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Thursday, March 30, 2017


Undoctored by William Davis of Wheat Belly fame

I want you all to watch this video, which is what I have been preaching for years!  Be your own doctor- it is so important- they are as mercenary (medical clinics) as any used car salesman.  Buyer beware...

Be your OWN DOCTOR!  And Dentist!!

Your health, and that of your family, depends upon it.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Do NOT Train with Weights- Brachiate!

More heresy- stop weight training? Get flabby and soft?? Well, how about stopping damaging, dangerous heavy weight lifting, and replace it with a type of strength training that is far safer, more beneficial, and will leave you with a body that is not only fit and healthy, but aesthetically pleasing as well.
I mean it, friends- I have literally tons of weights in my basement, that nowadays I never touch. Well, not never, because there is one exercise that you do need to use a barbell for that is wonderful- essential actually for your back health and strength- The Jefferson Curl. I just stand on a platform, and slowly perform the lift for 10 reps, slowly and methodically, stretching out until the bar is below my raised feet. I’ll put a video up on in the show notes, so you can see it first hand.
And sometimes I’ll do lateral raises with small dumbbells or plates, but I generate most of the resistance from within, by flexing deliberately as I move, superslow fashion. But that is it. And now I am 64, and more muscular and stronger than when I was 10 years younger or more, and lifting very heavy on a regular basis. How can this be?
Gymnastic rings!
Yup, these things are the best tool you can possibly find to really build your body and fitness. Safe, convenient, (I have them hanging in the middle of my basement from the rafters, and I can just walk down and start into ring pushups no muss, no fuss.
If you want to go light and high reps to really infuse the blood into your muscles for a pump, you just walk forward, decreasing the “lean” into the rings. Or, you can go back as far as the rings strap reaches, and go “heavier”. And it you really want to go heavy, you can elevate your feet on a bench or platform. Infinitely variable, and the changes from exercise to exercise are instantaneous.
For instance, I usually start with a light, high rep set of pushups, where I am standing at just a slight angle, and do a set, followed immediately by flies in the same position. Then, I just back up, and make it harder for another two sets. Back again- you get the idea. I think high rep pushups done like this on the rings are the best total body exercise ever. Strength and endurance all together, along with complete safety.
Let’s say you do heavy bench presses. Even if you have a spotter or a power rack for safety, you are definitely damaging your joints. Don’t argue- you are. The compression of the weight on your body, coupled with an incomplete motion of the shoulders leads long term to damage- rotator cuff surgery, at the very least. Pushups, especially on the rings, puts the shoulders through a complete range of motion, strengthening them, not damaging them. It’s just a much more natural movement pattern.
Think of our primate cousins- what is it they all do? They brachiate, which means they use their arms to hang from trees, swing and stretch. With gymnastic rings we add this evolutionary exercise back into our modern lives- I honestly believe that without brachiating, in some way in our daily life, we are not giving our whole upper torso and back what they need to stay healthy and strong! It’s ancestral, our bodies need and expect it, just like sunshine and real, non-processed foods.
I also do lots of pull-ups on the rings, and rows, along with L-sits, where you just hang on the rings, holding your legs out in front of you. And, pistol squats are wonderful on the rings! Anyone can do a pistol, safely, holding the rings in your hands for balance, and leaning back a bit. The backwards lean would be impossible without the rings, and is the only way to do a pistol, or one-legged squat, that is safe on the knee joint.
I also do pushups on yoga blocks in the living room, and with elevated legs on the Perfect Pushup rotating handles. But the rings are the best, the most effective, and really, the most fun. Get a pair- they’re about $30 or so, and hang them up in your basement, garage, or from a tree or playground set.
Go ahead- sell your weight set. Take the money, and get a set of gymnastic rings. This is not the type of exercise equipment that will just become a clothes hanger- when you walk by, I guarantee you’ll want to use them- it just feels good.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Insulin Ages You

Of all the reasons to avoid a high carb and sugar diet, insulin stimulation if one of the best. After you consume carbs, or carb’s twin sugar, your pancreas floods your blood with insulin, to bring down the high sugar levels.
If you do this long enough, you will overwhelm your system, and become insulin resistant. Also, there is another piece of the metabolic puzzle called leptin, which is a hormone produced by your good friends- your fat cells! When functioning well, when the fat cells are full-up, meaning you are “fat enough”, this leptin is produced by your very own fat cells to signal you to stop eating- no more food (or FAT) is needed!
And so, if you eat a typical, SAD American diet of cereal and skimmed milk for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and pizza for supper- chances are you will become both insulin and leptin resistant. It doesn’t sound like much, does it? But trust me, it really is-
You will get progressively fatter and fatter- more and more insulin and leptin resistant- and most importantly- you will become prone to all of the worst diseases of modern times. Think of insulin like this: insulin regulates its own production and directly regulates tissue aging. Keep insulin levels low and cells are stronger, staving off infection and age-related diseases such as cancer, dementia and stroke.
So there you go- insulin is an aging hormone, both in terms of body image, and in terms of disease! We should all strive to keep our insulin, and thus our leptin levels low. If we don’t, then the body simply “gets used to” the high levels, and can even burn out our poor little pancreas from trying to keep up with flooding our system with aging hormone. Fattening hormone, too- and who would ever want that, unless you are a Sumo wrestler.
Think about it- if you lived in the wild, spear in hand, roaming the landscape looking for food… how many carbs would you find? The cave wife might find some tubers along with the green vegetables she gathered as you hunted, but you would mostly come up with, through hunting, meat and fat. And hopefully, plenty of both.
The modern fear of fat is founded in the McGovern commission in the 1970’s that adopted Ancel Keye’s wrongheaded conclusions about fat causing heart disease, which sent us on a sugar/carb overload of almost 50 years that has made us the fattest, sickest people in the history of the planet. Real fat is our friend; our savior really. Fat raises insulin not at all.
Protein doesn’t either, unless we overindulge- then, our body will convert the excess into carbs, which is just what we want to avoid. More carbs = more insulin, more aging, more insulin and leptin resistance, and a fatter sicker human. I mean, forget the standard testing of cholesterol, etc. that really tells us almost nothing about real disease risk. Insulin resistance tells us almost everything we need to know, since if you are insulin resistant you are also prone to a number of other age-related diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, and all-cause mortality risk.
The strange thing is, this is all rather simple, once you understand it. Why are we not told this simple preventive stuff?
Most doctors and clinics really haven’t digested, or don’t really know about all of this stuff- they went to school 30 or more years ago, when none of it was known. And the clinics and hospitals, well they have built a huge, profitable business model around treating these diseases. To prevent them? Why kill the insulin/leptin goose that lays the golden egg??
I hate to be so cynical, but I’ve seen it proved over and over. And you know what is the best advice I can give you?
Stay away from doctors and clinics. Really! They are bent on prescribing, and surgeries, because they make money for them- LOTS of money!
Spend your money and time building your natural health, your bodily terrain! Buy good, real foods- pastured meats dairy. Exercise daily, with natural movement in the form of Perfectly Paleo Exercise- sleep 8 hours minimum per night, meditate and/or pray daily, and spend time walking barefoot in nature. Get rid of processed foods like breads and other tainted carbs and sugars, and keep your insulin low by consuming lots of good fats.
The health and pharmaceutical industry would love to sell you more and more and more drugs to mask your disease symptoms- I mean what business wouldn’t want to sell a lot of their “stuff”?
I mean, if your auto repair shop said “Come on in, every 6 months, and we’ll go over and test every part of your car, to make sure it is OK- we’ll give it a piston-ography, a chassis-smear, and test the oil for oh, all kinds of things, like high oil-oc-ity which is so dangerous! It will only cost 5,000 dollars each time, and is the responsible thing to do. Don’t worry, your Obama-Car will cover it, mostly…”
Of course you would ignore this “deal”. But somehow, most of us have bought into the ridiculous notion that our own bodies need to be tested, measured, and “gone over” on a regular basis- at huge cost each time! Actually, the car tests make better sense, since cars can be repaired by humans. The human body repairs itself! Proper food, proper lifestyle, and the body does it all.
So come on, paleoista! Now you have seen the light. Be self-sufficient, kick your doctor and clinic to the curb, and do it yourself! You are a Paleo Man! Or a Paleo Woman! Take the bull by the horns and get healthy on your own terms.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

The definitive post of intermittent fasting!

And, well, of all types of fasting!  I came across this article on Jen's Best Reviews, and thought I would pass it along to all of you, since it is so loaded with information.  I knew most of the information, but not all, and knowing how important this concept is for all of us to understand, I will put the link here:

If I were you, I'd go there- FAST!


Sunday, March 5, 2017

To Everything There is a Season!

One thing we really need to recalibrate throughout our lives as we age is just what our priorities should be.  Some people, who live an ancestral type of lifestyle, come to these decisions naturally, since how we should behave- just what our goals in life should be- change dramatically as time goes by.

For instance: when we are young and in our twenties- Typically, we have nothing in the way of material goods, but tend to be vibrantly healthy and fit.  This is kind of a given, or at least has been until relatively modern times, when processed bad foods and sedentary lifestyles have filtered down to even the very young!  But traditionally, and even now, in our twenties we tend to be quite healthy, slim, and optimistic.
What we do not have at this point, unless we are trust fund kids or some such, is money and financial security.  And so, appropriately, during this period we should be actively pursuing educational qualifications, job paths, formation of family, and childbearing.  These are appropriate goals.

This continues throughout our 20’s, and into our early thirties.  Kids, making money, securing our place in the world are paramount!
However, once we reach our 30’s, a subtle shift should be taking place.  Our health has undoubtedly suffered, as it almost always does with a family, demanding job, and children!  It is vital at this season of life to start working fitness work back into our lives.
Hopefully, we always kept a minimal fitness level going all along, because even when health is basically a gift in our youth, we still need to maintain it.  But now, it is vital that it become almost equal in importance to that of supporting the family, and keeping on with our careers!
And also, at this point nutrition, meaning a paleo or ancestral type of mindset of preparing and eating real foods and getting completely rid of processed foods becomes more important.  This is when most people begin really putting on fat, and also becoming very prone to metabolic syndrome.  These things need to be addressed, if you want to continue being vital and useful to your family, community, job, and to yourself!  Start in your 30’s, if not before.

Now, through your 40’s, you are usually pretty set on your successful career, family, and social path. While most would say ‘now is the time to really save and invest’, they mean to save in your IRA, preparatory to retirement.
I say that it is time to shift your priorities more in the favor of health and fitness, and less towards financial gain!
For the truth is that the vast majority of folks pretty much give up on their physical health at this point, and concentrate even more on wealth- accumulating wealth takes the place of concentrating on health.  And so, this is when most non-paleo types of folks start taking all sorts of prescription drugs, because they, well, they don’t have time to exercise… and of course, they are also so far gone now in obesity and metabolic syndrome and all of its attendant ills that they have to use drugs to control them.
Of course, the answer is to make health your hobby- health is now your new wealth, 40 year old!

If you have not done so in your 40’s, by the 50th year of age your are definitely falling apart.  You may have loads of money and material goods, but you know what?  Ten years from now, if you have not reversed things, you would gladly give away most of your hard-won wealth if if would make you well!
Generally, people in our modern culture work physically hard playing sports, training, and just living active lives in their teens, 20’s and maybe early 30’s… Then- they stop.  This is ironic, since when young, such activity is desirable, but hardly necessary.  Metabolisms are high, sickness almost nonexistent, vitality is off-the-charts!  Then, in our 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, as we get fatter and sicker, our diets are increasingly ignored, physical activity is increasingly not done at all- this is all backwards.

When you are in your 50’s and 60’s, Health is Priority Number 1.  Our diets should be as pristine as possible, usually revolving around 1 or 2 meals per day at most, with daily intermittent fasting- meaning to eat all of your meals within an 8 hour “window” of eating, and then fasting the rest of the 24 hours.  Work is fine, but you should be sleeping far more than working now- up to 10 hours per night, but at least 8!
If you have enough money, perhaps a pension or ample investments or a big inheritance, consider cutting back on work, and concentrate instead on exercise, diet, and other healthy pursuits like hobbies- growing your own garden, doing outdoor work of all sorts yourself, and spending time daily in nature!
Consider doing something you love, rather than just doing things that make money.  It’s fine if you make money at this phase of life, but now is also the time to add more spiritual quests to your life’s journey.  Go to church; I find small, local churches tend to be the best way on that route, rather than mega-churches.  Read books of philosophy, great literature, and walk in the woods.

By the 70’s and 80’s, it is time to make work-for-pay, if you do it at all, as a garnish on the meal of life.  Your work is to savor your final years, your children and grandchildren!  Do what you can to ease their ways, help them buy a house, and with education.  That’s what your money is for, not to be fought over when you are gone, driving your family apart!  Help them while you are still here to enjoy it, and them.
Aside from that, health and fitness is your main concern.  Eat, sleep, live, move, and exercise like a paleolithic person.  Stretch daily, as well as walk barefoot, or at least in minimal no-heel-raised footwear on a near daily basis.  Nutrition is now for you what wealth accumulation was in your 20’s!  Connect with family and friends frequently, cooking together and conversing as often as possible, given their more demanding schedules.  You should be pretty free of that by now, with the proper priorities…

Counterintuitively to modern prejudices- Strength Training is now your Main Priority, now that you are elderly!  Maintaining muscle mass is metabolic currency, which is now far more important to you than the monetary variety.  Do what I call Perfectly Paleo Exercise for the rest of your life, on pretty much a daily basis.
This means not lifting weights, but instead doing self-resisted, and virtual resistance exercises daily, along with high-rep calisthenics a couple of times per week.  Pushups, straight-legged sit ups, and bouncing on a rebounder are all key for a strong, healthy, youthful body that lasts a lifetime!

The very best part of this lifelong regimen is that if you do follow it, you will not only remain free of all of the horrendous, disfiguring, and painful diseases of modern civilization-as well as not having to take then endless parade of drugs that only mask the symptoms:

You will be a role model to all about you- a template of proper living!

This last is probably the very most important reason of all to show that To Every Time There is a Season.