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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to Make Yourself Lean and Healthy!

OK!  You don't want to follow standard medical advice, and common wisdom- you definitely do not want to make yourself Fat and Sick!  Why you wouldn't want to would have most of our M.D.'s and the entire FDA scratching their collective heads in bewilderment, but hey- it's your life!

Eat a Nutrient Dense, High Fat Diet!  

I know, it sounds crazy!  The opposite of what you have been told by authority figures for your entire life! But it is true... each bite you take, each drink you ingest; even what you rub onto your skin- all of these should be as full of nutrients, as healthy with vitamins and minerals as they can possibly be.

You have spent most of your life eating "styrofoam"- food-like substances that kind of fill you up, that taste really good, but, unfortunately, provide very little in the form of substantive nutrition.  Both micro-nutrients, and macro nutrients- the building blocks of your entire body and it's overall health.


It has tons of calories, from fast food and processed foods and breads and pastas etc...  

But it is starving for nutrition that it can actually use to build and restore your body.  

Your body continually says to you "I am hungry"; and you oblige by getting some more crappy food to eat, as listed above.  But that doesn't cut it- your body wants NUTRITION, not empty styrofoam calories!

YOU might care about taste, and good "mouth feel"; your body could care less- it wants useable fuel.

It's as if you have a new Ferrari, and you put cotton candy in the gas tank, so it "tastes wonderful"- 
How would your Ferrari respond to that?

Exercise LESS, but intensely and briefly!

I know, you've been doing tons of cardio, and aerobics, and you just need to do that to burn calories!
Strangely, again, you've been misled.  To lose weight (and I really mean FAT here, not weight per se), you need to build muscle.  More muscle will burn more calories, continually; even at rest.

This is what you want!  Slow, long duration exercise literally teaches your body to store fat, and become better at being weak and slow.  

Try intense, "visualized resistance exercise", sprinting, intervals on a bike at high intensity, body-weight exercises in series of intense effort instead.  (See Charles Atlas above!)  or Perfectly Paleo Exercise

This will have the opposite effect; it will teach your body to build muscle, shed fat, and become stronger and faster.  

Eat NO Whole grains- or any OTHER grains!

This is the most controversial, perhaps, of all of my recommendations... well, they are all controversial in that regard; but- no grains!  

Grains- WHEAT, barley, corn, etc. are loaded with anti- nutrients (poisons), especially since they've become genetically altered in the past 40 years.  WHEAT, in particular, has become a demon weed, nothing like the biblical wheat of the past, or even the wheat of the 1960's!  It has become an irradiated nightmare, that will irritate your intestines, and allow invaders entry to your bloodstream, and thus to YOU!  

I'm talking autoimmune disease, I'm talking arthritis, heart disease, breast and prostate cancer, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel... the list is endless- the inflammation from the grains,  how they migrate through the "leaky gut/intestine" into the body have free reign to cause all of these diseases, and more.  

PLUS, wheat and other grains immediately turn to sugar- not in the digestive tract, BUT RIGHT IN YOUR (CAVITY PRONE) MOUTH!   

And sugar is the fertilizer of Cancer.

So, I would not recommend bread, or pizza, or donuts, or pasta, or crack cocaine, or methadrine, or heroin or....

Stay Away from Hospitals and Clinics!

Another controversial topic- will I never learn?  

Did you know that the 3rd leading cause of death in the US is....

Death by Doctor?

The proper term for this is Iatrogenesis, so know that, if you go to the hospital or clinic, you certainly may die.  The drugs they prescribe may kill you, the environment you are in, where superbugs are rampant, since overuse of antibiotics have caused a race of superbugs to proliferate....

You are much better off at home!  

Unless you have a gunshot wound, or are in a car wreck- they are great at that one-shot, fix-it-up stuff!  After that- 

Get back home!  Besides, hospital nutrition, i.e. food SUCKS!

That says a lot, in and of itself.

So, there you have it.  Kind of a huge paradigm shift, I know.  I hate to throw so much on you at once, I really do!  It's tough to absorb- so,

My bottom line, if you've been with me this far?

Cut out grains from your diet!

This means wheat, corn, soy, all of them.  Bread, pasta, pizza, cereal- anything made from WHEAT!  

This also includes bad vegetable oils, like margarine and Crisco and soy and peanut and canola oils- eliminate these non-foods!

Eliminate processed foods- Fast foods, soft drinks of all types- diet or sugared, and all fruit juice and "low fat" types of milk, which are after all just "sugar in a glass"!

And, for now, believe it or not- That's it!!

It's enough!  Just doing that, and that alone, will make you healthy beyond your wildest dreams.  

Even if you smoke cigarettes; that's small potatoes compared to what we are talking here!

You drop the sugar- you drop the grains-

YOU ARE 90% 


Save the "small stuff" for a later time- believe it or not, the cigarettes and the exercise are, in comparison to the food you eat:



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