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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Perfectly Paleo Things you DON'T DO!

You don't make a daily, highly nutritious Paleo Smoothie each morning!

This is the number one top thing you can do for your health, and your fitness... Diet is about 85% of health and fitness; the hardest thing to do is to just get started each day.  

1. Start your day by making a Paleo Smoothie, and you have already "won the day".

A lot about life is simply momentum...If you start right, you have won a victory!  You will want to keep it going...

While you are at it, boil water for tea, and make some coffee while the Vitamix is blending!

2. Exercise first thing in the morning!  (After making your smoothie, that is).

Prioritize: nutrition is #1.  No doubt about it.  
But, talk about a 1 2 punch- provide yourself (and your family)top notch nutrition first thing- 


Ideally, you have gotten to bed early, and the rest of your family is still asleep.  

All you need is about 45 minutes of a "head start"- 

You make your smoothie (5 minutes or so, providing maximum nutrition that will fuel your entire family's whole day), and then you toddle on into the living room or den, and do your visualized resistance exercises, and/of body weight and self resisted exercises while you watch TV and just methodically tense and stretch and energize every part of your body- 

Trust me, at the end of the 45 minutes or so- you will wish you had more time!  

The show might be exciting, you are really getting "in tune" with your body; you just feel really really good!

But, alas, you need to go to work....

So, you jump in the shower, and when you get out:

Breakfast is all ready!  Just pour out your coffee, and top it off with lots of whipped cream that you have already whipped in a tupperware container, and sweetened with cinammon and perhaps a bit of raw honey or stevia...  you can even mix in some pastured butter for added fat soluble vitamins and great, desirable nutrition! (Gasp!)

Top your whipped cream with ample cinnamon and cloves, because spices are another wonderful, perfectly Paleo thing that you are probably not doing enough of!

3.  Meditate!

I know, this sounds crazy!  You have a family to get ready for school, and work, and you just fed them really well, and exercised yourself and feel great, but- 

Let's say you woke up one hour early, and all of the nutrition is taken care of-

Your exercise is taken care of-

And you still have 15 minutes of free time!!

I know, it sounds crazy, but... wouldn't it feel great to just relax in your favorite easy chair for a bit?

DON'T waste your time watching worthless morning TV:

Meditate:  just close your eyes, and thing to yourself "1"... with each breath...
Over and over.  Don't let anything distract you: just "1"...

If something distracts you, just return to thinking "1" with each breath- concentrate mainly on your breath.  The in and out, deep breathing...

After everyone comes on downstairs, you will wish you had more time to meditate, trust me!

So, there you go- three Perfectly Paleo things that you just have to start doing!

Your life will be greatly enhanced by so doing.


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