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Monday, July 19, 2021

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Make Your Life Your Vacation podcast


So very many people (most probably) look at their periodic vacations as being the  most valued part of their life.  The ONE thing that they focus on, and that is the most valuable part of their lives!

They travel overseas, they go to white sand beaches and stay in fancy hotels and dine in amazing restaurants.  They may even do a little ‘Zumba’ or other hotel-sanctioned quasi-fitness activities to give the illusion of becoming healthy…

Here is what I believe we should do instead:

Strive to build a life that is sustainable, and something that you can do happily for the rest of your life.  “Simplify, simplify…” as Henry Thoreau said.  True contentment and happiness does not mean transitory situations that will impress your vapid friends on Facebook and cost lots of money and time.  Really think it through, and figure out what will really make you content and happy, without being concerned about the opinions of others.

Long term, if we are looking back at our lives, what would pretty much ALL of us want to see as accomplishments?  

A satisfying work life, that includes winding up with a happy spouse and children, and resulting in similar grandchildren.  And hopefully, all would be living nearby, in an area that we all loved, and felt a part of.  A kind of an ethnic homeland, in which we all were valued and were a vital part of.

A modest, yet comfortable home, with surrounding acreage and woodlands, to both sustain and nourish us in work and in play.  A small community, of which we are a vital part, and which we contribute to both in local government and the schools.  A community that relies on local government, not state or federal to sustain it- one in which the ordinary citizen is in control!

We would all want to have interests; hobbies if you will, that are consuming passions.  Writing, music, art, woodworking or gardening- it really doesn’t matter, just so long as you find it absorbing and interesting!  I think most people, after working for long years, have discarded their true interests and just gone with what is practical for making money…

This is why they focus on the Vacation Illusion!

It’s kind of as if you are wandering through an oppressive desert, and you are constantly scanning the horizon for something better- anything really-

And then, a mirage appears: a vision of the Wonderful Vacation; something that is almost too good to be true: you in a paradise of travel agent utopia, lying on a beach, somehow totally fit and healthy, and fulfilled in every way!

But trust me, this mirage vacation is too good to be true. Even if your 2 week or so paradise is fun, it is all too fleeting.  What we all truly desire is a permanent paradise- and it is not that hard to achieve!

A simple job, one that sustains you and your family in a rural, red area of America.  A small town oriented type of place, where the local people control the schools and government.  A place where federal and state governmental mandates are hopefully small and inconsequential.  A small enough place for your voice to be heard!

A place where taxes are not oppressive, and your children can grow and be educated without horrors like busing, quotas, or multi-cultural racist nonsense.  The west and the midwest are the best bets for Americans nowadays.  Far from big blue cities and their Democrat rulers.

A smaller kind of place where medical clinics and hospitals are confined to simple things, like broken bones, infectious diseases, and the like.  Not politically based hoaxes and scams, and scaremongering.  Just real health things.

But this requires that you yourself acquire real value.  You need to go to a technical college or somewhere else, where you acquire real life skills that are valuable to others!  Things like electrical, plumbing, welding, mechanical, or other real skills that are nowadays so denigrated as so lowly.  They are NOT.  

You really have to educate yourself to be worthy of living in a modern, small town paradise.  Real skills are necessary; in such a place you will be required to earn your own way!  It’s a return to the basic ideals of now only small town America and Europe, but of western civilization itself.

You will (and should desire) to be someone who is a valuable, working member of your community, not just some big city suburbanite with a made-up fake job of paper shuffling and no actual abilities.  

And don’t mis-prioritize things in your real life paradise after you get there: don’t try to make your rural land into an “estate”, without trees or woods, and substitute a glyphosate soaked fake turf that invisibly poisons your groundwater, children, and all about you…

Just so you don’t have to see a hideous dandelion!

Leave the many poisons back in the real suburbia and the cities that surround them.  Let them keep their out of control crime, horrible schools, racial quotas, and bad, plant-based fast foods and such, along with their leaking sewage and water systems, failing infrastructure, and collapsing buildings and rampant immigration.  It is all totally unsustainable, and will become apparently more so as time goes on.  

You and your family can simply concentrate on improving things in the rural environment you have chosen, both for yourself and other like-minded folks in your community.  Think locally, but vote on a federal and state level for laws that allow us all to stay separate and independent as much as possible from the evil agenda of the Leftists!

Then you, (and I) can continue living in our own little, everyday-of-our-lives: