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Friday, February 3, 2012

HOW do I eliminate WHEAT?

Ok, you are probably thinking  "But HOW do I eliminate wheat, which is in the cereal and toast I eat for breakfast, the sandwich I eat for lunch, and the pasta and pizza dough I eat for supper?"

If you are in this camp, let me help you out.  First off, it really is not that hard!

For breakfast, have eggs cooked in butter and/or coconut oil.  Some fruit is also good, and bacon and sausage.  Have some coffee, with real whipped cream layered on top, with some sprinkled cinnamon and ground cloves to taste!  I'd say ditch the orange juice, but hey- this is our just eliminate wheat phase, so have the orange juice.

For lunch, have a big salad, with lots of olive oil and vinegar (best), but again, for this wheat elimination phase any dressing is fine.  Top your salad with sliced hard-boiled eggs, beef, tuna, salmon, chicken: whatever!   All or just a few- let your appetite be your guide.  Just eat a lot, make sure your are not hungry.  This is all real, good food- full of nutrients.

Snacks?  Slices of cheese, olives, celery filled with almond butter or cream cheese, dark chocolate pieces mixed with almonds, macadamia nuts- anything but crackers (wheat) or potato chips... well, OK along with your cigarette in this phase...

Supper: A big steak, or pork chops, or chicken, or seafood! Prime rib!!  Have some vegetables with lots of butter melted on top,  wine or beer, and have a big "loaded" baked potato with sour cream and chives and bacon bits and all the rest! (Just don't eat the anti-nutrient loaded skin)... well, in this phase OK...

Do you really think you'll be deprived, eating like this?

Please make sure that you don't make yourself hungry!

When people try to deprive themselves, by cutting calories, the result is entirely negative.  Trust me, your body will win this "contest"- your body has a set point.  If you make yourself hungry on a consistent basis, your body will think it is starving- it will make it a priority to manufacture fat to get you through these hard times.  Don't do this to yourself!  Eat until you're full- 

Just Don't Eat Wheat!

Virtually anything else is fair game...

Don't even make yourself exercise during this "Wheat Elimination Phase".  If you feel like it, fine.  But it's no big deal!  You may even do better without exercise for this phase... getting free of addictions is like that- you need a singular focus!

Of course, there is an easier way- far easier!  (Not that this is that hard).

You could just make a big Paleo smoothie each morning, along with your morning coffee.  This takes care of your breakfast, your snacks, and if you want, your lunch.  You will not be hungry- guaranteed!

But either way you go, eliminate wheat.  That's the bottom line.  

Do this for awhile... 

One week is good, two is better, three is best!

If you do this for FOUR weeks, I GUARANTEE that you will change your health for the better, in a big way, FOREVER!

Then, we can talk about other "tweaks" that will further enhance your health, mental and physical, and make your life hugely improved...  

But they are all minor compared to this:  Just don't eat wheat!


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