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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What you really need to succeed in the Paleo diet!

This is what my daughter, Holly and I recommend for you for adopting the Paleo way of life:

Cut out the grains.  Wheat, rye, barley, corn... kind of in that order- the big one being wheat!  Ubiquitous wheat, read: sugar, results in insulin spiking, which means fast aging and fat storage.

Cut back hugely on sugar.  Processed foods are loaded with it.  Donuts, soft drinks, chips of all sorts, just say no.  Already your health is vastly improved!

Buy a Vitamix.  Blend up a Paleo Smoothie each morning for breakfast, and maybe for part of your lunch...  You are really getting about 2/3 of the way there to abundant health...

Exercise should enter in here: check out my previous posts on Perfect Paleo Exercise!

Lastly, get enough good, quality SLEEP!  This is really a huge determinant in health!

But NOW- 

You've done all of the above!  You are eating a Paleo-type of diet.  You have stopped the slow suicide of a S.A.D. (Standard American Diet), and have gone to eating real foods as God made them.  Processed "food" is in your past...

but you still have health issues??

I don't care if it is auto-immune disease, fat loss problems, or even depression- Chris Kresser is your man!

Learn more about the Personal Paleo Code

This is the one guy I would recommend to my mother, my maiden aunt, or even- you fill in the blank.
This guy knows his nutrition!

 I know that most problems in health can be readily solved by a change of nutrition, mainly by adopting a Paleo-type of diet.  A Paleo Smoothie makes it much easier...

But, in those situations where this simple intervention is not enough, where the metabolic system has been so challenged that the body is really damaged- 

Go to the Personal Paleo Solution, via Chris Kresser!

This guy is a Paleo guru!  He knows whereof he speaks, really.  

If you are at your wit's end, and your health is your overriding concern- 


Learn more about the Personal Paleo Code

I don't mean to be overbearing.  But if you were my maiden Aunt- I would refer your to this guy!

Enough said.  Paleo Diet is often enough.  If not...

Click Chris!  

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