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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Brief Guide to Grains- the Good, the Bad, the Ugly!

WHEAT:  This grain is truly "the devil's excrement" in the words of Robb Wolf.  I can think of no reason to consume it at all!  After cooking and processing, which is the only way we can even consume it, it's nutrient density is quite poor...

In addition, all of our modern wheat since the 1970's is altered to make it produce vastly more.  This sounds good, but what they did, pre-the Genetically Modified era, was to expose the wheat to radiation to force it to modify quickly.  This resulted in a "Frankenstein" type of wheat- hugely productive, but vastly altered from what was originally created from Nature - it really has very little in common with the original, Biblical wheat plant.

If you need more convincing, go to Wheat Belly.  Cardiologist Dr. William Davis has written a book of the same name, and his blog goes into depth on what has happened to our modern wheat.

You'll never look the same at bread, or pasta, or- well, nowadays just about every processed food!  They are all loaded with this devil wheat, because hey- our Government subsidizes it!

CORN:  This grain is also problematic...  it seems far less likely to cause problems, as long as it is a very occasional indulgence.  It does have anti-nutrients, and now almost all of the corn available is GMO (genetically modified organism) which is not good- but better than what was done to wheat!  There's really very little good about corn, but the occasional ear of sweet corn, or bi-monthly bowl of non GMO popcorn, which is readily available from the Amish hereabouts, is kind of like a vehicle to bring nutrient-rich pastured Kerrygold butter and sea salt into your mouth!

Corn chips with salsa, on occasion, are also vastly superior to the other "Chips" on the market!

SOY: This BAD grain gets a halo- it has been promoted as a healthy, low fat, high protein choice- BULL!  After devil WHEAT, this is the second most noxious "food-like substance" around...

It was (and is) consumed in Asia, but only in a fermented, very small amount kind of way.  Here in America we just grind it up, unfermented, and use it as is!  It's not really a grain at all- it's a legume, which like other beans is very problematic for our digestive/gut health.  Here is a list of it's "benefits" from the Weston A Price foundation- Soy is bad!

Soy promotes the production of estrogen in males, which is really bad, and even in women, this is bad!
More of the plant's protective "poisoning" of the mammals that consume it; making them unable to reproduce...  Just say NO to soy!

So there you have it!  In a word, grains are BAD, despite the USDA wanting to get you to eat them to get rid of the surplus that they have been subsidizing since the 1970's at the expense of real foods, like vegetables, and fruits, and grass fed cattle.



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