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Monday, December 31, 2012

Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe now on Facebook!

Come on over and "Like" Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe on Facebook! 

It's just one more way we can stay in touch about our Paleo way of eating, moving and living in harmony with our Ancestral background and evolution...  

Although our bodies and minds are virtually unchanged from the Primeval, we do now have myriads of technology to connect us all into a Paleo Tribal family- and that's what I intend our "Smoothie Cafe" to be- a down-home place where we can all connect, reinforce our commitment to eating real foods as they were created by God, not man-made horrors of fake nutrition, and just get back to basics.

So, Happy New Year's to all of you Paleo People out there, and let's commit to making this New Year of 2013 the healthiest, and the happiest year of our lives!  

2012 was Great- 2013 will be even better-
Come along for the ride!


Friday, December 28, 2012

Paleo Jays Smoothie Cafe!

Your Paleo New Year’s Resolution!   

Eat a high fat low carb diet-  

Paleo Jay’s Smoothie Cafe!

Higher Volume, Lower rep pushups

As you all know, the New Year is fast approaching... How can you ensure that it won’t be  the “unlucky” 2013 that the number implies?  By making it your goal to build your health in the coming year, rather than to just gradually let it slide further and further into the S.A.D.  Standard American Diet with all of the accompanying diseases and metabolic syndrome that we have come to associate with aging in the modern world...
Totally unnecessary!  Of course, aging is inevitable, but what we consider the inevitable SYMPTOMS of aging are by and large NOT predetermined!  

It’s mostly our... DIET!  Not our lack of exercise- although I am an avid exerciser, although only for brief and intense sessions, it is diet alone that can make or break us, health-wise.  Every piece of MODIFIED grain, in particular, that we put into our bodies, wreaks utter HAVOC within us- opening us up to autoimmune diseases of all types, wherein our OWN BODIES attack themselves, spiking our insulin and forcing our bodies to accumulate FAT cells and become more and more diabetic... vegetable or otherwise named industrial seed oils like canola (rape seed) oil, margarine (a horrible FAKE fat!), crisco and their ilk are akin to pouring hydrochloric acid into our intestines.  Is is really worth the insipid taste of breakfast cereal or pasta or a slice of bread, all of which really only taste good at all with LOTS of BUTTER slathered on, to slide into this pattern of sickness and ill health?  


What can I do, Jay, what can I do?  

Well, you can saunter on down to Paleo Jay’s Smoothie Cafe and, for sheer inspiration, get yourself.... A PALEO JAY SMOOTHIE CAFE SMOOTHIE GLASS!  Pour your daily Paleo Smoothie into this puppy, and you can’t help but feel inspired!  Wear your Paleo Jay Smoothie Cafe t-shirt, and you’ll be DYING to do set after set of pushups! 
Already pining for the long, leisurely yet compelling round of golf coming your way this summer?  Paleo Jay’s Smoothie Cafe GOLF BALLS are ready to order!  And the list goes on and on: PJSC water bottles... Calendar... Baseball jersey.... YOGA MAT!!
All you could ever want, forever!  Just go to, and click on the Paleo Jay’s Smoothie Cafe icon to the right, and GO TO TOWN!  

The other thing you can do, after you have the aforementioned inspiration, is to CUT THOSE DAMAGING GRAINS from your diet!  Really, that is Job #1- don’t DO anything, just STOP eating that utter crap!  We all do it mainly from habit; from a lifetime of brainwashing about “healthy whole grains’ (grains, nutritionally, are almost vacant of nutrients compared to REAL, GOD -MADE foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, and naturally raised, grass fed beef and wild seafood).  Eat pretty much ALL YOU WANT of these REAL foods- just avoid the processed, fake, MAN-MADE foods that will ROB you of your health and push you, inevitably, into completely avoidable disease, sickness, and “diabesity”.  Trust me, you will seem almost to have found the fountain of youth, if you cut the grains from your diet, and also...


Yup, contrary to everything you’ve heard since the cradle, GOOD FAT is the second most important thing to get more of.  if you’ve grown up in the US or other modern Western country in the past 50 years or so, you are grossly good fat deprived!  Your brain is made of fat, it is dependent on fat to properly operate, and your body is completely messed up when not given enough!  This lack of fat in the modern diet leads to depression, dry skin, constant hunger, and a constant nagging vitamin deficiency.  
Fat from grass fed beef, coconut oil, pastured butter and raw grass fed cream- these are just great for your health!  Pay no attention to those “many” men and women behind the curtain, speaking into a loudspeaker with the voice of doom in the persona of, for instance, “Dr. OZ, the Great and Powerful”!!  They are really a group of ignorant little people, hiding behind their Big Ag granted titles, spouting the nonsense they’ve been taught, for the purpose of selling...HARMFUL, GRAIN-BASED PRODUCTS, in the guise of healthy foods, and then selling in addition Big Pharma’s many DRUGS to treat the diseases they have caused!  

So, again, go to, click on the Tropical Traditions banner, and order some coconut oil!  Drink  it in your Paleo smoothie (at the Cafe), swish it in your mouth during your morning shower for dental health, dissolve it in your morning coffee for medium chain tryglicerides ,i.e. good fat!, and slather it on your skin for moisturizing and shaving!  IGNORE that man behind the curtain- eat real food and real fat!

One more thing- when you do pushups, or really any bodyweight exercise, try this:

If you can do, say, 30 pushups in a set to near failure... just do 15!  I like to do a set with wide grip (using the perfect pushup device, usually, with my legs elevated on a chair or couch), then medium, then narrow grip....  Just do the 15, another 15, and another 15...

Rest a bit, then repeat... over and over and over- for as long as you like!

You will find that you will be able to do a LOT of repetitions, with a minimum amount of strain, and a LARGE amount of gain using this method!  This really puts a lot of oxygenated blood into the muscles, and is a FANTASTIC workout!  It also leaves you feeling energized, rather than drained, as doing sets to near failure would.  One other thing- it leaves you with a glow of SUCCESS, since you easily make your set each time, and never have to STRAIN.  So, give it a try- I guarantee you will like it!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Introducing the Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe!

Here is is... (drumroll!) -  Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe!  One click and you are off to the land of PaleoJay, where green Paleo smoothies rule, and clothing, golf balls, aprons, drinking glasses and more are emblazoned with the Paleo Jay brand above, proclaiming to all the world your allegiance to good, healthy, natural ancestral eating and lifestyle!

What could be better than that??

Not a whole lot, to tell the truth!  

So, whenever you have a hankering for some great, inspirational Paleo products that proclaim to all the world your love of good health and nutritional living, not to mention the American Way!, travel on over to Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe- it's always just a click away, to Paleo Jay...

And, later today, I plan to do my podcast, so stay tuned!  Perhaps order a special Paleo Smoothie drinking glass to use each morning whilst you wait!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas from Paleojay!

Merry Christmas to you all, from my daughter, Paleoholly!  She just turned 24, (her birthday is in December), and this was her birthday cake from last week!  She follows my advice, and has blossomed with health as time goes on- go thou and do likewise, grasshopper!

We all had ONE small piece of cake (even your own Paleojay!Gasp!), and that was it... sometimes you need to indulge; and no problem, as long as the indulgence is SMALL, and you get right back into your Paleo template of eating and moving the next day.  So, with that small caveat in mind, I hope you all connect meaningfully to God, family and friends (your TRIBE!, since that is the essence of what it means to be human.


PJ & family

Monday, December 17, 2012

Paleo Grocery Hunting and Gathering

Ok, today I went a' hunting and a' gathering for food... found some good, nutritious food, too!

I hope you enjoy, and get some ideas for your own hunting expeditions...


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Skip Breakfast to BURN FAT! on Paleo Quick Tips #10

Paleo Quick Tips #10

Skip breakfast to burn fat!

What do you eat for breakfast? Please go to and leave a comment- I really want to know what are common breakfast choices among you all.  
A really great breakfast choice is a Paleo Smoothie, as outlined at my website listed above, and in more detail in my eBook. Paleo Quick Start  That last is a link to the book on iTunes- at it is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all the other usual formats you can think of...

But , today I’m here to tell you about Skipping breakfast!  I know- it’s the most important meal of the day and all that....and, most days, I have a big glass of my Paleo Smoothie, chock-full of all sorts of vegetables, some berries, a peeled orange or two, kefir, green tea... the list goes on and on- a veritable powerhouse of nutrition!  I also have eggs, sometimes bacon and or grass fed beef sausage, perhaps some greek yogurt with some raspberries mixed in.   But, this is because on MOST days, I work out in the early morning, about 5:30 AM.  AFTER a workout is when your body is READY to rebuild, and can actually use insulin in a GOOD way, by pushing sugars and carbs to rebuild and expand your muscle tissue, instead of shunting these materials into FAT.  
Especially if your body has become accustomed to a lowish carb diet, say 30 to 50 grams per day for a week or so- then, on ONE day, (mine is almost always Sunday)- SKIP breakfast!  A number of good things will happen:
Your body will BURN FAT, since you have accustomed it to doing so already through restricting carbs throughout the week
You will NOT get hungry, since your body is happily burning its own fat for fuel, which is a very efficient fuel source, AND
A very beneficial process called AUTOPHAGY starts in your body during this brief “fast”.
This is where your body starts “cleaning house”; consuming it’s own damaged and pre-cancerous, and other “junk” cells, restoring a healthy balance.  If you are constantly eating and digesting, the body cannot perform this process- and it is a very important process indeed!  Our ancestors did NOT eat 3 , much less 5-6 meals (and snacks!) per day!  They were lucky indeed to get ONE meal, and that would usually be after exercising (stalking and killing the game that made up their one meal!).  This is how we are created, it is what our bodies need and want for maximum health.

At any rate, it’s fine if you have a cup of coffee in the morning,(mine is usually topped with heavy whipped cream, cinnamon and cloves; sometimes with a spoonful of coconut oil melted in as well- YUM!  The longer you wait to eat, the more fat you’ll burn, but don’t let yourself get hungry- have a smoothie or some eggs and bacon around noon or so, but plan your workout today (on your “fasting/relaxing” Sunday) in the afternoon...

Kettle bell swings!
2 or 3 PM is about right- make this workout a TAXING one- I don’t mean long, I just mean hard- Do things like negative pushups, hindu squats, chins and dips, kettle bell swings, leg raises- depending upon your ability just push pretty hard- it should be invigorating, and not so hard that you dread it- You should start to look forward to it- finish up with some barefoot sprinting if it’s warm out, otherwise just do intervals of your kettle bell swings or else do intervals on a stationary bike, or even just jumping up and down! Really- that’s actually a great workout move!  Exercise is addressed more fully in my other eBook, Perfectly Paleo Exercise, which is also available on iTunes, Amazon and the rest- just go to, again, and all the links are right there to click on.

Now, after your afternoon workout, is where the magic happens!  You have just achieved an Intermittant Fast- a night of sleeping (not eating then, of course), and then you extended it throughout the morning.  You have burnt a ton of fat, and worked out in a largely fasted state, especially low in carbs and sugars...Now, after your workout, it’s time to REALLY enjoy your Sunday!  
Take a shower, and then, if you’re like me, fire up your grill!  Start eating good food, PARTICULARLY CARB FOODS you don’t usually load up on- have a nice big early supper of meat or seafood, and also have sweet potatoes with plenty of pastured butter, white rice, or even sweet potato fries (cooked in coconut oil)- have a beer (or two!)- heck, today you can even have some ice cream or popcorn after supper!  (WHAT?)  Yup...

Just make sure it’s all wrapped up by 6 PM or so...  

When you wake up the next morning, I guarantee your waist will be visibly smaller, and your muscles will be larger and more defined (and stronger!) than they were the day before!  This is called “Carb backloading”, and it really does work, over and over and over again.  So, just keep your carbs pretty low throughout the week, drinking a lot of super nutritious Paleo Smoothie and eating real foods as God made them naturally and not eating processed, man made junk; eat as your Great Grandparents ate, and once per week have your Fasting/Relaxing day... 

You’ll progress as never before, with no starving, no long hours of cardio, no depletion of energy- you’ll be living in tune with your genetics, and making the inner you happy, healthy, and strong!

After doing this for a while, as I have, you will find yourself during the weeks, most nights, that you don’t even feel like having supper... Congratulations- you’ve become a “Fat Burner”; your body prefers burning fats for fuel, and will do so most of the time!

When this happens, you will burn fat every evening and night, even if you DO eat breakfast the next morning.  At this point, you have earned the right to wear a black beret and T-shirt, and hang around Paleolithic caves in France...

Oh, most folks don’t know that, in some ways I’m like Tinkerbell!  If people don’t believe in me, I start to fade away...You can make my light glow again by rating me on paleojay on iTunes, commenting on my blog (what ARE your favorite breakfast choices??), and just subscribing to this free podcast on iTunes!  Thanks for listening, and have a happy, healthy week!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Considering Statin drugs for cholesterol? Reconsider...

If you are considering taking a Statin drug, i.e. Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor et al... RECONSIDER!

Consider renting or buying the movie "Statin Nation" instead!    There is a link to the right and down a bit on this website where you can see a trailer and also order it directly.  

The Perfect Christmas Gift!

If ANYone you know is taking or considering taking one of these drugs for the supposed benefits of "cholesterol lowering", consider this:

" People who are diagnosed with cataracts or diabetes in their fifties or sixties are frequently told that they "are just getting older." With age comes chronic health problems like muscle aches and pain, diabetes and cataracts. What people may not be told is that atorvastatin or simvastatin (or any other statin) might be contributing to those aches and pains, elevated blood sugars or cataracts.
We recognize that many people benefit from statins, especially those who have had a heart attack or a stent placed in a coronary artery. But the benefits of statins for what is called primary prevention are now highly controversial. When a medicine that is supposed to prevent chronic health problems down the road actually contributes to them, we get concerned."

The above is from The Peoples Pharmacy , feel free to read the rest of the article, and accompanying testimonials.  Other side effects?

The most common statin side effects include:
  • Headache
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Flushing of the skin
  • Muscle aches, tenderness, or weakness (myalgia)
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Abdominal cramping and/or pain
  • Bloating and/or gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Rash
Statins also carry warnings that memory loss, mental confusion, high blood sugar, and type 2 diabetes are possible side effects. It's important to remember that statins may also interact with other medications you take. 

This is from   The article goes on to list some MORE side effects!  

Which Statin Side Effects Are Serious?

Statins are associated with a few rare, but potentially serious, side effects including:
  • Myositis, inflammation of the muscles. The risk of muscle injury increases when certain other medications are taken with statin use. For example, if you take a combination of a statin and a fibrate -- another cholesterol-reducing drug -- the risk of muscle damage increases greatly compared to someone who takes a statin alone.
  • Elevated levels of CPK, or creatine kinase, a muscle enzyme that when elevated, can cause muscle pain, mild inflammation, and muscle weakness. This condition, though uncommon, can take a long time to resolve.
  • Rhabdomyolysis, extreme muscle inflammation and damage. With this condition, muscles all over the body become painful and weak. The severely damaged muscles release proteins into the blood that collect in the kidneys. The kidneys can become damaged trying to eliminate a large amount of muscle breakdown caused by statin use. This can ultimately lead to kidney failure or even death. Fortunately, rhabdomyolysis is extremely rare. It occurs in less than one in 10,000 people taking statins.
"Since their arrival on the market, statins have been among the most prescribed drugs in the U.S., with about 17 million users."

I would suggest that, rather than spend the money on statins, you first spend $15 and watch this movie!  Just go to the right, and scroll down a bit to order.  SAVE YOUR HEALTH, or the health of a loved one!  Change diet and exercise rather than "pill popping"!




Friday, December 7, 2012

Paleo Christmas! Paleo Quick Tips #9

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Paleo Christmas! Paleo Quick Tips #9

Christmas is fast approaching- how will you keep the holidays from wrecking your diet?  Simple, make it a Paleo Christmas!
Fill your Christmas stockings with the more traditional, ancestral types of treats:
Nuts, dark chocolate, oranges, hard boiled eggs??- decorate with red and green, hide around the house ala Easter!
Roast a great prime rib or duckling- have mashed sweet potatoes with plenty of pastured butter and cinnamon. 

For presents, do what I did this year- got myself the ultimate of all gifts, a 15 year old big  -freezered used refrigerator - voila, I have ample grass fed beef storage, and also room for when frozen veggies and fruits go on sale, or other meats, i.e. bacon, grass fed beef liver, pastured chicken, milk fed pork...Lots of options open up here! 

And, as an added bonus, this fridge incentivized me to completely “redecorate” my garage, which really means just cleaning out a bunch of junk and reorganizing the remaining... junk!  I’m even thinking of adding lace curtains to the windows...

Other practical Paleo presents that will actually help you to thrive over the coming year and improve your day to day life?

A Vitamix blender!  Yup, this is actually number 1, but since I already have two, I put the fridge first.  Especially if you are just starting out on the Ancestral diet and lifestyle (which really means pretty much how people lived and ate up until about 50 years ago!), this one tool will make your transition almost effortless, and will become more valuable to you as you continue to advance in your health.  Don’t skimp on this “ingredient” or tool of healthy living- This alone will save you so much on supplement purchases (you make your own from real foods in the VItamix!), lousy bought on the run meals (you can easily carry a jar or two of a Paleo smoothie in a lunchbox), supply you with an incredibly healthy, easy and fast breakfast; the list goes on and on!  You can click on the Vitamix banner on my website,, and you get free shipping (the best deal you can get on a Vitamix anywhere), and you help to support the show.

I have two excellent book recommendations for you as well:

and another called Thinking Outside the Pill Box by Ty Vincent, M.D.
The Four Hour Chef book by Tim Ferriss is available almost anywhere (except Barnes and Noble, which is boycotting his book due to his promotional deal with Amazon- dumb Barnes and Noble!) and is not per se strictly about cooking!  Tim just chose that to write about, since he knew nothing about it, it was perfect for a subject in writing about how to learn to learn!  It is a fascinating read, and will inspire you to learn whatever you really WANT to learn, and tell you how to go about it in an efficient manner.  This is the book that kind of encapsulates all of the information Tim has gained in his previous books (4 Hour Workweek & 4 Hour Body). I highly recommend you purchase this in the hardcover- it is a huge, beautiful, well illustrated big book, and should be seen in physical form, where you can lay it down and refer to its many diagrams and pictures.  And, it’s a steal at $21.00- you can even buy it at Wal Mart.

Thinking Outside the Pill Box is another great book- Dr. Ty Vincent is a young Dr. who is quite fed up with our medical establishment, and the state of our health.  He explains just how and why the health of our nation is collapsing, and also tells you what to do about it, both personally and on a larger scale.  Very illuminating- also a very BIG book, all text, but Dr. Ty is an engaging writer, and it reads like a story!  I recommend getting this book in an ebook format, since it is so much cheaper (and lighter!)- it is $40 plus shipping in hardcover, but the eBook is $3.49 on Kobo, so you can read it on your phone, your tablet, or even on your computer! Kobo has free apps for all of these devices.  This book should get you to download Kobo, and then a whole world of books will be opened to you in a convenient, inexpensive format. (Like Perfectly Paleo Exercise)

You might also want to give the gift of food- I like to order from
I order my powdered coconut milk for my smoothies (cheaper and more convenient than canned), nuts and chocolate, spices and herbs from them- it’s all wholesale, convenient and fast, and one flat price for shipping.  It’s really a lot of fun to order and anticipate the box showing up at your door!

And so, Merry Christmas from PaleoJay to you and yours!  Just make sure you have a healthy, happy Christmas as well!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Paleo Quick Tips podcast number 8- why you should NOT count calories, Don't trust a FAT doctor, and negative exercises

Paleo Quick Tips #8

Why you should NOT count calories

Don’t trust a fat Doctor

Negative pushups and chinups

It should be your dietary goal, primarily, to eat as much good, real, God made food as possible!  A calorie, as was pointed out so effectively by Gary Taubes in his book “Good Calories Bad Calories”, is not just a calorie: in a steam engine this might be true (this is how the caloric theory was born; in measuring energy in engines!), but a human body- your body- is a chemical factory, teaming with hormones, and taking various energy sources (calories) that are in addition sources of nutrients and enzymes. Of course, this is only when you are eating real food- empty foods, or nearly empty “food like substances” like whole grains, sugar, flour, margarine, legumes, bread, fast food,etc. etc. have nothing your body can actually use, and can only be stored as a (rather toxic) form of body fat!  Yuck, and double yuck!

Fat in particular, fat in the form of egg yolks, coconut milk and oil, pastured butter, fat from grass fed beef... the lack of this fat is what currently:
Keeps us always hungry, and thusly:
Keeps us always FAT!

If you are counting calories, you are counting them all as “equal”- they are not!  Grass fed beef, raw dairy, fermented foods like kefir and sauerkraut, green veggies and sweet potatoes, tomatoes and peppers: these are all good calories- eat as much as you want, and then be happy- you’ll know your body is!

If you need to go see a Doctor, I mean not just to be “checked up” on a yearly basis (that you don’t really need, if you care for yourself properly through a proper diet, proper paleo exercise, ample sleep, and “tribal” i.e. family and friends harmony)- let’s say you have a real issue.  Lyme’s disease, say... By all means- go in and get treated!  This is what modern medicine does best- treat severe emergency medical emergencies!  Modern medicine was really born on the battlefields of the Civil War in America:
Saving lives by cutting off gangrenous limbs, removing bullets, saving severely wounded men from immediate impending death- and they did that, learning as they went, and they learned much more during the following two World Wars!

And this is when medicine changed from a profession to an Industry.

There is nowadays just too much money in medicine to allow health to be the goal!

So, if you get treated by this Doctor for a bullet wound or other severe problem, and then he starts making recommendations about medicines you should be taking for “health”, and how you should be eating “low fat” and with plenty of “healthy whole grains”... take a look at your doctor him or herself.  Are they fat, out of shape, flabby? Do they look like the picture of health themself??

If they do not, I would say “Thank you for (curing lyme’s disease- removing bullet- amputating my limb) and then say goodbye- it’s time to find another doctor!  Physician heal thyself... obviously they do NOT know about how to be healthy, or they would be!

What is the fastest, and most effective way to work out?  Why, negative exercises, of course!  These are also extremely simple to perform, and yield benefits way beyond what you would expect for the investment of just a few minutes of time and effort.

For a negative pushup, just get into the top of the pushup position- arms shoulder width apart, feet stretched out behind you, and resting on your toes.  And then, slowly (very slowly) just lower yourself until you are down all the way onto the floor.  Try for a 10 second lowering!  (Slow, slow, slow....)

Then, if you are strong enough, push up to the top, and start again to lower yourself- 10 seconds down.

This time, if you can’t push up, just get onto your knees to regain the top position, and immediately lower yourself...

From this point on, it doesn’t matter how you get Up into position- all we care about is the negative, lowering part of the exercise.  This is where the maximum benefit is derived!

When you finally reach the point where you are so exhausted that you can’t lower yourself as slow as a 10 second lowering- Stop!  You are done with that exercise, and have reaped all the advantages of it you can.

A good exercise to immediately follow these negative pushups would be planks-
In planks you rest your elbow on the floor to one side,supporting yourself with your forearm;  and extending your legs to one side in a “plank” like fashion, you rest your weight on both your forearm and the side of your foot, which the other foot is resting on top of.  This works your abdominals on that side.  HOLD!  That’s it for that side.

Reverse sides, assuming the same position on the other side.  HOLD!  All right, now rest both forearms on the floor in front of you, facing forwards, your feet supporting you on the toes of both feet.... HOLD    All done!

If you have a chinup bar handy, feel free to continue- You need to get a stool if it’s too high, otherwise if your bar (or tree limb!) is low enough, just get to where your chest is touching the bar.  Then, slowly remove the weight from your feet, and slowly lower yourself to arm’s length.

Stand back up, and repeat!

This exercise will not take many repetitions to exhaust you!

So there you have it- three negative exercises with very positive effects!

Good exercise, bad exercise... this is very, very GOOD!