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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Is the Paleo Diet just our Grandparent's Diet?

More or less, I think it largely is!  Back in the 1800's, say: what did most people eat?  Besides what they could grow and prepare themselves, very little.

The average sugar consumption in the time of George Washington was 3 pounds per year, per person... Today it is 162 pounds, per person!

If you don't think this kind of change is unprecedented, and has everything to do with our current obesity and diabetes epidemic, you are delusional... or else just listening to your doctor and the Government and "common wisdom" via the mass media.  Check this out, if you haven't already, and really listen and pay attention- it may save your life.
Sugar the Bitter Truth!

We all need to try to get back to the way things were before!

We can keep our iPhones, our internet- no problem!  That is how I am spreading the word today!  A new Gutenberg type of press, available to all, with a built in free mail system!!

But, we have to remember that many other things were much better, more human scale, and reasonable in the old days...

And by old I mean the 1960's and before- when we had

MUCH less big Government!  Government subsidies have done more to destroy single family farms than anything else, ever!

A Tiny Pharmaceutical industry!  They mainly sold medicines that you went and got from the local Dr. when you were sick, not before.    You took them until your affliction went away, and then you stopped.  Now, somehow, through the miracles of modern marketing, all of us are supposed to be on multiple meds throughout our entire lives!


And, along with the immediate above: we had MUCH LESS OF BIG MEDICINE.

Short of getting shot, or stabbed, or something else traumatic, if all else was right (proper diet, some exercise, good sleep, good family connections and spiritual life), there should be little to no reason to even go to the doctor's office!

Did you know that there is a blood test that can replicate the results of a colonoscopy?  Has your Dr. told you of it??  It's quite inexpensive, compared to the about $8000 of a colonoscopy...

Did you know that diabetes is reversible?  It's actually a condition, not a disease...
(See Dr. Lustig's video, above)   Has your Dr., if you are diabetic, told you about that??

So, maybe the idea of the "Paleo Diet" just seems too "Crazy" for you.  You are basic.  Down to earth!  Meat and Potatoes- All American!!  

OK then- just go back to "real American values"!

We have strayed oh so far, and we are paying the price....with our health!


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