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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

High blood pressure: HI-Biscus TEA!

We’ve long known that almost all benefit from treating severe hypertension comes with lowering BP [blood pressure] just a little. On the other hand, efforts to lower BP to ‘normal,’ typically requiring multiple drugs, are not only usually unsuccessful but produce more harm than good, since adverse effects of intensive treatment outweigh the minimal marginal benefit of a little more BP ‘control.’ Drug treatment of mild hypertension….may be of great value to drug makers, but it was almost predictable that it would provide little or no benefit for patients.

-Professor Jerome Hoffman of UCLA and an expert in critical appraisal of medical literature. 

Hey- do we have a problem here?  It appears that standard approaches to high blood pressure are misguided.

Suprise, suprise, suprise!!

The bottom line here is this:

MILD hypertension is best treated by natural means.  

As my friend Chris Kresser says:

"Treating mild high blood pressure with drugs is ineffective. Try potassium-rich foods, hibiscus tea, acupuncture and exercise instead."

How simple is that??

It doesn't generate a lot of revenue for the medical establishment, or the pharmaceutical companies...  

but it sure as HECK does work!

I would suggest, in light of the double blind research studies about Hibiscus Tea, that you ADD IT to you daily Paleo Smoothie if you have any high blood pressure issues!

What could be easier?

You substitute green or white tea (both excellent choices in and of themselves, by the way!), with Hibiscus Tea- available almost anywhere, readily!  (And delicious, as well!)

Of course, if you are already drinking the Paleo Smoothie!, you are already becoming super healthy just on the merits of this superdrink/food!

But, if you have a particular issue with high blood pressure-

It would behoove you to drink 

Hibiscus tea- either just replace the green/white tea in your smoothie, or add it into your beverage rotation!

It sure beats taking a DRUG!  


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