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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The FAT Elvis-ification of America- and the World!

Remember the OLD Elvis?  The one we all loved??  If you're old enough, like me, you sure do!

Elvis was the personification of what was really great about America- innovative, cutting edge, above all else real and authentic!

It was great- he was...Paleo Elvis!

What happened??

Elvis was of old, Yankee, "hillbilly" stock- he ate homegrown food, just real food, food that people had eaten for thousands of years- in his younger days.  I'm sure his parents bought local hogs, butchered nearby, traditional grass fed cattle, and ate a traditional type of diet in the 30's, 40's and 50's... the Elvis we think of in his prime was the result!

But Elvis made it big- really BIG!  

What did he want after his big score?  Well, he lived in a time (the 60's mainly) when the governmental mantra was "better living through chemistry".

This is the era we all find ourselves in now!  Natural, high fat foods are bad!  Stay away from red meat- ALL MEAT!!  Coconut oil and butter are HORRIBLE- Eat Industrial Seed Oils!!


Let's see what it did to Elvis...

One thing is, it made him big- really BIG!!

This is a total travesty- he was taking pharmaceutical drugs- he was convinced that since they were legitimate pharmaceutical, real drugs!, that they were beneficial!

Most Americans today feel the same- if their Medical Doctor thinks these drugs are fine (the Medical Doctor has been schooled by a Pharmaceutical Company that assures him they are wonderful!), well, then they should take those prescribed drugs- FOR LIFE!

The thing I know is this:

Eating a good, natural, real foods diet- similar to what our grandparents, great grandparents, and great-great grandparents ate... with no modern pharmaceuticals thrown in!!- 

WILL MAKE US MORE LIKE THE YOUNG ELVIS, not the sad travesty that modern pharmaceutical drugs and processed modern foods turned him into.

Elvis was a victim. The "Canary in the Coal mine"- signaling that disaster is ahead!  One of the early victims of the low-fat, high carb, high pharma intervention lifestyles...

But, he is the tip of the wave.

Diabesity is taking over-

Soon- just caring for our OBESE POPULATION WILL BANKRUPT THE U.S.!!

And, given our propensity for "spreading the word" -  This will spread Worldwide!!

I hate to "beat the same drum", but hey- we really need to get back to basics here!


Just like our ancestors did:

Grass fed beef
Pastured chickens and eggs
Pastured butter and raw dairy
Cultured dairy
Full fat cream and raw milk
Non-GMO vegetables
Coconut oil and no industrial seed oils aka: Crisco, corn oils, peanut oils, canola oils, margarine, COOL WHIP aka "white salve"...

NON-GMO GRAINS!  (Almost unavailable- SO NO GRAINS AT ALL IS BEST!!!)

I think you get it now:  

Everything the FDA, the US Dept of Agriculture, and the Food Pyramid has recommended in the past, oh, 50 years or so...

is Wrong.  

It started out as an honest mistake...

But like most mistakes, it became, over time, an outright LIE!

The science is there. 

These agencies know that they are misleading you, and leading you into an Elvis End:

Bye Bye Baby!


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