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Friday, September 7, 2012

Easy "Bulletproof" Paleo Coffee- On the Cheap!

"Bulletproof/Paleo" Coffee, with coconut flour brownie...
And PLENTY of real whipped cream!!
I know, it's not the best picture, but it is still worth 1,000 words!  Every morning, I make a cup of this wonderful coffee, inspired by the impressive of Dave Asprey of the Bulletproof Executive.  I have a little different "take" on the way I do this, but Dave inspired me to start making my coffee "bulletproof", so hats off to him...

The Bulletproof version starts with coffee (Dave sells his own no toxin coffee, at a price- Bulletproof Coffee natch)!  Then, he adds pastured butter, coconut or MCT oil, and blends it with a hand-held blender... I've tried it, and it's pretty good!

The butter is a nice, healthy touch, but I prefer my butter in my Paleo Smoothie, which I'm already blending up in my Vitamix- I add the coconut oil, (or MCT oil if you have some handy), and top with real whipped cream, cinnamon and cloves!  It is really, really good, and loaded with healthy fats and beneficial spices as well.

My secret "weapon" is the Aeropress!

The Aeropress is a deceptively simple little item that, easily and quickly, (and with instant cleanup), takes any sort of coffee and make a wonderful tasting cup!  Most "micro-toxins" in coffee, I believe, are exacerbated by "steeping" the coffee in your standard drip coffee maker... this makes the coffee bitter, and concentrates the toxins in the cup as it ever-so-slowly drips out.

With the Aeropress, (which sells for a princely $26.00 or so!), hot water is added, the plunger is pressed down, and voila- the best coffee you've ever tasted!  REALLY!  Here's how it works:

Honestly, it really is that simple!

So, save the wonderful Kerrygold or other grass fed butter for the Smoothie- it really adds creaminess there, in addition to the coconut milk and coconut oil...

But do add the coconut oil, whipped cream, cinnamon and cloves to your coffee!

Paleo Coffee and a Paleo Smoothie!  Does life get any better?


And, since the caffeine is so much lower with the brief immersion of the coffee grounds in this brew, I can promise you that you won't feel (or look!) like:


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