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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Civilized Cavemen and Women- Welcome!

The above recipe is from civilized caveman, one of the best website/blogs you will find anywhere!

Click on the link, and you will have a recipe you can make (and many other simple, Caveman and Paleo friendly recipes) that you can, and should start making as a replacement for the highly processed, flour and vegetable oil nightmares that most of us currently use!

What I really like about this guy, George, aged 27, is that he is a normal guy, who decided to totally revamp his life and health, Paleo-style!  And he did!

He went from 235 pounds to 170 pounds, reclaimed his health and vitality, and, incidentally, learned how to cook and blog!  This last is most important for all of us... aside from him also learning how to take cool photos of his creations and share them!

So, go to his website, make his recipes (the crock pot ones are unbelievable)- like:  the best crockpot pulled pork!,  and get back to me with your results!  This guy deserves our support!

Also, my virgin coconut oil giveaway contest ends at Midnight tonight!

So enter now, enter again, and enter often!! 

Soon, there will be a proud new owner of a full quart of this precious, anti-microbial, medium chain triglyceride, weight-loss enhancing, and heart-healthy oil- maybe it will be you!

Good luck Pilgrims!!


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