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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What's so bad about GRAINS?

"Jay, I hear you talk about avoiding wheat and other grains all the time- what's so bad about them??"

I hear this constantly.  "Amber waves of grain" has such a halo of goodness about it...

But, let's look at it from the WHEAT'S perspective:

The wheat itself, (and other grains as well- corn, barley, etc.- but wheat is the biggie here) does not want to be eaten! Would you willingly give your babies to a creature that wanted to eat them??

No, probably not...

You would fight, rend and claw to protect your progeny; as a mammal, that is your defense mechanism.

Plants, however, can't run or fight; they have developed different defense strategies to protect themselves and their young:  Anti- nutrients, aka POISONS!

Lectins:  These little anti-nutrients within grains are there to subtly poison any mammal that might eat them- they make the intestine permeable, leading to a "leaky gut" where bad things have free access into the bloodstream, making invasion of your body really easy!

Phytates: These are also built into the grains, and they make it impossible for your body to extract the nutrients you think you are getting from your "healthy whole grains".  So, you are basically consuming  empty calories along with your poisons...

Gluten:  Gluten causes many problems, like lectins, gluten will cause your gut to be "leaky", letting in all sorts of bad.  Can you say "itis"?  Well, any disease that ends in that is traceable to a leaky, grain compromised GUT!

In addition, gluten has been strongly associated with Cancer...

I think that wheat has figured out how defend itself rather well!

We just need to pay attention!!

Truly, there is no reason to eat wheat, or other grains, EVER.  The USDA "My Plate" agenda be damned!  They are only in the business of selling Government subsidized wheat, soy and corn.

Health to them is not even on their agenda!

So, be a "Paleo Pirate" yet again: sink those "wonderful grains" to the bottom of the Wine Dark Sea!



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