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Thursday, September 6, 2012


Butter gets a very bad rap!  "High saturated fat- artery clogging and fattening!"

B.S.- Butter satisfies! Butter is loaded with nutrients you need and want, things like Vitamins A, D, and K...  Butter, particularly grass fed, or pastured butter such as the Kerrygold shown above, will up your satiety level, so you do not feel hungry at all- that's because you have satisfied your body's nutritional needs so well by eating it!  Here is some really cool info about butter from Dave Asprey, his Bulletproof Butter info-graphic!

Pretty much sums it up- that's why I include pastured butter in the Paleo Smoothie! Use a healthy Tablespoon or so- don't skimp on this nutrient powerhouse.   Nothing against Dave's "Bulletproof Coffee"- I think it is just great; I'd just rather have the butter in the resultingly creamy smoothie, and add coconut oil and whipped cream to my coffee, thanks... same end result!

Beets- I personally love beets!  But, to get them in my diet, since I am the only one in the PaleoJay Cave that appreciates them- aye, there's the rub!

The thing about beets is that they are so good for you, particularly good for your cardiovascular health.  They can lower high blood pressure as well, and are particularly high in vitamin C, as well as other nutrients- and so, I have begun adding dried beet powder to the Paleo Smoothie!  

Find it readily at   (scroll to the bottom for the beet powder...)

Beet it- Beet it! oh well, enough of that....


Here is some of my home made Kefir!  I strongly recommend you take up this new "hobby" of kefir making- not only is kefir simple to make, it has become a mainstay of the Paleo Smoothie- I use about a cup per day!  That is a cup of very potent probiotics, each and every day- needless to say, my gut is now very happy indeed!

"But Jay, but Jay!" I hear you plaintively cry.

"I don't know HOW to make kefir!!"  Sob.

It's really, really simple- first, you need some kefir grains.

Never fear- just go here- cultures for health.

Buy the milk culture grains- they will last you for the rest of your life, and you can give some away every week for the rest of your life as well!  Be a hero- order some Kefir grains!

You can buy the grains elsewhere as well, I bought mine off of Ebay, and they are great!  But whatever, get some grains!

Then, put them in a mason jar (that works the best, but almost any glass jar with a lid will work fine), add raw milk if you can, but it you can't (Thanks FDA!), use goat's milk, or coconut milk!  I have been using a mix of about 1/2 coconut milk, and 1/2 goat's milk, and I just love it!  These grains will culture just about any high fat type of product...All are good to use!

I put the (2 at a time) mason jars on top of my fridge with the jars loosely screwed on, overnight.  Usually, that is all the time you need- it's done!  The first time you do it you might want to wait a couple of days, and then just put the jars in the fridge- ready to pour into your Paleo Smoothie each morning!  Simple!  

When you get to the bottom of the jar, and only have about 1/4 cup left, add more milk and repeat the process.  You don't need to wash anything out, or "wash the grains" as some say, or anything at all- just add more milk, and age overnight!  

Your grains will thank you, your GUT will thank you, and your overall bodily health and vitality will thank you, since you are doing a great thing for the wonderful microbes in your body that actually digest and process the foods you eat for you.

GINGER, and Turmeric- the two most potent cancer fighters you can find!

Both of these "spices" or herbs are readily available, and are potent anti-inflammatory agents right off the bat!  Ginger appears to be particularly effective in fighting cancer as well, (as does Turmeric as well!), and anything that combats inflammation will be a potent ally to you in your search for health.  Powdered varieties are fine- just add a teaspoon or so each day to your smoothie, for maximum effect!

Just so you know, if all of the above seems overwhelming- YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT ALL!

Start out with my Beginning Paleo Smoothie... enjoy the benefits... and gradually progress to the
One in which the nutrient density is OFF THE CHARTS,

You don't have to get there all at once- start slowly- and KEEP ADDING INGREDIENTS!

Add foods, spices, veggies, exercise and good sleep- 



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