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Monday, September 3, 2012

Updated Paleo Smoothie Recipe- HIGH nutrient density!

Packed and ready to blend on the road!
I promised I would reveal my ultra-secret Paleo Smoothie recipe today, Labor Day 2012!!

And so, you have here revealed to you the Rosetta Stone of easy Paleo-style nutrition- 


Blend well...

Coconut Milk- 1 can
Coconut oil and/or red Palm oil- 2 Tablespoons
Carlson’s or Nordic Naturals Cod liver oil- 1 Tablespoon
Powdered kelp- 1 teaspoon
Spirulina- 1 tsp
Vitamin D3 liquid- a few drops
J.Crowe's Lugol solution of iodine- a few drops
Unsweetened kefir- 1/4 cup
Organic, unsweetened lemon juice- 1 teaspoon
Apple cider vinegar- 1 teaspoon
1-2 cups of green tea
cinnamon- 1 tsp- also great on coffee and whipped cream! (Fresh ground is best-
I use a coffee grinder)
Frozen spinach or kale or other leafy green- approximately 1 cup
Frozen mixed “California Mix” vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots), ~1 cup
Frozen mixed berries- blueberries, raspberries, strawberries- 1 cup
1/2 banana (I freeze mine so they don’t over-ripen)-optional
1 peeled orange
2 raw, organic free range eggs (optional) or more!  I often use 4 eggs; the yolks are the best part, nutritionally speaking!  Who needs fake protein powders?  
Greek yogurt also a good protein source
Also, 1 Tablespoon Kerrygold pastured butter
1 can coconut milk OR coconut milk powder

Since publishing my ebook, I have begun adding the dried, powdered varieties of:
turmeric 1 tsp
ginger 1 tsp
kelp 1 tsp
spirulina 1 tsp
red beet powder 1 tsp
These are strong anti-inflammatory agents, among many other benefits.
And NOW:
4 Tablespoons Bob's Potato Starch!  This is key for feeding your gut microbes!!

Another tip: Bulk Foods if a great place to order your dried coconut milk powder from!  

They are a food wholesaler; so you get top notch stuff at rock bottom prices- they ship fast, and are a great source for all kinds of very healthy, and also very unhealthy foods- it's your choice!

Whenever I order some dried coconut powder, I also order some nuts, dark Lindt chocolate bars, spices and other healthy things like kelp and spirulina.  I have no affiliation with Bulk Foods whatever, but they are a great resource in your Paleo lifestyle! 
 (Just don't order the gummy bears in bulk...)

Quite frankly- if you start making a daily smoothie similar to the above daily, you will be doing more to improve and salvage your health than anything else I can think of!  We are all suffering from years of substandard nutrition, since we are all suffering from many years of misinformation and propagandizing about long, slow exercise and low-fat nutritional lies.  We have to be pro-active in rebuilding our sadly lacking health through adding in all the nutrient density we can!

This Smoothie will do that- restore your health- give you glowing skin, healthy, vital teeth and hair, and a restored immune system from the "inside out", as the beneficial bacteria are restored in your intestinal tract that digest many foods for you.

Ribs with bacon!  Wowzers!
To complete your nutritional rebirth, after starting in with the above, get going with a Weber Grill, making a cornucopia of foods weekly that will last you through the week!  

Just reheat later, and you'll easily have a week's worth of lunches and dinners after an enjoyable "grill outing" in your yard on a Sunday afternoon!

The other thing I would recommend?  

Get a crock pot!

You can throw together a great Paleolithic meal in the morning, just after you make your Paleo smoothie, and before you do your Paleo Exercises!  

Trust me, after you get into it, this early morning stuff will become the highlight of your day- especially the EXERCISE!  

Don't know what to make in a crock pot?

Now you do!!

This stuff really is not all that hard!  It just requires... change... but this change is so worth it! 
It means health, and vitality, and mental health (our crappy modern diet is just as bad for our mental health as our physical health)!  

I think that you are worth the effort to do this, my friend!  Now,  just do it, for the sake of you and yours!


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