when they were done with their responsibilities, and were then free to do what they wanted: to enjoy their grandchildren, indulge their hobbies, to read those classic books they never had time for, to take leisurely daytrips and to go to early lunches at nice restaurants and then go home to sit on their decks- those were the best years of all!  

Anyway, back to my perfectly Paleo day: 
I drove back home and grilled my giant, Cowboy steak!!

I had never grilled one of these before, but today they were on sale, and looked great!  What they are is a giant,  2” thick ribeye, with the bone still attached, so it looks like a Flintstone steak.
I started my Weber grill (I always use hardwood charcoal, which burns hotter and cleaner) which I started with my propane torch in about 2 minutes to red hot coals.  Seared both sides of that monster steak, and added on some Redmond Real Salt, which believe me is the very best salt, both nutritionally and taste-wise that you can find.  I kept flipping the steak, every 30 seconds to a minute, and getting both sides seared well.  
Then, moving the steak back away from the coals, I put on the lid and waited.  I waited while watching all the birds returning, I know I saw three bluebirds which are my favorites, and I thought deep thoughts while a smoked a large cigar.  I know, smoking is not really paleo, but heck, neither are the baked potatoes I had bought, and I love them both, and consider both a cigar and a potato to be safe starches.
About 45 minutes from grill to table, my wife and I were eating with great relish!  We both knew that we would not need to eat again that day- here it is 6 PM, and I am not even faintly hungry.  We split that monster steak, and saved the other half.

So, after our Paleo Feed (I felt as if I had returned with a wooly mammoth), we parted as I went to tap my maple trees!  The sap was running, and my buckets were all set to catch every drop.  
I filled my 5 gallon bucket, fired up my sap cooker, and sat back on a chair to watch it boil.  I am not a fisherman, but if you are, this must be kind of what it’s like: sitting out in the sun, soaking it up after a long, long winter, and just keeping an eye on the sap, making sure it doesn’t burn up while you run off to attend to something else.  
It is possible to ruin those whole 5 gallons, turning them to burnt sugar crystals, it you aren’t attentive enough to take them off when they are down to about a quart or so.  
But, at the start of the boil, you are safe to wander off, and I did.  I needed to pick up and prepare to burn about 2 cords of fallen branches, logs, twigs, and detritus that defaced my property!  Actually, moving along outside, squatting over and over, bending over and throwing these branches into the big garden cart I pulled, was at least as much of a workout as what I had done early in the morning.  But, it was incredibly satisfying, and now my yard is clean- I think I’ll have a big burn tomorrow, which is almost as satisfying as steak day.

Finally, late afternoon, and I came in and did a pushup and other gymnastic ring workout in the basement for about 20 minutes, while I started the reduced sap to boiling in the kitchen.  I was very pleasantly tired when I mounted the stairs, and my wife had been monitoring the boiling sap.  The thermometer said 212 degrees, where she told me it had been for awhile.
I took over, and opened a beer as I settled in to watch that sap slowly turn to syrup.  I set my digital thermometer alarm to go off when it hits 219 degrees, and I watch that pot like a hawk!  You don’t want a boilover, not at this stage, wrecking it all…
But with the thermometer, it’s really rather easy- the alarm goes off, and you turn off the heat- syrup done!  Thick, dark, and not runny at all, just the perfect consistency.  It is a very satisfying project, with tangible results, unlike many things in this modern, Neolithic world!  
I jar it up, feeling great about my day.  I don’t eat that much of the syrup, but I enjoy giving it away, quality product that it is.  
Now, I think I’ll sing and play for awhile, since that is another thing that I love to do.  Kind of like cave painting for a non-visual artist!  Then, I have a free book I downloaded from the internet, called The Fall of Western Man by Mark Collett.  I’ve read the first two chapters, and it looks amazing.  Sad news, but true for all of that.

Either look it up, or contact me: I’ll send you a copy.

And hey: thanks for listening!  Where would we be without our tribe?